Wednesday, 2011-11-02

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Jucato"magandang umaga"04:42
Jucato(although technically it's no longer morning here ;)04:42
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iekkuand i notice at #tizen that i said huomenta, but not in here....04:55
iekkureminder: don't write anything before 1st cup of coffee04:55
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iekkuStskeeps, :D coffee?06:25
Stskeepsso needed06:27
StskeepsBOSS for Mer reacting to a gerrit change: - after that paste it also waited around for builds to finish06:28
Stskeepsit checks out the git change and uploads it to obs, sets up repos, etc waits for build result06:28
Jucatoiekku: I think it's a common practice anyway. wake up, type on IRC, drink coffee, realize mistake. :)06:32
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iekku Jucato, i think the last part may be dropped sometimes...06:35
iekkui usually drive to work before the first cup of coffee06:35
Jucatoyep. sometimes :)06:35
iekkuneed to change that after i have moved06:35
Jucatooh that sounds dangerous :O06:35
iekkuindeed :D06:36
iekkuzombies can drive car :P06:36
Stskeepstrue, i used to not make coffee in the morning before coming to work as to not wake up my wife :P06:36
Sage_Stskeeps: so in which part the user should test the package?06:36
iekkumy wife isn't usually home when i wake up06:37
iekkuif he is i make coffee to him06:37
StskeepsSage_: Vendor notification process is the hook in question06:37
Jucatowife? he?06:37
iekkuJucato, yes :)06:38
iekkuJucato, i just call my husband as a wife, he cooks, likes shopping, thinks about the furnitures and so on06:39
Jucatorare species :)06:39
iekkumy friends told me i won't ever find a male wife... now i'm married :D and it's even ok to him that i talk about wide06:40
Jucatohahah :)06:40
iekkuooh, it seems that i have today time to do some open source work during the work day \o/06:40
Jucatothat's a rare find you've got iekku. congrats :)06:41
Jucato(on the wife, not the time :P)06:41
Bostiknothing wrong with cooking06:47
Bostikafter all it is the most fun you can have with your pants on06:48
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Sage_Stskeeps: 2 things, did you manage to get n950 bme compile? Should we include these to mer core libdres-utils, swi-prolog, swi-prolog-library, libprolog, prolog-resourcepolicy-extensions ?06:51
Sage_I'm also pondering to do CE:Adaptation:Extras06:53
Stskeepslet's have them in CE and run them through the review process first06:53
Stskeepsi'm having some erm, difficulties with internal obs06:53
Stskeeps"rpc timeout" fun06:53
Stskeepsso i'm pondering to cut our losses and add libcreds2 and libsmack to N950 adaptation06:55
Sage_so ohm doesn't require those tools, but its configs does?06:55
Stskeepsthey probably belong in core but the whole audio policy stack is a bit up in air06:56
Sage_pulseaudio 1.0 ;)06:56
Stskeepsmight be forward portable though06:58
Sage_CE:Adaptation:Extras for now then?06:58
Sage_not really a part of N9xx adaptations but still not really a MW either. And adaption should compile against Mer Core anyway06:59
Sage_sounds better07:00
Stskeepsi'd kind of say middleware actually07:00
Stskeepsas the dialer etc uses libresource07:00
Sage_well that is in middleware already07:00
Sage_those tools are just prolog and not needed for anything else than adaptation07:01
Sage_or well, haven't checked though if they require libresource07:01
* Sage_ checks07:01
Stskeepswell, middleware sounds like a good place07:01
Stskeepsas the adaptations hook into middleware07:01
Sage_ok, well then we should just compile adaptations against CE:MW:Shared then07:02
Sage_and not against Mer Core07:02
Stskeepsyeah, hmmm07:02
Stskeepsyou do have a point, that sounds nasty07:02
Sage_darn the dependency mess :D07:03
Sage_I though we got rid of the most with gtk :D07:03
Stskeepsyou'd be surprised to see the actual dependancy graph vs how people claim linux architecture looks like..07:03
Jucato(aren't they almost always presented as neat stacks of boxes? :)07:04
Stskeepsthat's like an ancient one07:04
Jucatoluckily I've had coffee by now07:05
Jucatootherwise I'd be thinking I was in a nightmare sequence07:06
Sage_I would say bash and coreutils have deps taht could be cut down quite easily.07:06
Stskeepsany examples?07:06
Sage_as well as wget, sed etc. Some of the deps are just hacks in the .spec, right?07:06
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Sage_ah, and are those build time or runtime deps?07:07
Stskeepsi think these might be runtime07:07
Stskeepsin that graph07:07
JucatoStskeeps: how ancient?07:07
StskeepsJucato: like, 8 weeks or so07:07
StskeepsJucato: i have better ones, but i need to make new ones after we've hacked off a lot of stff07:07
JucatoI was thinking Mer^1/2 ancient ;)07:07
Stskeepsnah, that would look more..07:08
Jucatoancient? :)07:08
Sage_Stskeeps: no examples atm. but I would think those are mainly hacks.07:08
Stskeepsa cat hairball07:08
Stskeepsas it was based on ubuntu07:08
StskeepsSage_: adding to your repos makes your bme work on n950 image?07:18
StskeepsSage_: if so, i'll submit over libcreds to N950-N907:21
Jucatomoin vgrade07:22
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Sage_Stskeeps: checking07:28
Sage_bme-rm-680-bin-0.9.95-2.1.armv7hl requires
Sage_didn't help07:31
Stskeeps.. .3?07:31
Sage_does it provide
Bostikhum, was the soname bump from my hands...07:33
StskeepsSage_: that's screwed, because bme BR's on libcreds207:35
Stskeepsperhaps i'm missing a newer version07:35
* Stskeeps attacks libcreds307:37
StskeepsBostik: btw, 'osc init' in your qt5 packaging may make some things a hell lot easier to mange07:38
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Stskeepsallows you to set up a osc package .osc anywhere07:39
BostikStskeeps: oh, I'll have to look into that07:39
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StskeepsSage_: try now07:48
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Sage_Stskeeps: ok07:51
Sage_Retrieving ...OK07:52
Sage_Stskeeps: you managed to remove the dep?07:52
Stskeepsthat's kinda awkward07:52
Sage_ah, no07:53
Stskeepsand no07:53
Sage_just didn't see those packages to come in07:53
Stskeepsi have a bme in my branch07:53
Stskeepsi would expect it to pick that one up :P07:53
Sage_it did07:53
Sage_09:52.33 < Sage_> Retrieving ...OK07:53
Sage_^ :)07:53
Stskeepsmore coffee needed07:53
Sage_anyway it builds now so good to go07:53
StskeepsSR'ing them in 3 minutes07:55
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Stskeepsmorn lbt08:23
Stskeepslbt: saw my message about IN NS'es yesterday?08:23
lbtyes - on list08:23
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lbtmmm I just checked ... it has ns{1,2,3}  already08:27
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lbtso does mer-project.org08:28
lbtand for the sake of adding 1 more redundant 1 vs touching 1&1 .... lets leave as-is08:30
lbtnot that many days until we can xfer to another host08:30
smokuStskeeps: is HAL in scope of Mer or is is left to specific middleware?08:31
* lbt guesses that HAL is deprecated08:32
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Stskeepssmoku: HAL's deprecated08:33
Stskeepsin everywhere08:33
Stskeepslbt: yes, i mean, in the zonefile08:33
Stskeepslbt: not in 1&1 control panel08:34
lbtah ... I still get white knuckles and froth at the mouth when things remind me of 1&1 ... tends to cloud thinking08:35
lbtI saw a guy from "1und1" at the LinuxCon and nearly "had a word" .... :)08:36
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mcfrisk_low opengl performance bug on freescale imx53 sabre was now reproduced using handset ux from DE:Trunk, bug 2380008:50
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Stskeepshow about full screen?08:55
Stskeepsmcfrisk_: does your board have texture from pixmap working properly?08:56
mcfrisk_hmm, how could this be tested? I'm new to opengl, sorry.08:57
Stskeepsmcfrisk_: install egl-utils and run eglinfo08:58
KaziKluBeyI just noticed that my kingston class 10 16GB now can enter settings :) I found that 12GB was unused in a partition manager. When I formatted this as FAT32 settings now play nicely still with 8 tasks open (nemo)08:58
Stskeepsmcfrisk_: and let me know the output08:59
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Stskeepsbergie: could i see a description of the devroom by chance?09:07
mcfrisk_Stskeeps: iMX53 EVK eglinfo
Stskeepsmcfrisk_: uhoh.. sec09:08
Stskeepsbergie: yeah, i know, but the description of the devroom you sent in :)09:10
Stskeepsbergie: just wanting to sync it since you wrote "Open Mobile Linux"09:10
bergieah, I don't think I have it09:11
bergieit was something written in hurry09:11
Stskeepsjust a summary then :)09:11
bergiebut I think the title was mentioning Mer09:11
bergieBTW, did you send your talk?09:11
Stskeepsno, just getting myself in the right spirit to write a proper proposal09:12
Stskeepsit's always difficult to write a talk on something you aren't sure how looks in 4 months :)09:13
Stskeepsmcfrisk_: seems like there's an extension it's missing for meegotouch-compositor to do fast composition09:15
Stskeeps(look at has_tfp)09:15
w00tdid the fullscreen question ever get answered?09:15
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Stskeepswell, composition at 7fps is a bit low09:16
mcfrisk_we get 2-8 fps in the hellogl_es2 when run with the ux'es, with plain X we get 60-100.09:19
Stskeepsyeah, so compositor TFP is broken for sure09:19
mcfrisk_on wga 800x480 it's usable, but xga 1024x768 not anymore09:19
Stskeepsbasically when you fullscreen it doesn't attempt to do any kind of compositing09:20
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Stskeepsmcfrisk_: EGL_KHR_gl_texture_2D_image is the missing extension09:22
smokuStskeeps: I meant HAL as generic term, not the linux 'hal' application09:23
Stskeepssmoku: oh09:23
Stskeepssmoku: you mean hardware adaptation :)09:23
smokumore or less09:24
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smokuthere is a process that emits d-bus message about lid open/close09:24
smokubattery low09:24
Stskeepssmoku: hardware adaptations are outside the mer core as vendors of their own, but we provide interfaces in the core for the hw adaptations to hook into09:24
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Stskeepsright, that kind of middleware is maybe good to have in core, but a desktop component is much different from a handset one09:25
smokuyes.  but there is a common subset of these interfaces that every context needs09:26
Stskeepsi think contextkit may fit it09:26
smokuif every UX starts implementing these on its own it will hurt application portability badly09:26
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Stskeepsfrom a complete naive point of view, this would go in qtsystems / qt mobility and hook in there (and i'm saying naive as i know you use gtk)09:27
Stskeepscontextkit would probably be it09:28
Sage_Nemo Mobile comes with no warranty.09:28
Sage_^ What is the good text for warranty?09:28
mcfrisk_Stskeeps: thanks! We'll check with Freescale and maybe try out some workaround for it as well.09:28
StskeepsSage_: "did you somehow ignore the 1000 other warning signs when you downloaded this image"..09:28
smokuStskeeps: right. contextkit seems like a good place to extend09:29
veskuhStskeeps:  :)09:29
Sage_Stskeeps: :P09:29
StskeepsSage_: i think that text is fairly sane09:29
veskuhSage_:  Nemo discussing should be now at our new channel #nemomobile09:29
smokumcfrisk_: clutter compositing works fine on i.MX51, so it may be meego compositor issue09:30
smokumcfrisk_: oh. you have issues with compositing opengl rendered window. I haven't tried that09:33
mcfrisk_well, we have problems running any of the meegotouch ux'es at XGA resolution09:44
Stskeepsprobably gets too much for the compositor at that high resolution to do it the 'slow' way09:46
mcfrisk_yes, and if we lower the fb resolution we get kernel crashes from freescale driver, heh09:48
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mcfrisk_it seems mdecorator is to blame for the slow qt opengl demos, without it they run fine even if started from a slow running handset ux10:10
Stskeepsthat may be part of the issue, yeah10:10
Stskeepsforced to be composition10:10
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Stskeepsmy network conn is broken at home, will bbl10:48
Jucatofreenode broke it? :)10:49 is also b0rken >> teh intarwebz are b0rken!10:50
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cxl000vgrade This kickstart will build a n810 image and start qml-viewer. copy the zImage of p3 to use for booting11:41
*** drussell has quit IRC11:42
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*** maxivano has joined #mer11:48
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vgradecxl000, cool. I was talking to one of the guys at QtDesktop project who was asking if we could get QtDesktop buiding on n81011:50
*** toscalix has joined #mer11:50
*** mdfe_ has joined #mer11:51
cxl000There is a bit of basic adaptation work to do yet11:52
*** tomeff has quit IRC11:54
cxl000y-axis touchsceen needs reversing, time need initializing, charging, watchdog11:54
vgradedid you see the wrt links from yesterday11:54
cxl000There are also a variety of other errors11:55
cxl000This is the wrt kernel11:55
vgradeok, they also have other stuff, eg watchdog,
cxl000I notice there is now a 3.1 kernel. I'll look at building that11:56
cxl000Yes need to look at the other components of their build and incorporate them11:57
vgradeI might add the QtDesktop repos to the ks.  Could you test for me , I don't have n81011:58
*** toscalix has quit IRC11:58
*** toscalix has joined #mer11:59
cxl000If you add the armv6l target I can build a new image and test.12:01
*** toscalix has quit IRC12:03
vgradecxl000, wilko12:04
Stskeepslbt: have you seen anyone having a lot of fedora spec files laying about on COBS? i have an experiment that could be nice to try12:04
*** sdfdf has joined #mer12:04
smokuStskeeps: have you beed following Xephyr DRI2 support for Maemo/Meego?12:06
Stskeepsnot extremely12:06
*** toscalix has joined #mer12:07
*** sdfdf has quit IRC12:07
smokuIIRC the work was quite complete.  I would like to try it and I'm looking for the packages they produced12:07
Stskeepsmaybe in gitorious12:08
smokuStskeeps: ?  (fedora packaging)12:09
Stskeepssmoku: i just need a larger set of stuff from fedora to test how it builds against mer12:10
smokuI will be porting the whole GTK 3 stack from Fedora soon12:11
*** toscalix has quit IRC12:14
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Sage_Stskeeps: mer's openssh might need a fix:
*** afiestas has joined #mer14:01
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mcfrisk_uhm, how to make meegotouch virtual keyboard usable? seems like default key layout is odd, not using full screen width, backspace and enter missing, color distractingly red, etc14:33
Stskeepsthat might be a composition issue14:33
StskeepsSage_: yeah, true, i dropped gssapi i think14:34
*** mlfoster has joined #mer14:37
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* X-Fade wants one of those for native arm building :)
*** ali1234 has joined #mer15:21
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phaeronSage_: I finished moving all CE: to the new process , please tell me if anything goes weird15:23
*** afiestas has joined #mer15:23
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cxl000vgrade I will need to add at least watchdog support as watchdog kicked in just as the wm was starting.16:38
*** faenil has quit IRC16:39
vgradeoh, you've picked up the QtDesktop stuff, I was just preparing a ks16:40
cxl000I used the one I pastied earlier adding the QtDesktop and PA2 repos, packages from QtDesktop and set the default desktop to razor-openbox16:43
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer16:44
Stskeepscxl000: you may be able to use parts from our old N8x0 adaptation16:45
mcfrisk_DE:Trunk is missing virtual keyboard support, is it usable in DE:Trunk:testing?16:45
cxl000We cant use the initfs with this kernel16:46
Stskeepsi know, but watchdog16:47
cxl000Yes watchdog should not be too hard to add.16:50
vgradeStskeeps, there has been some connman bashing going on over in #active and mutterings of dropping for NetworkManager. I assume connman will be part of Tizen. Could Mer provide both?16:51
jonnor_workmcfrisk_, Sage_ or araujo might know the current status of VKB16:52
jonnor_workmcfrisk_, if you have specific problems I might be able to help16:52
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC16:54
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mcfrisk_jonnor_work: thanks, I installed meegotouch input keyboard from 1.2.0 to iMX53 in IVI config, input works but part of the keyboard on the left side is not visible, enter and backspace missing, so it's pretty unusable.16:54
mcfrisk_sorry. the other left. right side :)16:54
jonnor_workmcfrisk_, change the CSS file16:55
jonnor_worknote that meegotouch from Meego 1.2 is insanely old16:55
mcfrisk_I tried adding a label to those keys but then all existing keys disappeared16:55
*** afiestas has joined #mer16:55
mcfrisk_yes, so I upgraded 1.2.0 with packages from DE:Trunk, and now De:Trunk:testing which seems to have newer inputmethods16:56
mcfrisk_problem is the insanely old IVI ux that we'd like to have...16:56
jonnor_workwhat is the problem with that?16:58
Stskeepsvgrade: if they want to have networkmanager they're free to maintain it themselves and provide proper bearer plugin -- in fact, i'd like to see NM packaged up sanely16:59
mcfrisk_jonnor_work: hopefully nothing, we just did not try upgrades from newer repor before16:59
jonnor_workaraujo, now that we don't have to worry too much about MeeGo anymore, it would be nice if Maliit was used in non-legacy mode17:00
Stskeepsvgrade: i do think they should take a very hard look at connman though, especially considering the RAM usage things have atm..17:00
*** ali12341 has joined #mer17:04
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berndhswho controls connman ?17:05
Stskeepsit's one of the saner intel-nokia open source projects17:08
berndhsI found some real hesitance to address bug reports, admittedly in a limited number of cases I observed17:08
Stskeepsmeego connman story was screwed, often very behind17:10
berndhswell, that's the only side of the story I have seen, I don't know the rest of it17:10
*** afiestas has quit IRC17:12
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vgradeStskeeps, I was just reporting the feelings over there and Mer was mentioned with respect to providing NM. I think the latest issue over there was with 3g support on Wetab which would be an oFono issue anyway I think.  So Connman for Mer and probably Tizen17:15
Stskeepsi think connman and ofono are likely to survive17:17
mcfrisk_what would be the upgrade path from 1.2.0 to som DE:Trunk:testing? using maliit from DE:Trunk:testing without smackutil results in X crashing on text input..17:18
*** xruxa has quit IRC17:20
Stskeepsmcfrisk_: we're at like or something in there, are you too?17:20
mcfrisk_nope, initial image was from 1.2.0, then added DE:Trunk and DE:Trunk:testing, so adding would solve most issues, hopefully17:21
*** smoku has joined #mer17:21
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*** andre__ has quit IRC17:29
Stskeepsa lot of fixes in there at least17:31
mcfrisk_hope so: 441 packages to upgrade, 6 new.17:33
*** ali12341 has quit IRC17:37
*** maxivano has joined #mer17:39
Stskeepslbt: so, those => things in ruote.. how do they appear in the participant? as wi.fields?17:39
Stskeepslbt: get_request :req_id => "${}", :field => "req", :debug_dump => 'true', :on_error => 'do_request_vanished'17:39
*** ali1234 has joined #mer17:40
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araujomcfrisk_, which DE:Trunk repo are you talking about? .... also, latest Maliit (0.80.7) is already in CE:MW:Shared repository , it should be pulled from there for Mer18:01
araujojonnor_work, for Mer (and hence Nemo), we are not enabling legacy anymore18:02
jonnor_workaraujo, ok, good18:04
*** KaziKluBey has joined #mer18:04
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mcfrisk_araujo: we had used meego 1.2.0 as base for a few demos, I added public obs Project:DE:Trunk on top to try newer handset ux, then added Project:DE:Trunk:Testing for newer meegotouch input keyboard, now added latest to do full upgrade.18:08
mcfrisk_target is iMX53 sabre and evk, and automotive18:08
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has joined #mer18:10
araujomcfrisk_, ok I see18:11
araujomcfrisk_, well, in case you are interested, latest im-keyboard is available in Project:MTF:MeeGo_1.218:12
araujomm ok I just checked, and it was promoted to P:D:T:T too, so, it is fine ... version 0.7.7 right?18:13
*** lool has quit IRC18:14
*** lool has joined #mer18:14
araujomcfrisk_,  and about why it is not in Project:DE:Trunk , I am not sure, you could ask Sage18:17
lbtStskeeps: those things are named parameters ... so wi.params.req_id will contain ${}18:17
lbtsome, like on_error, are special18:17
Stskeepslbt: ok18:17
araujomcfrisk_, but we are pretty much moving away from those repos ......18:17
lbtand interpreted by ruote18:17
Stskeepsaraujo: they're on meego, not mer so18:17
lbtmcfrisk_: hey o/18:18
araujoStskeeps, well, I just mention, since he is using public OBS .....18:18
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC18:29
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Stskeepswoo \o/18:50
Stskeepssingle build check reporting to gerrit:
*** ali12341 has joined #mer18:51
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lbtStskeeps:  :)20:39
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VeritasWhen will the first version?21:25
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer21:27
StskeepsVeritas: releases.merproject.org21:28
Stskeepstechnically we already had a few21:28
*** Veritas has quit IRC21:29
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