Sunday, 2011-10-30

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lbtcommunity OBS is back up and upgraded - let us know of any issues - pub08 is on tmpfs, so fast but may run out of disk - yell if you see that00:05
lbtcxl000: ping00:07
cxl000lbt: pong00:07
lbthey, just checking to see if you're using cobs at the moment00:08
lbtand to make sure it's all OK00:08
cxl000I was then noticed your message and stopped00:08
lbtit's OK - if we needed to lock people out we would have :)00:09
lbtbed now.... let us know if there are issues00:10
cxl000ok. goodnight00:10
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norayrI watched a video on meegoexperts (of course with gpodder on n810) where Scott Apeland was presenting tizen07:45
norayrWhat was important for me is that he said: we already have the number of applications developesd for meego, they will work in tizen. we just add the html5 layer07:47
norayrBefore that the idea of switching again, and switching to the interpreted code was weird for me: what with gpodder? firefox? how do you write a browser in html5? what about performance? do you want us to stick with html5 sandbox ansd not able to change anything in the system? So now I feel relieved.07:50
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arnetand good morning, ppl of mer :)07:52
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Stskeepsarnet: hmm, url for video?08:05
arnettook link from the opera mobile, you should be able to convert this to the normal youtube url
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* Stskeeps stretches10:34
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* Jucato curls10:41
* dm8tbr burps10:47
* Jucato curls in even more10:48
* KaziKluBey_N900 leadcap10:51
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* Stskeeps starts on upgrading sgx drivers for n90010:54
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_av500_soft, hard or root beer?11:40
Stskeepsmm, beer11:43
Jucatosoftfp, hardfp, or beerfp?11:44
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Stskeepslbt: how does CE process support 3 SRs in one?12:11
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Stskeepsmorn vgrade12:22
Stskeepsdo we have packaged anywhere?12:25
vgradeits on our TODO list for Tegra TV Team12:25
vgradeah, no we have
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Stskeeps is the one i'm talking about12:29
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Jucatothat qtmediahub is actually pretty and nice. pretty nice :)12:48
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lbtStskeeps: OBS supports a osc rq --add to do multi-pkg srs13:07
vgrademake a cool Mer QML demo13:08
lbtStskeeps: seen the reviews now?13:11
Stskeepslbt: yes, since i made the packaging i shouldn't be the one accepting it13:12
Stskeepsand looks better13:12
lbtwell, if you submit it someone else should review it?13:12
lbtbut since it's you...13:12
Stskeepsi don't trust myself13:12
lbtwell, they should be accepted subject to an image build and install test13:14
lbtwhich is another reason to aggregate multiple changes13:14
Stskeepsright, i tested that already, boots fine together13:14
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Sage_lbt, X-Fade: we have OBS 2.3 now?14:56
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Stskeepslo Sage_, had a good weekend?14:58
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Sage_yes, didn't touch computer in over 4 days :D14:59
Jucatois that even legal? O.o15:00
lbtSage_: hey .... yes ... and look
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Sage_lbt: yes, I was looking the SR's and they look quite nice15:02
StskeepsSage_: hehe, always a good thing to do :)15:03
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StskeepsSage_: was it tomorrow or tuesday you were back at work?15:09
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Sage_Stskeeps: tomorrow. Around 11:00 localtime15:16
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Sage_Need to run some errands on the morning, but should be there whole afternoon.15:17
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vgradeStskeeps, we have Qtmediahub now,
vgradejust needs a small edit to the skin install path16:00
Stskeepsok, cool16:00
Stskeepsnow we just need netbooks ;)16:02
vgradenebook Mer bulid?16:04
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Stskeepsyeah.. i'm thinking something like unity 2d16:05
Stskeepsor something based upon lipstic16:05
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Stskeepsyou should really be in advertisement, you get a lot of nice videos for mer :)16:06
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vgradeI rescued an ITX PC and an old ASUS Pundit from the garage,
vgradeto give the 486 port a go16:15
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Stskeepslooks good for media center16:18
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Sage_qtmediahub on my panda would be so nice. Where can I get more time to do stuff.16:45
Sage_vgrade: nicely done.16:45
* Sage_ needs to find the latest pandaboard kernel sources somewhere.16:46
lbtSage_: so... forget the old "Surrounds" ... shall we make a Nemo project for 'stuff' ?16:48
Sage_lbt: Yes, Nemo: something would be nice, however if nobody minds I would like to play couple of weeks with CE: project to see if the current structure actually works or not.16:49
vgradeSage_, thanks, thats running on top of plasma active build as well16:49
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* Sage_ searches his pandaboard 16:53
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vgradelbt, armv7l packages are not being scheduled for bulding atm, something related to the changes last night?17:08
lbtscheduler died :(17:09
Stskeepsis the fakeobs up?17:12
lbtpossibly not - the VM will have rebooted17:12
lbtthe admin policy is "reboot anytime"17:13
Stskeepslet's see..17:14
lbtvgrade: thanks17:14
lbtshould be OK now17:14
Stskeepsaccess down?17:14
vgradelbt, thanks, packages building now17:15
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Sage_\o/ pandaboard booted with mer :)17:31
araujoSage_, yay!17:32
StskeepsSage_: yay :)17:32
* araujo greets Sage_ & Stskeeps 17:32
Sage_only to serial so far though17:32
Sage_hopefully I have more time during next week to do some stuff.17:32
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vgradeSage, cool, could you add to the growing number of targets on the wiki,
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Sage_vgrade: will do when I get the sources for kernel and stuff and actually compile those against mer. I took kernel, u-boot and x-loader from ubuntu19:12
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Stskeepsanyone awake?23:38
lbtjust about23:40
lbtsetting up a bossdev server with phaeron23:40

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