Thursday, 2011-11-17

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wmarone_wow, a defconfig for the B&N Nook Tablet03:15
wmarone_I wonder if it'll build something usable out of the box03:15
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ali1234i thought defconfigs were banned?03:21
ali1234yes, as in not allowed to be commited to mainline any more03:21
wmarone_don't think they are03:21
wmarone_but this is B&N's dump03:21
ali1234oh, ok03:22
wmarone_and usually they strip the defconfig/turn off /proc/config.gz03:22
wmarone_and it's built03:22
wmarone_now I just need a nook tablet03:23
wmarone_in fact, this might work with meego outright since it's 2.6.3503:23
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* slonopotamus yawns05:43
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SageStskeeps: what was the status of N810 and Mer? bt, wifi, battery, display?06:59
StskeepsSage: you'd have to ask cxl000 / look on wiki06:59
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Stskeepsdcthang: are you using original usb cable for the n9 btw?07:00
Sageah, so quite much still todo.07:00
dcthangStskeeps: yes07:01
dcthangwith the usb in the pack with N907:01
Stskeepsdcthang: is there a SIM lock by chance?07:01
dcthangwhat u mean about that? SIM lock?07:01
Stskeepsie, tied to a certain mobile provider07:02
dcthangah no07:02
dcthangSIM-lock free07:02
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dcthangunsuccess with booting meaning failed with loading kernel..07:16
dcthangStskeeps: do u know where the package for N9 kernel adaption ?07:21
Stskeepsdcthang: CE:Adaptation:N950-N9 on
dcthangyeah ..go there to visit ..07:22
Stskeepsdcthang: flasher -l -k vmlinuz-*bootloader -n initrd* -b07:24
Stskeepsdoes that do anything useful?07:24
Stskeepsflasher == flasher-3.507:24
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dcthangyes, I'm using the old flasher (3.5)07:29
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dcthangStskeeps: do we have any arguments for booting kernel?07:50
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Stskeepsno, shouldn't provide any either07:50
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dcthangdonot know if Jon from is here08:05
Stskeepsnot online at the moment at least08:05
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dcthangin bootloader, boot/commandline, it has root=/dev/mmcblk0p4 rootwait, is that correct?08:55
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dcthangdo you have  a debug bootloader package?08:58
Stskeepsit's not really a bootloader :) just a special kernel08:59
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dcthangyes, but does it have brother with debugging messages? :)09:00
Stskeepsnot really, there's a special LCD on the n950/n9 so it's notoriously difficult to debug a kernel09:01
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av500Stskeeps: no serial?09:02
dcthangok, i dunno abt that.09:02
av500Stskeeps: special how?09:03
Stskeepsav500: omap dss manual update display without kernel being able to do a proper fbcon on it09:03
Stskeepsav500: take a hard look at a n9 and ponder where on earth you try to interface with a serial port :)09:03
av500Stskeeps: hmm we had manual update displays too09:04
Stskeepsav500: yeah, me too on n8x0, for some reason 'auto' mode doesn't fly09:04
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dcthangone problem i'm still pondering is: dunno why I can't update new firmware for the N909:14
dcthangmine is 10.2011.34-1.., but the new one is 20.2011.40-409:15
Stskeepswell, it might not be in your market yet09:15
dcthangmight be09:15
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Stskeepsw00t: think we can drop -fast, it causes odd stalls in compilation09:24
Stskeeps(and hides optimization issues)09:24
w00tStskeeps: bah, i forgot about that09:25
w00tdo you want me to submit another change with that?09:26
Stskeepsgo ahead09:26
w00tforgot specify09:29
Stskeepsdidn't update spec file09:29
w00thmm? what part of it?09:30
w00tI know to amend, at least09:30
w00tchange-id is already there09:31
w00tI add them pre-commit via a hook09:31
w00tok, now done09:32
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dcthangStskeeps: Could you show me the image after you run flasher command from your phone?09:42
Stskeepsdcthang: only camera nearby right now is the n950 itself so not easily09:46
Stskeepsit shouldn't show "NOKIA" for sure though09:46
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dcthangokay, so it's different meanwhile N950 and N9 look the same..09:48
* Stskeeps checks some things09:49
javierI'm getting file /usr/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache conflicts between attempted installs of gtk2-2.20.1-1.1.i586 and gtk-update-icon-cache-noop-0.1-1.1.i58609:57
javierit seems gtk is part of the core group09:57
javieranyways, creating a mer-based image fails because of the above error09:58
Stskeepsgtk doesn't exist in mer09:59
Stskeepsbut you're right, it should conflict09:59
StskeepsSage: ^09:59
javierI meant gtk* as in gtk209:59
Stskeepsyeah, i know09:59
Stskeepsgtk2 isn't part of mer and we're trying hard to keep it out of dependancies :)10:00
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dcthangStskeeps: How many capacity of your N950? 64Gb or 8Gb10:26
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dcthangthe same to mine10:27
dcthangah could you send me the log from terminal when you run flash command?10:28
Stskeepslooks same as yours10:28
Stskeepsi think10:28
dcthanglikes this one
Sagehmmp... Not sure what I can do with that conflict10:28
Sageboth provide same file10:28
Stskeepswell the noop stuff should conflict with gtk210:29
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* javier wonders what is pulling gtk-update-icon-cache-noop10:39
javierour meego-based  image doesn't have it10:41
javierand we don't explicity include any gtk stuff - we don't need it for Plasma Active :P10:42
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dcthangclear device10:53
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harbaumjavier: What are you doing with plasma?11:08
harbaumAnd btw: Are you using vgrades repository when you use plasma?11:09
javierwe are trying to build a mer-based image for plasma active (i586)11:10
javierthe repo I'm using is Mer_Extras_i58611:10
javiervgrade is focusing on arm stuff afaik11:11
javierharbaum: ^11:11
harbaumMe too, i just wanted to know if there ar enewer builds11:11
harbaumWhere is "Mer_extras_xxx" ?11:12
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harbaumI wonder if it makes sense to use the armv7l branch of that instead of vgrades private repository11:14
harbaumjavier: What's your .ks file? I am e.g. missing declarative-plasmoids in that repository11:17
javierone sec11:18
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javierwe are also using that one11:19
harbaumi am confused .. there is no declarative-plasmoids in that11:20
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javierit's in the Mer_Extras_i586 repo11:22
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SageX-Fade: sync ping11:38
X-FadeSage: Ok, sync running11:40
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javierfile conflicts fixed. thanks :)12:01
javiera mer image is being built12:02
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javierfailed to open /dev/kmsg for logging ;(12:16
javiermer's installer fails with that error12:16
Stskeepswhat adaptation?12:18
javierwhat do you mean?12:20
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javierI'm just using a custom kickstart file12:21
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javieri took the ks file we had for MeeGo and updated the package list12:22
Stskeepswell, what PC adaptation is it using12:23
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javiera wetab12:25
Stskeepsok, show me the kickstart file12:25
javierone sec12:26
javierit's WIP12:28
Stskeepsok, first off, switch to CE:Adaptation:x86-generic, not sage's homedir12:28
Stskeepsdrop repo --name=mercore --baseurl= as wel12:29
Stskeeps(and never ever refer directly to the OBS again :)12:29
javierks updated :)12:31
javierI am not sure if I need some repos such as ce-apps-i586, ce-ux-mtf-i586 or e-mw-shared-i58612:32
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SageStskeeps: I really wonder how did the bluetooth work in the first place
Sageat least after that I can actually use the bluetooth :D12:40
Sageon asus eee pc and mer12:40
Sagenot sure if that works on N900 etc. as well but might fix those as well12:40
Stskeepsah :)12:41
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Sagethat is first of the 10 todo with systemd :P12:42
Sageshould work with older systemd as well12:42
javierin the meego image we are using kernel-adaptation-pinetrail and in mer kernel-adaptation-pc12:51
Sagejavier: in meego 1.3 the pc replaced pinetrail and oaktrail kernels12:54
Sagein mer we branched from meego 1.3 so we have the -pc kernel12:55
SageStskeeps: is is possible to submit to gerrit to fix submit by someone else?12:55
Sagei.e., adding stuff to someone commit made by someoen else?12:55
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Stskeepsi suppose theoretically?12:56
Stskeepsgive it a try? check out his patchset12:56
Stskeepsand then add cangeid12:57
Sageok, will try when I get the set tested12:57
Sageand if I have time for that today12:57
Stskeepsfedora has something regarding systemd-units btw in their systemd spec12:57
Stskeepsmight be a good area to align on12:58
Sagetrue, but our console packages were wrong thus serial didn't work at all12:58
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Sagetrying to see if relocation helps to those12:58
javierSage: ah ok, so the kernel we are using for mer is ok for the wetab13:01
Sagejavier: should be yes13:02
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SageStskeeps: <- most of the systemd errors are like that. copypaste errors :)13:12
slaineWhat version of the mic toolset are we depending on ?13:12
Stskeepsgit, because of systemd13:12
* Sage sends patch to mic master to fix latest image build13:12
Stskeepsthe intel guys are making a new recoded image creator too13:12
slaineOr are we moving away from mic to something upstream supported like appliance-tools ?13:13
Stskeepsmm, not sure they're so good with ARM13:13
slaineit's also barely upstream supported13:14
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Sagemic is just a fork from some fedora live cd creator or something13:18
Sagehowever that fork was done long time ago when moblin v2 started13:18
slaineit was reworked heavily for meego though13:18
SageI know13:19
slaineappliance-tools is similar in that it's based off the same python packaging code that anaconda uses (much like mic)13:19
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slaineStskeeps: is there a way to just pull down the latest obs-repos/ directories for fakeobs ?14:12
javiersame issue :-/  failed to open /dev/kmsg for logging: No such file or directory; ohmd GLIB error - invalid plufin as #0 in reordered plugin list, ath3k probe: error loading firmware14:13
javierit doesn't boot up14:13
*** av500 is now known as topic14:15
*** topic is now known as av50014:15
Stskeepsslaine: git pull; make update14:16
*** pan1nx has quit IRC14:16
slainemake update, right14:16
Stskeepsit will update everything and signal to obs'es things have changed14:16
Stskeepsmight want to restart fakeobs too14:19
Stskeepsbefore that14:19
slainefakeobs isn't running atm14:19
Stskeepsah ok14:19
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javierhas anyone tested the Mer installer?14:34
javierif I choose it when booting up a live image, it just gives me 6 ttys14:35
vgradejavier, yes I tried it on the Exopc14:35
javierthe installer doesn't start14:35
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javiervgrade: you got it working?14:36
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vgradeis the installer in the kickstart?14:40
javierI might have removed some extra packages by accident14:43
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javierin the meego image we had the "installer" package but it's no longer available for Mer it seems14:45
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Stskeepsthere's a installer-shell thing in 1.3 instead14:47
smokujavier: the installer works on my images.14:47
javierok, thanks14:47
javiervideo included :)14:47
javiersmoku: I suppose you're using installer-shell14:48
javierso no gui installer available atm?14:48
Stskeepsthere's no gui installer in meego 1.314:49
smokujavier: yes. see
javierwe're using 1.2 for our meego images, but the idea is to migrate to mer14:50
javierin 1.2 there's a gui installer14:50
Stskeeps:nod: and mer uses the textmode installer as does meego 1.3 )14:50
Stskeepsthey dumped the gui installer14:50
javierI see :)14:50
javierthanks for the info btw :-)14:51
smokuwith a complete-image oriented distribution (not typical mix-and-match by user) there is not much need for gui installer14:52
javierif the os is oriented to be pre-installed and not be touched14:53
smokuwith Mer you always have prebuilt rootfs image.  so the only job of installer is to prepare partition and transfer the files from image14:53
smokus/Mer/products based on Mer/14:54
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javierI see14:59
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harbaumWhy is the publishing in disabled for armv7l ?15:32
Stskeepsfluke, maybe15:35
*** norayr has quit IRC15:36
harbaumwho can enable it?15:39
harbaumit's disabled for certain packages which doesn't make much sense15:41
harbaumno checkbox is set there ... so nobody is maintainer ???15:45
Stskeepsi think all of those are15:46
*** crevetor has joined #mer15:46
Stskeepsmorn crevetor15:46
Stskeepsany luck with my llvmpipe notes?15:46
crevetorhey Stskeeps15:46
harbaumvgrade: Sage, javier, can one of you plea enable publication of all armv7l packages in KDE:Devel?15:47
crevetorStskeeps: Just completed building llvm, now trying my luck at building llvmpipe15:47
Stskeepscrevetor: alright15:47
crevetorStskeeps: I'm looking for tha package providing makedepend ATM15:47
Stskeepscrevetor: 'imake'15:47
Stskeepsi think15:47
crevetorStskeeps: that's what I've read but in ubuntu it's xutils-dev15:48
Stskeepsit's imake in mer at least15:49
crevetorok I'll try that out15:50
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javierharbaum: I don't know if there's a reason for having it disabled15:55
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*** stefanopi has joined #mer15:57
harbaumcan't hurt to enable it, can it?15:59
*** stefanopi has quit IRC16:01
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lbtStskeeps: which qemu are we using ?16:18
lbtso c.obs Mer:Tools is the "official" repo?16:20
Stskeepsunsure, i haven't taken anything from there yet16:21
Stskeeps(yes, we need to get the qemu story straight..)16:21
X-FadeI reverted to 0.14.1 when we tried the 0.15 experiment.16:23
X-Fade0.14.1 is 11.3 default.16:23
StskeepsScriptRipper had some pretty good idea for project-centric qemu's16:23
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:23
Stskeepsutilizing aggregates16:23
lbtyes, I recall that.16:23
lbtI want proejct-centric kernels too16:24
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crevetorStskeeps: have you ever seen this : "/bin/sh: t: command not found"16:58
crevetorWTF is t16:58
arc_matvgrade: ping16:59
gabrbeddcrevetor: the letter after s16:59
gabrbeddwhere are you seeing this?16:59
crevetorWhen trying to build mesa17:00
gabrbeddsounds like a stray letter got into a build script.17:05
gabrbeddIt's the same as what you would get if you typed 't' on the command line.17:05
*** smoku has quit IRC17:07
crevetorOk I found a workaround17:07
berndhsalias t echo17:07
crevetorgabrbedd: I know but then there might be a t command17:08
crevetorAnyway if you have python it uses python instead of t17:08
crevetorso it's all good17:08
*** lynxis has quit IRC17:08
Stskeepscrevetor: binutils missing, maybe17:10
crevetorStskeeps: anyways it's building now17:10
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javiermount -t btrfs -o relatime,compress,subvolrootid=0,subvol=meego_home /dev/sda2 /tmp/sysimage/di/home18:09
javiermount: /dev/sda2 is not a vlid block device18:09
javierinstaller-shell seems to have trouble18:10
javierthat happens after it runs mkfs.btrfs /dev/sda218:11
javierthen btrfs subvol create /tmp/sysimage/di/meego_root18:12
javiererror: can't access to /tmp/sysimage/di18:12
*** lynxis has joined #mer18:12
*** phdeswer_ has joined #mer18:16
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC18:25
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC18:30
*** pdanek has left #mer18:40
ScriptRipperStskeeps: project centric qemu can be done in 2 ways: put a qemu pkg into the x86 build and use the "x86 crossbuild accelerator" or use an aggregate from18:40
ScriptRipperanother project were we have OBS related pkgs18:40
ScriptRipperthe first variant has the advantage for static binaries that we dont need all pkgs build18:41
ScriptRipperqemu needs to be packaged18:41
*** NIN101 has quit IRC18:41
Stskeepshow difficult do you think it will be to deploy crossbuild to MIPS, btw?18:41
ScriptRipperin the target project where qemu is needed18:41
Stskeepsi think it's just about exporting -x86 to the right places18:42
ScriptRipperMIPS depends on buggyness of QEMU Usermode for MIPS18:42
Stskeepsit's going fairly decently so far18:43
ScriptRipperI dont check MIPS builds for say a complete distro yet18:43
ScriptRipperif its good enough, then lets also do MIPS variant and give it a try18:43
ScriptRipperI have both ways of qemu injection working18:43
ScriptRippere.g. in the project or from outside via aggregate18:44
ScriptRipperI prefer aggregate because it does not need "in project packaging"18:44
ScriptRipperand I dont need to debug also potential glibc bugs in the target distro18:44
Stskeepsi think i'll try to see if i can make a cross compiler in about a week or so18:44
Stskeepsfor mips18:44
*** mdavey has quit IRC18:44
ScriptRipperwhich exact QEMU do we use now, that is the question18:45
Stskeepsi have one from the mips meego people, 0.12 and patches for 0.14 i haven't tried out yet18:45
ScriptRipperwe can use opensuse distro qemu used by opensuse-arm18:45
ScriptRipperwe can use meego build qemu or we can use a pre 1.0 git master qemu18:45
ScriptRipperi had tested pre 1.0 git master on meego 1.218:46
ScriptRippershall we use that one ?18:46
Stskeepsi need to catch a bit up with qemu so not sure how to answer that one :)18:47
ScriptRipperI need at least some patches inside qemu18:47
ScriptRipper0.15 is too buggy, and also linaro is not interested to help debug there18:47
ScriptRipperwith more git master like qemu 1.0 rc they would help us more18:48
Stskeepsso ah, i didn't know 1.0 was available18:48
Stskeepswell, rc18:48
ScriptRipperqemu 1.0 rc, not release18:48
ScriptRipperi have pkg also building for debian18:49
ScriptRipperthat would be advantage to *use that version* and not the opensuse-arm18:49
ScriptRipperthat is not yet debian packaged18:49
Stskeepswell, with aggregate we just need two: rpm and deb, right?18:49
ScriptRipperI did work to make debian version also build18:49
Stskeepsas it's just static binaries18:50
ScriptRipperbut what about the users that want to local build and install local osc client ?18:50
ScriptRipperI see a lot of Debian / Ubuntu users here :D18:50
ScriptRipperok, so where do I dump my QEMU Devel pkg source to ?18:51
ScriptRipperMeeGo comm OBS ?18:51 could work18:51
Stskeepsi mean, if it's multidistro anyway18:52
ScriptRipperI had adapted the bin-fmt handler fix alex graf had introduced18:52
*** captainigloo has joined #mer18:52
ScriptRipperso that argv passing works correct then18:53
ScriptRipperI move to that with my complete OBS systems18:53
ScriptRipperand with local build18:53
Stskeepsbinfmt handler fix?18:53
ScriptRipperif you dont use binfmt handler using :P option18:54
ScriptRipperthen argv handling expands arg 018:54
ScriptRipperwhich is a bug towards not using binfmt and qemu18:54
ScriptRipperthis can cause trouble in make or so18:55
ScriptRipperif cross build is on, this is not seen for the binaries that are not emulated anymore18:56
ScriptRipperand might be reason why we dont see any trouble with this in MeeGo and Mer18:56
ScriptRipperon ARM18:56
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC18:58
*** xmlich02 has joined #mer18:59
*** RobertLJ has joined #mer18:59
ScriptRipperStskeeps stil there ?19:02
ScriptRipperso what do we do ?19:02
ScriptRipperI want to see it also in that OBS that does the Mer builds19:02
ScriptRipperwhich one is that ?19:02
ScriptRipperI want to check it if it works here19:03
*** lynxis has quit IRC19:03
ScriptRipperbefore we let it damage Mer19:03
ScriptRipperlbt, do you use virtual machine builds ?19:03
ScriptRipperon the Mer build system ?19:04
*** beford has quit IRC19:04
ScriptRipperthen I can test my qemu on the Mer builds with only limited effects to other projects19:05
ScriptRipperlbt Stskeeps ?19:05
lbtjust cooking dinner :)19:06
lbtScriptRipper: we were just discussing "the qemu story"19:07
javierany ideas why the installer doesn't start on boot up? I have bootloader  --timeout=0  --append="quiet"   --menu="autoinst:Installation:systemd.unit=installer-shell.service" on my ks file19:07
javierinstaller-shell is part of the image19:08
*** smoku has joined #mer19:12
*** Milhouse has quit IRC19:13
*** virtuald has quit IRC19:13
*** frals has quit IRC19:13
*** peavey has quit IRC19:13
*** nielsle_ has quit IRC19:13
*** petterw has quit IRC19:13
*** steff has quit IRC19:13
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC19:13
*** captainigloo has quit IRC19:13
*** ShadowJK has quit IRC19:13
*** sampos has quit IRC19:13
*** ShadowJK has joined #mer19:13
*** virtuald has joined #mer19:13
*** sampos has joined #mer19:13
*** peavey has joined #mer19:13
*** petterw has joined #mer19:13
*** Milhouse has joined #mer19:14
*** steff has joined #mer19:14
*** merlin1991 has joined #mer19:14
*** stefanopi has quit IRC19:15
*** stefanopi has joined #mer19:16
*** nielsle_ has joined #mer19:16
*** frals has joined #mer19:18
*** tilgovi has joined #mer19:19
*** tilgovi has joined #mer19:19
*** captainigloo has joined #mer19:19
*** mdavey has joined #mer19:20
*** lynxis has joined #mer19:22
*** stefanopi has quit IRC19:24
*** stefanopi has joined #mer19:25
StskeepsScriptRipper: yes, i use kvm at least19:26
ScriptRipperStskeeps can I upload this qemu some where where I can check if : binfmt :P and MIPS works with the target where you want to use it ?19:28
ScriptRipperopenSUSE OBS seems not to be the place for that19:28
*** arc_mat|tp has quit IRC19:28
ScriptRipperwe have already an QEMU in use there19:28
ScriptRipperso I dont need to check anything there, nor can I check what I propose there19:29
ScriptRipperopensuse-arm used a qemu with :P, new patches, and with an aggregate19:29
lbtwhat do you need ScriptRipper?19:30
ScriptRipperI need an OBS where my MIPS / Mer target can be checked19:30
ScriptRipperdoes community OBS do so ?19:30
ScriptRipperI only need a opensuse 11.4 or 12.1 build target for the aggregate19:31
ScriptRipperthen I can create a project with a repo and an aggregate an check Mer19:32
StskeepsScriptRipper: i think i can do it but i'm waiting for it to bootstrap right now (mips port)19:33
Stskeepsi'll poke you when that finishes up, had to fix some patches in system19:33
lbtI'm sure that could be arranged on c.obs - Stskeeps... which would make most sense for your experiments?19:33
*** lynxis has quit IRC19:34
ScriptRipperI dont need MIPS build yet. Will check my solution first with ARM19:34
ScriptRipperwhen you are ready then we check MIPS19:34
ScriptRipperCan I do that in the Comm OBS ?19:35
Stskeepsi think so19:35
ScriptRippergood. which is the Mer repo target I should  use for my check ?19:35
Stskeeps lists the relevant repos19:35
StskeepsMer:fake is a remote link19:36
lbtthat was only ever supposed to be a "see if it works" name .....19:36
ScriptRipperI dont care were it comes from, just need the binary pkgs19:36
Stskeepsthat works19:37
Stskeepslbt: worksforme19:37
ScriptRipperso I check <path project="Mer:fake:Core:armv7l" repository="Core_armv7l"/>19:37
ScriptRipperas well as armv7hl19:37
Stskeepsarmv6 if you're adventorous is also there19:38
ScriptRipperdo I also have some src pkgs to check which make my life easier ?19:39
ScriptRipperI tend to check glibc for example19:39
ScriptRipperbecause it always makes trouble19:39
Stskeepslinkpac from Mer:fake:Core:armv7l for example19:39
Stskeepsit contains sources19:39
Stskeepsi use 'acl' as my primary test usually19:39
ScriptRippersure, for the first check its fine, and small and fast build19:40
*** toscalix_ has quit IRC19:40
ScriptRipperso to see if the injection works I use some small thingy like acl19:40
ScriptRipperto see if QEMU makes trouble with Mer in case it has newer packages than MeeGo 1.219:41
javierhmm, it seems kernel-adaptation isn't build with CONFIG_DEVTMPFS=y19:41
ScriptRipperI usually use the QEMU trouble makers like glibc19:41
ScriptRipperaka "regression test cases" :)19:41
ScriptRipperComm OBS uses XEN or KVM, just FYI ?19:42
Stskeepsjavier: that's odd19:42
ScriptRipperlbt ?19:42
StskeepsSage: ^19:42
lbtScriptRipper: uses xen19:43
ScriptRipperlbt: tnx19:43
javierStskeeps: I don't see CONFIG_DEVTMPFS=y in the above url19:44
Stskeepsjavier: is what it combines with19:45
javierah sorry, there it is :)19:46
*** lynxis has joined #mer19:47
javieranother question, it seems uxlaunch in mer doesn't like session=/usr/bin/something (ok in MeeGo)19:49
Stskeepsjavier: MeeGo 1.2 yes, not 1.319:49
Stskeepsjavier: hang on19:49
Stskeepsjavier: you need mic-image-creator from git first off19:49
Stskeepsjavier: second, - see the missing session line19:49
Stskeepsand cat > /usr/share/xsessions/X-MEEGO-HS.desktop << EOF19:49
*** andre__ has joined #mer19:50
*** andre__ has joined #mer19:50
Stskeepsand ln -sf X-MEEGO-HS.desktop /usr/share/xsessions/default.desktop19:50
javierthanks a lot!19:51
javierinteresting changes19:51
Stskeepsit means that we can run multiple session types..19:52
Stskeepsie, switch19:52
javieris there a specific reason for needing mic-image-creator from git?19:52
javierwe are also building meego 1.2 based images19:52
Stskeepsyes, it causes a bug otherwise in systemd based images19:52
*** raignarok has joined #mer19:53
Stskeepsyou can still build old ones, i think19:53
javierI don't want to break more than needed ;)19:53
lbtconsidering we have OBS there's no excuse for not packaging mic :)19:53
* lbt goes hunting for the git repo...19:55
*** mdavey has quit IRC19:57
javierStskeeps: do you have any idea why I'm getting "Failed to open /dev/kmsg: no such file or directory"? I'm using kernel-adaptation-pc Perhaps not the right one for the wetab?19:58
Stskeepsjavier: i'm a little surprised by that one, but does it say nohing else?19:59
javierit seems to be compiled with the needed options19:59
javiernothing else19:59
Stskeepsso just stalls?19:59
javierit boots fine20:00
javierbut the installer doesn't work20:00
javierit seems to have trouble while creating the filesystem20:00
Stskeepsok, error = ?20:00
javier btrfs subvol create /tmp/sysimage/di/meego_root20:01
javiererror: can't access to /tmp/sysimage/di20:01
javiermount -t btrfs -o relatime,compress,subvolrootid=0,subvol=meego_home /dev/sda2 /tmp/sysimage/di/home20:01
javiermount: /dev/sda2 is not a vlid block device20:01
Stskeepsis it the non-gui installer, right20:02
Stskeepsis btrfs-progs installed?20:06
*** tilgovi has quit IRC20:10
javierI'm using mic not from git20:10
*** mdavey has joined #mer20:11
javierMIC2 version: 0.24.1420:14
*** berndhs has quit IRC20:16
*** berndhs has joined #mer20:16
arc_matvgrade: alright20:18
arc_matvgrade: the SD card has the "classic" partition layout, two primary partitions, p1 as FAT, p2 as ext-something. I guess the images are ext3 or ext420:19
vgradeok I have my vega image in the box20:25
*** Transformer has joined #mer20:26
*** stefanopi has quit IRC20:26
vgradeI would normally flash my boot.bin to the box now with my kernel,initrd and bootline20:26
Stskeepssounds fairly similar as to a pandaboard20:26
*** Transformer has quit IRC20:27
dm8tbrit is, just packaged as a product ;p20:27
*** stefanopi has joined #mer20:28
vgradeStskeeps, dm8tbr, evening20:29
*** RobertLJ1 has joined #mer20:29
Stskeepsevening vgrade20:29
vgradeok power plus down gives me recovery20:29
*** lynxis has quit IRC20:29
*** RobertLJ has quit IRC20:31
*** stefanopi has quit IRC20:31
*** stefanopi has joined #mer20:31
*** ruphy has quit IRC20:33
*** ruphy has joined #mer20:33
arc_matvgrade: not what you want20:34
*** w00t_nemo has joined #mer20:34
vgradejust playing20:37
arc_matvgrade: np ;920:37
*** RobertLJ1 has quit IRC20:39
vgradewhats the procedure for loading a custom kernel pointing to the microsd?20:39
vgradedo I need the serial connection?20:40
RaYmAnvgrade: you have a raspberrypi btw?20:40
*** stefanopi has quit IRC20:40
RaYmAnvgrade: how is it? as nice as it seems? :)20:40
Stskeepsvgrade: as far as i can understand from what arc_mat says, you need to do similar things with this device as with a pandaboard, ie, uimage, u-boot, x-loader and that kind of jazz on p120:41
*** stefanopi has joined #mer20:41
vgradevery low RAM and GLES is a bit odd20:41
*** bergie has quit IRC20:41
vgradeah, ok, thanks20:41
arc_matStskeeps: vgrade: zImage on p1 is actually enough20:42
RaYmAnvgrade: heh, but what can you really expect for 25$ ;)20:42
vgradein /boot or root20:42
Stskeepsarc_mat: oh, nice20:42
StskeepsRaYmAn: seen beaglebone too?20:42
RaYmAnStskeeps: yeah..but still at 89$20:43
vgradearc_mat, so if it see's zImage it boots it no key combos20:43
*** lynxis has joined #mer20:43
arc_matvgrade: yes20:43
vgradewith kernel built in commandline20:43
vgradewhat mmcblk is the sdcard?20:44
vgradeor can I get that from the git20:44
arc_matmmcblk1, so your root=/dev/mmcblk1p220:44
*** mlfoster has joined #mer20:45
arc_matvgrade: try the latest image20:45
mdaveyhey vgrade20:45
vgrademdavey, hi20:46
*** notmart has quit IRC20:46
vgradearc_mat, looks like you've been busy, whats left to do!20:47
arc_matgles, power management, wifi, usb ...20:47
mdaveynice work with the qt creator20:47
mdaveyStskeeps: your parcel is on its way, btw20:48
Stskeepsmdavey: oh cool :)20:48
mdaveyDo you have any particular plans for it?20:48
vgrademdavey, just built it for mer really, no probs. I'll upload an image soon20:48
Stskeepsmdavey: yeah, i want to take a saner look at qt+gles in mer and do investigations into low-memory mer20:49
Stskeepsso we can perhaps deliver it out of box with working gles with ease20:49
vgrademdavey, we were wondering if there were any plans to ship a more standard gles lib20:50
mdaveythat would be neat.  Personally, I'd love to see xbmc running nicely on it20:50
Stskeepsi'm actually wondering if we can make a wrapper EGL library that would wrap some of the erm, interesting gles parts20:50
Stskeepsso it uses a traditional egl full screen interface20:51
mdaveyvgrade, hastle eben and james - they are best placed to make that happen.20:51
Stskeeps(would also make porting a -lot- easier..)20:51
mdavey('cos its also in Broadcom's interest)20:51
Stskeepsw00t: how do you think qt would react with 'you can only do gles if you're x11 fullscreen'?20:53
*** phaeron has joined #mer20:53
Stskeepschecking for the correct version of gmp.h... yes20:57
Stskeepsmdavey: other things is hardfp armv6 and validation of our armv6 port in general20:57
crevetorllvmpipe built form armv7hl20:59
arc_matStskeeps: xrandr, do you have a package for that somewhere for armv7l?20:59
Stskeepsarc_mat: hmm..21:01
Stskeepsarc_mat: not handy, i thinjk21:01
Stskeepsarc_mat: fairly easy to import the src rpm into obs and try to build though21:01
Stskeepscrevetor: cool21:01
crevetorNow I need to wait another hour before being able to test :(21:02
*** jjmarin has quit IRC21:02
mdaveyStskeeps: yea, I have high hopes for hardfp and I don't think the other distributions have done it yet so Mer could publish some impressive R.Pi benchmarks21:03
*** stefanopi has quit IRC21:03
*** stefanopi has joined #mer21:04
Stskeepslet's see at least, as stated before it does have some downsides such as no thumb21:04
Stskeepsi'll give it a try when my MIPS port is done building21:04
w00tStskeeps: uh...21:05
w00twhy do you ask21:05
Stskeepsw00t: mm?21:05
Stskeepsw00t: well, raspberry pi21:05
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:06
*** lynxis has quit IRC21:14
*** NIN101 has joined #mer21:20
*** buser has joined #mer21:20
vgradearc_mat, nepomuk and virtuoso eating both cpu's21:22
*** Bostik has quit IRC21:24
*** bergie has joined #mer21:25
ali1234MIPS port?21:26
*** Bostik has joined #mer21:28
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:33
*** lynxis has joined #mer21:33
*** mlfoster has quit IRC21:33
*** mlfoster has joined #mer21:34
*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:34
*** tilgovi has joined #mer21:34
Stskeepsali1234: sure21:36
ali1234of mer?21:36
ali1234what is it for?21:37
*** NIN102 has joined #mer21:38
tripzeroit's so we can call something mipsmer21:38
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:38
tripzeroor mermips21:38
*** buser has quit IRC21:40
ali1234the only machine i have with MIPS is an AR7 board with 2MB flash/8MB ram21:40
ali1234and i think my old playstation21:40
ali1234i'm guessing it won't run too well on either of those21:41
Stskeepsali1234: got an old meego port contributed and putting it to use, might be useful in some settings21:41
Stskeepsbigger ram mips does exist21:41
Stskeeps  bbl sleep21:42
*** phaeron has quit IRC21:47
*** w00t_nemo has quit IRC21:55
*** raignarok has quit IRC22:00
*** jjmarin has joined #mer22:04
*** crevetor has quit IRC22:12
*** crevetor has joined #mer22:20
*** sebsauer has quit IRC22:24
*** mlfoster has quit IRC22:27
*** Bostik has quit IRC22:30
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC22:33
*** kiviluoto has quit IRC22:37
*** kiviluoto has joined #mer22:37
*** cxl000 has joined #mer22:39
*** marquiz_ has quit IRC22:44
*** F__i__L has quit IRC22:47
*** pdanek has joined #mer22:48
*** pdanek1 has joined #mer22:52
*** pdanek has quit IRC22:52
cxl000Sage as you can see from the wiki there is still a bit of work for the N810 adaptation but it is now capable of starting to X with keyboard and touchscreen working. Wifi can be enabled manually and packages can be zyppered in.22:52
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC22:59
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #mer22:59
cxl000Stskeeps I have been able to use calibration infomation and /sys/.../retu-rtc to determine current time on N810 maemo. Now just need to get the new kernel to expose retu-rtc values and I'll be anle to initial system time.23:03
*** smoku has left #mer23:16
*** jjmarin has quit IRC23:23
_Thomas(now with content on the webpage :)23:34
_av500__Thomas: does a company with dream in the name ring a bell?23:35
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC23:35
_Thomas_av500_: Dream in the name?23:35
_ThomasOnly company with dream in the name I know, I think, is Dreamworks23:36
_ThomasWhich does something totally different ;)23:36
_av500_i know23:36
_av500_it was a long shot23:36
_ThomasWhy should it ring a bell? In what context?23:37
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC23:43
*** xruxa has quit IRC23:49
lbt_Thomas: interesting23:54
_ThomasWe're hiring now :)23:55
vgrade_Thomas, cool23:56
lbtmake me an offer :D23:56
vgrade_Thomas, any luck with the Mer rootfs23:57
lbtSo are you looking at Mer for it too?23:57
_Thomasvgrade: We're working with the linux kernel still23:57
_Thomasvgrade: Upgraded to 3.2.0-rc1 a few days ago23:57
_Thomasvgrade: Still working on getting all the needed stuff working with that23:58
_Thomasvgrade: I guess Mer will work out of the box once we get the kernel fully functional23:58
_Thomaslbt: Android runs now, then we're going to get ubuntu and mer running23:58
*** trbs has quit IRC23:59
_ThomasBut we're having a hard time finding any people for our current positions23:59

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