Friday, 2011-11-18

vgradeembedded linux is small field00:00
_Thomasyeah, and so is linux kernel hackers in general, it seems00:00
vgradeyou see my work on plasma active,;postID=392246599951249271100:01
_ThomasHmm, google want's me to create a blog with that link?00:02
lbtvgrade: looks like an edit link?00:03
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_Thomasvgrade: How much kernel hacking have you done? :)00:09
vgradenot much kernal stuff I'm afraid more of an integration guy00:10
_Thomascoding, or mainly just adapting?00:11
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lbt night all00:13
vgradenot much coding nowadays, just putting things together really00:13
vgradelbt night00:13
vgradewould probabaly like to run plasma on your device00:14
king_aoeuplasma is ugly imo00:15
vgradeking_aoeu, hi, missed you00:15
king_aoeuwhy doesn't gnome do a mobile ui?00:15
king_aoeuvgrade: who are you? :P00:15
lbtking_aoeu: take it to meego-bar please00:15
king_aoeuwhat's the difference between the meego-bar and here?00:16
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wmarone_nook tablet is not a viable target04:44
befordY NO?!04:48
wmarone_signed kernel!04:50
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dcthanghi Stskeeps05:36
_ThomasStskeeps: Now you get a better idea of what we're making :)05:36
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wmarone_that would be a nifty little device05:42
slonopotamus_Thomas: where's the power button?05:45
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Stskeepswmarone_: bastards :(06:05
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* Stskeeps is waking up06:05
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Stskeeps_Thomas: looks good :)06:06
Stskeeps_Thomas: pretty much how i imagined it06:07
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Stskeeps_Thomas: i'm a little unsure of "pops up in a window", so it gives a program with a virtual framebuffer to the host?06:10
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_ThomasStskeeps: It streams h.264 (or mpeg4/mpeg2, depending on the host) w/audio if you're connecting it to something using usb06:54
_ThomasStskeeps: And takes it's input from the host06:54
w00thmm :>06:54
_ThomasStskeeps: We have a framework, so you can use the communication layer for other things as well06:55
Stskeeps_Thomas: support HDMI-CEC by chance?06:55
Stskeepsoh that's nice06:55
_ThomasBut we haven't done much with that yet, but it's all there, at least06:55
Stskeepsi don't support it's possible to run the device with a charger type of thing instead of a computer?06:56
Stskeepssuppose, i mean06:56
_ThomasI even ran it on USB battery06:56
Stskeepsoh nice06:56
* w00t sees Stskeeps get his purchasing on06:57
Stskeepsw00t: raspberry pi first, then i can decide if i need to add more power :P06:58
w00tusb build farm!06:58
togglesnice, hiring too! I want a job working with the trolls..07:05
vgradedm8tbr, ping07:08
dm8tbrvgrade: poing07:09
dm8tbrwhich directory, where? ;)07:09
vgradedm8tbr, am I that predictable :)07:17
vgradeRaspberry Pi , please07:17
SageStskeeps: javier: which adaptation isn't configured with tmpfs?07:18
dm8tbrvgrade: ping me in 2h please, gotta run for a meatink07:26
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javierSage: I thought kernel-adaptation wasn't, but it is08:20
Sageyes it is08:22
Sage^ did we need to remove one of thsoe?08:23
Sagekimju: said something about that IIRC08:23
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Sagekimju: so can those both be =y or did one of those be ignored DEVTMPFS to work properly?08:41
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kimjuCONFIG_DEVTMPFS=y enables the devtmpfs compilation into the kernel08:42
kimjuCONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y automounts the devtmpfs after boot.08:43
Stskeepssecond one is needed for systemd i think08:54
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Stskeepsmorn marquiz09:18
marquizare there any moslo guys around anymore?09:21
marquizi'd really like to get the kernel code09:21
Stskeepspeter/pan1nx comes around at times09:21
marquizi made some good progress on dual-booting (managed to dual boot meego/harmattan), but the kexec is very flaky09:22
marquizk, i'll prolly send them email about that09:24
veskuhmarquiz: kernel sources should be in tar at same place as moslo bin09:24
marquizveskuh: k, i'll check09:24
marquizveskuh: thanks, you were right!09:27
marquizi just ignored the moslo-src tarball as i thought it'd contain the moslo sources that are in gitorious ;)09:28
marquizbut the tarball is 90MB and contains src rpms for kernel, kexec and moslo which is perfect09:28
marquizi'll take a closer look into those in the weekend09:29
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StskeepsNOTE: going down for migration to a better pasture10:04
w00tgrass is always greener10:11
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* slaine thinks of the story of the billy goats gruff for some reason10:14
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* Sage was just about to ask about review10:43
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slainevgrade: the advent vega, that's a 7" device right ?10:59
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Stskeeps10.1" according to wikipedia11:09
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slaineHmmm, wanting a 7" device for mer work11:16
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dm8tbrArchos 70 with omap3 or Archos 80 with omap411:17
dm8tbrthe latter will have mer/plasma-active by arc_mat soon, the former is very N9ish in hardware, so bringing it up should also be possible.11:18
arc_matin fact since SDE for Gen8 devices is released since long, someone could do it instantly...11:20
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dm8tbrmy a101 got stolen and I'm not enough of a masochist to attempt this on a A32+11:21
slaineI assume that's a 10.1 inch ?11:21
arc_matpeople _steal_ archos devices? wow, now we're really mainstream ;)11:21
dm8tbrthe formerly mentioned devices are 7 and 8 inch11:22
dm8tbrah btw: I saw A101s in a cool application wednesday11:22
dm8tbrneed to upload pictures11:22
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dm8tbrarc_mat: that's at
arc_matdm8tbr: lol ;)11:37
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lbtI'm just about to publish the 'master' mer certificate12:27
lbtif you install that then you trust Mer as a CA - which you may or may not want to do.12:28
lbtfor the logs:12:33
lbt30a6fb5e23391b8410229435d7729816  Mer_CA_certificate.pem12:33
lbt140cfb5118ea59b152a896ee0c738a234abbb3d9  Mer_CA_certificate.pem12:33
lbtStskeeps: I'll bounce the www and domain A rec to phost1 now - the default site is the banner12:34
Stskeepsis gitweb up?12:39
Stskeepson www.*12:40
lbtthat's what I meant ... is it fronted by gerrit or independent?12:41
Stskeepsboth -12:42
lbtnb... I've not changed www DNS yet12:42
Stskeeps;a=commit;h=462a4dfb297ce546a57009d96a89a35d92df23d0 ,
Stskeepsfirst one is strictly related to gerrit's fronting, second one is just generic12:42
Stskeepsie, "what repos exist in mer.."12:43
lbtyep... do you want it on
Stskeepsyeah, sure12:43
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lbtstopping review for a minute13:58
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javieris the Work around for eGalax Touchscreen still needed for Mer?14:54
vgradejavier, which workaround?15:02
javiercp /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/60-cando-mtev.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/60-egalax-mtev.conf15:02
javierthen s/Cando/eGalax/15:02
vgradethose files are part of adaptation and its probably still required, check the package which provides 60-cando-mtev to be sure.15:04
javierI'm trying to get PA running on Mer, but can't get the X to start (yet), (EE) ioctl EVIOCGNAME failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device15:06
javierPreInit Returened 8 for "eGalax..."15:06
vgradejavier, from the ks you posted yesterday?15:08
*** Openfree` has quit IRC15:08
javiersame base, but I added the "desktop file to xsessions directory" section15:09
vgradecan you paste again the one fromo yeserday has gone15:10
*** stefanopi has quit IRC15:11
vgradethe cando file is from this package,
*** stefanopi has joined #mer15:13
javierthat package is installed15:14
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*** M4rtinK has joined #mer15:16
javier.xsession-errors doesn't say much, hmm15:19
*** stefanopi has quit IRC15:21
vgradedoes it say anything?15:21
javier(EE) ioctl EVIOCGNAME failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device15:22
*** stefanopi has joined #mer15:22
javier(EE) PreInit returned 8 for "eGalax Inc. USB TouchController"15:23
*** marquiz_ has quit IRC15:23
javierI have an external usb keyboard attached15:23
javierit complains about it too (same type of error)15:24
vgradejavier, I don't think those are an issue, can you paste the xsession, I will try it tonight on my Exo15:25
javiersure, just a sec15:26
vgradeis the image in
javieryep, the latest one15:27
javieri'm trying to get the boot option working first (live mode), then the installer15:28
vgradeok, things are a bit fluid in Mer and Active atm but hopefully we can get something to base off15:29
dm8tbrvgrade: is yours15:29
vgradedm8tbr, ok thanks, forgot the ping, been on day job15:30
dm8tbrdon't worry, so was I15:30
*** lynxis has joined #mer15:30
javiervgrade: I have also seen an error message that could be related: /dev/kmsg not found (when booting up)15:33
javierbut kmsg is indeed there15:33
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javierthanks for your help btw15:39
*** Larswad has joined #mer15:39
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vgradejavier, will look tonight16:30
javiervgrade: great. thanks!  :-)16:31
*** lynxis has joined #mer16:31
*** phaeron has joined #mer16:31
vgradejavier, going to have a full weekend hacking Mer stuff, day job gets in the way weekdays16:32
javierMer++ :-)16:32
vgradearc_mat, got my serial cable made up today, ready to go16:33
vgradearc_mat, did you push your pvr stuff?16:34
lbt  FTW16:34
arc_matvgrade: the sources are on my gitorious account16:34
vgradeok thanks16:35
arc_matvgrade: and parts of it build from KDE:Mer_Extras, there are adaptation packages for our stuff16:35
vgradeyea I've also seen mdfe:experemental16:37
lbtvgrade: do we have "how to make a plasma image" instructions anywhere?16:38
vgradelbt, yes we have instructions for ARM at least, x86 is WIP atm with javier16:39
lbtwhere ... and what devices?16:39
javieratm I just have a kickstart file16:40
lbt ?16:40
vgradeadvent vega, point of view tablets, N95016:40
lbtvgrade: OK - I can try the N950 one then16:40
javierthere's no mer for x86 section on that wiki :P16:40
vgrade for N95016:41
lbtjavier: I have a couple of ExoPCs and a Lenovo16:41
javierlbt: do you want the ks for x86?16:41
lbtjavier: please16:41
lbtvgrade: ta16:41
javierok, one sec16:41
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC16:41
javieryou can also download an image16:42
lbtjavier: tsa16:42
javierPA doesn't start (yet)16:43
lbtna ... I'm working on making IMG work well too16:43
javierexcellent :)16:43
lbtI'd like to enable image build and flash processes16:44
vgradelbt, arm tablet instructons here also,
javierlbt: flash processes?16:45
lbtthe idea is to use BOSS to make images and then let people with devices grab and submit results16:45
lbt"build image and flash" .... process16:45
lbtie QA16:45
javierah ok16:45
lbtI have a snapdragon too now16:46
lbtso should be able to run on that aswell16:46
javierin plural it sounded a bit different16:46
* lbt had clearly been suffering device envy16:46
lbtnot any more16:46
vgradelbt, only swrast on snapdragon :(16:46
lbtvgrade: even with the android kernel ?16:47
vgradelbt, yea.16:47
vgradeunless they shipped you non androi drivers16:47
*** lynxis has quit IRC16:48
lbtno - but I thought the guy at prague said they were available but closed/non-distributable16:48
*** lynxis has joined #mer16:48
lbtanyhow... not happening for a while yet16:48
vgradelbt, yea there was a bit of a 'well we need to talk about that internally' when I asked abouot non android drivers at one presentation.16:50
lbtwell, it'll make a nice mini-coffee table16:50
vgradejust wait for the llvmpipe stuff to come online16:51
berndhsjust needs a frame around the edges to work as a tablet for drinks16:51
lbtberndhs: hmm ... good use case for a waitress.... labels by glasses with table numbers16:52
javierbtw, ping me whenever you're hacking on mer/x86 this weekend, I'll probably join you :-)16:53
berndhsyour drinks with you electronic bill underneath16:53
lbtberndhs: yep16:53
lbtjavier: I'll be around all weekend16:54
javierme depending on the time16:54
javierthis weekend we have elections16:55
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC16:58
*** lynxis has quit IRC17:00
*** ric_broadhurst has joined #mer17:04
ric_broadhurstwhen you say Qt, does that include C++?17:04
javierif I manually call installer-shell, it works (boot meego option)17:04
javierric_broadhurst: qml too17:05
*** crevetor has joined #mer17:05
ric_broadhurstis that yes for C++, i'm not a fan of QML17:06
*** bergie has quit IRC17:06
javieryes, C++17:06
arc_matosc reminds me of the old days when everybody was still using svn ;)17:07
ric_broadhurstthanks, I had looked at MeeGo and Tizen, this could well be the best of both.17:07
*** ric_broadhurst has quit IRC17:08
* arc_mat wonders what is the best of Tizen when nobody knows what Tizen is, at all...17:08
_av500_that is the best17:08
lbtvgrade: can you start to use repo --name=mer-core --baseurl= in your .ks17:14
*** maour has joined #mer17:15
lbtarc_mat: oh, we're pretty sure we know a fair bit about Tizen17:15
_av500_its linux17:18
*** andre__ has quit IRC17:18
* dm8tbr knows only that their OBS is (currently) not as craptastic as meego-core-obs (around 70% downtime on a weekly scale)17:18
_av500_and middleware17:18
_av500_and ux17:18
dm8tbr_av500_: can you be sure, all we know is that it supports WAC17:18
_av500_its a browser17:19
dm8tbrfor what we know it could be symbian ;)17:19
arc_matlbt: well, at LinuxCon Europe Tizen was not present, just a s/MeeGo/Tizen/ community "talk"17:22
lbtarc_mat: actually it was a Tizen/Mer talk  :)17:23
lbtDawn was good enough to let us stand up and talk about Mer17:24
arc_matlbt: yes, helped to fill the void17:24
_av500_ tizen is busy porting the community i guess..17:24
lbtwhich was rather nice - since Carsten and I both paid for tickets/flights/hotels *just* to see the Tizen architecture talks17:25
lbtand we were *so* thrilled that they cancelled them :(17:25
lbt_av500_: fourth time lucky eh?17:25
arc_matlbt: we were at Qt DevDays the day before and got up at 4:30am to come to Prague in time for the talks they cancelled17:25
lbtarc_mat: ouch - but I guess you got an N9 though ?17:26
arc_matlbt: not me17:26
arc_matlbt: I was just there to take photos ;)17:26
lbtI thought they were given out at all the dev-days17:26
arc_matlbt: they were. lots of people are now happy owners of a N9.17:27
lbtpaff ... mumble C++ twitch and look at your shoes - you'll pass for a Qt developer17:27
_av500_i went to prague for beer - it was given out17:27
lbtso did we actually meet there ... ?17:27
arc_matlbt: actually I know a fair bit about Qt from old days. I'm even certified.17:28
_av500_lbt: probably17:28
_av500_i had a tshirt17:28
arc_matI had a camera ;)17:28
_av500_arc_mat: pls punt a url17:28
_av500_3g on train...17:28
lbtMe in the background with a Mer T-shirt ....
arc_maturl to what? your photo of me?17:28
_av500_and leaving civilization fast17:29
arc_matlbt: me in the right17:29
lbtah .... :)   you :)17:29
lbthey there17:29
arc_matlbt: so we met :)17:29
arc_matlbt: please to meet you :)17:29
*** shanem has joined #mer17:30
arc_matlookin at all those photos, it's pretty hard to photograph somebody during a talk and not make him look dumb17:32
dm8tbrlbt: that's AV500 with the exopc in his hand ranting about it having fans17:32
lbtah .... _av500_ == "the big green android guy".... gotcha17:33
SageStskeeps: there is quite a lot of bugs in the kickstarter thing still. Trying to fix those atm.17:34
lbtSage: I packaged HEAD of mic2 BTW17:35
lbtso I can run it on IMG17:35
_av500_dm8tbr: url my g+ elce phtot album pls17:35
lbtI'd like to get an IMG server public too17:35
dm8tbryep, let me get that17:35
lbtvgrade: Failed to find package 'mce' : No package(s) available to install17:36
*** gerits has joined #mer17:37
lbt_av500_: you took that rather cool one of me and carsten .... very nice ... thanks!17:37
_av500_ah that is you17:37
_av500_39y old camera :-)17:38
*** gerits has quit IRC17:38
lbt_av500_: wish I could say the same about the subject :P17:38
javierlbt: I had to remove many utils when migrating the ks from MeeGo to Mer17:40
lbtjavier: that's from the ks next to the image though... I guess mce moved17:40
javierperhaps it's in another repo17:41
Sagelbt: nice17:41
* arc_mat declares dayjob over and returns to pvr hacking17:41
javierdo you think it would be possible to migrate the gui installer to mer? it makes keyboardless installs easier ;-)17:42
lbtwhat are the pre-requisites?17:43
Stskeepsjavier: i think the idea is a non-interactive way for production17:43
javierI have to check the prerequisites17:43
_av500_arc_mat: good hunting17:43
javierStskeeps: I see. silent installs for testing is also good17:44
lbtStskeeps: yeah, I was thinking about having a non-core contrib package17:44
StskeepsSage: :nod:17:44
*** xruxa has quit IRC17:45
lbtI found this the other day
_av500_which one is that?17:45
lbtI *think* it lets a PC act as a USB device17:46
_av500_have that17:46
_av500_its awesome17:46
lbtcan your PC impersonate mass storage?17:47
_av500_it could17:47
_av500_we used it for mtp dev17:47
lbtand then 'turn off' and then impersonate usb client as usb-net17:47
_av500_my pc is a fully certified m$ drm10 client :-)17:48
* lbt goes to get soap17:48
lbtso you could automate the device flash and test process17:48
lbt(for some devices anyway)17:49
Stskeepsfor PC style devices, at least17:50
lbtStskeeps: I'm thinking as a relatively low cost way to manage test automation17:51
Stskeepsin practice the biggest problem is turning off and on a device17:51
dm8tbrI'd suggest a bank of 8 relays on lpt and the devices get their battery power wired through this17:53
*** jargon- has joined #mer17:54
dm8tbrmake the devices boot into some minimal system that gets the real rootfs and then kicks in the real kernel by kexec17:54
SageStskeeps: <- last three commits17:59
*** leinir has quit IRC17:59
*** leinir has joined #mer17:59
Stskeepswe should really package that somehow18:00
SageI'm working on panda tv .ks with xbmc and ran a lot of errors :P18:00
SageI have no idea why it worked with others before :P18:00
Sageyes, some ordering went right or something18:02
vgradelbt, things have been moving around with the new OBS structure, I'll add it to my list to update the N950 ks18:04
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer18:05
Sagevgrade: talking about plasma active?18:07
lbtyes - mce?18:07
*** phaeron1 has joined #mer18:08
vgradesage, yes, the kickstart on is pre OBS restructure18:08
Sageif someone could push the working plasmaactive ux to CE:UX:PlasmaActive I would create a .ks file for it.18:08
*** andre___ has joined #mer18:10
*** phaeron has quit IRC18:10
Sagevgrade: the new structure is ready for plasma active as well. The MW is in CE:MW:PlamaActive already18:11
*** andre___ is now known as andre__18:11
*** andre__ has joined #mer18:11
vgradeSage, I'm not sure if mdfe or javier would want to push that. I have no capacity at the moment18:12
Sagevgrade: understandable. I don't have much time for that either :/18:13
*** phaeron has joined #mer18:13
Sagetrying to get my pandaboard+xbmc out to the public18:14
*** phaeron1 has quit IRC18:14
javierStskeeps: is that in mer's obs?18:15
javierI mean Sage18:15
*** tilgovi has joined #mer18:18
*** tilgovi has joined #mer18:18
lbtSage: mic2 @ HEAD :
Sagejavier: partially yes, but needs a lot of work18:20
javierSage: in what sense?18:22
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer18:23
*** tilgovi has quit IRC18:23
Sagejavier: x-loader doesn't compile atm. so I don't have fully booting adaptation there18:23
*** tilgovi has joined #mer18:24
*** tilgovi has joined #mer18:24
Sagejavier: also wifi, bt, audio are not working atm.18:24
bigbluehatwoot! Looks like Mer's already for the Raspberry Pi!
Sageand packages are all over the place :P18:24
*** smoku has quit IRC18:24
SageMy plan is to get things together during this weekend if I just have the time.18:25
vgradebigbluehat, we've been buiding for Pi for a few weeks now18:27
bigbluehatvgrade: rock on...18:27
bigbluehatI'm tracking the Pi progress in hopes of grabbing one when it comes out :)18:27
bigbluehatMy Mer tracking is moreā€¦passive :)18:28
lbtvgrade: OK .. got it at least pulling packages ... just the Shared-> CE_MW_MTF_armv7hl  rename18:30
vgradelbt, ok18:30
lbtvgrade: spoke too soon - no meegotouch-demos .... and not found on c.obs either18:32
Sagevgrade: it is there, libmeegotouch package18:34
lbtI hate lib* packages that produce binaries18:35
slaineI have pulseaudio18:35
*** tomeff has quit IRC18:39
*** stefanopi has quit IRC18:40
*** tomeff has joined #mer18:40
*** stefanopi has joined #mer18:40
*** jjmarin has joined #mer18:47
*** notmart has quit IRC18:49
*** tagunil has quit IRC18:49
*** jjmarin has quit IRC18:50
*** lynxis has joined #mer18:53
*** jjmarin has joined #mer18:54
*** jjmarin has quit IRC18:55
*** jjmarin has joined #mer18:55
*** tilgovi has quit IRC18:56
Sage\o/ x-loader compiled \o/19:00
SageI have no idea though if that works :P19:00
Sagehack++ :D19:01
javierSage: but isn't CE:UX:PlasmaActive a repo just for PA? it sounds like you have more stuff there19:01
Sagejavier: it is19:02
*** arcean has joined #mer19:02
Sagejavier: CE:MW:PlasmaActive has the "glue" packages19:02
Sagejavier: see MW vs UX19:02
*** slaine has quit IRC19:03
*** KaIRC has quit IRC19:03
javierdifferent types of repos?19:03
Sagedifferent repos yes19:04
SageMW mean middleware and UX is the UX packages19:04
Sagethere are some middleware packages needed by plasmaactive that are not in mer or the shared mw19:04
javierah, understood19:04
*** antoniojasr has quit IRC19:08
*** antoniojasr has joined #mer19:08
*** xruxa has joined #mer19:11
*** xruxa has joined #mer19:12
javierSage: so you want to have Plasma Active packages from Project:KDE:Devel in CE:UX:PlasmaActive19:25
javierPA 2 is going to be release in the first week of december19:26
*** berndhs has quit IRC19:30
Sagejavier: yes that is right19:32
*** berndhs has joined #mer19:33
javierSage: it's easier to track development having the Mer_Extra repo in Project:KDE:Devel, from a maintainer perspective as well19:34
Sagejavier: ??19:35
Sagejavier: there is no need for Mer_Extra repo19:35
Sageinstead of that one they should compile against CE:UX:PlasmaActive really19:36
javierSage: we have meego, and mer targets all in one project19:36
*** Clark008 has joined #mer19:37
*** kha00hs has joined #mer19:38
*** jezra has joined #mer19:39
Stskeeps'lo Clark008, kha00hs & jezra19:41
* lbt looks at .ks with @Mer Minimal Xorg and wonders what pulls in xorg-x11-server-Xorg19:41
Sagelbt: that doesn't pull xorg-x11-server-xorg anymore19:41
Stskeepsso what brings you here?19:41
lbtSage: something from vgrade's plasma ks seems to ...19:41
Clark008wmarone_ brought me here19:41
Sagelbt: for n900 and n950 ti-omap3-sgx brings Xorg19:41
Clark008he mentioned you guys were making great progress on mer19:42
Clark008so I gut curious19:42
Stskeepsyeah, things are starting to pick up nicely :)19:42
Clark008I'll be reading a bit19:42
jezrahaving recently picked up an n900, I thought I should check the state of mer19:42
Clark008I actually have no idea what mer is19:42
* Clark008 laughs19:42
Stskeepsmer's the engine which people put inside exciting things19:43
lbtSage: probably one of the kde-runtime things19:43
Sagelbt: well that sounds a very bad dep it is really so19:44
Stskeepsjezra: that's the Nemo Mobile ui, built on top of the mer core19:44
lbtSage: how do I debug that?19:44
Sagelbt: you have image available?19:44
Sageor it break already during build?19:45
lbtfailed in mic19:45
Sageok, building for which arch?19:45
Sageok, add -ti-omap3-sgx to the .ks file let it build and then use mic-chroot or boot device and run rpm -e xorg-x11-server-Xorg and see which package doesn't want to be removed with it19:46
Sagelbt: eh19:46
Sagelbt: remove Nokia N900 Proprietary Support group instead of that -ti-omap3-sgx19:46
Clark008Stskeeps - thanks19:47
Clark008what's in the n900? omap3621?19:47
Stskeepsmer's of course not limited to n900 - n900 is just a hardware adaptation that works pretty well with Mer19:48
lbtSage: ok - is there a way to get a dependency tree/conflict from a .ks ?19:48
Clark008which sgx?19:48
StskeepsSage: sgx530 i think19:48
SageStskeeps: good night? :)19:48
Clark008that's the same as the nook color19:48
Sagelbt: I don't think so.19:49
Clark008well, the sgx530..19:49
lbtdid the trick anyhow19:49
StskeepsSage: nah, 22:00 my time19:49
StskeepsClark008: i have a nook color too, .. one day it'll have Mer too19:49
*** jezra has quit IRC19:49
*** jezra1 has joined #mer19:50
lbtStskeeps: I charged mine up yesterday....19:50
SageStskeeps: Finland?19:50
StskeepsSage: no, it's 20:46 here atm19:50
Stskeepsunless lbt's been messing with my server clock19:50
Sage21:49.45 < Stskeeps> Sage: nah, 22:00 my time19:50
Sage^ :P19:50
Stskeepsjust saying i usually sleep around 22 :P19:50
Sageah :)19:50
lbtStskeeps: quite possible19:50
lbtall servers are UTC :)19:51
Sagelbt: workers started to disappear again19:51
lbtSage: bollocks19:51
Stskeepslbt: check jobhistory for home:rzr:harmattan19:51
lbtI thought I had that19:51
Clark008Stskeeps - that's awesome19:51
lbtStskeeps: when it cools down .... red hot atm :)19:51
Stskeepslbt: there's some, erm, interesting errors in there19:51
Clark008I guess, I'm referred to here cause we stalled on ics port19:51
Clark008anything to make the ncolor more than it is, I'm all for it!19:52
StskeepsClark008: so, the N950/N9 has a 2.6.32 kernel too and it runs Mer19:52
Stskeepsso does NC19:52
lbtSage: wow ... they all died19:52
lbtactually it's losing phosts, not workers19:52
Clark008yeah, similar19:53
Sagehmmp... my u-boot compiles stalled19:53
lbtX-Fade: ping19:53
Clark008ncolor have omap3621 though19:53
Clark008but I don't think that'll matter19:53
Stskeepslbt: is what i'm talking about19:55
StskeepsClark008: doesn't matter much at least, i think someone just has to do the work19:55
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC19:57
* Clark008 is, unfortunately, not a dev19:57
StskeepsQA is always good too19:57
lbtStskeeps: the 1h timeout is (I think) an inactivity kill19:58
javierSage: if compiling PA against CW:MW:PA brings more functionality to PA, ok. I could link packages in CW:UX:PA to Project:KDE:Devel packages19:58
Clark008what are you guys doing with sgx530?19:58
Clark008did you guys get drivers?19:59
Clark008or just binary19:59
StskeepsClark008: you can get sane drivers for any omap3, problem with meego was that it had hardfp ABI19:59
*** phaeron has quit IRC19:59
Clark008I forgot what stalled the ics port20:01
Sagejavier: CW:MW:PA?20:01
Clark008I remember it had something to do with the sgx53020:01
javierSage: PA: Plasma Active20:01
Clark008Stskeeps - #nookcolor20:01
SageCE:MW:PlasmaActive then20:01
Clark008join us =p20:01
wmarone_Clark008: nook color has been my "project"20:02
wmarone_albeit one I haven't had much time for :/20:02
Sagejavier: and the CE:MW:PlasmaActive has the same functionality than the Mer_Extras or what ever. It is just stripped to more maintainable combo20:02
Clark008you mean, mer on ncolor?20:02
Sagejavier: if there is something essential missing we can add it, but we should not start with massive amount of packages but with the minimal20:03
Clark008I'll take either or20:03
Clark008anything to make it more functional as a tablet20:03
javierSage: sure. OK, it's more about having a maintanable combo at this point20:03
Sagejavier: exactly20:03
*** jonnor_work has quit IRC20:04
SageMer_Extras has 150 packages and CE:MW:PlasmaActive ~30 so much easier to maintain20:04
Stskeepswmarone_: has there been work to use a normal off the shelf SGX driver with NC?20:05
Stskeepswmarone_: ie, from ti omap sites20:05
javierwhat I don't want is having duplicate efforts (and repos) for the same thing :-)20:05
StskeepsSage: what things did you want in .gitignore in all repos?20:05
wmarone_Stskeeps: as I noted earlier, I haven't had much time. someone else was targeting xorg, but I haven't had an update in a while20:05
StskeepsSage: *~, .osc ?20:05
Stskeepswmarone_: :nod: i know, just catching up20:06
SageStskeeps: *~ and yes possibly .osc as well20:06
wmarone_I'll probably look into things this weekend though, since the NT is not a path forward20:06
Stskeepswmarone_: well, we have all 2.6.32 patches needed in the n950 adaptation for mer, at least20:07
Clark008Yeah, nook tablet was a disappointment in hackability20:08
wmarone_Stskeeps: Oh. Well if Mer will run on 2.6.32 that's a decent shortcut20:08
StskeepsSage: mm?20:09
Sageu-boot compile stalls20:09
Sageeverytime to same spot20:09
Stskeepswmarone_: it'll attract more people to eventual kernel hacking i guess20:09
*** berndhs has quit IRC20:09
StskeepsSage: stall in gcc?20:09
*** jezra1 has left #mer20:09
Sageseems so to me20:09
Clark008I'm impressed with all these devvin'20:09
Stskeepslocal build test?20:09
Clark008you guys are amazing20:09
Sagegcc  -g  -Os   -fno-common -ffixed-r8 -msoft-float   -D__KERNEL__ -DCONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE=0x80100000 -DCONFIG_SPL_TEXT_BASE=0x40304350 -I/home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/u-boot-2011.09/include -fno-builtin -ffreestanding -nostdinc -isystem /usr/lib/gcc/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi/4.6.1/include -pipe  -DCONFIG_ARM -D__ARM__ -marm  -mabi=aapcs-linux -mno-thumb-interwork -march=armv5 -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -fno-stack-protector -Wno-format-nonliteral -Wno-format-securit20:10
Sagelast line ^20:10
StskeepsSage: do a local build test, that should help20:10
Stskeepsit might be our toolchain is just buggy20:10
Stskeepsi have a linaro + 4.6 toolchain merge targetted for some point20:12
Sage$ osc -A build CE_Adaptation_PandaBoard_armv7l armv7l20:14
Sageunexpected argument: 'armv7l'20:14
*** disco_stu has quit IRC20:17
*** disco_stu has joined #mer20:17
*** stefanopi has quit IRC20:23
*** stefanopi has joined #mer20:25
Sageok, this will take a while with this netbook :D20:25
*** berndhs has joined #mer20:27
*** mlfoster has quit IRC20:36
*** tilgovi has joined #mer20:36
*** tilgovi has joined #mer20:36
*** lynxis has quit IRC20:37
Sagewhat was the solution for this again
Stskeepssudo sish stuff20:43
*** buser has joined #mer20:43
Stskeepsevening Ronksu20:44
Stskeepshow's ze birds and pigs?20:44
Sageand where did I get the good .sh file? :)20:44
RonksuStskeeps: on bruises I guess ;)20:45
Stskeepslooks correct20:45
StskeepsSage: /usr/bin/qemu* exists?20:45
*** mlfoster has joined #mer20:46
Sageqemu-arm-static yes20:46
Stskeepsqemu-arm-static cp to qemu-arm20:46
Sagedidn't help20:49
Sagewhy this is always so hard :/20:49
Stskeepsbbl sleep20:49
Sagesrr, worked20:49
SageStskeeps: thx :)20:50
SageStskeeps: stalls on local build as well20:53
*** tomeff has quit IRC21:01
*** tomeff has joined #mer21:02
*** phaeron has joined #mer21:05
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:08
*** jjmarin has quit IRC21:14
arc_matStskeeps: hmm, what was the trick to disable the uxlaunch service?21:18
* arc_mat wants a silent system for debugging21:18
*** phdeswer has joined #mer21:18
vgradesystemctl disable uxlaunch.service21:20
SageStskeeps: older u-boot compiled fine21:20
vgradejavier, ping21:22
javiervgrade: pong21:22
vgradeare you working on :devel with CE:UX:PlasmaActive21:23
vgradeI notice there are a couple of cut/paste errors in the arches21:24
javierI'm using PA from Project:KDE:Devel atm21:26
javierwhat errors?21:27
*** phaeron has quit IRC21:32
*** smoku has joined #mer21:32
*** antoniojasr has quit IRC21:36
vgradethe arch sections for armv7l and i586 are both armv8el, should be armv7el, i586, in
*** Bryanstein has quit IRC21:39
vgradevgrade remembers he's got :devel access21:42
*** king_aoeu has joined #mer21:43
*** Bryanstein has joined #mer21:44
*** phdeswer has quit IRC21:44
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC21:58
*** phaeron has joined #mer21:59
*** niqt has joined #mer22:00
*** stefanopi has quit IRC22:03
*** stefanopi has joined #mer22:04
Sageanyone know what cmd should be executed when installing new kernel module, depmod -a doesn't work properly during image builds22:07
*** himamura has quit IRC22:09
*** andre__ has quit IRC22:12
smokuSage: it should, but you need to specify the kernel version22:16
smoku(if you don't it takes the running one)22:16
*** exman2 has joined #mer22:20
*** exman has quit IRC22:20
*** phaeron has quit IRC22:21
*** sebsauer has quit IRC22:22
*** JakeSpeed has joined #mer22:28
Sagesmoku: hmmp22:29
*** ffsss has joined #mer22:33
*** ffsss has quit IRC22:35
Sagehmmp, x-loader or u-boot I just compiled neither works with panda :P22:36
*** maour has quit IRC22:37
*** JakeSpeed has quit IRC22:52
*** niqt has quit IRC22:56
*** KaziKluBey has quit IRC23:00
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*** Jucato_ is now known as Jucato23:21
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