Friday, 2011-10-28

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pdanekyou guys by any chance know how to get these FCC attachments?00:19
pdanekit goes to some getapplication https link but nothing really happens00:20
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pdanekwonderful, seems my ff nightly needed restart, got it00:21
pdanekyou can find there photos of disassembled N9 ;)00:21
wmarone_engadget tends to peruse those regularly, normally I have no trouble00:24
wmarone_the fcc seems to have borked their site, and their page killed my FF session!00:24
pdanekI managed to get it00:24
wmarone_oh, it sent my browser the PDF directly00:24
pdanekjust save as00:24
pdanekfirst time my ff became stuck also00:25
pdaneklike hell00:25
pdanekbut this internal photos pdf is nice00:25
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Jucatoer ..05:14
PaimenJucato: wrong side of caffein?05:14
Jucatovery much05:15
Jucatopretty much I mean05:15
Jucatobah ... it hurst to think >.<05:15
iekkummmmmm, coffee <305:21
* iekku offers Jucato cup of coffee05:22
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* Stskeeps stretches06:07
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Stskeepsmorn kyb3r, gprade08:09
Stskeepskyb3R: , list of mer packages, listing how many commits they received when they were in meego, over the length of the project08:10
Stskeepsquite interesting to see which components are hot topic08:10
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Stskeepsslaine: so, my own setup is actually quite like yours, i have the fakeobs running, from fakeobs:Core:i586 i linkpac everything into fakeobs:Core:i586, then from fakeobs:Core:armv7l to Core:armv7l, etc08:13
slaineI assume you mean you linkpac everything from fakeobs:Core:i586 into Core:i58608:14
slaineYeah, it was the last step, linkpac from fakeobs:Core:armv7hl to Core:armv7hl that was failing for me08:14
Stskeepswhat errors did you get?08:14
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kyb3RStskeeps: thanks!08:15
slainewell actually, I was linkpac'ing into home:glen08:15
kyb3Rnow, need to do stuff irl. see you08:15
Stskeepsok, so, you were linkpacing into the same space as you had previously done Core:i586 linkpac to?08:15
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slaineYeah, that was the one that gave the _link warning I previously mentioned. Then I'd tried to append armv7hl or armv8el to home:glen with no joy08:16
slaineSo as I'd left it I was asking if I had to create sub projects off home:glen08:17
Stskeepsyeah, so, make one subproject for i586, one for armv7hl, one for armv7l, etc08:17
slainei.e. should I have home:glen:Core:i586, home:glen:Core:armv7hl08:17
Stskeepsi'm still working a little bit on how best to do modifications to the core08:17
Stskeepsie, from a vendor pov and still updating from mer core updates08:18
slaineDo I still need the initial linkpac from fakeobs:Core:i586 to home:glen, or should I remove that and redo it as home:glen:Core:i586 ?08:18
Stskeepsjust redo it i guess, the arm merge may potentially have screwed some things08:19
slaineRegarding the modifications to Core issue08:19
slaineif you recall, I currently am based off Fedora, we've our own local snapshot of a Fedora 14 mirror08:19
slaineI've applied the layer cake approach to modifying Core (in this case upstream Fedora) with our own internal repo that's created during the build process and replaces some of the packages from Fedora's repo08:21
slainexorg intel driver, kernel, xulrunner to name a few08:21
slaineI've a flatter hierarchy though, it's not as rigidly segmented as hardware adaptation | ux etc08:22
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Stskeepsi think we would probably move to a git based approach so it's very easy to maintain local modifications08:23
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Stskeepsfor those that are in core itself, and then layer on top08:23
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slaineI've a repo for our software stack, i.e. applications and scripts etc. that are the result of our in house dev team and the companies IP, this would be akin to the UX layer I guess, a repo for redistributable packages from our suppliers and a repo of "extras", dependencies that might not be in Fedora upstream.08:25
slaineNot too dissimilar I guess08:25
slaineI diverge on the assembly line aspect then I guess.08:26
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Stskeepswe hope to help with the tools how to best use the core and do continous integration on top08:27
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slainePerhaps I'll explain how I currently work, just to help with the thought processes08:28
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slaineSo, I've a script that checks out our code from our Perforce server, builds an rpm for each project, creates the UX layer repo from those packages, then I with vendor provided source, source rpms and binary rpms and get that all setup in the other repos.08:29
slaineThen I've a second script that does the actual image creation. Instead of mic it uses appliance-creator from the appliance-tools package on Fedora08:30
slaineVery similar to mic08:30
slaineIt processes a kickstart file and creates a filesystem image.08:30
StskeepsPerforce was a source control system right?08:31
slaineThe file system image is then prepared with some post-processing and the bundled with some metadata, build date etc. and ready to be uploaded to the server (our devices net boot)08:31
slaineYes, ours is an old old version08:31
slainewe've been planning to move to git for an age but have always been too busy to do so08:31
Stskeepsdoes the perforce stuff potentially support hooks/ie, running a script when a change comes in?08:32
slainenot that I'm aware of. we use it at a pretty basic level08:32
slaineand as I said, we've been planning a migration to git anyway08:33
Stskeepsso, your script could import the code from perforce into OBS, which then does the building, it makes the RPMs and repositories and you point to them with the image creator08:33
Stskeepsfrom a core pov we would like to get feedback on for example when a change comes into core if this will break vendor's things, so we hope to provide automation with that too08:35
Stskeepsand tools for workflow for vendors08:36
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Stskeepsslaine: let me know how the local build goes - you might run into that QEMU isn't set up for arm, but you may be lucky..08:41
Stskeepsslaine: Core:i486 may be of use to you for pentium m08:43
slaineAll our devices are 686 with sse208:43
slaineso could do a build optimized for that08:43
Stskeepsi486 is non-atom08:43
slaineWell, all our non-atom devices that is, yeah08:44
Stskeepsright now the i586==i686==atom in mer rpm config.. that is kind of annoying08:44
slainenod, that's intel's legac08:44
Stskeepsi planned on fixing it once i knew if we were doing meego 2.0 or mer alone, seems like meego 2.0 is out of the window and project is officially dead..08:44
slainereally, you talk to some LF folks ?08:45
Stskeepsmeego 1.2 will go on and get some fixes but no further development and infrastructure will slowly wind down08:45
Stskeepsbut not in a 'what, the server disappeared without telling anyone' fashion08:46
slaineok, so they've contract commitments for support for what was released and they'll honor those08:46
Stskeepsand yeah, we met with LF folks and Dawn etc here in prague08:46
Stskeepsand just had friendly and collaborative talks08:46
slaineDawn's great08:47
Stskeepseven had five minutes in Dawn's Tizen community talk to present a bit about Mer08:47
slaineenjoyed talking with her at meegoconf in dublin last year08:47
Stskeepsi don't envy her having to be on stage and basically say the information is not there yet for tizen as things aren't fully agreed yet..08:47
Stskeepsthey cancelled architecture talk and everything with actual meat about tizen, so08:48
slaineheated discussions must be ongoing08:48
Stskeepsat least it gives us a good breathing space for Mer and opportunities08:48
slaineright, away form keyboard for a bit, catch you later08:50
Stskeepsi have to check out of my hotel anyway08:50
slainethanks for the clarifications on whats next08:50
slaineOh, thought you where home already08:51
slainewell, safe trip home08:51
slaineI'm off on vacation for next week so won't be around much08:51
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* Jucato still finds it rather amusing that there's already a Tizen summit scheduled on December08:51
Stskeepsalright, i'll be in full hacking mode for the next week08:51
StskeepsJucato: unofficial one08:51
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StskeepsJucato: i really hope they have something tangible at that point08:52
dm8tbrJucato: I gathered from mails on IVI list that tha'ts just a rebadged meego summit organized by nomovok08:52
Jucatowell maybe they have something before the year ends :)08:54
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matrixxwe are also having a rebatched meego summit fi, but that's not going to be tizen summit ;)09:48
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gabrbeddWhat's a good non-{Mer|MeeGo|Tizen} place to ask ARM questions?13:50
Stskeeps#linaro \13:55
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gabrbeddStskeeps: thanks!13:57
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JucatoStskeeps: isn't linaro theoretically almost-tizen?13:58
Jucatowait ...13:59
Jucatothat's LiMo13:59
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_av500_linaro is agnostic14:01
_av500_they do both android and ubuntu14:01
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Jucatoyeah I got confused with names ...14:03
Stskeepsand not vaporware14:03
Jucatolol funny thought: they can't accuse Mer of being vaporware. it's wetware :P14:03
Stskeepsboil it and it's vapor14:03
Jucatofreeze it and it's cool?14:04
Stskeepsthe puns go on14:04
Jucatolike a river flows14:04
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Jucatoyay coffee! at 22:10!14:11
OdyXit's not 22:10. :->14:15
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Stskeepsstuck in a traffic jam.. so fun14:21
Jucatoat least you can irc :)14:22
Stskeepsi'd rather be home and crash on my couch14:23
Jucatoyou mean your office? :)14:23
* Jucato vaguely recalls a meegoconf 2010 talk mentioning that :)14:24
xruxathe Nemo image on N900 boots to a black screen for me. UI works otherwise - pop-ups for USB plug cable show. Any known solution?14:25
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niqtxruxa where is this nemo image?15:09
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mdfe_Hi all, it is posible to downgrade the mer qt version to 4.7.3 or 4.7.4?15:28
mdfe_Qt 4.8.0~beta1 does not work with plasma active at the moment15:30
mdfe_Stskeeps: ping15:32
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OdyX.oO(One should fix plasma active instead.)15:43
mdfe_OdyX: It is the mer or just your statement?15:46
OdyXjust mine.15:47
OdyX(there are two reasons behind my statement though: 1) distro-wide downgrades isn't usual nor easy; 2) fixing will be necessary anyway. )15:47
mdfe_I agree with you15:48
mdfe_but beta1 is not really stable15:48
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mdfe_I just like to now the options  ;)15:53
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Stskeepsmdfe_: so what breaks it?16:08
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mdfe_Stskeeps: kdepim stuff16:09
Stskeepsso, there is a rc now too isn't there?16:10
mdfe_rc? what does mean?16:10
Stskeepsrelease candidate of qt16:10
mdfe_not so far I know16:11
mdfe_I talked to sebas and notmart and they told me, 4.7.4 suits best for plasma active16:11
notmartyeah, we would like to switch to 4.8 soonish, but for now there are still some known issues with it16:12
Stskeepsright, so, if you have a obs you can slice out the parts that depends on qt and rebuild them with 4.7.416:13
Stskeepswe took 4.8 as it was the latest in meego 1.316:14
Stskeepswe dont really have a strong binary compatibility story in mer, so you have freedom to do what you need :)16:14
mdfe_Stskeeps: Thanks for your input16:15
Stskeepsmer is intentionally designed to let people hack/derive core, so16:16
Jucatojust wondering: wouldn't vendors want to have something like specific versions they can expect the core to have, at a certain release/time period?16:17
mdfe_Stskeeps: np, I just like to now all options :)16:17
StskeepsJucato: roadmapping, yeah16:18
Stskeepsmdfe_: so, 4.8.0 RC1 exists16:19
Stskeepsmdfe_: once  we have testing running better, that likely goes into core16:19
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mdfe_Stskeeps: Greate thanks16:24
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bergieStskeeps: ping17:46
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Stskeepsbergie: pong17:50
bergieStskeeps: it seems like we will get the developer room at FOSDEM17:50
bergiethey were also asking for presentations in the actual conference17:50
bergieI wondered if I could give your name forward17:50
Stskeepssure, this time around i hope not to be heckled about compliance :P17:51
bergiedo you have an abstract of your talk anywhere?17:52
Stskeepsthe old meego one?17:52
bergieyeah, maybe Mer-ified17:53
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Stskeepslemme just settle down from my trip to linuxcon, could you prod me about it monday?17:53
*** jjmarin has joined #mer17:53
bergiesure, will do17:54
bergieI'll just send them a quick ping you're interested for now17:54
bergiewhich email should I use for you?17:54 atm17:55
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bergieI'll cc you17:56
Stskeepswe dont have mail17:56
berndhswe should have merproject mail and merproject forums and merproject lawyers and ....17:57
berndhsoh wait17:57
Stskeepslawyers -might- be good17:57
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berndhseventually necessary, unfortunately17:58
bergieberndhs: lawyering should be outsourceable to orgs like FSFE or gpl-violations17:59
berndhsthere's probably money in going after gpl violations18:01
bergieStskeeps: you've got mail18:02
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* virtuald summons the zombies18:33
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*** timmo_ has joined #mer23:19
timmo_ola what you up to?23:22
*** user_ has joined #mer23:24
*** user_ is now known as timmo23:24
gpradea great phone but without mer23:25
pdanekit can be23:26
*** lynxis has quit IRC23:26
gpradei hope23:26
pdanekI see N9 as main target device for Mer :)23:26
pdaneksince it gets into sales and between people23:26
timmoi have n90023:26
gpradedo you think it is hard to get mer on the n9?23:27
timmoso no plans to change23:27
gpradewith nemo maybe?23:27
pdanekwell I have N900 for long time already and is getting old23:27
pdanekfor sure not easy and not perfectly usable yet23:27
*** norayr has quit IRC23:28
timmowould love to help test it23:29
timmonemo i mean23:29
timmojust thinking where to start23:29
timmohow to start23:29
gpradei am only an admin, not a developer, mostly i get a cd/dvd, install it and config it and run it, i hope i can do oneday the same with my smartphone and tablet23:29
*** timmo_ has quit IRC23:31
timmoto flash n9 possible but question how :D23:31
timmoi like abit hacking stuff23:31
gpradenot with this flashertool from nokia??23:31
timmomm try it :)23:32
pdanekI'm sure there'll be tutorials for it in time23:32
gprade:-) i have no n923:32
*** timmo has left #mer23:32
pdaneknot much people have n9 yet23:32
*** timmo has joined #mer23:32
timmocrap i new to xmirc for n90023:33
timmoswicht accidently23:33
timmoask google how to flash n923:34
*** mlfoster has quit IRC23:36
timmoso how i can help you today?23:37
*** bergie has quit IRC23:38
timmoin need to find something interesting to do23:38
timmohow do you think its possible to develop something similar like androids usb to andruino to control devices23:41
*** lynxis has joined #mer23:41
timmoi never been in china :)23:44
timmosounds quality time23:46
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