Wednesday, 2011-10-19

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wmarone__vgrade: I know, I wish ARM installs were so easy00:38
lilsteviearm will always be a pain for installs00:39
lilsteviewell, until UEFI00:40
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lilstevieat the moment no common bootloader is a problem, that and that every device needs its own kernel rather than rolling a universal one00:41
wmarone__lilstevie: oh, well aware of the issues. UEFI might help (working with it now, on x86) but they'll have to do something about all those crazy custom GPIO assignments and what not :/00:45
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lilsteviewmarone__, yeah00:47
lilsteviewmarone__, pinmux differences are a pain00:47
wmarone__or maybe they can do what samsug did with the exnyos and just start using PCI express, like a real PC ;)00:47
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lilstevievgrade, did you get my pm? bnc went nuts00:58
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iekkualterego, pong03:27
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KaziKluBey_N900checks in04:32
* KaziKluBey_N900 goes back to sleep04:34
* Stskeeps clings to the coffee cup04:45
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* Jucato clings to lunch04:54
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djszapianybody from Berlin ?05:12
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dm8tbrdjszapi: what about berlin?05:13
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djszapidm8tbr: just wondering whether we could get some local help for the sprint duration.05:15
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dm8tbrcare to be more specific? berlin is a huge city with vast possibilities. being vague doesn't help to give you pointers.05:23
djszapiwould be all kind off-topic here. Hence I just asked one question and if that is the case, "off-discussion".05:25
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Stskeepsduddvsiv_: might be more correct for you06:01
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Stskeepsmorn vgrade06:07
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Stskeepsdm8tbr: hmm, happen to know any good ruby on rails companies in .pl?06:17
dm8tbrdon't think so06:18
slonopotamus"good ruby on rails" <-- an oxymoron06:21
dm8tbr.oO(that took long)06:21
vgrade , nice06:21
vgradeno continuation into Tizen there06:22
Bostikgee, thanks a bunch then06:23
Bostikthere is NIH and there is NIH but that looks outright negligent06:24
Stskeepswell, IVI 1.306:24
Stskeepsat least we have our own playground now06:24
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Jucato<Stskeeps> dm8tbr: hmm, happen to know any good ruby on rails companies in .pl? <--- just read that as "any good  ruby on rails companies in perl"06:27
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duddvsiv_stskeeps: this is siva i am trying to build Mer:Trunk:Base project in local OBS06:41
duddvsiv_I got logs from scheduler -i586.log as below06:41
duddvsiv_cycle: gamin -> glib206:42
duddvsiv_cycle: gamin -> glib206:42
duddvsiv_      - autoconf (spec)06:42
duddvsiv_        start build06:42
duddvsiv_      - automake (spec)06:42
duddvsiv_        start build06:42
duddvsiv_      - binutils (spec)06:42
duddvsiv_        start build06:42
duddvsiv_      - bison (spec)06:42
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Stskeeps06:42
duddvsiv_        start build06:42
duddvsiv_      - bzip2 (spec)06:42
duddvsiv_        start build06:42
duddvsiv_      - cloog (spec)06:42
*** duddvsiv_ was kicked by Stskeeps (please use
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o Stskeeps06:42
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* Stskeeps tries to build qtwebkit and hopes the thing doesn't keel overagain06:55
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BostikStskeeps: 2.2? if you do get that built I'd love to see the .spec (because I've been plagued by freaky build errors due to missing include paths)06:57
StskeepsBostik: right now 2.106:57
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Stskeepsi'm waiting with the major upgrades until we have working images, and ideally working testing :P06:58
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Stskeepsthe idea is for mer output to be sane each time, if possible :P06:58
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* w00t hugs Stskeeps06:58
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cxl000I have mer Core/QML viewer running on trimslice07:03
Stskeepscool, congratulations :)07:04
Stskeepsgles or no gles?07:04
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cxl000should be gles07:10
cxl000using hardfp drivers07:11
Stskeepsverify with editing the .desktop file that launches qmlviewer to have -opengl in the end07:11
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cxl000I wanted to try and build with softfp drivers but COBS is giving unresolvable07:12
cxl000for basic armv7l packages07:12
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Stskeepshmm, show me your project?07:12
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Stskeepsyeah, you screwed up the scheduler name07:13
Stskeepsfor armv7l it's armv7el07:13
Stskeepsnot armv8el07:13
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cxl000I have that in the parent project
Stskeepsparent projects doesnt matter07:17
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cxl000I am selecting "Mer armv7 softfp port" in Repositories07:20
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Stskeepsright, follow the guide that's in topic07:20
lbthey iekku07:20
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cxl000OK I fixed the raw config to use the correct scheduler and it is now working07:24
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lbtso we have a community bz ... alterego has admin and can grant to iekku if I'm not here07:24
lbtgot to go out now ... back in ~2hrs07:25
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harbaumvgrade: Would you mind enable building plasma for armv7l ?07:29
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harbaumWhy isn't there an arm port in: ?07:31
Stskeepsharbaum: old repo, due for removal07:31
Stskeepsharbaum: URLs in topic list what repos you should add07:31
harbaumIs there a current one?07:31
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harbaumHmm, and where is the repository it's building against? doesn't exist07:34
harbaumBasically: What repo should i be building images from?07:34
* Sage is thinking about the repository name07:34
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harbaumBut wher is that? Url?07:35
Stskeepsharbaum: OK, so, Mer is actually built elsewhere, in my OBS, we take the output of that, which is rsyncable, and run a thing called 'fakeobs' which acts like a remote OBS07:35
StskeepsMer:fake actually contains projects/repositories inside, remotely07:35
Stskeepswebui just doesn't show it07:35
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harbaumSo what repo line should i use in my kickstart?07:36
Stskeeps - check under
harbaumAh, i am already using that. Sounded like something rather old ....07:36
Stskeepsyou're using /~prjfetcher07:37
harbaumAh, indeed ...07:37
harbaumWhy isn't there a "latest" link?07:37
iekkulbt, thanks :)07:37
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Stskeepsharbaum: mostly because i haven't set that up yet ;)07:38
harbaumOk, valid reason07:39
* Stskeeps adds postit to wall07:42
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harbaumIs git on still dead? Grrr ....08:04
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eg81harbaum: hmm at least I was able to open main page08:16
harbaumI can't git clone git://
Stskeepsit's on github atm i think08:17
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Bostikurl = git://
Bostikthe URI has changed in the rebuild08:17
harbaumAh, ok, thanks08:20
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harbaumMy 800x480 video patches don't apply to the ubuntu beagle kernel anymore ...08:33
harbaumBecause they are already included by default :-)08:33
harbaumThey even named it "MeeGo": patches/display/0001-meego-modedb-add-Toshiba-LTA070B220F-800x480-support.patch08:35
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SageWhat do we want to call our ia32/x86/i586 adaptation?08:43
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Jucato"Deserter" -_-08:47
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vgradeharbaum, added09:07
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djszapiX-Fade: How can the compiler crash ? :)
Stskeepscompilers does that at times09:11
djszapinever seen in the last X years.09:12
BostikI have09:12
Bostikjust try building Qt inside qemu system emulation09:12
Stskeepsdjszapi: usually new ARM optimizations mess up and harmattan has an ancient compiler09:12
djszapialso in native environment ?09:12
Bostikhappens EVERY TIME, due to out-of-memory killer hitting at the same point09:13
djszapiqemu is not that stable toy then09:13
Bostikgcc treats that the same as any ICE09:13
djszapiStskeeps: that would not be a problem per se since never happened yet in scratchbox, just on the community obs.09:14
Bostikdjszapi: also ARM has a fixed limit on how much memory it can address - if compilation or linking requires to map more, you're screwed09:14
djszapiyeah, but it is 2011 :)09:14
djszapiqemu is not erally a trustworthy stuff then if it can manage the compiler to crash.09:16
* w00t has crashed gcc on x86 a few times09:16
Stskeepsdjszapi: add a 'file /usr/bin/gcc' into your packaging somewhere and give me the output09:16
Bostikhell, you can't even build chromium on a 32bit system any more; the linking stage needs to map >4GB which just isn't possible09:16
w00twhat's a little more annoying are the times when you don't get a crash, but miscompiled code instead09:16
w00tI've had that happen more often09:17
djszapiw00t: really ? :)09:18
Stskeepseither way, harmattan has it's own problems and we've solved most of those in mer :P09:18
Stskeepswhen it comes to compilation09:19
djszapiIt is not a Harmattan problem imho since scratchbox works fine.09:19
djszapiit is community obs + harmattan issue.09:19
djszapiactually even the local osc build works fine.09:19
Stskeepswell, it's not a Mer issue09:20
djszapitrue :p09:20
Stskeepsso not sure why we're talking about it here, #harmattan seems like a saner target, or bugzilla reporting issues for harmattan/COBS mix09:20
Stskeepsoften when x-fade is on, you're not in the channel so it gets a little difficult for people to answer :P09:21
Stskeepsso bugzilla is probably better09:21
Stskeepsok, back to hacking..09:21
djszapiw00t: how does a miscompiled code behave, and how do you realize that, is it a runtime misoperation, or wrong elf and so on format, or ?09:22
*** druid23 has joined #mer09:23
w00tlooking at the compiler output, or higher level debugging: if gdb (and debug output) tells you that a vector is empty, yet it skips over a check on that vector being empty, then something is wrong09:23
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djszapiw00t: ok, thanks.09:38
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SageStskeeps: should rdiff work against Mer:fake:Core:i586 ?09:51
*** jonnor_work has quit IRC09:52
StskeepsSage: there are sources in there at least09:53
StskeepsSage: OBS may be messing up through09:53
SageStskeeps: also what is the repository for fake OBS, i.e., where can I get the rpm's (should say in project description)09:53
*** afiestas has joined #mer09:53
Sage  <summary>Unknown project 'Mer:fake:Core:i586'</summary>09:53
SageI just need to know if the qt patch is in there already or not and same with tzdata09:54
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StskeepsSage: osc co Mer:fake:Core:i586 qt qt.changes09:55
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Stskeeps(should work)09:56
Sageworks thx09:56
Stskeeps is rpms i think09:56
SageStskeeps: any suggestions for the ia32 adaption name? ia32, x86, pc, intel, ... ?09:58
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StskeepsSage: so, the thing is that there will likely be a lot of shared components, but also very different adaptations even on ia32 - like, some will have different mesa's with different settings09:59
Sageyes, but will we name adaptation based on the chipset then?10:00
StskeepsSage: so i think can do something like x86-generic which is typical packages everyone no matter their device needs10:00
Sagelike oaktrail ?10:00
Sagex86-generic sounds good10:01
Stskeepsok then10:01
SageCE:Adaptation:x86-generic <- wondering if we should have more subprojects10:01
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Sagebut well that can be added later10:02
Stskeepsi'm thinking to flip mer core's mesa to be default llvmpipe at some oint10:02
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Stskeepsand then have mesa-intel- or something10:03
Sagethat mesa-intel would be in adaptation then10:03
Stskeepshow we handle that in practice is a good question10:03
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Sageso far so good part of the MW:Shared compiled successfully on arm as well10:08
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SageStskeeps: I was wondering about the repository names again, and trying to avoid names that will cause problems later. So what if we would name the repos based on the target. Lets say I'm compiling CE:MW:Shared against Mer:fake:Core:i586 (i586) I name repo Mer_Core_i586. Then I have CE:UX:MTF compiling against CE:MW:Shared/Mer_Core_i586 I name the repo CE_MW_Shared_i586 (Dropping MER as it is just extra)10:12
Stskeepsmakes sense10:13
Stskeepsso you want to drop Mer_ in the wiki doc in topic?10:14
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Sagew00t: have you had time to look at the libcontent action?10:25
*** vetsin_ has quit IRC10:26
w00tSage: no, still waiting for everything to settle down10:26
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Sagew00t: ah, that thing. Fair enough10:27
Sagew00t: hopefully end of this week :)10:27
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has joined #mer10:29
Sagew00t: what packages you expect to be available with lipstick from this list ?10:31
w00tat build time, or?10:32
Sagebuild time and runtime10:33
Sagebuildtime only libcontentaction10:33
w00tlibcontentaction, meegotouch-compositor will be needed at runtime, as will sysuid and the other friends (I dunno what they all entail)10:33
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*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC10:33
Sageok, that is enough for me. Just the main packages dependencies are my problem :)10:34
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* lbt keeps an eye out for dm8tbr ... and an update on the NS saga10:46
Stskeepsi'm waiting for the notification that AXFR was added :)10:47
lbtgetting a DNS machine that has the magical blessing is the current blocker AFAIK10:47
lbtI could add some stuff to the 1&1 cpanel but it's so crap it's not worth it10:48
Stskeepsthat's why i'm getting AXFR permissions on nameserver so we can set up the shadow NS i spoke about10:48
Stskeepswith working nameservers10:48
lbtyes - that's great10:48
lbtwith meego our master DNS wasn't even reachable from the internet10:49
lbtOK ... boiler fitting phase 2 ... bbiab ... highlight me if needed10:49
lbtSage: can you work with iekku on thinking how to put bugs in the new bz for those tasks you mentioned n #meego-infra10:50
lbtstops them getting lost10:50
Sagelbt: sure10:50
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iekkui'm not in the #meego-infra, so needing some info...10:52
*** Eismann has joined #mer10:52
*** druid23 has joined #mer10:53
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slaineStskeeps: running through my steps10:55
slainethat make step takes a while longer than I remembered ;)10:55
*** druid231 has joined #mer10:59
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pdanekhave anyone tested Mer + Plasma Active on Nokia N9? :)11:08
*** druid23 has quit IRC11:08
*** druid23 has joined #mer11:09
Stskeepsnot yet11:10
Stskeepslet us get CE on there first11:10
Stskeepser, nemo11:10
smokupdanek: is ther HA for N9 available already?11:10
Stskeepsnot entirely yet11:10
Stskeepsfor n900 first11:10
smokuStskeeps: so, "Nemo" was chosen? :)11:10
pdaneksmoku: HA?11:11
smokuhardware adaptation11:11
pdaneksmoku: Nemo? name?11:11
Stskeepssmoku: yeah11:11
Stskeepssmoku: not in the 'no one' sense, but in the 'Nemo tries to project a stern, controlled confidence, but he is driven by a thirst for vengeance and a hatred of imperialism (particularly the British Empire)'11:12
pdanekwhat's the point of releasing Nemo for N950? :P11:13
pdaneknobody has N950 except devs :/11:13
pdanekI tried to get it, but no success11:13
Stskeepspdanek: well, n950/n9 is practically same hw adaptation11:13
pdanekdidn't know11:13
pdanekas I'm looking for N900 replacement, N9 looks good in case it will have dev. attention :)11:14
pdanekmeans your attention :)11:14
pdanekwhat is the current web browser option in community MeeGo?11:15
Stskeepswe use helium but fennec also existed11:15
*** duddvsiv_ has quit IRC11:15
dm8tbrlbt: I've asked my friend to add them, no reply yet11:15
*** Siva has joined #mer11:16
Stskeepsslaine: how's your build going btw, out of curiousity?11:16
pdanekalso, how did you solve virtual keyboard usage in terminal emulator, in Meego?11:16
pdanekas N9 lacks HW keyb.11:16
Stskeepswe have a pretty good vkb11:17
*** druid231 has joined #mer11:17
smokuthat even became separate project other distros use now11:17
pdanekany name for it?11:17
slaineStskeeps: I'll be restarting it later, going through my Mer setup guide to make sure I didn't miss any points11:17
pdanekas on Android I had issues with vkb in terminal11:18
Stskeepsslaine: just curious if it bootstrapped or not by now, :)11:18
*** druid23 has quit IRC11:19
slainenah, I'd accidentally put my machine to sleep that had the ssh session with fakeobs running, so the build was failed when I got in, d'oh11:20
slaineso figured I'd wipe them anyway, start from scratch following the setup guide11:21
Stskeepsah, makes sense11:21
Stskeeps'nohup python 8001 > /dev/null &" is quite nice11:21
pdanek1 more question11:22
pdanekhave anyone implemented any GPS/map software? openstreetmap maybe?11:22
Stskeepsi think xrura has11:22
*** pdanek has quit IRC11:24
slaineStskeeps: I normally use screen11:24
Stskeepsalso ok11:25
*** jargon- has quit IRC11:30
Sivawhat is the meaning of  build log (scheduler-i586.log) blocked: 296  scheduled: 6    building: 6, notready: 302, unfinished: 302  ,is it build is going on or build is blocked?11:33
StskeepsSiva: build ongoing11:34
Sivaok, thank you11:35
Sivaif i use osc buildhistory Mer:Trunk:Base i586 ,it is showing error "Error: '/home/buildserver' is not an osc package working copy"  any idea to resolve it?11:38
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*** ZogG has joined #mer11:42
StskeepsSiva: osc -A http://yourobs maybe11:42
ZogGcan anyone advice dissent table that mer can be installed on?11:43
Stskeepsadvent vega11:48
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*** bash` has joined #mer11:51
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JucatoStskeeps: someone has done it for the exopc already?12:11
Stskeepswell, it's fairly likely to work12:11
*** bash` has quit IRC12:13
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StskeepsBostik: your qt5 git is up to date then?12:14
*** stefanopi has joined #mer12:15
*** X-Fade has quit IRC12:16
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*** druid231 has quit IRC12:19
BostikStskeeps: yeah, there hasn't been anything I'd need to change12:22
BostikStskeeps: haven't taken a look since monday evening though...12:22
Bostik(they do tend to drop major refactors in from time to time)12:23
*** druid23 has quit IRC12:23
Bostikand the last I looked, it builds directly on top of mer with 0 changes12:23
Stskeepsthat's good12:23
Stskeepsi guess we should set up some project on COBS that delivers qt5 builds, for those liking bleeding edge12:24
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer12:26
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has joined #mer12:28
alteregoStskeeps: +1 ;)12:30
alteregomaybe some wayland too ...12:30
Stskeepsyeah.. so many things :P12:30
*** X-Fade has joined #mer12:34
*** javiF has quit IRC12:42
*** dominikb has joined #mer12:50
*** Siva has quit IRC12:52
*** Hoolxi has joined #mer13:02
*** srikanth_rst1 has quit IRC13:06
*** arnet has quit IRC13:10
*** stefanopi has left #mer13:11
StskeepsX-Fade: no, thought you'd let me know when set up :)13:12
StskeepsX-Fade: has AXFR permission now?13:12
X-Fadedetails details.13:12
X-FadeYeah, you should :)13:12
* Stskeeps goes enable13:12
Stskeepsnow to wait for it to appear in those nameservers13:13
X-FadeIf you give me the exact ips, then I can notify them on change.13:13
Stskeepsthere is one, sec..13:14
Mirvok the problem I mentioned on #meego-arm with N950 was really apparently some auto-shutdown on not fully enough loaded battery13:16
StskeepsX-Fade: notify to has address
StskeepsX-Fade: AXFR worked, btw13:17
X-FadeStskeeps: Ok, let me see it will notify you.13:18
*** berndhs has quit IRC13:18
X-FadeStskeeps: .10 did an AXFR13:19
Stskeeps:nod: think it might take ~15 minutes for it to really set up13:20
Stskeepsi just tested AXFR through web13:20
*** berndhs has joined #mer13:20
Stskeepswe can test notify properly when responds for the domain13:20
X-FadeYeah, I'll update the serial then.13:22
vgradeCOBS down for anyone?13:27
X-Fadevgrade: everything meego.13:27
alteregoOh dear ..13:28
X-FadeNo, just outage.13:28
X-FadeGraph dips to 0.13:28
alteregoWell, the pub bz is still online ..13:28
vgradelf pulled the plug13:31
*** niqt has quit IRC13:33
X-FadeMore, tripped over the plug. I guess they put it back in now :)13:34
X-FadeAnd gone again.13:36
*** NIN101 has joined #mer13:36
*** niqt has joined #mer13:39
*** lynxis has quit IRC13:39
berndhsthey're brining up the tizen infra, sharing the same power supply13:39
*** stefanopi has joined #mer13:41
*** selesnie has joined #mer13:42
*** selesnie has quit IRC13:50
*** niqt has quit IRC13:51
*** selesnie has joined #mer13:53
*** stefanopi has quit IRC13:53
*** jargon- has joined #mer13:53
*** stefanopi has joined #mer13:54
alteregoSo what's the latest on DNS?13:56
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer14:00
harbaumHi. My collegues just told me, that the DNS server you want to use doesn't respond to icmp echo requests. They weren't sure whether their tool tries to check availability that way14:02
*** stefanopi has quit IRC14:02
*** stefanopi has joined #mer14:03
pdanekis there USB host in Mer / community MeeGo? :)14:08
pdanekas N9 lacks it out of the box14:08
alteregoBeing worked on I believe.14:11
alterego17% :)14:12
alteregoMoving much quicker now14:12
*** jargon- has quit IRC14:12
slaineIssues for the yoctoproject servers too it seems14:13
*** swer has joined #mer14:22
*** faenil has joined #mer14:25
faenilStskeeps: ping14:25
*** slx has quit IRC14:25
*** dominikb has quit IRC14:28
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC14:33
*** norayr has joined #mer14:33
*** javiF has joined #mer14:36
*** qgil has joined #mer14:36
*** Eismann has quit IRC14:37
*** erstazi has joined #mer14:38
*** erstazi has joined #mer14:38
*** Eismann has joined #mer14:38
*** gprade has joined #mer14:39
*** fiferboy has joined #mer14:39
*** faenil has quit IRC14:40
gpradehello all14:42
Stskeepslo gprade14:42
slainethat's one hell of a download14:42
Stskeepswhich, rsync?14:43
gpradeStskeeps: i read in a forum your name, carsten i think. is this you, are you from germany? this name is famous in germany14:44
Stskeepsgprade: nop, i'm danish14:44
gpradeoh, ok. i know a cool man from danmark, he is working on debian/debian-edu together with a good friend of me14:45
*** jargon- has joined #mer14:46
Stskeepsliving in poland thogh14:46
*** norayr has quit IRC14:46
*** srikanth_rst has joined #mer14:46
gpradei do not realy understand the past postings, is mer now called nemo?14:47
slaineStskeeps: yeah14:48
*** faenil has joined #mer14:48
slainethink it's almost there14:48
Stskeepsslaine: you only rsync what's in README.txt right / make14:48
Stskeepsok, so, we have a project that deals with making a open handset user interface, called community edition - this now is called Nemo14:48
slainehoping that I can kick off the osc linkpac before it's time to head14:49
gpradei understand, so i must looking in news now for meego, mer and neo to see what is going on in the community14:50
gpradeneo = nemo14:50
gpradewhat are you all working on at the moment? what are your next steps14:52
Stskeepsi've been fighting with qtwebkit a bit today - the goal for this week is to have the Nemo UI up on Mer on N90014:52
Stskeepssome others have put plasma active on tegra2 tablets14:52
Stskeepsothers have put Cordia on top of x86, etc14:52
gpradeyes, i see the first videos on youtube about tegra and plasma14:53
gpradelooks cool14:53
gpradewhat is this discusion about cordia tablet hardware? do the developer have or have not a tablet? or is his tablet a prototyp? i am lokking for a tablet to play with mer/meego/nemo/....14:54
gpradedo you think i can also buy a nokia n9 and use a later version of mer to play with?14:55
*** mlfoster has joined #mer14:56
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer14:56
Stskeepswell, that's my plan personally, but the OS on there is quite good too14:56
gpradei am in germany and if, i must buy the n9 from austria or ???14:57
leinirgprade: switzerland?14:58
Stskeepsor poland14:58
gprademaybe, at the moment i am waiting for amazon14:58
vgradeStskeeps, pthreads issue with armv7l?
Stskeepsvgrade: see if you can get me config.log somehow14:59
gpradeat the moment there is live in tv the discussion about ther german trojan in german government in berlin, very interesting14:59
Stskeepsgprade: ah, that can't be pretty15:01
gpradeit is not pretty, but nice to see that the government must be transparent (sorry if i use sometimes german word i hope, that they the same in englisch), i think oss is the best way to be transparent15:02
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:03
berndhsits ok, because the state never does anything wrong, especially in germany :/15:03
* Stskeeps plays widelands15:04
gpradeare anyone from germany here?15:04
lbtdm8tbr: DNS ?15:07
dm8tbr11:15:49< dm8tbr> lbt: I've asked my friend to add them, no reply yet15:07
lbtoh ta, I missed that15:08
lbtwhat about now then?15:08
dm8tbrnope. he might be somewhere in transit. IIRC he was enjoying vacation on that island of yours15:08
slainelbt, dm8tbr, yoctoproject servers where also having problems (Also LF infrastructure hosted in OSU)15:10
dm8tbrslaine: different problem. :)15:10
slainehehe, ok15:10
dm8tbrbut yes, I've noticed some flip-flap from the meego servers today. my icinga was complaining15:10
Stskeepslbt: still waiting for secondary NS'es to start responding, a little unsure why they're not yet15:12
lbtI haven't changed anything at 1&1 .. so their NS are still authoritative, won't allow AXFR and have no useful records15:13
Stskeepsthat's fine15:13
lbt*hopefully* we can set the NS very quickly when we have some confidence15:13
harbaumStskeeps: Widelands? On n950? Or Mer?15:16
Stskeepsharbaum: no, laptop, i try to relax once in a while to ward off burnout ;)15:16
harbaum"try to relax" :-)15:17
*** berndhs_950 has joined #mer15:18
harbaumMer on beagl enow with Kernel 3.0.7 and latest TI GFX- :-)15:22
Stskeepscool :)15:22
harbaumFaster and no more mtdblock warning nor any graphics glitches15:22
*** fabo has quit IRC15:22
VelmontAhh. I once did some graphics fixes for Widelands. Always wanted to do more.15:23
*** fabo has joined #mer15:24
leinirharbaum: sweet :)15:28
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC15:28
slaineStskeeps: I don't think that download will finish by the time i've to head in the next few minutes15:28
slaineAh, just finished, but I still have to head15:29
*** srikanth_rst has quit IRC15:30
*** harbaum has quit IRC15:30
*** trbs has quit IRC15:31
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vgradeStskeeps, config.log?16:12
Stskeepsable to do a local osc build?16:14
vgradeok, lets try16:17
*** shanem has joined #mer16:20
*** Mordae has quit IRC16:22
*** kiviluoto has quit IRC16:28
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pdanekNemo is based on the discuss of seafood names while ago on this IRC?17:07
*** Hoolxi has joined #mer17:07
pdanekas I remember I wrote Nemo first time :D17:07
*** smoku has quit IRC17:09
dm8tbrpdanek: well nemo ended up on the list and it was compiled from here and the mailing list, so yes it's quite possible you are to blame for the new name.17:10
dm8tbrwhile I still think it should have been called PinkPonyOS... :(17:11
pdanekhah, just was interested :-]17:11
dm8tbrpdanek: according to my irc logs you are indeed to be blamed! ;-p17:12
dm8tbr2011-10-11 17:12:13< pdanek1> Nemo17:12
dm8tbrthe next mention was already after the name was announced17:13
pdanekwonderful :D17:13
dm8tbrcthulu or kraken would have been fun too :)17:14
*** onekenthomas has quit IRC17:17
*** gprade has quit IRC17:17
*** onekenthomas has joined #mer17:17
gabrbeddFish are friends, not food!17:24
*** Hoolxi has quit IRC17:25
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berndhswell, calling Captain Nemo a "friend" could be a stretch17:43
*** eman has quit IRC17:46
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harbaumare there meego packages for those qml demos used to demonstrate the raspberry pi? I really want something fancy for the beagle ....18:10
Stskeepsonce we have the qt5 packages up on COBS yes - i just haven't found time to upload them yet18:11
Stskeepsbostik has been working on qt5 packaging18:11
BostikI'd need a few days of uninterrupted spare time to fix the few missing bits (Q3D -> location, couple of other minor tidbits)18:16
Stskeepsno rush18:17
*** faenil has joined #mer18:17
faenilStskeeps: ping...if u're online I'd like to know some things about CE Fall18:18
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer18:18
Stskeepsfaenil: mm, sure, but let's talk in #meego-arm ?18:18
*** leinir has quit IRC18:21
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Bostikon the other hand, "uninterrupted spare time" does not fit well into the picture with baby in the house :)19:43
*** swer has quit IRC19:44
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