Monday, 2011-11-21

lbtluckily I just need a sha2 passwd module...00:00
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RaYmAnStskeeps: way too early morning indeed! :)06:34
Stskeepsyeah, have to sync somewhat with finnish working times06:35
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RaYmAnah, right06:36
Stskeeps(and my wife going to work..)06:36
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arcolcan somebody point me to git/svn/cvs/[whatever version control] urls, where the actual mer developing takes place?07:13
Stskeepsarcol: sure, , All->Open, All->Merged, and
Stskeeps(accept cert)07:15
Stskeepsrecall mer's just a core, for UI development you'd have to look in plasma active and Nemo and such07:15
arcolI was on wiki's contribution page few days ago (maybe even yesterday?), and this gitweb url, didn't worked. Now works. Thanks!07:16
Stskeeps , take a look at comments, gives a pretty good look at the automation behind this thing07:16
Stskeepsso how are you interested in Mer?07:18
vgrade1lbt, I have a number of 'The repository setup is broken, build not possible' messages07:19
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vgradelbt, one here,
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Stskeepsvgrade: looks like fakeobs machine started, i'll update mer snapshot and restart it07:24
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vgradeStskeeps, thanks07:27
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w00tStskeeps: was there any news on llvmpipe, btw?07:58
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Stskeepsi think crevetor got it built for armv7hl at least08:01
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StskeepsSage: restarted fakeobs08:05
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SageStskeeps: btw, alsa-utils is on home:sage:Mer:Utils and I'll package git there as well as I need that anyway08:07
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harbaumPublishing of plasma for armv7l is still disabled. C'mon guys ... please, just enable it08:15
Stskeeps is at least getting built for armv7l08:16
Stskeepsnot sure how active effort is being structured08:17
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w00tStskeeps: i got the runtime gfx patches upstreamed btw08:20
w00tso hopefully will be ok for final08:21
Stskeepsok, good08:21
Stskeepshow do we activate it in n900?08:21
w00tI need to patch n900 configs08:21
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Stskeepsif anyone has any patches to send to Mer, the builders are standing idle to run build checks :)08:32
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iekkuhi lbt09:04
lbthey iekku09:04
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Stskeepslbt: shell rebooted overight09:08
lbtyes - security updates09:09
lbtall services should be reboot safe :)09:09
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lbtI guess you're busy for a few days?09:11
Stskeepspretty much, though i may have some time in the evenings09:11
Stskeepslet's see09:11
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Stskeepslbt: i updated fakeobs and ran into an issue with https redirect on review.* as noted in /msg when trying to pull with http git09:16
Stskeepsas certs aren't set up properly on shell, it seems09:17
lbtyes - didn't understand that09:17
lbtah - shell.meego?09:17
Stskeepsgerrit offers a git:// thing which may be more stable, but let's review that when i'm revamping release process anyway/automating it09:18
lbthow do I reproduce ?09:18
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Stskeepswell, re-enable the redirect on review and try to git clone from git pull refs/changes/41/141/309:19
Stskeepseither way09:19
Stskeeps, app itself, redirects to https now09:19
Stskeepsso maybe that's better09:19
Stskeepsso still works09:20
lbt401 here09:21
Stskeepsyeah, i meant wildcard09:21
Stskeepsp/* ;)09:21
lbtyes - OK09:23
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lbtOK so ldap/pw issue then ...09:24
lbtiekku: so I want to track IT issues in mer bz ... eg right now many of our services will need a manual restart after a reboot and I need a reminder to go fix that09:27
StskeepsMer Infrastructure product?09:28
Stskeepsi can set that up, too09:28
lbtyep - was just bouncing of iekku in case she had any other cases that were similar09:29
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javieris anyone trying to have the gui installer from 1.2 running on mer?09:58
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w00tnot that I know of at least10:00
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iekkuif Stskeeps hasn't set it yet i can do it now10:04
Stskeepswe aren't likely to support that10:05
Stskeepsphaeron: on way to airport on n950, could you summarize10:12
phaeronStskeeps: implemented what we talked about yesterday, will test some more and see how lbt would like to move forward with that10:13
phaeronthen probably upstream it10:13
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javierStskeeps: what project would be the right place for the gui installer?10:35
Stskeepsjavier: x86 adaptations10:40
javierStskeeps: CE:Adaptation:x86-generic?10:42
Stskeepsfor example10:42
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Sage <- moved? Stskeeps?11:48
Sagelbt: ^ ?11:49
lbtsorry ... slow connection today...11:50
* lbt is having fun ... implementing SSHA256 for ldap :)11:50
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w00t(why is that in a subdirectory?)12:21
lbtoh ... I thought it looked wrong to have;a=summary12:23
w00tit'd be ok to me, but yeah, i suppose it's a matter of preference12:24
w00ti'm just used to e.g. taking me right to it12:24
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arc_matStskeeps: thanks for the xrandr package. Let's see what I can do with it12:58
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SageStskeeps: my last submits are a bit of a mess :D13:26
SageStskeeps: so many deps to other packages that automation fails them :P13:26
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mdfe_Sage: hi, where can I find the poppler update to version 0.16.7?15:18
Stskeepsshould already be in /latest ,  newest mer releas15:19
Stskeepsand on cobs15:20
mdfe_Sage: It looks like I have to update poppler-qt to the same version15:20
Stskeepsthere is a poppler-qt.spec thing15:20
Stskeepsin same package15:20
mdfe_I see15:20
mdfe_But i cannot find the latest package15:20
Stskeepsi should set that link up in mer15:20
Stskeepscan you file a bug on poppler-qt missing even though it should be there?15:21
Stskeepsalso the gcc qtwebkit compiler bug while you're at it15:21
mdfe_checking if my account works15:22
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Sagemdfe_: hmmp15:25
mdfe_Sage: hi15:26
Sagemdfe_: btw, don't add any packages to KDE:Devel even if those are missing for Mer we should add those to different project.15:26
Sagejust fyi15:26
mdfe_Sage: agreed15:26
Sagemdfe_: btw, remember that there is also "publish and user for builds flags"
mdfe_But IMHO we strongly need a kind of overview15:27
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Sagemdfe_: so if the package meant for only one target has build on a project it is still used in build eventhough you disable build.15:28
mdfe_sorry, its not done by myselfe15:28
Sageok, well I'll fix those15:28
mdfe_anyway you are right15:28
Sagemdfe_: what do you mean with overviwe?15:30
javieris it possible to get an account on the non-public meego obs?15:31
mdfe_I need a kind of map for where I can find a repository for a needed package15:31
javierlbt: ^15:31
mdfe_javier: forget it15:32
mdfe_for what do you need this?15:32
javierit would make grabbing dependencies a lot easier15:32
javierthe gui installer15:33
Sagejavier: what packages you are missign and where do you want them?15:33
Stskeepsjavier: i have a script that downloads package files without auth15:33
javierSage: atm, I just need the build dependencies of "installer" from MeeGo:1.2.0:oss on home:javier:installer15:34
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Stskeepsjavier: that includes gtk.. i think15:34
Sagemdfe_: In mer the repository architecture is following: Mer Core (~300 packages) -> CE:MW:Shared (~20) -> CE:MW:PlasmaActive -> (~30) CE:UX:PlasmaActive15:34
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Stskeepsjavier: that is a nightmare to import :)15:34
Sagejavier: you don't want gtk really. also you should look Trunk:Testing probably not MeeGo:1.2.0:oss15:35
javiergtk is gtk, I know ;(15:35
mdfe_Sage: I know, but I future we need IMHO a kind of overview15:35
Stskeepsjavier: how about we figure out what is wrong with text installer?15:35
Sagemdfe_: yes15:35
SageStskeeps: nothing is wrong, it works15:35
javierStskeeps: no gui?15:35
Stskeepsjavier: not a problem, really15:35
Sagewe have installer-shell on the x86 image which I use at least and I think w00t used it as well.15:36
javierStskeeps: for installing Mer on a tablet, yes15:36
javierit requires you to use a physical keyboard15:36
Stskeepsyou have to anyway for usb install, afaik15:37
Sagejavier: actually, no :)15:37
Sagewe have maliit on image and terminal and you can use those with tablet :)15:37
javierStskeeps: silent install? :)15:37
Stskeepsand there is non-interactive installs too15:37
javiernot an option, if you want to customise the install15:37
mdfe_Sage: What is about poppler-qt? The packaging in Project:KDE:Mer_Extras does not work anymore, because poppler whas updated in ?mer:core15:37
javierie: partition layout15:37
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javierSage: maliit?15:37
Stskeepsjavier: you do that on .ks level15:38
Sagemdfe_: please remove the Project:KDE:Mer_Extras project if vgrade has no objections as that is really something we should not look at all.15:38
javierStskeeps: so the user has no option to customise the partitioning :)15:38
Sagejavier: google maliit15:38
javierSage: ok, I will15:38
mdfe_Sage: meh, there is additional stuff I need15:39
Stskeepsjavier: you're making product installs and customizing partitioning in meego was a huge problem too15:39
Sagemdfe_: where do you need poppler-qt?15:39
Stskeepsoften did more harm than good15:39
Sagemdfe_: dude, why do you compile against Project:KDE:Mer_Extras?15:40
vgrademdfe_, no problem in removing Mer_Extras and using CE:MW:PlasmaActive.15:40
javierStskeeps: partitioning using the gui installer on meego works ok for us15:40
mdfe_something has changed15:40
vgrademdfe_, sage as far as I'm concerned. I did see an issue with a missing dep though15:41
javierSage: thanks for the info. hmm, we'll consider this option (using maliit)15:41
Sagemdfe_: if something is missing from CE:MW:PlasmaActive we need to add it there. However I can't see any missing deps in Project:KDE:Devel atm.15:41
Stskeepsjavier: i think you will have better result modifying installer-shell or somehow wrapping it in a terminal15:42
Sagemdfe_: also can we please drop the MeeGo 1.1, Trunk and Trunk_Testing from the Project:KDE:Devel they are not compiling and they won't work anymore anyway.[1;5C15:42
Stskeepsjavier: i don't believe the old gui installer supports systemd anyway15:43
mdfe_vgrade, Sage: I will remove the Mer_Extras repos from Project:KDE:Trunk:Testing and Project:KDE:Devel15:43
Sagevgrade: yes, well those deps should not exist anyway :)15:44
javierStskeeps: hmm, sounds like trouble :/15:44
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:44
javierI had forgotten about it15:44
Sagevgrade: those are documentation deps that will bring that 100 packages crap with if not removed15:45
Sagevgrade: I'll submit a patch to fix those15:45
Stskeepsjavier: file some bugs in on x86 adaptation and lets get some tablet friendly development going15:46
vgradeSage, yes, just highlighting they need removing from that package15:46
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Sagevgrade: I had already patch just forgot to sumit :D15:47
Sagemdfe_, vgrade:
vgradeSage, I thought you had already done the work on those deps15:48
Sagevgrade: yes, just forgot one submit :)15:48
Sagevgrade, mdfe_ can you give me access to Project:KDE:Mer_Extras15:51
SageI want to do something to prevent use of that project (not removing the content sjust disabling that)15:51
mdfe_Sage: Yes15:51
*** javiF has joined #mer15:52
Sagemdfe_: so only repository that you should compile against is CE:UX:PlasmaActive and if some dependency is missing feel free to ping15:53
mdfe_Sage, you allready have a account15:53
Sageyeah, noticed that :)15:53
Stskeepsjavier: yes, we host a few hardware adaptation projects15:53
Stskeepsjavier: not exclusive to Nemo, also usable for PA15:53
mdfe_Sage: we need qtwebkit from Project:KDE:Mer_Extras15:55
*** Eismann has joined #mer15:55
Stskeepswhat was modified in qtwebkit?15:56
mdfe_latest version15:56
javierStskeeps: so you are suggesting to me to fill a wish for having a gui installer?15:56
Stskeepsjavier: pretty much, so people can work together to do it, knowing there is a need15:56
javierStskeeps: ok.15:56
Sagemdfe_: give me a moment15:57
Stskeepsmdfe_: so qtwebkit 2.2 with -O1 to fix compiler error?15:57
javierStskeeps: I don't know what nemo is. And why not filling it on
mdfe_Stskeeps: awesome, -O1 fix the build for  armv7hl?15:58
Stskeepsjavier: mer doesn't contain ui or hardware adaptations15:58
Stskeepsjavier: nemo is our handset work plus n900/n950/n9/PC adaptations15:58
Stskeepsmdfe_: ahh.. now i get it15:58
Stskeepsmdfe_: it builds for everything but armv7hl :) got it15:59
Stskeepsjavier: we just found a temporary home for the pc adaptation there so15:59
Sagemdfe_: I'll add that to CE:MW:PlasmaActive when I verify that it builds for armv7l and i586 then you have it all15:59
Sageafter the build with armv7hl is fixed we can move it to mer core16:00
mdfe_Sage: awesome16:00
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Sagemdfe_: what is difference with KDE:Devel and KDE:Trunk:Testing?16:01
javierStskeeps: ok, understood16:01
mdfe_Sage: KDE:Trunk:Testing is the staging project for kde:trunk16:01
javierStskeeps: does my merproject bugzilla account work there?16:02
mdfe_ Sage: But at the moment it contains a old version of PA16:02
javierit doesn't ;(16:02
Sagemdfe_: so there is three things.... KDE:TRunk, KDE:Trunk:Testing and KDE:Devel16:02
mdfe_Sage: yepp16:03
mdfe_I have a strong need to build images from KDE:Trunk:Testing asap16:03
mdfe_javier: whats about the state of kde:devel project?16:04
ScriptRipperStskeeps: how do we proceed with QEMU ?16:04
Sagemdfe_: ok, lets get it build properly then.16:04
Sagemdfe_: can you give me access to KDE:Trunk:Testing so I setup the repos16:05
Stskeepsjavier: no, just register, for legal reasons we keep user databases seperate :P16:05
ScriptRipperStskeeps lbt checked the QEMU I pushed to Comm OBS with diverse targets, incl. some mips targets16:06
mdfe_Sage: what do you like to change?16:06
StskeepsScriptRipper: i'm on business trip but it's on my list to add to my own obs for testing16:06
Sagemdfe_: I'll pastebin16:06
Stskeepsand ideally distribute with mer core deliveries16:06
javiermdfe_: I just trigger an update for plasma-mobile16:06
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Sagemdfe_: add this to the project xml
*** nsuffys has joined #mer16:06
mdfe_ah, ok16:07
mdfe_I will take care on this16:07
Sagemdfe_: and remove the mer extra ones16:07
Sageso we get things aligned properly16:07
ScriptRipperStskeeps lbt wanted just to remind hat binfmt init script (worker, VM, or local QEMU) needs changes then16:07
ScriptRipperjust a reminder16:07
ScriptRipperStskeeps lbt I help you with it interactively when you install it16:08
Sagelbt: <- why scheduled
mdfe_Sage: done16:08
ScriptRipperso you dont knock out your OBS16:08
ScriptRipperunitl it works again16:08
*** harbaum has quit IRC16:09
Sagemdfe_: good, so now it builds against the proper target.16:09
mdfe_Sage: greate thanks16:10
Sagemdfe_: please remove those mer extra things. those do not work properly anyway. Now when things get a bit broken for a moment lets remove legacy stuff16:10
Sageok, time to move from work to home :)16:11
*** maour_ has quit IRC16:11
Sagebbl, mdfe_ ping if you have problems.16:11
mdfe_Sage: I will drop all dublicated stuff from Mer_Extras and do not build anymore PA against Mer_Extras16:11
*** maour_ has joined #mer16:12
*** slonopotamus has joined #mer16:13
*** shanem has joined #mer16:15
*** maour_ has quit IRC16:17
*** maour__ has joined #mer16:17
*** mlfoster has joined #mer16:18
*** niqt has quit IRC16:27
*** NIN101 has quit IRC16:29
Sagemdfe_: I already disabled all the Mer_Extras repos so it doesn't build at all16:35
*** Sazius_ has quit IRC16:35
*** jjmarin has joined #mer16:40
*** maour__ has quit IRC16:43
*** lilstevie has joined #mer16:44
*** maour has joined #mer16:44
*** joker_ has joined #mer16:45
*** joker_ has left #mer16:46
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC16:46
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake16:50
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC16:50
*** tomeff1 has joined #mer16:53
*** tomeff has quit IRC16:55
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC17:00
*** lbt has quit IRC17:07
*** lbt has joined #mer17:07
lbtSage: qtwebkit only builds on pub0417:08
lbtso it's sequential17:08
*** purr has quit IRC17:10
Sagelbt: uh, why?17:14
*** crevetor has joined #mer17:19
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:20
Sagelbt: I remember the qt compile on separate host, but why qtwebkit?17:21
Sagethat is relatively small compared to qt rigth?17:21
*** lamikr has quit IRC17:22
w00tespecially not in terms of RAM17:22
w00twebkit takes multiple gb to link17:22
Sageoh, didn't know that. It is just that with one process only for those it is relatively slow to compile those :/17:28
Sagevgrade: is someone using the armv6l compiles of plasma active btw?17:30
*** arc_mat has quit IRC17:31
*** jjmarin has quit IRC17:35
*** jjmarin has joined #mer17:35
*** arc_mat has joined #mer17:36
*** slonopotamus has joined #mer17:37
*** NIN101 has quit IRC17:39
*** sandroandrade has quit IRC17:41
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle17:42
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:44
*** berndhs has left #mer17:44
*** andre__ has quit IRC17:47
*** smoku has left #mer17:53
slonopotamusi got teh LED working on N800 with 3.1 kernel17:54
*** maour has quit IRC17:56
bigbluehatslonopotamus: woot!17:57
*** maour has joined #mer17:57
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake17:57
slonopotamusbigbluehat: just was annoyed it was always ON :)17:57
vgradeSage, I did a v6 build to try on Pi but that experiment is over now until there is a plasma-lite. So if you need to disable, feel free18:00
*** notmart has quit IRC18:10
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC18:12
*** arc_mat has quit IRC18:14
Sagevgrade: ok18:15
*** arc_mat has joined #mer18:17
*** antoniojasr has joined #mer18:20
*** andre__ has joined #mer18:28
*** tilgovi has joined #mer18:34
*** xruxa has joined #mer18:36
*** phaeron has quit IRC18:50
* lbt feels chuffed .... SSHA256 .so for slapd and deconstructed bugzilla's rather....unique.... implementation :D18:53
lbtwhich basically means we have kinda-SSO for merproject driven by bugzilla and LDAP authentication elsewhere18:54
lbtStskeeps: ^^^ :D18:54
Stskeepssoon, we'll be able to actually hack ;)18:54
lbtall kinds of weird crap .... bugzilla pre-pends the salt after b64 encoding the hash... ldap appends it before encoding... etc etc18:55
*** vivijim has quit IRC18:56
SageStskeeps: I made some submits to mer btw, if you didn't notice18:56
Stskeepsyes i did18:56
Stskeepsi even merged some18:56
Sagein addition to those I would like to get alsa-utils and git to next mer release18:56
Stskeepsgit.. how about in Mer:Tools ish18:57
*** berndhs_950 has joined #mer18:57
* w00t hides from g it18:57
w00tsoooo many packagessss18:57
SageStskeeps: well I'm ok with that. Maybe CE:Utils for now18:57
w00tI stopped when I decided I wasn't willing to put my hand up to maintain 30 perl packages18:57
Stskeepsi wouldn't mind a Mer:Utils distribution really18:57
Stskeepsthat's a second citizen to the core18:57
SageStskeeps: I updated the gnutls if it would fix the gmp build failure btw.18:59
Sagedidn't test that though19:00
Sageif it actually fixes it19:00
Sageif only I could remember what I tried to update when I was blocked by that gstreamer is too old problem19:00
*** mdavey has quit IRC19:01
*** KaziKluBey has joined #mer19:02
w00tStskeeps: so... how do you think we can best enable meego gs on i586?19:04
w00ti'm not familiar with their hardware adaptations, but is that the right place to do it?19:05
Stskeepswell, what would the point be?19:05
Stskeepsokay, so, what things does it use..19:05
w00tI should take a video of my lenovo19:05
w00tEGL_KHR_fence_sync at least19:05
w00tI'm trying to find the rest, but it's somewhat laborious as the source is the only documentation19:05
w00toh, hah19:06
w00tthere's a single file with them all ;)19:06
w00tsome of this is optional19:08
w00t... I think19:08
*** KaziKluBey has quit IRC19:09
Stskeepsi hope19:10
StskeepsNOK extensions19:10
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer19:10
w00tthat doesn't mean what you think it means, i'm pretty sure19:10
Stskeeps <- cool19:11
w00twhat's your concerns, anyway, so I know what to look into19:12
*** grahamluckhurst has joined #mer19:13
*** phaeron has joined #mer19:13
Stskeeps'lo grahamluckhurst, gabrbedd19:14
gabrbeddHi Stskeeps!  How've you been?19:14
Stskeepsgabrbedd: good :)19:14
w00ti'm going to take a video on my lenovo to show you the difference in performance, anyway19:14
Stskeepshacking and hacking19:14
*** grahamluckhurst has quit IRC19:14
gabrbeddme, too.19:14
w00twe're talking about "hmm, that's okay" and "holy shit, that's awesome" sort of difference19:14
Stskeepsgabrbedd: , Nemo on Mer goodness :)19:15
gabrbeddStskeeps: will watch in a bit... my lappy is hammered on a build ATM.19:16
w00tStskeeps: looking at those videos.. n900 has the same problem of flash on unredirected windows19:16
w00ti'm going to mail kimmo and see if he has any ideas to solve it, i guess19:17
*** javiF has quit IRC19:17
*** ym has quit IRC19:18
crevetorHi guys19:24
*** raignarok has joined #mer19:24
crevetordoes anyone have the pyside packages for mer ?19:24
Stskeepsi think someone needs to update the existing ones19:24
Stskeepshow's the llvmpipe experiments coming?19:25
crevetorStskeeps: not great I managed to build and install it but then mthemedaemon crashes whenever I start an application that connects to it. I have to install the debuginfo package for it and gdb it19:27
crevetorlet me try that :)19:28
Stskeeps is armv7l version19:28
*** smoku has joined #mer19:29
crevetorStskeeps: did you see that I started populating the wiki with instructions on how to get mer running on the toucpad ?19:29
Stskeepsnop, didn't see19:30
Stskeepslet me take a look19:30
Stskeepsah, there19:30
smokua bit unfortunate name ;-)19:31
crevetorsmoku: sort of. I think HP chose an unfortunate name...19:31
smokucrevetor: yeah.  it begs the question, will it run on a touchpad in my laptop ;-)19:31
StskeepsSage: oh wow, you're on fire19:32
Stskeepscontinue like that and you're going to beat my count of commits :P19:33
Sagehad couple of minutes time to spare :P19:35
Sagesome easy updates (tm)19:36
Sagealso checking that I can do everythin with my netbook19:36
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer19:36
Stskeepsi do (eventually) want to do some 'osc' plugins to make this contribution easier19:40
* Stskeeps prays his MIPS gcc finishes building19:41
crevetoris there something to configure in xorg for it to "load" egl ?19:42
*** plate has joined #mer19:42
Stskeepsegl technically exists outside xorg19:42
crevetorso it should just be a matter of libraries...19:42
Sageok, that is it for today19:48
*** arc_mat|tp has joined #mer19:53
Stskeeps:nod: waiting for results19:53
crevetorHumm... "[meego@localhost ~]$ ./glestest19:56
crevetorDidn't get exactly one config, but 0"19:56
crevetorthat's .. progress19:57
*** mdavey has joined #mer20:00
Stskeepsa bit20:04
Stskeepsthat's with llvmpipe?20:04
* w00t uploads a video of raster-vs-meego20:05
crevetorMy fb is at 24bpp I'm trying to check if that could be the issue20:05
Stskeepsdid you export the environment variables20:06
crevetorStskeeps: which ones ?20:06
crevetorfor the libs ?20:06
Stskeepsyeah, export EGL_LOG_LEVEL="debug" , export EGL_DRIVER=gallium , export EGL_PLATFORM=x1120:07
w00toof, 40mb, this might take a while20:07
Stskeepsbefore running glestest20:07
Stskeepsexport GALLIUM_DRIVER=llvmpipe too20:07
* slonopotamus yawns20:08
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC20:10
crevetorStskeeps: lemme try that20:11
crevetormuch mor info :)20:13
*** antoniojasr has quit IRC20:14
*** buser has quit IRC20:16
*** antoniojasr has joined #mer20:17
*** maour has quit IRC20:18
crevetorResult of sorts :
crevetorSeems very much inside LLVM though... Don't how easily I can play in there20:23
Stskeepswe should look into llvm 3.020:24
*** phaeron has quit IRC20:25
crevetorI'll try and build it20:25
*** beholder has joined #mer20:26
Stskeepsyeah, that does look faster20:30
Stskeepswhy is it faster?20:30
w00tbecause raster will involve redrawing a large part of the screen (and reuploading a huge texture) ~every frame20:31
*** beholder has quit IRC20:32
w00tso I really would like us to try get this enabled everywhere it's possible20:32
w00tI wonder how feasible runtime checking is, heh20:32
*** ssirkia has joined #mer20:33
Sagewow, some of my updates don't actually break other packages :P20:36
gabrbeddStskeeps: very nice... looking sharp!  What was the hardware on the video?  N950?20:37
w00tyou sound surprised20:37
w00tgabrbedd: n9 apps? wasn't that an n900?20:37
Stskeepsgabrbedd: n90020:37
captainigloosomebody knows how to change kernel cmdline on the n950 ?20:37
Sagew00t: well, look at,status:open,n,z20:37
*** ssirkia has quit IRC20:37
w00tSage: *nod*20:37
Sageat first didn't go so well :P20:37
*** vgrade has quit IRC20:39
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC20:42
gabrbeddStskeeps: I've been wanting to try to get it working on the TI Blaze stuff... but haven't had any spare cycles.20:43
*** tanuk has quit IRC20:45
*** ali1234 has quit IRC20:55
*** nsuffys has quit IRC21:03
*** mlfoster has quit IRC21:05
*** ali1234 has joined #mer21:08
*** youam has quit IRC21:09
lbtiekku: what's your meego username? to replicate on mer21:11
lbtandre__: you're 'andre' ?21:11
lbtSage: ?21:12
lbtwhat usernames do you all want on mer21:13
* lbt afk for 15m ... just reply :)21:13
xruxalbt: jakub21:14
*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:19
*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:19
*** mdavey_ has joined #mer21:21
*** mdavey has quit IRC21:23
*** mdavey_ is now known as mdavey21:23
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #mer21:33
*** KaziKluBey has joined #mer21:38
*** pdanek has joined #mer21:40
Sagelbt: sage ..21:43
*** mdavey has quit IRC21:45
*** antoniojasr has quit IRC21:47
*** pdanek has left #mer21:49
lbt :D21:50
*** mlfoster has joined #mer21:52
lbttonights is XKCD night....
*** willypeanut has joined #mer22:00
lbtgood evening22:01
willypeanutwhere can i get nemo for download?22:01
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:02
lbt is a good start - links to the releases/images22:02
lbtwhat device?22:03
willypeanutthank you22:03
lbtnp - don't forget too22:03
*** tarantism has joined #mer22:04
*** afiestas has joined #mer22:04
willypeanuthmmm... i am confused i need to reflash n900 with nemo, or just install it over an existing OS22:05
lbtfor the N900 you need an SD card22:07
lbtand you boot from that22:07
*** smoku has left #mer22:07
lbtyou first need to ensure you have the right fremantle and uboot packages installed22:07
willypeanuteh damn i broke my sd card when i tried to install there is stop for me22:08
lbt'broke' it ?22:08
willypeanutyes no device can't recognize an i can't even format it22:09
*** beford has joined #mer22:09
willypeanutthanks for you help22:11
*** crevetor has quit IRC22:13
*** willypeanut has quit IRC22:16
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC22:19
*** plate is now known as purr22:20
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC22:20
*** tilgovi has quit IRC22:32
*** aliraqis has joined #mer22:38
*** aliraqis has quit IRC22:38
*** norayr has quit IRC22:41
captainiglooreally no way to change kernel parameters on n950 ?22:46
*** tilgovi has joined #mer22:49
*** tilgovi has joined #mer22:49
*** crevetor has joined #mer22:50
andre__lbt: andre I am on meego, yeah22:53
*** crevetor has quit IRC22:53
*** arc_mat|tp has quit IRC23:05
*** raignarok has quit IRC23:06
*** raignarok has joined #mer23:07
*** mdavey has joined #mer23:10
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