Tuesday, 2011-10-25

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dm8tbrSage_: as vgrade said or also images.formeego.org04:23
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Stskeepsmorn iekku04:36
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Jucatocaffeine (but from coke, not coffee P)04:39
Jucatooh btw ...04:39
JucatoStskeeps: the link to the wiki in http://www.merproject.org/ still uses the IP address04:39
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lilstevieJucato: mmm caffeine, but from coffee not coke04:41
Jucatoheh :)04:41
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lilstevieI have a 2L bottle of iced coffee <304:42
Jucatofrom the store of self-made?04:43
iekkummm, hot coffee <304:43
lilstevieiekku: I like that too :p04:43
Jucatonot on a 32°C afternoon :)04:43
lilstevieJucato: from a store04:43
Jucatolilstevie: wow they sell those there? cool! (literally)04:43
lilsteviethey used to come in a 3L container too04:44
iekkulilstevie, where do you live?04:44
lilsteviebut I haven't found one for a while04:44
lilstevieiekku: Australia04:44
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Jucatobut that's a nice idea actually. thanks for that04:45
Jucatoprobably much healthier than 1.5L of coke ...04:45
iekkulilstevie, oh, ok.04:45
lilsteviehell yeah04:45
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* Jucato shall repurpose this bottle for 1.5L of iced coffee :)04:45
iekkui think i haven't even tried iced coffee04:46
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Jucatogreat for hot/warm days when you need your (healthy) caffeine boost04:49
*** Stskeeps changes topic to "Mer is back! - http://lists.meego.com/pipermail/meego-dev/2011-October/484215.html - http://www.merproject.org | Wiki: http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/ | Contribution to packages: http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Contribution | Building against Mer in COBS: http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Building_against_Mer_in_COBS | This channel is logged, http://mer.bfst.de/logs"04:49
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Stskeepshttp://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Mailing_lists <- if anyone wants to join Mer mailing list04:49
Jucatotopic is too long04:50
Jucatohmm indeed04:52
Jucatowhat are we hmm'ing about?04:52
lilsteviewe are hmming about why this image didn't work04:53
lilsteviealthough I think I just fail04:54
lilstevieyes, I just fail04:56
JucatoJust fail, there is no try. - Pessimistic is, Yoda04:58
Jucatoaaaanyway. is the main repo to be fed into the mic-create-bootstrap command (the -r option) specific to a UX (like Plasma Active would have it's own main repo) or there's a generic one for Mer?04:59
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StskeepsJucato: main repo is basically to get basic bootstrap stuff.. point it to the i586 repo05:00
JucatoStskeeps: ah05:00
* Jucato goes look for said magic repo05:00
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Jucatohttp://monster.tspre.org/~merreleases/releases/0.20111020.1/builds/i586/packages/ ?05:02
Jucato(sorry, new to this whole building thing)05:02
Jucatoeh? Error: Please specify main repo name using --mainrepo option05:05
Stskeepsshow me your command line05:05
Jucatomic-create-bootstrap -n trunk -k plasma-handset-armv7hl-n900-repocache -r http://monster.tspre.org/~merreleases/releases/0.20111020.1/builds/i586/packages/ -o plasma-handset-armv7hl-n900-bootstrap05:06
Jucato(from instructions in http://wiki.meego.com/Image_Creation#Use_Bootstrap)05:06
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Jucato(if it has any bearing, using Fedora 15, with a qemu-arm-static package from Fedora 14)05:12
Stskeepsthe bootstrap is generic, btw05:13
Stskeepsso no need to call it plasma n900 bootstrap05:13
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Jucatomaybe it doesn't like to be called that ;)05:14
Jucatothe funny thing aboot that error is that if you try to add a --mainrepo option, it complains that there is on such option :)05:15
Jucatodo you recommend using mic2 git stable instead? (I seem to have version 0.24)05:18
Stskeepsyes, git is needed05:19
Jucatois 0.9 really the latest stable?05:23
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Stskeeps0.9? i hope not :P05:31
Jucatohahah then what is? :)05:32
Stskeepsi'm on 0.24.15git05:33
smokuJucato: on Fedora use legacy mode, not bootstrap mode05:35
Jucatosmoku: using the mic2 from the meego-tools repo?05:36
smokubootstrap mode didn't work for me, but legacy worked just fine05:37
JucatoError: failed to create image : Invalid target arch: armv7hl (same as before, which is why I tried --run-mode=1, which led to having to create a bootstrap, which lead to the errors above) :)05:40
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smokuLANG=POSIX sudo mic-image-creator --format=livecd --fstype=btrfs --cache=/home/smoku/devel/pkgcache --mainrepo=mer --config=core-ia32.ks05:45
smokuthis is what I use05:45
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smokubut maybe upgrading mic2 is a better option :)05:46
Jucatowhat version of mic2 do you use?05:50
Jucatohm .. same as mine05:53
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smokunot 0.9 ?05:53
smokuoh. I see now05:53
JucatoI was confused by the tags in gitorious :)05:53
Jucato(for some reason, I thought 0.9 is like 0.90 heheh)05:54
smokuthe comments in config file suggest that on fedora we should use legacy mode05:54
smokumode=1 is for ubuntu05:54
JucatoI have the armv7hl error when running --run-mode=0 (legacy right?). I get "Error: Please specify main repo name using --mainrepo option." when I use --run-mode=105:56
Jucatohm I might have gotten it ...05:58
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smokuso give the main repo name :)  it's probably --mainrepo=mer06:00
Jucatothat's what I though. I just forgot to check the .ks :). it was actually mer-core-armv7hl, and that almost worked. but then I got into another error :)06:01
JucatoError: Failed to create bootstrap : URLGrabber error: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404 - Not Found : http://monster.tspre.org/~merreleases/releases/0.20111020.1/builds/ia32/packages//repodata/repomd.xml: http://monster.tspre.org/~merreleases/releases/0.20111020.1/builds/ia32/packages//repodata/repomd.xml06:01
Jucato(which of course doesn't exist, because there are only i486/i586 build there)06:02
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dm8tbrmailing list subscription: failed on first try as craplook sliced the mailto string wrong *grmbl*06:16
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Stskeepsmorn xruxa07:01
xruxamorning guys07:02
Sage_xruxa: you need to resubmit the maps btw07:02
xruxaSage_: will do. I had to reinstall my laptop. Oneiric :(07:04
xruxaSage_: to what do I submit - did something change now that we are rebasing on Mer? I must say I'm still lost in those project structures07:04
Sage_I'll come back to you later today on that.07:05
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xruxaSage_: good, will take me some time go get the osc cmd line back working07:08
xruxais anyone working on dual booting N9? Web search didn't bring up anything07:14
Stskeepsright now it's not wise since no flashing images are published07:14
Stskeepsbut someone did http://jon.severinsson.net/N9CE/07:14
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Stskeepsold but good video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkR4Z7l_4As07:25
Jucatominus the gurggling sounds, nice bootsplash :)07:25
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mecereally nice one07:26
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Stskeepsmorn vgrae07:28
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Jucatosomeone needs another cup of coffee :D07:29
Stskeepsnah, just travel prep07:29
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Stskeepsflying in three hours07:30
vgradeis at the day job until 5pm07:31
JucatoStskeeps: good luck07:31
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Jucatovgrade: aren't you supposed to be at linuxcon too? to give a presentation?07:31
vgradeyea flying out at 8.30pm07:31
vgradeJucato, those sdcards ore ok after a repartition with parted07:32
Jucatoouch. talk about busy  :)07:33
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Jucatoharbaum: ping? did you manage to get a bootsrap built? I'm having problems creating one and was told you ran into a similar problem before?07:37
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Stskeepsvgrade: PA on n9 should be trivial once we have CE u07:50
lbtmorning Stskeeps07:51
Stskeepsmorn lbt07:51
Stskeepslbt: %@%^07:51
lbthey iekku07:53
vgradeStskeeps, ok07:53
iekkuheu lbt07:53
iekkui think i need more coffee07:54
lbtiekku: sorry I've not looked more at the BZ stuff - some good points came out - like we need 2 BZ07:54
lbtI hope to get some continuity answers from the LF/Intel this week ... lets see07:54
iekkulbt, :nod:07:55
iekkulbt, if you have time, please try to give some comments, i will do wiki page to get more comments today/tomorrow07:55
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lbtiekku: *nod*08:00
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lbtLenovo with Nemo08:06
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xruxagrrrrr getting "Server returned an error: HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized" -  what could be wrong?08:06
lbtsome small task switching issues Sage_08:08
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Sage_lbt: so it boots. That is already more than I expected :D08:13
lbtyep - straight away08:13
lbtgot an image with local mic though08:13
lbtcurl http://monster.tspre.org/~merreleases/releases/0.20111020.1/builds/i586/packages/i586/gamin-0.1.10-1.1.i586.rpm | wc   works08:14
Sage_retry, that error is just timeout I think08:14
lbtretried twice08:14
Sage_do you have proxy?08:14
lbtbad cache you think08:16
Sage_you need to give mic2 a proxy08:16
Sage_check /etc/mic2/mic2.conf08:16
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lbtboth commented out  but the env has http_proxy=http://proxy:3128/08:17
lbtI'll fiddle with that08:17
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*** panta_ is now known as panta08:18
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harbaumJucato: Yes, mic-create-bootstrap did the trick08:20
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Jucatoharbaum: what exact command did you use? I'm getting an "Error: Please specify main repo name using --mainrepo option." error?08:21
*** pdanek has left #mer08:22
Jucatothis is mine: "mic-create-bootstrap -n mer-bootstrap -r http://monster.tspre.org/~merreleases/releases/0.20111020.1/builds/armv7hl/packages/ -o mer-bootstrap"08:22
lbtJucato: I got that too08:22
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lbtI just picked one as the main repo08:23
Jucatopicked one from where?08:24
lbtthe .ks lists them08:25
lbteg repo --name=mer-core-i58608:25
lbtFYI - not saying that's the right thing to do ... I just prodded until it ran08:26
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lbtSage_: the 'installer' worked08:26
*** seanvk_ has joined #mer08:27
lbtkinda - lots of kernel errors and typing blind08:27
Jucatolbt: yeah I chose that from the .ks file08:27
lbtbut it's now on sda08:27
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harbaumvgrade: Why is mtf mentioned so often in the plasma-ks? Is there still mtf present in the setup?08:32
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Sage_lbt: good. So not entirely bad :)08:36
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* Jucato is mildly frustrated by this :/08:37
lbtJucato: what are you trying to do?08:37
Jucatothe bootstrap is generic right? so it doesn't matter what UX I'm going to try to build later08:37
lbt(and FYI I can't build an image locally atm)08:38
harbaumJucato: I used mic-create-bootstrap -n trunk -k /var/cache/mic -r http://repo.meego.com/MeeGo/builds/trunk/latest/repos/oss/ia32/packages/ -o /var/cache/meego-bootstrap08:38
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Jucatolbt: well, first of all to create a bootstrap, which seems to be required because mic-image-creator --run-mode=0 doesn't work (invalid armv7hl target)08:38
harbaumwhich i got from http://wiki.meego.com/Image_Creation08:38
Jucatoharbaum: um  ... thanks!08:40
Jucato I guess the Mer repo I was trying to use wasn't made for bootstrapping?08:40
Jucatothat or I've been mixing URLs! >.<08:41
JucatoStskeeps: http://monster.tspre.org/~merreleases/releases/0.20111020.1/builds/i586/packages/ can't be used for creating bootstraps?08:43
Sage_Jucato: we need to fix mic08:43
Jucatooh wait, he's busy preparing for departure08:43
JucatoSage_: because it's fixated on using "ia32" and wont' accept "i586" or something?08:44
lbtJucato:  I ran :         mic-create-bootstrap -n trunk -k /var/cache/mic -r http://repo.meego.com/MeeGo/builds/trunk/latest/repos/oss/ia32/packages/ -o /var/cache/meego-bootstrap08:46
Sage_Jucato: mic expects that certain packages are in the first repo in .ks08:47
Jucatolbt: thanks. seems like I was mistaken about the URL to use for creating the bootstrap (since I didn't expect to use the MeeGo one)08:47
JucatoSage_: ah08:48
lbtJucato: step 1.... get *something* to work .... step 2 ... change it a little and go back to step 108:48
JucatoI think I just misunderstood what Stskeeps was talking about earlier. easy to do when you're a complete idiot^Wnewb :)08:49
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Sage_X-Fade: sync ping08:56
X-FadeSage_: ok, will do.08:57
harbaumcan i enable the mouse cursor in kde plasma?08:58
sebasharbaum: via systemsettings, it's just a transparant theme08:58
harbaumwhat system settings?08:59
harbaumdo i have to click the wrench tool?08:59
sebasthe settings app is called "systemsettings"08:59
sebasvisible name is "Personal Settings"08:59
harbaumi can barely click anything .. i don't see a mouse cursor09:00
sebasssh -X into the device, perhaps?09:02
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harbaumno ssh server09:04
*** arcean has joined #mer09:07
harbaumanyway, for the records: kde-plasma is running on the beagle09:08
harbaumwill try the touchscreen this evening09:08
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* Stskeeps idles in airport09:13
lbtStskeeps: nemo is running on my lenovo09:15
*** niqt has joined #mer09:15
* Jucato now has images of a limping captain with a wooden peg leg running on the laptop keyboard ...09:16
*** mingwandroid_ has joined #mer09:16
Stskeepslbt, excellent09:16
* Jucato wishes he could say "nemo and plasma active now running on my galaxy tab (7")" ...09:17
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*** KaziKluBey_N900 has joined #mer09:20
*** slaine has joined #mer09:23
Stskeepsmorn slaine09:24
slaineMorning Stskeeps09:25
*** veskuh has joined #mer09:25
*** mece has quit IRC09:29
Sage_X-Fade: ping pm09:38
*** afiestas has joined #mer09:46
Stskeepsslaine: did your obs build break?09:47
*** shanem_ has quit IRC09:49
*** maour has quit IRC09:50
Sage_http://repository.maemo.org/meego/Nemo/ N900 & x86 Nemo images (cc: Stskeeps, lbt, veskuh, alterego)09:50
Sage_Haven't tested those yet so might have bigger issues09:51
vgradeharbaum, nice one09:51
veskuhSage_:  thanks, I'll have a go09:51
Stskeepswill see if hotel wifi can stand the dl tonight09:51
*** trbs has joined #mer09:51
*** maour has joined #mer09:52
Jucatohotel wifi can do that? :)09:52
Stskeepswell, in finland i've seen 10mbit with low latency09:53
*** joejoe__ has joined #mer09:54
Stskeepsprague.. well we'll see09:54
Jucatogood luck :)09:54
lilstevieJucato: well I may be able to help say that one, same as lardman09:54
lilstevieRE: wishes he could say "nemo and plasma active now running on my galaxy tab (7")"09:55
Jucatolilstevie: thanks. but I don't think I can, at least not until 2013 :/09:55
Jucato(tab's on a "lease". will be fully paid by that time)09:55
lilstevieJucato: lol, you just need to have a backup :p09:56
Jucatolilstevie: how about messing up the boot sector/kernel stuff? to the point that reflashing won't be doable?09:57
lilstevieJucato: well I have only messed up the bootloader once, by accidental09:57
lilsteviejust don't flash the bootloader and you are right09:57
lilsteviedownload mode will be there09:57
lilstevieand take it to a samsung repair center and you are good09:58
lilsteviewhen the bootloader goes, it goes09:58
JucatoI'll wait for your safe instructions :)09:58
lilstevieI mean when the bootloader goes, samsung don't even have issues09:58
lilstevieJucato: look at lardmans instructions on the meego wiki09:58
lilstevieproblem is baseband09:58
Jucatohm .. last I checked (the instructions), it could only boot up to a console login screen, and needed the keyboard dock to be able to login?09:59
lilsteviewith a kernel patch or something in the init that isn't a problem10:00
Jucatoah ... I think it was that kernel patch I was worried about :)10:00
lilstevieno need10:01
lilstevieyou can reflash kernel with heimdall10:01
lilsteviewith no problems10:01
Jucatohm ... you still need to login right? or at least be able to type "echo 1 > /sys/class/lcd/s5p_lcd/lcd_power"  ?10:02
lilstevieno, that can be added to a startup function10:03
lilstevieor it can be patched10:03
lilstevieand the newer 2.6.35 does not require it10:03
Jucatogreat :) I'll try it out as soon as I can10:04
* Jucato is actually having some troubles with the Tab ever since upgrade to 2.3 >.<10:04
lilstevieyeah, still needs a bit of updating though10:06
lilstevielardman and I haven't touched tab shit for a while10:06
Jucatowouldn't be surprised. there might be more interesting hardware/devices out there ;)10:09
lilsteviewell my contract is up on the SGT in 2 weeks10:10
lilstevieexams and shit10:10
lilstevieand the tf stuff has been going strong10:10
Jucatomy (mom's) contract on the SGT is up in 14 months :D10:11
*** joejoe__ has quit IRC10:13
*** xmlich02 has joined #mer10:14
lilstevieJucato: heh we went 12 months here10:14
Jucatooh Asus Transformer! lol I was thinking of the robots10:14
Jucatoah you can't find a contract here that lasts 12 months. it's almost always 2 years (or more)10:15
lilsteviewe had to pay extra to shorten the length of the contract10:15
*** druid23 has joined #mer10:15
lilsteviebut it is still cheaper than 24mnt10:15
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has quit IRC10:16
Jucatoit was worth it for me anyway. love the SGT. 7" is just perfect for most of my needs. my only complaints are the reboot problems I'm having and that it's not as hackable as most of the nice tablets out there now. at least not yet (will wait :)10:17
lilstevieit is10:18
Jucatowell, for someone who knows the ropes, it probably is. :)10:19
Jucato(but I've been waiting for forever for something like CM or MIUI to support it (officially))10:19
Jucatoso this is how long it takes to make an image ... :)10:19
lilstevieah, yeah need something like the mtd over bml stuff10:20
Jucato(I don't even know what those acronyms mean :)10:21
lilsteviewell BML what samsung use10:22
*** theodor has quit IRC10:23
Jucato"Block Management Layer"?10:24
* Stskeeps boards10:25
Jucatoum ... have fun? :)10:25
Jucatobon voyage!10:25
slaineStskeeps: OBS is fine10:28
slaineStskeeps: safe trip10:28
slaineMY obs is fine10:28
* Jucato wonders where one even starts to learn the crazy things lilstevie and vgrade seem to be doing, specially on not-so-popular devices >.<10:29
slaineJucato: trial and error10:29
*** druid23 has quit IRC10:30
Jucatoheh of course there's that. but as the price of the device goes up, the risks also go up :)10:30
lilstevieJucato: fast learner10:30
lilstevieand no taking dumb risks10:30
lilsteviealso yeah, block management layer10:31
Jucatobut I mean, for example, I want to port Mer to some Chinese-(re)branded tablets running Android, where does one start?10:31
Jucato(but I guess that's way too offtopic in this channel?)10:31
lilstevieJucato: getting the kernel correctly set up is the key10:32
harbaumwhat component is meant to handle networking? I don't seem to have dhcp ...10:32
lilstevieoh, and honoring opensource on the kernel is a must10:32
Jucatolilstevie: "honoring opensource on the kernel"?10:33
lbtharbaum: does conman do that?10:33
KaziKluBeysage: is it su/meego in terminal in nemo aswell? feels pretty smooth btw :)10:33
lilstevieJucato: if they don't release the kernel source it makes the job a bit harder10:33
Jucatoright, of course :)10:33
Jucatothere is hopefully very little need to opening up the device, fiddling with the parts, or reverse engineering with assembly I hope? :)10:34
*** akira_tsukamoto has left #mer10:35
harbaumlbt: dunno .. will add it for a test10:35
Jucatowell, I'm looking more towards tablets that have android running. I mean while it's not a 100% guarantee, at least the chances of there being kernels available are higher than if it were running some proprietary crap10:35
lilstevieproblem is when they use GPL glue10:36
lilstevieand then a userspace library10:36
harbaumlbt: uhm, what package provides conman?10:37
vgradeharbaum, connman10:38
harbaumah ... con_n_man ... that may explain something ....10:38
Jucatoyeah, connman isn't trying to be a conman :)10:39
*** andre103 has quit IRC10:44
*** druid23 has joined #mer10:48
*** dcthang has quit IRC10:51
Sage_KaziKluBey: yes10:57
*** niqt has quit IRC10:59
lbtis the twitter tag #mer or #merproj10:59
lbt#mer seems to be a bit active10:59
*** stefanopi has quit IRC11:00
*** stefanopi has joined #mer11:01
*** KaIRC has joined #mer11:01
KaziKluBeysage: thanks. my class 10 16GB sd is behaving the same with settings problem. works well on class 4 as always. anways, thrilling times ahead :)11:02
KaziKluBeymaybe #merproj is better. Alot of other stuff showing up with the #mer tag11:05
dm8tbrpff, just embrace, extend, extinguish ;)11:06
Jucatomsproj? :P11:07
KaziKluBeyon twitter that is11:07
dm8tbrI wonder what they mean by #mer so far on twitter...11:08
KaziKluBeyalot of girls are using that tag,,,hm11:10
Jucatolilstevie: is it a good sign that the chipset vendor of the (Chinese) tablet in question has downloads for "kernel-ds-android*tar.gz" and "*u-boot*.tar.gz"?11:11
dm8tbrJucato: sounds like a good start. what SoC does that tablet use?11:12
JucatoWonderMedia (VIA) 865011:13
Jucatoseems to be used in a lot of cheapo android tablets. but that's the selling point to me :)11:14
lilsteviecould be good11:14
dm8tbrit's an ARM11 so don't expect wonders11:15
Jucatosure :)11:15
dm8tbrand probably no way to get GLES11:16
Jucatoisn't GLES a requirement in Android?11:16
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has joined #mer11:16
Jucatobut anyway, that puts it in almost the same boat as the N810 :)11:16
Jucato(right? O.o)11:17
JucatoARM11 is ARMv6?11:18
mingwandroid_vgrade: hey. did you arrange anything about tegra-2 kernel hacking?11:19
vgrademingwandroid, not yet11:19
mingwandroid_fire us an email if you get it sorted out, I'll ask ejtagle along too.11:19
vgradeok, wilko,11:19
lilstevieJucato: while you may have GLES under android, the drivers are compiled with bionic, which is not libc compatible11:21
*** druid23 has quit IRC11:25
Jucatoanother bunch of options seem to be "Telechip Cortex A8" tablets11:27
Jucatoneed more research in the future :)11:27
slainevgrade: mingwandroid have either of you started on a Trimslice adaptation layer ?11:27
vgradeJucato, the key is to ensure you can get recent kernel source and gles (non andriod) driver11:28
*** tagunil has joined #mer11:28
vgradeslaine, you will find kernel and graphics adaptations packages in cxl000 home on OBS11:28
slainefor mer ?11:29
Jucatovgrade: ah I see. I'm looking for references of people having tried modding or hacking on the device/chipset.the telechip ones sound a bit promising if cyanogen people have at least tried it. I mean, it may not be Mer, but at least they'd have some knowledge about the kernel and gles (even maybe non-android) stuff11:29
vgradeslaine, yes I think he has started a mer build, https://build.pub.meego.com/project/show?project=home%3Acxl000%3Atrimslice%3Am13, https://build.pub.meego.com/project/show?project=home%3Acxl000%3Atrimslice%3AMer%3Atesting11:30
slainecxl000: you about ?11:30
* Jucato wonders why he's too obsessed with bringing Mer (plus whatever UX, though hopefully Plasma) to these low-cost tablets >.<11:31
vgradecxl000 is in AUS11:31
Jucatoyay first image ever done :)11:32
slainevgrade: is in AUS or is from AUS ?11:32
slainei.e. temporary timezone issue or he lives there11:32
vgradeslaine, is in AUS so not sure if he's about now tz wise11:33
vgradegives Jucato his mic2 badge11:34
Jucatohehe thanks :)11:34
*** npm_ has joined #mer11:35
*** npm has quit IRC11:35
Jucatoahaha ... seems like I won't be able to test it using qemu-kvm ... because my particular CPU doesn't have VT-x :)11:37
lilsteviewell it is 22:37 in Australian Eastern DST11:37
JucatoI never get used to people having a bed time earlier than me :)11:39
*** lizardo has joined #mer11:40
mingwandroid_Jucato: been there, done that ;-)11:41
JucatoI mean, I'm usually the one who's off to bed earliest11:42
Jucatojust shows how few aussies or kiwis I know :)11:42
mingwandroid_anyone tried qt media hub out?11:42
slainemingwandroid: been interested in checking that out myself11:44
* Jucato now wonders to which of exactly his dozen or so lines mingwandroid_ was replying to ...11:45
mingwandroid_sorry -> Jucato wonders why he's too obsessed with bringing Mer (plus whatever UX, though hopefully Plasma) to these low-cost tablets >.<11:46
Jucatomingwandroid_: aaah. and how has it been so far? :)11:46
Jucatowait, tegra2 aren't low-cost really :P11:46
mingwandroid_We've got plasma working on tegra-2 devices, vega, pov mobii..11:47
mingwandroid_hmm, depends on what you call low cost. advent vega's cheap as chips11:47
Jucatoyeah I've seen :)11:47
mingwandroid_there's that hannspree thing that's even cheaper and chipsier.11:47
Jucatomakes me so tempted to get my mom into trouble by risking bricking that advent vega :)11:47
lilsteviemingwandroid_: also transformer11:47
mingwandroid_but prolly won't work as I've no idea if it's a shuttle or not.11:47
lilsteviebut that one is not low cost11:47
mingwandroid_lilstevie: yup, definitely not cheap ;-)11:48
Jucatolilstevie: ha! transformer isn't low cost :P11:48
mingwandroid_lilstevie: well done btw! does the keyboard and touchpad etc work? all the ports too?11:48
lilsteviemingwandroid_: depends on what kernel you use11:48
mingwandroid_your kernel?11:48
lilsteviethere is some quirkiness in the driver on the android tree11:48
lilstevieusing either kern on my github though it will work11:49
mingwandroid_what sound has the transformer? and what wifi? wondering how close it is to a shuttle board..11:49
Jucatomingwandroid_: the ones I've been thinking of (probably unfortunately) are even cheaper than those. probably almost half the price of the advent vega or a viewsonic. some even have resistive touch screens. a lot of them running the mentioned WonderMedia chips and apparently some Telechip chips. there's a huge market of those kinds of tablets here in Asia I think.11:50
lilsteviewm8903 and bcm432911:50
Jucato(but commercial considerations aside, making it more affordable for developers to start hacking on/contributing to projects like Mer and the UX's around it is to me a big advantage)11:51
mingwandroid_Jucato: I really don't think you've get a nice experience from anything that slow.11:51
mingwandroid_lilstevie: so not related to the vega at all, except for tegra 2. Do you build as CONFIG_HARMONY?11:51
RaYmAntf is ventana11:51
lilstevieon android it is ventana11:52
Jucatomingwandroid_: you might be right. we'll see. I need to check out that Telechip-based one. Cortex A8 and stuff.11:52
lilstevieheh RaYmAn no, you were right first11:52
Jucatovega is harmony right?11:52
RaYmAnlilstevie: yeah, but still not ENTIRELY ventana :P11:52
lilstevieit even runs the ventana bootloader11:52
mingwandroid_no, it's shuttle11:52
mingwandroid_but very close to harmony11:52
Jucatohm ...11:52
Jucatothe local distributor/rebrander must have really messed things up11:53
Jucatothe build in Android says "HARMONY" :)11:53
lilstevieharmony is a reference11:53
mingwandroid_shuttle is the least supported variant, i.e. you wont find it in any official trees.11:53
RaYmAnpretty much all the harmony based tablets say "harmony"11:53
mingwandroid_there's just tweaks here and there really, enough to be annoying.11:53
mingwandroid_that's fixable with the device tree stuff? no?11:53
Jucatothe customized android rom they put it in there makes it feel as cheap as the ones I'm mentioning. so it really surprised me that it was an Advent Vega and was capable of running Mer/PA that smoothly11:54
mingwandroid_Jucato: tegra-2 is fairly good on any variant though...11:54
mingwandroid_I think wayland/qt5 would be an interesting thing to look into. PA should work on it?11:55
Jucatomingwandroid_: it's fast yes. but with the android rom there, it's not pleasant to use at all11:55
mingwandroid_Jucato: You tried vegacomb 3.2?11:55
Jucatomingwandroid_: not yet. as the tablet is technically not mine, nor my mom's. it's office property :)11:55
Jucatoso I try to not mess around with it11:56
mingwandroid_Jucato: they're unbrickable. don't worry, just do it11:56
Jucatoseriously?  :)11:56
mingwandroid_if they could be bricked, I'd have bricked mine 20 times over already.11:56
mingwandroid_yeah. so long as you make sure the APX driver installs and works you're good to go.11:57
Jucatook I'll try it out :)11:59
Jucato(beyond the N900, that will be my first time to install/use another ROM on a device)11:59
Jucatomingwandroid_: one thing I'm wondering about though, is that the advent vega is supposed to have a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera right? the camera app on that thing has 640xsomething as the highest.12:00
mingwandroid_dunno, the camera's completely rubbish though.12:02
*** andre__ has joined #mer12:02
*** andre__ has joined #mer12:02
*** javiF has quit IRC12:02
slaineThe screen is awful on those Advent Vega's too12:02
mingwandroid_yeah, god awful.12:02
mingwandroid_but, that's why they're 200 quid and not 400 I guess.12:02
lilstevieI don't even have cameras working under linux12:03
Jucato(they cost almost $400 here, converted)12:03
Jucato(that rebranded vega I mean)12:03
*** arcean_ has joined #mer12:06
*** arcean has quit IRC12:07
*** lbt is now known as lbt_away12:07
vgradedam flight delayed 3 hours12:10
Jucatowhat happened?12:11
cxl000slaine as in lives down under12:12
slainecxl000: :)12:12
cxl000TZ currently +1112:12
slainecxl000: going to try a trimslice build on my own OBS setup here12:13
slainemind if I copy your mer packages ?12:13
lilsteviecxl000: heh so tas, vic or nsw then12:13
Sage_xruxa: so about your maps application you should submit it to CE:Apps project12:17
cxl000vic. yes use the ones from home:cxl000:trimslice:Mer:testing12:19
*** vivijim has quit IRC12:20
lilsteviecxl000: ah cool, same here12:21
cxl000The driver package will build both hardfp and softfp versions12:21
*** tomeff has joined #mer12:22
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer12:23
Jucatomingwandroid_: lol I've been badmouthing the local company who rebranded the vega for putting a braindead custom android on it, when I just learned, courtesy of some youtube vids, that it was actually the stock advent vega android rom :D12:29
slainecxl000: cool12:29
Jucatolilstevie: lulz indeed >.<12:30
Jucatoso my apologies to any advent vega rom fans :D12:30
cxl000I now need to cut the two images to SD card and see how glmark2 runs on each12:31
*** lynxis has joined #mer12:31
cxl000but thats going to be an exercise for the morning now12:34
cxl000good night12:34
slainenight cxl00012:34
Jucatogood night12:34
Jucato(and to other people down under)12:34
lilsteviebed seems like a good idea12:39
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC12:41
harbaumMer also runs on the Beagleboard B6, C4 and the XM. And all onboard XM peripherals seem to run incl. the USB hub, ethernet and audio12:41
Jucatofast worker :)12:41
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer12:42
*** stefanopi has quit IRC12:45
*** asdasd has joined #mer12:45
Jucatosweet dreams12:45
*** stefanopi has joined #mer12:47
*** niqt has joined #mer12:53
*** asdasd has quit IRC12:54
*** lynxis has quit IRC12:58
*** dijenerate has quit IRC12:59
*** Hoolxi has joined #mer13:02
*** stefanopi has quit IRC13:03
vgradecxl000, let me know on the hard vs soft results.13:04
*** stefanopi has joined #mer13:05
*** JT has joined #mer13:08
slaineHmm, how do I import the armv7hl stuff from fakeobs then13:15
slaineI thought it'd be the same as the i586 but it's giving me errors13:16
*** berndhs has joined #mer13:21
* Stskeeps lands in prague and crashes in his hotel room13:28
slainethat was quick13:29
vgradequicker than its going to take me, flight delayed 3 hours13:30
slaineStskeeps: got a minute ?13:39
slaineI want to rebuild for armv7hl on my obsvm13:40
slaineI thought I'd need to pull down the armv7hl stuff from fakeobs13:41
slaineosc ls fakeobs:Core:armv7hl | xargs -L1 -Ixxx osc linkpac -C copy fakeobs:Core:armv7hl xxx home:USERNAME13:41
slainebut that's not working13:41
Stskeepsthat should work13:41
slaineosc ls fakeobs:Core:armv7hl lists a subset of projects13:41
*** ssirkia has left #mer13:42
slainebut I get an error saying "_link file already exists...! Aborting"13:42
Stskeepssubset of projects?13:43
slaineThe packages13:43
slainebut including extra ones, like the cross compiler or meego-accelerator or whatever it's called13:43
slainea bunch of the -X86 ones used to speed it up13:44
slainewas wondering if I needed to do something extra on my home:USERNAME project13:44
Stskeepsthere is what is in :i586 plus stuff to support the port13:45
slainenod, which is what I was expecting13:45
slaineBut I thought, because I have some stuff in the prjconf that i'd get pulled in like the i586 stuff did13:45
slainethat's the prjconf for home:glen13:46
*** javiF has joined #mer13:47
Stskeepsok, that gets mixed in with whatever you have from the <repository'ies13:47
*** tadaaki has quit IRC13:49
slaineyeah, that's what I figured13:53
slainethen I thought it was because it's using armv8el, so I tried importing armv7l and thats giving the same issue13:53
Stskeepsok, so, one thing though... you cant mix the two ports in one repository13:53
slaineunless, 'cause it's already got the source from the previous i586 import13:53
slaine586 and ARM or the two different arm ?13:54
slaineI'm only interested in armv7hl13:54
*** dijenerate has joined #mer13:57
*** lynxis has joined #mer13:57
*** stefanopi has quit IRC14:00
*** stefanopi has joined #mer14:00
*** dijenerate_ has joined #mer14:01
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer14:02
*** dijenerate has quit IRC14:03
*** vivijim has joined #mer14:03
*** dijenerate_ has quit IRC14:04
slaineI left it running and the extra build reps are now imported, but it's all still listed under the i586 repo14:06
slaineI'm not sure how to make the armv7hl one active even though it's listed as enabled for build under the Repository liust14:06
Stskeeps:nod: basically you shouldn't mix the ports14:07
*** mcfrisk has quit IRC14:07
slaineSo home:glen should be i58614:08
slaineWhy did I have to put armv8el and armv7el in the project conf then ?14:09
Stskeepsshouldnt have for rebuilding the core :P my bad14:09
* Stskeeps makes a note that this is a pain point14:09
slaineSo I should remove non i586 from home:glen14:10
slainecreate a subproject for home:glen and call it armv7hl and set the architecture there ?14:10
*** npm_ is now known as npm14:11
Stskeepsi need to think a bit :)14:11
slaineI'm not seeing armv8el under the list for architectures, how do I get OBS to know that actually means armv7hl ?14:11
slaineOh, ok14:11
slainewe'll talk after Prague so14:11
*** tomeff has quit IRC14:11
Stskeepsthink i should just go catch a bite or something, :P14:11
*** lynxis has quit IRC14:13
*** lynxis has joined #mer14:14
*** veskuh has quit IRC14:14
*** JT has quit IRC14:15
*** maour has quit IRC14:20
*** slaine_ has joined #mer14:30
*** maour has joined #mer14:30
*** slaine has quit IRC14:32
*** slaine_ is now known as slaine14:32
andre__Stskeeps: Palladium shopping center around the corner should offer enough options for food, if you're lazy :)14:35
*** jbepsilon has quit IRC14:40
*** mlfoster has joined #mer14:42
*** norayr has joined #mer14:43
*** norayr is now known as arnet14:44
*** Milhouse has quit IRC14:46
*** antoniojasr has joined #mer14:48
*** jbepsilon has joined #mer14:50
*** Milhouse has joined #mer14:50
*** hangingout has joined #mer14:56
*** JT has joined #mer14:57
hangingouthello all14:59
Stskeepsandre__: indeed, i located a BK, i'm happy15:02
JucatoBurger King?15:02
Jucatowow they still exist? :)15:03
Jucatoand apparently has a fan :)15:03
Jucatowe have/had BK's here too. they kinda died out against McDonald's and the local burger giant15:04
Jucatodo they also have free wifi in BK's over there?15:04
slaine Jucato where are you ?15:05
Jucatoa far, far away place :)15:05
*** stefanopi has quit IRC15:05
JucatoPhilippines, Southeast Asia15:05
*** stefanopi has joined #mer15:06
slaineWow, I'd love to get there some day15:06
Jucatothere are nice spots here. mostly beaches or islands. the metropolis is too ... oversaturated :)15:07
*** kimitake_idle has quit IRC15:18
hangingoutbye all15:22
*** hangingout has left #mer15:22
*** ali1234 has quit IRC15:25
*** steff__ is now known as steff15:29
*** ali1234 has joined #mer15:32
*** tomeff has joined #mer15:34
*** kimitake_idle has joined #mer15:34
*** Jucato has quit IRC15:34
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC15:34
*** Jucato has joined #mer15:35
*** niqt has quit IRC15:40
*** NIN101 has joined #mer15:40
*** antoniojasr has quit IRC15:41
*** antoniojasr has joined #mer15:42
*** andre__ has quit IRC15:46
*** harbaum has quit IRC15:51
*** Hoolxi has quit IRC15:53
*** arnet is now known as arnet^off15:56
*** tripzero has joined #mer15:57
Stskeepsmorn tripzero15:57
tripzerogood morning15:58
tripzeroi'm looking for a link to daily mer images15:59
tripzerofor the n90015:59
Stskeeps[11:50] <Sage_> http://repository.maemo.org/meego/Nemo/ N900 & x86 Nemo images15:59
Stskeepsi wouldnt say 'daily' jsut yet :)15:59
Stskeepsthat's mer plus n900 hw adaptation plus handset ux/nemo16:00
tripzeromind if i add the link to the mer wiki?16:00
Stskeepsgo ahead i guess16:01
Stskeepsharbaum also has beagleboard images going now too16:01
*** stefanopi has quit IRC16:01
* dm8tbr suddenly has a tune from the 80s in his head16:01
*** stefanopi has joined #mer16:02
dm8tbr'yello - the race'16:02
*** druid23 has joined #mer16:03
dm8tbrcan we find a device with 500 in the name and call the next ux 'indy'? ;)16:04
Stskeepsnokia 500,?16:04
*** Mordae has quit IRC16:12
*** shanem has joined #mer16:13
slainescrew this, I'm going hime16:15
*** slaine has quit IRC16:15
*** xruxa has quit IRC16:21
*** jonnor_work has quit IRC16:22
*** schmittlauch has joined #mer16:24
*** lynxis has quit IRC16:32
*** vivijim1 has joined #mer16:32
*** vivijim has quit IRC16:32
*** lynxis has joined #mer16:33
*** smoku has quit IRC16:38
*** stefanopi has quit IRC16:38
*** stefanopi has joined #mer16:39
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer16:43
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*** t7^ has joined #mer16:49
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*** velocirap has quit IRC16:51
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*** JT has quit IRC17:04
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*** bash` has joined #mer17:20
*** bash` has joined #mer17:20
*** villen9 has joined #mer17:21
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC17:21
*** villen9 has quit IRC17:22
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*** bash` has joined #mer17:37
*** bash` has joined #mer17:37
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*** harbaum has joined #mer17:49
*** mingwandroid_ has quit IRC17:54
*** mingwandroid_ has joined #mer17:54
*** javiF has joined #mer17:55
*** mlfoster has joined #mer17:56
*** javiF has quit IRC17:57
*** mingwandroid_ has quit IRC17:57
*** lpotter_ has joined #mer18:05
*** NIN101 has joined #mer18:18
*** harbaum has quit IRC18:22
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer18:22
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*** stefanopi has joined #mer18:26
*** kallecarl_ has joined #mer18:29
*** kallecarl has quit IRC18:30
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*** gabrbedd has quit IRC19:00
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake19:04
*** vivijim1 has quit IRC19:07
*** vivijim has joined #mer19:10
*** smoku has joined #mer19:10
*** mcfrisk_ has joined #mer19:13
*** vivijim has quit IRC19:23
*** wicket64 has joined #mer19:27
*** JT_Bigga_Figga has quit IRC19:28
*** antoniojasr_ has joined #mer19:29
*** antoniojasr has quit IRC19:30
*** crevetor has joined #mer19:32
crevetorhello good merians19:33
*** tagunil has joined #mer19:33
crevetoris htere a mer build for armv7l ?19:34
_av500_dm8tbr: av500 of course19:34
Stskeepscrevetor: yes19:44
crevetorStskeeps: where can I find it ?19:44
*** ieatlint has quit IRC19:45
Stskeepssame place as rest19:45
crevetorthis http://repository.maemo.org/meego/n900-de/archive/ ?19:45
dm8tbr_av500_: ah, yes, let's revive 'arOS' 'arcOS' or whatever the name was of what later ended up being ArchOpen ;)19:47
_av500_dm8tbr: i forgot19:47
*** stefanopi has quit IRC19:48
*** stefanopi has joined #mer19:49
crevetorStskeeps: ?19:51
mingwandroidnot mermen (and mermaids)?19:56
*** tunji_ has joined #mer19:57
*** Mordae has joined #mer19:59
crevetormingwandroid: that is better :)20:04
Stskeepscrevetor: ah.. mer is a core, so no ui on top, check releases.merproject.org -- for CE/Nemo, we dont have softfp build yet i think20:05
crevetorStskeeps: a core is fine for now, I'll builld a UX on top of it later :)20:05
*** kallecarl_ has quit IRC20:09
*** kallecarl_ has joined #mer20:13
*** kallecarl_ has joined #mer20:13
*** xruxa has joined #mer20:25
*** jjmarin has joined #mer20:26
Stskeepscrevetor: where do you hope to put it on?20:26
crevetorStskeeps: HP Touchpad20:26
*** kallecarl_ has quit IRC20:27
Stskeepsyou're going to need llvmpipe for that, qualcomm core :/20:27
crevetorStskeeps: can you elaborate on that ?20:27
Stskeepscrevetor: as in there's not good non-android GLES support on qualcomm devices20:28
crevetorWebOS uses android-style GLES ?20:29
Stskeepsthey use glibc?20:29
Stskeepswell, you did make a useful point :P20:29
crevetorha ok20:29
crevetorsorry I thought you meant that they did20:29
Stskeepsyou can probably just expect framebuffer gles but that may be useful too20:29
crevetorI'll check that out when I get home20:30
*** lynxis has quit IRC20:30
crevetorWell I'm not there yet anyways ;) I need to get some sort of minimal meego/mer image to boot20:30
crevetorStskeeps: by the way what's this "project grande" you guys are working on ?20:32
crevetorA UX ?20:32
Stskeepscrevetor: an exploration20:32
crevetorThat's kind of... cryptic20:33
crevetorHo that's the goal ?!20:33
Stskeepsseeing how we can utilize standard tools and minimal cores to make a good foundation for such a world20:33
Stskeepslet's see where it leads us, timeframe is a bit longer than mer one :)20:34
*** lynxis has joined #mer20:34
Stskeepssaw alterego's demo?20:34
crevetorStskeeps: yep20:35
crevetorI'd love to see it done through NFC20:35
Stskeepssure, me too20:35
Stskeepsi just don't have any ;)20:35
crevetorI do now (bought an N9)20:36
crevetorMaybe I could buy an nfc USB thingy20:36
Stskeeps:nod: it's on my list20:36
crevetorStskeeps: where do you live ?20:36
Stskeepsin prague right now for linuxcon though20:36
crevetoris the N9 coming out in poland ?20:37
Stskeepsyeah, i can even get it on subscription20:37
crevetorWell in any case you're lucky to be in europe I had to payy 1055$ to get it here20:37
Stskeepsthey are advertising N9 and Nokia 500 quite a lot20:37
crevetorStskeeps: you should have gone to QTDD you'de had gotten one for free ;)20:40
crevetoryou'd have20:40
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Stskeepsprolly, but may be disqualified as a subcontractor20:41
Stskeepsbesides that, i need to remember how it feels to actually buy a phone..20:42
crevetorYeah I had to remember that too as I hadn't bought one in 4 years or something like that :)20:42
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cxl000crevetor I believe plasma active is available in softfp20:54
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crevetorcxl000: maybe I'll try that :)20:59
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Stskeepsdm8tbr: saw that snowball has gles drivers now?21:11
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pdanekhow about running Nokia Maps on Mer? :)22:05
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