Friday, 2011-11-04

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Jucatooh wait, that's usually for Stskeeps05:41
Jucatomoin :)05:41
iekkui have already05:45
iekkuhad one cup even at home05:46
Jucatoah. drove safely then ;)05:46
* dm8tbr had his morning espresso so he doesn't fall asleep on the walk to work and run into a tree05:46
iekkuwell, it was like driving in the horror movie05:46
iekkuso much fog that couldn't see a lot05:47
iekkusilent hill etc..05:47
dm8tbrmhhh, zombies around the corner  :D05:47
Jucatoglad you made through it safely05:47
Jucatothey would have probably gotten run over :)05:47
iekkudm8tbr, saw couple nearby uni05:48
dm8tbrI just looked out the window, it's indeed very foggy05:48
* dm8tbr looks for his reflective stuff05:48
iekkui live near särkänniemi, and there's the lake.. you can imagine how foggy it was there05:48
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iekkui almost wait to get snow05:50
iekkuit's so damn dark and it has been foggy the whole week05:50
iekkuoh! and soon i have own backyard, so i can make snowmans!05:50
dm8tbryeah, dammit last year we had a meter of snow by this time05:51
iekkuhmmmm, i think not05:52
dm8tbrat least first snow was still in october05:52
iekkubut the snow came early, and there was too much of it05:52
Jucatoiekku: leaving in a place with a lake, in a foggy area ... yeah, that's the stuff of horror movies ...05:52
iekkuJucato, yes :D05:52
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* dm8tbr would like to live on an island here in the area :D05:53
iekku <-- i hope my neighbours like that kind of snowmans05:53
dm8tbrah, calvin style :D05:53
iekkuyeah :D05:53
Jucatolol nice05:54
iekkui think it would be better to do some statues or ... if there's children living nearby...05:55
Jucatomakes one wonder: Is it christmas ... or halloween?05:55
iekkudoes it really make difference :P05:55
iekkuoh, true05:55
dm8tbrmhhh, snow-goatse...05:57
iekkuthat's sick!05:57
Jucatotoo early in the morning for iekku to read that05:58
iekkuJucato, i think it's always too early :P05:58
iekkuhahah, my wife asked if he could help with the snowmans :D05:59
iekkudidn't speak about dm8tbr06:00
iekku's idea06:00
iekkuStskeeps, coffee?06:00
Jucatogood coffee Stskeeps!06:01
Jucatoor coffee morning!06:01
Jucatoor coffee coffee!06:01
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iekkuhah, in finland we have adult cartoon, where's polices and the boss always talks very wierd stuff and the others yels to him: "lääkkeet" (medicines)06:01
iekkuand for some reason the voice in my head says every morning when Stskeeps speeks "coffee!!!" with same way than in animation06:02
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iekku(not cartoon, more coffee)06:02
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ShadowJKstay on your meds06:35
iekkudrinking coffee06:38
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dm8tbroffice, time for moar caffeine++06:48
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Sage_vgrade: from what I read all those linux things needs nvflash that doesn't work on the a50008:21
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Sage_vgrade: and those others require that you have running android on the device that you can use to modify the boot08:23
vgradeSage_ I'd try contacting that sc2k chap as a last resort. I be Acer get a lot of returns due to not having nvflash support08:28
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Sage_vgrade: sc2k chap?08:35
Sage_ <- probably meant this08:38
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vgradeSage_ yea, do you get any message on screen08:41
Sage_screen doesn't even power on :)08:41
Sage_only things I can see is a) power button gets lit when pressed b) getting device shown with lsusb when musb cable is attached.08:42
StskeepsCOBS fakeobs is temporarily down :)08:44
vgradeSage_ I think without nvflash its a doorstop08:45
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Sage_vgrade: probably yes.08:48
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Stskeepslbt: is there some kind of networking problem in the .in.meego?08:52
lbtthere seems to be some slowdown08:53
lbtI'm in over ssh08:53
lbtany specific issue?08:54
Stskeepsoutside / proxy is slow like damn hell08:54
lbtwe have very limited information about the network beyond the servers08:55
Stskeepsssh seems fine though08:55
lbtWe tend to put it down to ddos08:55
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* Stskeeps makes a mental note that part of process isn'tsolid09:00
xruxaMorning. Does OBS work? I get fails on all builds with "400 remote error: unexpected EOF"09:00
Stskeepsxruxa: yes, my bad09:01
Stskeepsa mer update pickup went sour09:01
xruxaoookay ;) Was thinking what did I do wrong09:02
Sage_Stskeeps: ping when the fakeobs is back09:03
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Stskeepsit is09:04
Stskeepsshell is just really really really slow09:05
phaeronStskeeps: how is the process not solid ?09:06
Stskeepsphaeron: my process for releasing :)09:06
Stskeepsneed to figure out what went wrong, seems like a file didn't get updated as it should09:08
Sage_Stskeeps: btw, would be nice to have latest link at
StskeepsSage_: ideally i'd like to push people into a derived-kickstarter-yaml thing09:09
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Stskeepslbt: can you access
StskeepsSage_: because then we're sure everyone gets the core's updates / fixes09:10
* Sage_ didn't follow09:10
lbtyes but it's slow09:10
X-FadeStskeeps: ^^09:10
X-FadeWhenever you see 30Mbit green, somebody is downloading pr0n on our transit.09:11
X-FadeAnd our connections are gone.09:11
Sage_Stskeeps: I just would like to have a URL that when used in .repo file would aways get latest stuff with zypper ref;zypper update09:11
Sage_Stskeeps: like our COBS repos09:11
StskeepsSage_: ah09:11
StskeepsSage_: OK, so, if you have /latest/ link in a .ks, it means you're not picking up adjustments to the core's .ks'es and have potentially dormant ones laying about.. was my point09:11
Stskeepsso just trying to look a little ahead09:12
lbtX-Fade: and the blue line09:12
Sage_now users get stuff from COBS that is compiled against the latest but have static release in their images.09:12
X-FadeThe blue line is our outgoing traffic.09:12
StskeepsSage_: right09:12
X-FadeSo if that line goes down, we are in trouble.09:12
StskeepsSage_: adding to my posti09:12
Sage_Stskeeps: my concern is the development atm. Releases is a different thing09:12
StskeepsSage_: OK09:12
lbtX-Fade: I read To/From the other way round09:13
* Sage_ goes to lunch09:13
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StskeepsSage_: indicates current one, i will do symlink when i have set it up in my http server/.htaccess09:13
lbtblue as massive incoming traffic and green as outgoing09:13
X-Fadelbt: Blue line is outgoing data.09:13
lbtah ... this graph is on the 'remote' side? :)09:13
X-Fadelbt: This is the org owning the pipe.09:14
lbt*nod* ... makes more sense now09:14
X-FadeIt seems that somebody is downloading a large amount of stuff inside the LF infra without a ratelimit.09:15
Jucatoquick question: is network management going to be part of core? if yes, is Mer going to use connman or NM? (I think it was mentioned before, I just forgot)09:15
StskeepsJucato: i think what we'll QA with is connman as noone else has provided working NM stuff09:16
Stskeepsok, i have to run for today: if the fakeobs acts up, restart cobs scheduler09:17
Jucatohm ok :)09:17
JucatoI mean, good luck with running :)09:17
Jucatothanks for the answer09:17
StskeepsJucato: i don't have a strict preference and people can run with what they want as what matters is the qt bearer plugin09:18
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StskeepsSage_: has updated openssh and xorg09:24
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harbaumWhy isn't the latest-release file just a link?09:52
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Sage_harbaum: ;)10:05
Bostikoh ffs...10:15
Bostikfinally got qtwebkit22 built in obs via some quite dirty voodoo, and *now* I find that the bloody class headers which already caused plenty of pain are broken and contain completely useless paths10:16
Bostikback to the drawing board10:16
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Stskeepsharbaum: because my postit tells me to get it done12:14
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iekkuStskeeps, you got postit, I got little green men in my shoulders12:33
iekkuwait what?12:33
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iekkui haven't even tried a android device12:46
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Jucatoseriously? O.o12:52
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iekkuwait, i lied13:00
iekkui have played some stupid little games with my wife's phone :D13:00
iekkuand answered once to his phone13:01
iekkuthat's all13:01
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mcfrisk_public obs down?13:17
mcfrisk_everything at down..13:18
Stskeepslag / latency issue13:19
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vgradejust impossibly slow here13:22
mcfrisk_got to pub obs login from .fi but not from .de13:22
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vgradefrom earlier,;button=Redraw;mib=ifInOctets%3AifOutOctets%3AtransitOctets%3AtransitRate;cfunc=Avg;size=Normal;limit=100000000000;period=day;period=week13:24
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mdfe_vgrade: is it up or download?13:32
mdfe_'To Partner' means download13:33
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vgradecomment earlier was traffic was data being downloaded by something inside LF infra13:37
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mcfrisk_any links to qemu-arm-static for debian stable outside of :/13:51
mdfe_mcfrisk_: mom13:53
mdfe_mcfrisk_: I will send you an link13:53
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mdfe_deb lucid main13:55
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mcfrisk_mdfe_: thanks but does not provide qemu-arm-static which mic2 requires to create bootstrap for armv7hl14:01
mdfe_mcfrisk_: I tried it yesterday on a ubuntu 10.04 for the same purpose and it works for me14:03
mdfe_mcfrisk_: mic-create-bootstrap -n trunk -k /var/cache/mic -r -o /var/cache/meego-bootstrap14:04
mdfe_was also needed14:05
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mdfe_mcfrisk_: please see
mcfrisk_well, I have compiled the tools for debian stable in since no-one likes to enable debian in the official OBS projects..14:07
lbtmcfrisk_: can you copypac please14:07
* Jucato just remembered he forgot to document the steps he took on Fedora ...14:08
lbtwe're removing the remote link to main OBS14:08
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mcfrisk_what's mic2 trying to do when it complains a ton of "WARNING: Could not find package 'n.n.' suitable arch for arch 'i686' for bootstrap installation.14:29
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mcfrisk_create a i686 chroot to run arm tools there?14:29
Jucatowhat I did: mic-create-bootstrap -n meego-bootstrap -r -o meego-bootstrap14:30
*** alterego has quit IRC14:30
*** alterego_ is now known as alterego14:30
Jucatobefore the mic-image-creator14:30
Jucatobut I'm on fedora. not sure how the build steps are different for Debian14:31
* Jucato wonders if most of the people here use openSUSE for all of this.14:32
mcfrisk_for x86 we use Debian stable for the img server, works ok14:32
* mcfrisk_ does not like opensuse, sorry14:33
JucatoI don't dislike it. I just try not to have to switch to another distro just to participate :)14:34
Jucatoin any case, I was able to build an image just fine on Fedora (plasma-active on meego)14:34
*** alterego has quit IRC14:35
Stskeepsi declare the automatic testing of mer contributions open!14:35
Stskeeps(that was done by a gerrit hook -> BOSS)14:36
Stskeepson a seperate machine, too14:36
lbtnice - so is that building against the Mer OBS?14:37
Stskeepsyeah, well, against fakeobs14:37
lbtagainst fakeOBS in a real OBS?14:37
lbtall your own participants? or are you using the Nemo ones?14:37
* lbt should just login14:38
Stskeepsself-made at the moment, i plan on adding nemo ones for some items14:38
Stskeepssuch as validation14:38
Stskeepsthis was just single-build-chceck14:38
Stskeepsi'm not very much into NIH14:39
Stskeeps(because i'm lazy)14:39
lbtyou sound like a perl hacker14:39
Stskeepsexcept i hate perl14:39
lbtgot my machine this morning BTW14:42
Stskeepsoh, cool14:43
Stskeepsthat was fast14:43
lbtI'm trying to work on a Mer package so I can verify the docs14:44
lbtoh - make me a wiki sysop too14:45
lbtwe have span14:45
Stskeepsthat'd be alterego's area14:47
crevetorStskeeps: hi14:47
Stskeepslo crevetor14:47
crevetorStskeeps: let's say I want to build a kernel for Mer what repo would I need to use ?14:48
crevetorIt seems that Mer:Base is only compiled for 58614:48
Stskeepscrevetor: topic14:48
Stskeepsbuilding against mer in cobs14:48
crevetorOups ok14:48
crevetorsorry about that14:48
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*** Venemo has joined #mer14:50
mcfrisk_do http repo links in work for anyone behind proxies?14:54
Stskeepslbt: mer package?14:54
lbtyeah - just to follow the process for a core package14:55
Stskeepsthe contribution of new packages is still a bit hazy for me because of OBS's buggy link project14:55
Stskeepsso a lot of manual work in that for me14:55
lbtpatch first14:55
lbtupdate systemd hopefully14:56
Stskeepslong story short, it pisses me immensely off that it's impossible to suitably enable build for a specific package in a link project14:56
Stskeeps(and no, linkpac'ing it isn't an option)14:56
lbtso you want to prj link, then trigger a single package build14:58
lbtand copypac is too blunt?14:58
Stskeepsno, this is just a generic problem for me - i don't currently do link project from fakeobs, because of a bug that happens when i try to add in ARM14:58
crevetorStskeeps: is it possible to use multiple repos to build a package ? I'm trying to build a kernel and it complains that mkinitrd is not in the mer_core repo14:58
Stskeepscrevetor: take a look at sage's new pandaboard package14:58
Stskeepslbt: long story short: in an ARM port, all i586 packages except cross helpers needs to be disabled14:59
Stskeepslbt: and  when you link project, it sees everything as enabled14:59
Stskeepsand you can't individually enable individal packages for build14:59
Stskeepsso right now my 'mer build' projects are manual linkpacs, which annoys me15:00
*** color`coded has quit IRC15:02
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC15:06
*** andre__ has quit IRC15:07
Stskeepsyes, mer is back alive15:08
togglesapt-get install mer?15:09
* toggles ducks ;-)15:09
Stskeepssorry, zypper ;)15:10
*** kthomas has joined #mer15:16
*** andre__ has joined #mer15:19
*** harbaum has quit IRC15:19
lbtc.obs should be normal again now15:20
lbtthe bandwidth hog has stopped15:20
*** pablosaa has joined #mer15:28
gabrbeddOink, oink, baby!15:30
*** alterego has joined #mer15:31
*** phaeron has quit IRC15:38
*** norayr has joined #mer15:42
Stskeepslbt: are you doing xen or kvm on your server btw?15:44
Stskeepsout of curiousity15:44
lbtneither yet - whatever you picked. kvm iirc15:44
Stskeepskvm yeah15:45
lbtwe'd need some tweaks to the VM creation scripts but shouldn't be a killer15:45
* Stskeeps looks at the technology strike news from finland15:45
crevetorAha my kernel is building :)15:53
*** sandroandrade has quit IRC15:56
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*** Venemo has quit IRC15:58
*** Venemo_ is now known as Venemo15:58
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Stskeepslbt: so, a thought provoking suggestion: do we need .changes files in Mer?16:24
lbtso the simple answer is yes16:26
lbt"manually produced" ?16:26
lbtyou keep reminding me of my personal backlog .... :(16:27
Stskeepswell, i'm thinking, since we have change-by-change and everything in git16:27
lbtthe whole "what kind of changelogs are there"16:27
lbtyeah - but.... audience16:27
lbtincluding .... /me looks around.... dipshit project managers :)16:27
Stskeepsi'd also like your review on what kind of changelogs i need in mer release16:28
lbtNow...   should changelogs be written in .rst ?16:28
lbtrestructured text16:28
lbtor something similar16:29
Stskeepshow about .docx16:29
lbt*g*    something that supports automatic summary extraction16:29
Stskeepsyou know, there are those days that i just wonder if it's just easier to throw out OBS and recode it16:29
lbtyeah I do know what you mean16:30
*** sandroandrade_ has quit IRC16:30
lbtjust be absolutely clear where the boundaries are16:30
lbtit's a build farm manager16:31
lbtif it doesn't do what you want it to do then should you be doing that with it?16:31
Stskeepsyeah, this was in line with the actual purpose, linked projects16:33
lbtanyhow... .changes16:33
lbtI think what we do need is to identify our audit logs and define the purpose of each16:34
lbtmmm can't find my notes16:36
Stskeepsin practice, changelogs may be useless on embedded devces and just take up space16:37
Stskeepswhich is hard for a geek16:37
lbt*nod* ... not bothered about installing them in an image16:37
lbtwould actively avoid that16:37
Stskeepsrpm actually stores the changelogs16:38
Stskeepsinside the database16:38
lbtwell there's a patch waiting to be pushed then :)16:39
lbtalthough if it hits the same people as ~16:39
*** bergie has quit IRC16:43
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Stskeepslbt: tell me something about participants in BOSS.. one participant == one job at a time?16:55
Stskeepsie, if i wanted to be able to process 5 items with a participant at a time, i would need 5 instances of a participant in make_participant?16:56
*** afiestas has quit IRC17:04
*** ezjd has joined #mer17:09
*** ezjd has quit IRC17:09
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lbtyes - but that's badly supported17:15
lbttypically a participant should respond in moments.... not blocking17:16
lbtso a participant submits a job... it doesn't submit and wait17:16
lbtthe only place we have multiple participants at the moment is in image building17:17
lbtwhat did you want to do17:17
Stskeepsokay, so that's one design fault in my current stuff then17:17
Stskeepsparticipants are pretty blocking atm so17:18
*** pablosaa has left #mer17:18
lbtdepends on what :)17:18
Stskeepsas in "waits for an entire dependency build check to finish"17:19
*** javiF has quit IRC17:19
lbt  look at do_build_trial_subprocess17:20
lbtright at the very end17:20
lbtso polling and sleep()17:21
lbtit's *far* more reliable :)17:21
lbtif you want to do it your way then I'd approach the participant in a more scalable way17:22
lbtI hate "run 5 copies" :)17:22
Stskeepsguess i was prototyping ;)17:22
lbtyeah, of course17:22
lbtalways good to see how people use tools17:23
lbt"you did WHAT!"17:23
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Stskeepslbt: also, why make participant, register and enable?18:25
*** arcean has joined #mer18:29
Stskeepsmake and register seems a bit odd18:30
Stskeepsenable i can somehow understand18:30
tagunilSage_, vgrade: about kdepim not building: looks like QtWebKit is older than Qt in Mer, and kdepim is checking version of Qt, not QtWebKit18:38
vgradeI think mdfe has upgraded Qt to 4.8 rc1 in KDE builds and is usuing that instead of Mer version18:41
vgradetagunil, I'll mention to mdfe next time I see him18:42
*** jabis has quit IRC18:43
lbtStskeeps: make is about taking a minimal scriptlet and wrapping boilerplate around it18:44
tagunilvgrade: hmm, didn't know that. Anyway, these errors looks like old Qt or Qt WebKit used for building...18:44
lbtenable starts it running - you need to do that on each machine that runs a participant18:44
lbtregister is a mechanism to tell ruote that the participant is available18:45
lbtwe could tie it to enable ... but that's ... wrong18:46
vgradetagunil, ok . my repo builds ok with Mer packages,
lbtand you certainly don't unregister when you stop (since there may be other instances running)18:46
lbtNote that it is also discrete because it's a process in its own right ... when users attempt to register a participant they may go through a check before being allowed18:46
Sage_Stskeeps: ^^ chre18:49
Sage_check the commwbt about qtwebkit18:49
StskeepsSage_: what?18:49
StskeepsSage_: ah, yes18:49
StskeepsSage_: bostik was working on qtwebkit2.2 i think18:49
Sage_writung wirh n918:49
Sage_soumds good18:50
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*** cxl000 has joined #mer19:09
dm8tbrSage_: try hqh terminal for n9. seems quite nice for keyboard impaired devices ;)19:10
dm8tbraka fingerterm19:11
*** lynxis has joined #mer19:12
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Stskeepslbt: you're probably out tangoing, but: can define 'XXX' do take parameters?19:42
lbt(almost but not yet) ... yes19:43
Stskeepsand how do you refer to them inside?19:43
lbtsearch  for report_event19:44
lbtessentially if you pass :something => "value"19:45
Stskeepsok, got it19:45
lbtthen ${v:something}19:45
*** harbaum has joined #mer19:45
lbtnote that ${v: } things are not fields19:45
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tagunilvgrade: in your repo kdepim was built without messageviewer a11y, I don't know why, maybe it's too old, but that's the difference20:12
vgradeah ok, I was based on KDE:Trunk:Testing which is probably older20:14
vgradethan :Devel20:14
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w00tStskeeps: hmm.. doesn't coreutils contain less?20:22
*** lynxis has quit IRC20:27
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fabow00t: no, it's coming from less source package ->
*** cybette has quit IRC20:52
w00tfabo: ah, thanks20:55
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vgradecxl000, morning21:04
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vgradenice pic, pitty about the background,
*** trbs has quit IRC22:06
cxl000morning vgrade22:11
*** drussell has joined #mer22:13
cxl000just getting ready to do a video22:13
vgradecool, saw you were working on OBS22:15
Jucatovgrade: which one are you in the pic? >.<22:17
vgradenot me in the pic, lbt22:17
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