Sunday, 2011-10-23

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JucatoStskeeps: did I understand you right: there isn't much interesting things going for the n950, but more for the N900, then the ExoPC?05:57
Stskeepsn950 is just next in queue, check the community workspace wiki05:58
Jucatoah. there's an order/sequence there?05:59
Stskeepswell, n900 is easiest to get to work ;) in practice, the thing is just that we took n900 repo first as that's where there's most potential contributors06:00
Stskeepsthan n95006:00
Stskeepswhich only 250 people have, most of them not too into Nemo/CE06:00
Jucatothe n950 isn't even in that wiki page btw :)06:01
Jucatoanyway, I was just thinking what would be the work needed for ExoPC06:01
Stskeepsprobably minor adjustments upon the pc adaptatio06:01
Stskeepsie, enable HDMI, perhaps some alsa settings, etc..06:01
JucatoI was thinking it wouldn't be of much interest to you guys since it's basically a pc platform :)06:02
Stskeepsi have an exopc, i'm not too picky about platforms06:03
Stskeepsas long as they run Mer06:03
Stskeepsseriously though, i have plenty of x86 equipment at home, non-atom too, that i'd like to use :P06:04
Stskeepsand CE really runs really well on x86 too06:06
JucatoI wouldn't be surprised if someone took Mer and created a normal distro on top (and below) :P06:07
JucatoI mean, you basically have the stuff needed for a desktop distro: the base packages that includes X and Qt, the process for packaging, etc.06:11
lilsteviebleh, zypper is being a pita06:17
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lilstevienot able to download or update packages06:19
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Stskeepslilstevie: on mer/meego?06:49
Jucatojust out of curiosity, wondering if I've missed anything these past days ... but there has basically been no movement on the Tizen front right?06:50
StskeepsJucato: pretty much06:50
Stskeepslilstevie: trunk or trunk:testing06:50
Jucatohm ...06:50
lilsteviethat I don't know06:50
StskeepsJucato: i'm going to linuxcon and they have some talks on architecture etc..06:50
Jucatoconspiracy thinking: they're probably waiting for nokia world to be over :D06:51
JucatoStskeeps: oh. sweet!06:51
Jucatovgrade will be giving a talk too right?06:51
* Jucato wonders if those will be steamed live06:51
Stskeepsvgrade: when are you arriving in prague btw?06:51
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StskeepsJucato: traditionally no06:51
Jucatowell I hope even late videos :)06:52
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lilstevieStskeeps: is there a repo that I should add?06:56
Stskeepslilstevie: well, you could switch to mer base and we have working zypper there :P06:57
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Stskeepslbt: be scared, i'm going to test your instructions08:35
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stskeepsiethat -so- better not have been my server crashing08:46
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dm8tbrand there went the obs too08:51
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lbtmorning :)09:05
Stskeepsif i find out there was a 'reboot -f' in the boss init scripts, someone will have to die09:05
lbtjust a little one...09:05
lbthacked on the Process page a bit more last night09:07
Stskeeps@400000004ea3d9ed36a5c4dc /usr/lib64/ruby/vendor_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:32:in `gem_original_require': no such file to load -- ruote (LoadError)09:10
Stskeeps@400000004ea3d9ed36a5c8c4 from /usr/lib64/ruby/vendor_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:32:in `require'09:10
Stskeeps@400000004ea3d9ed36a5ccac from /usr/lib/boss/boss-daemon.rb:909:10
Stskeepsi did zypper in boss09:10
lbtdo you have a squeeze VM ?09:10
Stskeepsno, opensuse 11.409:11
lbtsorry, it's practically untested on suse - - we just didn't have the manpower to track both09:11
Stskeepsthen don't add it in documentation....09:11
lbtit builds though - so it's probably just an intall dependency09:12
Stskeepsruote is actually installed, though09:12
lbtwell - when the docs were written, it *did* work09:12
lbtand I tested it09:12
lbtthe "it just works" approach is to use debian09:13
Stskeepsthis is going to need an appliance format to be sane..09:16
lbtnot really ... the install instructions on debian are 'apt-get install boss'09:17
Stskeepseither way, appliance was in terms of "if some should set up BOSS in their company"09:22
lbtnb... I'm sanity checking the page09:24
lbtcheck before you begin09:24
Stskeepsi'll take a look at Process meanwhile09:25
dm8tbrI'd be willing to test-drive a combination of boss, obs, img - if we set up appliances :)09:29
* lbt mutters about bloody appliances09:29
Stskeepsa chainsaw is an appliance?09:29
lbtany half decent sysadmin would kick you in the nuts if you even suggested that09:29
dm8tbrok, I'm also willing to install debian and run it all there :)09:29
lbtyeah - that should be totally simple09:30
lbtI'm just pressing the button on making a VM09:30
dm8tbrlbt: not for a full production deployment...09:30
lbtsure - just get a basic squeeze VM09:31
lbtan appliance even :)09:31
lbtI admit - if I had suse's tool for debian I'd just make you one09:32
lbtbut I don't09:32
dm8tbrI'm perfectly capable of setting up VMs and servers (preferably with debian actually)09:32
Stskeepsi vote we run it all on top of mer09:33
dm8tbrthe idea was to give possible vendors a 'quick evaluate' option09:33
lbtdm8tbr: *nod*09:33
dm8tbrmaybe not a 25GB vm *giggle*09:33
lbtI'm kinda grumpy because I put a lot of effort into the docs and am annoyed we let them get out of date09:34
dm8tbrStskeeps: I know you were not serious, still it might make sense to consider the side usecase of 'mer as a generic distro core' to give it the stress and running09:34
Stskeepsdm8tbr: yeah.. except server demand is much different than mobile09:34
dm8tbrI know aard runs meego with a generic WM on top as his laptop distro09:34
dm8tbrsure, I just branched the conversation thread :)09:35
lbtdm8tbr: I think it would be nice to create Nero to do that09:35
Stskeepsi am kind of curious if someone would make a netbook UX with Lipstick09:35
Stskeepsit should be fairly trivial09:36
lbt'cos I call Nemo, Nero too often - so if there was a 'server install' called Nero that's cool09:36
lbtVM up09:36
StskeepsVM up?09:36
lbtmine here09:36
Stskeepsmine's still installing09:37
lbtactually the VM takes 5secs ... then 3mins to upgrade to latest debian09:37
lbtLVM snapshots :)09:37
Stskeepsso where do you want to put mer boss?09:38
lbtit has to be on a LAN really09:39
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lbtit's not safe for open internet use yet09:39
lbtso on a VM next to gerrit sounds fine09:40
lbtwe can tunnel out to meego.com09:40
lbt"apt-get install --no-install-recommends boss"   works fine for me on squeeze09:43
lbtso does09:43
lbtapt-get install --no-install-recommends boss-viewer09:43
Stskeepsright, but does it start too? mine started but complained loudly in log09:44
lbtroot@bbb:~# /etc/init.d/boss log09:44
lbt2011-10-23 09:41:21.343555500 Engine running09:44
Stskeepsooh. n9 commercial on tv09:44
lbtwhat repo did you use?09:44
Stskeepsbtw, this was my opensuse error09:45
lbtah - it could be that09:45
lbtI have been editing it - use Testing09:45
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lbtTesting may have worked on suse but I don't have the confidence there - we kinda 'regression test' on debian09:46
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smokumorn' ppl09:46
Stskeepsmorn smoku09:46
Stskeepshow's stuff?09:46
smokurockin' :)09:46
lbthey smoku09:47
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smokujust bought i8320 H1 to see how hackable it is :)09:48
smokuyup. limo one09:49
Stskeepswhat SoC?09:49
smokuomap 343009:50
Stskeepsyeah, looks fairly hackable09:50
smokuthe specs and limo 2.0 look is like el'cheapo N9 ;-)09:51
Stskeepsn9's omap36xx i think09:52
Stskeepsbut yeah09:52
smokuthus el'cheapo ;-)09:52
smokuamoled screen, ui similar to harmattan's swipe09:53
Stskeepshrm, nice detail: internal traffic in hetzner is free09:54
smokuwell... it would be a rip-off if it wasn't really ;-)09:57
smokudoes that mean you consider more machines?09:57
Stskeepsi'm contemplating a
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smokuwhich one do you have now?09:58
Stskeepslike, on top09:58
Stskeepsi have a eq 5, 12gb ram instead, 2x1tb hd09:59
Stskeepsnot listed on the site anymore09:59
smokumore power! :D10:00
Stskeepsram is usually what is needed ;)10:00
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Stskeepswith 24gb i could probably sanely run a larger bunch of workers10:01
smokudo you need more?10:01
Stskeepswell, ideally we'll make it able to distribute some of the ports out to other companies10:01
smokuI mean whether the current one is underperforming?10:02
Stskeepswell, it's fairly fast but if we're to do proper QA we need more resources around the place10:03
smokuit's not like you're rebuilding the whole loot every week or so10:03
Stskeeps - we're planning on a good quality core :)10:03
Stskeepsso all output from the core project will be quite sanity checked10:03
Stskeepsso that's why i'm looking at how to scale up10:04
smokuoh. so you're just investigating options10:04
Stskeepsit'll for sure take some strain that we'll do some build checks, let's say if acl package rebuilds, it's comparable to a rebuild10:05
lbtStskeeps: done some updates on the boss install page10:05
Stskeepslbt: k10:05
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lbtStskeeps: I'm going to see how the LF people are this week before making any infra decisions10:06
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lbthey Sage_10:06
Stskeepslbt: yeah10:07
lbtwe heard that the infra in m.c will be funded for another 2 years10:07
Sage_lbt: will start fixing the x86 packages now10:07
lbtSage_: cool - can I take my exopc to prague?10:07
lbtrunning Nemo ?10:07
Sage_when do you leave? :)10:08
lbttue midday10:08
Stskeepslbt: i think it's important to listen and reach out while at linuxcon.. it's tempting to heckle and raise issues but think we need to get a collaborative relationship going with the new tizen crowd and let them run their ship and interface with them like a vendor utilizing them would10:08
lbtStskeeps: it's all about helping Tizen succeed for me10:08
Sage_My goal is to get images out end of tue as I'm leaving for a short vacation then. Wed-Sun.10:08
Stskeepslbt: :nod:10:08
lbtSage_: cool10:09
lbtSage_: you know we have a machine called shell on the m.c infra10:09
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Sage_lbt: yes I've heard of it10:10
lbtif you're doing osc co/ci on things like kernel then it may help to be local10:10
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lbtyell if that appeals10:10
vgradeStskeeps, will be arriving very late Tuesday night10:12
Stskeepsvgrade: ok10:12
lbtvgrade: coming from UK?10:13
* lbt lands at 18:5010:13
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Stskeepsit looks like they dropped the tizen architecture talk10:21
Sage_lol, what?10:21
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Stskeepswell, at least it should be good to talk to some yocto people10:23
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vgradelbt, yes, I'm on a later flight10:25
lbtnm then :)10:26
StskeepsSage_: might be something as innocent as visa problems10:27
Stskeepsbut yeah, a bit annoying10:28
lbtI thought there were more than just 2 tizen talks10:29
Stskeepsschedule changed a bit it looks like10:29
* dm8tbr puts his tinfoil hat on, cue them rebranding to pinkOS instead of titzen over 'unspecified reasons'10:30
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Stskeepsi just hope it doesn't cause less development into mobile linux that isn't android, tbh10:32
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Stskeepsi could care less about the name but some of the components are very useufl10:33
Stskeeps <- sounds interesting10:33
lbtjust more Intel/Samsung drama possibly10:33
Stskeepswell, at least we can argue publically..10:34
* w00t is rather glad to not be drinking the tizen coolaid10:35
lbtat least Dawn is still talking10:35
Stskeepsanyway, since we're discussing governance/drama, i'd really like hard, cynical and useful feedback on
Stskeepsit's fairly ~yocto's, but advisory board is differently put togethe10:36
Stskeepsinterest groups can be Nemo, Plasma Active, a company, group of companies, etc10:37
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lbt2+2+2+1 = 7, not 910:38
lbtAB ?10:38
Stskeepsadvisory board10:38
lbtyeah - that's where I was questioning the math10:38
Stskeepsand you're right, i can't do math10:38
* Stskeeps fixes10:40
lbtwasn't sure if you'd missed a 2 or meant 710:40
Sage_Stskeeps: true10:41
lbtdo you want to get into non-profit side of it?10:41
lbtmaybe mention that finances are likely to be managed in that way10:42
lbtand AB will probably elect people to roles in those areas10:43
StskeepsAB would probably be the board of non-profit and create the administrative things10:45
lbts/finances/general admin operations/10:45
lbtwasn't sure how burdensome that would be10:46
lbtprobably not too bad with delegation10:46
lbthow come I don't stay logged in?10:47
Stskeepson the wiki?10:47
Stskeepsask alterego10:47
* lbt may file a bug :)10:47
lbtSSO ...10:47
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lbtI want to be careful to permit Mer to include Nemo as a fully operated sub-project10:52
lbtwhilst we're starting with a focus on the core I don't want that to limit our direction/scope10:53
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Sage_lbt: sent fixes based on boss report to all of the x86 packages.11:00
Sage_to the source prj. diddn't make SR's11:00
Sage_checking the Utils next11:00
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lbtSage_: OK - I'll redo the SRs then11:06
Stskeepslbt: yeah.. while Nemo SG doesn't seem to want a tight bonding to Mer, which is fair (see the naming discussion from last steering group meeting)11:07
Stskeepslbt: i think we should keep with the non-preferentials11:07
Stskeepsie, we make sure we have a sane vendor-core interface by running everyone through it11:08
lbtI see that as a "Mer Core" thing - and I agree11:09
lbtI'd say Nemo wouldn't be 'preferred' - but it may well be operated within the scope of the overall Mer project11:10
Stskeepseither way, we run this community approach for 1 1/2 months and see where it gets us11:11
Stskeepsi just really really want to keep out politics :)11:11
lbtso far I see nothing problematic - just banging on about keeping the scope open11:11
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Sage_lbt: utils fixed as wlel11:12
Stskeepsi'm saying that we try this approach for 1 1/2 months, see how it works, re-evaluate, etc11:12
lbtSage_: wow - too quick for me11:12
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Sage_ok, time for a break.11:13
*** gprade has quit IRC11:15
Stskeepslbt: BOSS running11:16
lbtgood - not too hard in the end?11:16
lbtskynet list?11:16
Stskeepsdidn't install skynet yet11:18
Stskeepsjust testing boss-viewer11:18
faenilif there's anything to test/do, I'm here11:21
faenilfrom Munich xD11:21
lbtgah - can't tell what's in the boss pending queue11:22
lbtcan't *easily* tell11:23
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lbtx86 on the way ...11:37
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Sage_hmmp... new errors.11:40
faenilthe-boss is upset today11:40
lbtit is really annoying that the obs webui doesn't show the reviews11:41
lbtwe should have them with 2.3 which is scheduled for trial deployment next sat/sun11:42
* lbt is wondering about redmine or similar Stskeeps11:42
lbtfor non-code stuff11:42
Stskeepslet's just get the basics going first11:44
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Sage_lbt: sent fixes to those 4 failed packages on x8611:46
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* Stskeeps glances at his business card sketch13:04
Stskeepsokay, "visionary" as title isn't going to cut it..13:19
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timakimaStskeeps: just some ideas :P13:28
smokustskeeps: in our scene group we had a position of 'dreamer'13:28
Stskeepstimakima: good point, bring chainsaw13:28
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Venemohey smoku!14:15
Venemosmoku, if facebook is not lying, happy birthday to you :)14:15
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berndhsI had forgoten about the neemo project
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harbaumI have been trying to redo my beagle setup on a second machine. But mic is complaining "Generating primary.sqlite from primary.xml for repo ti-omap3-gfx with arch i686...18:20
harbaumError: Please specify main repo name using --mainrepo option.18:20
harbaumThere of course is no i686 version of that repo. Or what is mic trying to do here?18:22
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vgradeharbaum, the armv7l plasma build is ready18:29
harbaumcool, demo .ks?18:30
vgradeonly have one for vega and N900 armv7hl, sec for links18:31
*** gprade has joined #mer18:33
harbaumthx, will give it a try18:36
harbaumstill i don't have an idea what mic is complaing about in my second setup18:36
vgradestill very WIP atm18:36
vgradeI looked but have not seen that error before18:37
vgradeyou have latest mic from git and updated tools from meego tools repo18:38
harbaumlatest mic, yes. everthing else is a fresh ubuntu 11.1018:39
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*** raignarok_ has joined #mer21:40
*** raignarok has quit IRC21:42
*** berndhs has joined #mer21:44
*** druid23 has quit IRC21:46
*** berndhs has quit IRC21:47
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC22:00
lbtvgrade: ping22:01
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer22:05
*** raignarok_ is now known as raignarok22:12
vgradelbt, hi22:13
vgrademingwandroid, hi22:13
*** afiestas has joined #mer22:13
mingwandroidvgrade: hey mate.22:13
lbthey vgrade.... just looking at the exopc/plasma ks you did22:13
lbtI know about Sage's repo relocation22:14
lbtbut what about home:/vgrade:/branches:/Project:/KDE:/Trunk:/Testing/Mer_Base/22:14
lbtand /home:/vgrade:/PA2/standard/22:14
*** niqt has quit IRC22:14
*** wicket64 has joined #mer22:15
vgradethey have also been updated to buld agianst Mer_Core_<arch> now22:16
lbtah, are they just not published ?22:16
vgradealso the Exopc build crashes in plasma-device program so still WIP22:16
vgradeshould be22:17
lbtI just want to start seeing things on my devices22:17
lbtand plasma on the exo is a good place to go22:17
vgradelbt, I was thinking about your Jogger as well today, also a good plasma device22:18
lbtyeah - it should be22:19
lbtoh damn it - I was looking at it w/o the :22:20
vgradeif only I had the time to bet builds going for all these22:20
lbtsee - too little time spent getting my hands dirty :)22:20
lbtwell I'm going to spend some time on it over the next week or so (post LinuxCon)22:21
lbtmay well need a hand getting going though :)22:21
vgradeok, we've got quite a number of builds going now but the matrix is quite large of adaptations and UX22:22
lbtI'd like to find a better way to document these22:22
lbtand ideally do build tests too22:23
lbtwe have automated image generation on meego.com22:23
vgradegive me a shout anytime22:23
lbtand 3 decent VMs which can process them22:23
lbtI hope to see some LF and Intel people this week with Carsten22:23
vgradeyea, I tried to get IMG running on Amazon22:23
lbtand see if there's any way Mer can be blessed to use the meego community infra22:24
lbtit could work on Amazon I guess22:24
lbtfrankly I can't install it locally this week22:24
lbtsomething is broken in the packaging22:25
vgradeWhat do you need to run on community infra22:26
lbtI have an IMG installation there22:26
lbthooked into the OBS process automation22:27
lbtit should allow us to do image regression tests easily22:27
lbtso it's there and operational22:27
vgradeah Ok , so looking to do IMG QA builds for new SR22:27
lbtyou probably saw the noise in meego-arm recently22:28
vgradeyes, don't argue with the BOSS22:28
lbt  is our automation22:28
lbtand it says :    #  IMG is failing 11/Oct/2011 - restore when working22:29
*** jjmarin2 has quit IRC22:33
vgradeI must have a look at how to get some of my adaptations and image builds into the same format as the CE/Nemo ones. I noticed that Carsten was doing something with autogeneration of .ks files22:33
*** Mordae has quit IRC22:33
vgrademingwandroid, hows things22:34
lbtanyhow...  'night all22:35
mingwandroidvgrade: not bad. been keeping myself busy, not dropped by here for nearly a week.22:35
vgrademingwandroid, been to Scotland for the last few days visiting family so not been working so much22:35
vgradelbt, night22:35
*** faenil has quit IRC22:35
vgrademingwandroid, laptop fixed?22:35
mingwandroidvgrade: I've been busy with android necessitas work. laptop still screwed, dell asked for 400 quid to fix it!22:36
*** pdanek has joined #mer22:36
vgrademingwandroid, f**k em fix it yourself22:36
mingwandroidvgrade: and a 6 week turnaround. naah, not into that.22:36
mingwandroidvgrade: sorry, that was just for the part. I'll fix it myself ok.22:36
vgrademingwandroid, for a lcd screen!22:37
mingwandroidvgrade: found someone on ebay with the same panel going for 50 quid, but the picture didn't match and the descriptions didnt either.22:37
mingwandroidvgrade: yeah, takes the piss. ok it's 1080p 120hz, but still...22:37
mingwandroidvgrade: you were thinking of shopping for a laptop?22:38
vgradebreak it apart and get the part no off the screen.  They are all manufactured by small no of manufacturers .22:38
mingwandroidyeah, done all that.22:38
vgradeyes I was/still am really22:38
vgradeone of the plasma active guys got a povi tablet22:39
mingwandroidsomeone at work got the same one I've got for 900 quid (with a pair of 3d glasses he couldn't remove from the basket). very good price, but I think the deal ended.22:39
vgradedownloaded my plasman image and I made him a boot.img with your kernel and my initrd22:39
mingwandroid600 quid off then an extra 10% it was.22:40
vgrade900 quid , a biut steep atm22:40
mingwandroidvgrade: nice one! so shuttle will be a first class plasma active citizen then?22:40
vgradebooted into plasma first time22:40
mingwandroidof course ;-)22:41
mingwandroiddoes he hack kernels too?22:41
vgradeI thought the povi was a vega clone22:41
mingwandroidyeah it is, they're all based on the shuttle board P1AN0 thingy.22:41
vgradenope he's a plasma dev, works for basyskom22:41
vgradethey have taken it to Qt Developer Days in Munich22:42
mingwandroidah cool. kudos to us then.22:42
vgradeI also made a N900 image which boots but we can't remove the welcome widget22:43
mingwandroidAh that same old problem?22:43
mingwandroidwhen is Qt Devs Day?22:44
*** stefanopi has quit IRC22:44
mingwandroidI'd love to have been able to go, but knew I wouldn't so I haven't paid much atention.22:44
*** stefanopi has joined #mer22:45
*** cxl000 has joined #mer22:45
vgradeQT DD , next week22:46
cxl000morning vgrade22:46
vgradecxl000, morning, hows things22:47
cxl000managed to package softfp drivers for tegra22:47
vgradejust talking to mingwandroid about the plasma guys getting plasma image up on povi tablet22:47
vgradeah , ok , so we can do some benchmarks22:48
vgradeand lilstevie has something up on asus transformer as well22:48
cxl000I need to get glmark2 built and then bootstap an armv7l mer image22:50
cxl000I think I'll have a look at QT after that and see if I can get EGL working on 24 bit22:52
*** stefanopi has quit IRC22:53
*** smoku has left #mer22:53
vgradeI used this core Mer kickstart on Vega,
mingwandroidalthough we're hw accelerated, it feels a little laggy to me on vega.22:54
*** stefanopi has joined #mer22:54
mingwandroidvgrade: about your laptop, what about a transformer 2? ;-)22:56
*** Milhouse has quit IRC22:56
cxl000It seemed reasonably responsive on trimslice though it takes a while to start. I'll have to try taking a video22:56
*** Milhouse has joined #mer22:57
mingwandroidlaunching november 7th or something.22:57
mingwandroidhow much ram in ts?22:57
vgrademingwandroid, I'd heared that the later transformers are locked22:57
vgrademore thane the vega I think22:58
mingwandroidI had a look at the kernel source for ICS and there was no tegra2 stuff in there at all.22:58
mingwandroidvega's wide open ;-)22:58
vgradecxl000, video would be good22:59
RaYmAnvgrade: all transformers are locked, we just got the secure boot key for earlier ones :P22:59
vgradeRaYmAn, hi, hi23:00
mingwandroidso can you only install on early transformers? what was the root method anyway?23:00
vgradeRaYmAn, by fair means or foul?23:00
vgradeI don't know why companies do this. Have HTC changed tack on this recently23:01
RaYmAnvgrade: foul ;P23:01
RaYmAnit makes even less sense of tablets with no provider tie-in23:01
mingwandroideveryone's saying they'll stop locking down but then they keep releasing locked devices.23:02
RaYmAnwith some luck later transformers should be blown open soon-ish23:02
*** stefanopi has quit IRC23:02
mingwandroidpeople actively looking for an exploit?23:02
*** stefanopi has joined #mer23:03
RaYmAnwell, we have the key for newer devices, but they changed the BootROM sufficiently that current nvflash fails23:03
mingwandroidshame, I'd definitely buy a t2 if I didn't hear this about t1.23:04
mingwandroidprolly buy one anyway though as I'm an idiot.23:04
RaYmAnheh, me too23:04
RaYmAnhoping to be able to unlock it23:04
mingwandroidRaYmAn: So what's the procedure for getting keys? Some super fast bus snooping required?23:05
*** wicket64 has quit IRC23:05
RaYmAnmingwandroid: the key never leaves the SoC afaik, so no23:06
mingwandroidvgrade: can you add my kernel-devel package to your vega .ks's?23:06
*** raignarok has quit IRC23:06
mingwandroidRaYmAn: that makes things tricky then, so there's a different key per batch of them I suppose? Hardwired into the SoC?23:08
vgradeyes, I can. I need to get things like that into git23:08
RaYmAnmingwandroid: it's set during production, yes23:08
vgradeso we can all edit23:08
RaYmAnit's set in fuses23:08
mingwandroidvgrade: Cheers. Still think we could do with a better kernel hacker than myself, also I'm not going to have a load of time for a while I don't think.23:08
*** trbs has quit IRC23:09
RaYmAnmingwandroid: as far as we're aware, there's only two different keys so far (for TF101)...the 3G version has another key and so does the Slider23:09
*** KrayonWork has joined #mer23:11
vgrademingwandroid, I think we need to do a plan for the kernel with the ac100, trimslice, transformer people23:12
mingwandroidvgrade: agreed.23:12
RaYmAnvgrade: and adam! :D23:13
vgradeI'll ping an email, RaYmAn, who's working the transformer and sry I forgot the Adam23:13
RaYmAnI guess lilstevie is transformer mostly? =P23:14
vgradeI think I have a ac100 contact23:14
vgradeand know the compulabs guys23:15
RaYmAnI spent ages porting 2.6.36 to adam, so I guess I'm closest to adam (and I am interested in getting meego on there)23:15
*** tagunil has quit IRC23:15
vgradeI think the arch guys were working on 3.0 for trinmslice23:15
RaYmAnhmm, I though 3.0 was missing a bunch of graphics stuff so far23:16
vgradeI'll see what I can do while I'm at linuxcon next week23:16
vgradeRaYmAn, I think you may be right, I've not been following that closely23:17
vgradeWhat about getting a meeting organised on TegraLinux channel?23:18
*** antoniojasr has quit IRC23:19
RaYmAnthat could work ..I forgot to join that agian, lol23:19
vgradeok I'll send some emails and announcement on TegraLinux, trimslice and ac100 to try and set something up for next week.23:21
vgradeI have a couple of nVidia contacts who may be interested23:22
RaYmAnwell, given that android 4.0 appears to be kernel 3.0.1, I'm sure the LDK will be moved to that kernel too23:24
mingwandroidvgrade: nVidia contacts? great.23:44
RaYmAnget them to remove all security features from T3 :/23:46
*** lynxis has joined #mer23:50
*** KaIRC has quit IRC23:53

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