Tuesday, 2011-10-18

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djszapiHi! bugs.meego.com is down here. Is that expected ?00:39
jonnor_worknot responding here either00:48
jonnor_workask Meego people if it is expected or not00:48
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djszapiiekku: do you plan to come to the Fruct10 event in Tampere ?04:02
Jucatomsng vwls nw?04:17
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Jucatocoffee coffee coffee!04:35
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dm8tbrcaffeine++ indeed04:42
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iekkudjszapi, what's that?04:43
djszapiiekku: https://meego.com/community/events/2011/fruct-10-conference04:44
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iekkudjszapi, need to think about that04:45
iekkudjszapi, not sure if i can leave work to participate...04:46
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iekkubut sounds interesting04:46
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Stskeepsdjszapi: saw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5-setgsIfY ?04:46
djszapiStskeeps: not yet, cool. :)04:48
djszapiStskeeps: can the meego package be more or less re-usable from meego on Mer ?04:48
Stskeepsdjszapi: sortof, we've stripped some things so people may need to provide own of some packages04:48
Stskeepsdjszapi: we'd like people to really think about dependancies04:48
djszapibecause packaging KDE is a huge job, 5-6 people work on that in case Debian.04:48
Stskeepsyou can reuse packaging, same format04:49
Stskeepsthere's no GTK in mer, as an example04:49
djszapimmm, qt depends on glib204:49
Stskeepsglib is fine04:49
Stskeepsi just said no gtk :P04:49
djszapiokay. We also use gconf iirc from KDE until dconf gets used everywhere by us or so.04:50
djszapiin KDE*04:50
Stskeepsdm8tbr: could you send the naming list to me and i'll pass it on to rest of SG guys?04:50
Stskeepsjust so we have some time04:50
dm8tbrStskeeps: yes, let me export that right now04:51
djszapiStskeeps: mmm, once there are available plasma active packages by using the Mer distribution system: Do those packages need porting efforts (apart from different qml profile for the Ui) ?04:52
djszapiamong devices.04:53
Stskeepsdjszapi: not really, that's really in hardware adaptations04:53
Stskeepsdjszapi: they build against qt and core libraries, so04:53
dm8tbr"164 responses for this survey" nice04:54
djszapiokay, thanks. Is there any "community repository" in place already for Mer ? Is it an ongoing activity yet ?04:54
Stskeepsdjszapi: everyone is free to organise04:55
Stskeepsdjszapi: we're thinking of a 'tools' repository for some things that's just useful, while shouldn't be part of core04:55
djszapiokay. Which init script system was chosen for Mer ?04:57
Stskeepswe're forked from meego 1.3, so04:57
Stskeepsit works quite well04:57
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Stskeeps(compared to the old stuff)04:57
djszapiso no upstart.04:58
Stskeepssystemd is also a dependancy startup thing though :)04:58
dm8tbr515 points assigned in total04:59
djszapiare there people working on the N950/N9 hardware adaptation or is it a new segment yet ?04:59
Stskeepsdjszapi: i'm assigned to N900 adaptation and we're getting that working first, then we port the N950/N9 one04:59
Stskeepswe can pretty much recompile the packages so05:00
djszapiWe can write Plasma component based applications during the KDE Harmattan sprint without having the plasma active workspace (because that is probably not allowed by the system security policies, but needs research for saying it surely). Later, it would be nice to get Mer + PA work on those devices and just re-use those applications.05:01
Stskeeps:nod: no idea when plasma active is useful on top of mer05:02
Stskeepsbut we'll get hardware adaptations working for the CE stuff05:02
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StskeepsHELP REVIEW MER MODIFICATIONS: http://monster.tspre.org:8080/ - make an account, click "All05:02
Stskeeps" -> "Open" and review the packaging changes05:02
djszapiI have seen the N900 CE + PA video previously, and now this tablet version. Does it mean we have working packages or were they compiled and built from source manually ?05:03
StskeepsN900 CE+PA you have to ask timoph about05:03
Stskeepstablet one is compiled in COBS somewhere05:04
djszapithanks. :)05:06
djszapiX-Fade ping, https://build.pub.meego.com/package/live_build_log?arch=armv7el&package=kdebase-runtime&project=home%3Arzr%3Aharmattan&repository=MeeGo_1.2_Harmattan_Maemo.org_MeeGo_1.2_Harmattan_standard -> but, libasound2-dev should be available from the public Nokia repository: http://harmattan-dev.nokia.com/pool/harmattan-beta/free/a/alsa-lib/alsa-lib_1.0.24.1-0meego2+0m6.dsc05:07
djszapiStskeeps: is it possible to use Mer on other gadgets, like HTC Desire ?05:08
djszapiI mean theoritically, not right now practically.05:08
Stskeepsdjszapi: you can even use it on nokia n800 - we plan on providing llvmpipe for those that doesn't have good GLES05:09
djszapioh, that is sweet. =)05:09
SageStskeeps: do you have list of the packages that were requierd by qt-mobility and qtwebkit somewhere+05:11
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StskeepsSage: home:stskeeps:qtmobilitywebkit05:12
StskeepsSage: also on review on gerrit05:13
SageStskeeps: I have updates to some of thsoe packges in home:sage:Mer:MW:Shared05:16
StskeepsSage: since yesterday? i copypaced from you05:16
Stskeepsmorn srikanth_rst05:17
SageStskeeps: well I made changes yesterday and I though you said you didn't copypac from me :D05:17
srikanth_rstStskeeps: are we haveing any Mer images some where05:17
*** djszapi has left #mer05:17
StskeepsSage: ah, i did05:17
Stskeeps<- lazy05:18
Stskeepssrikanth_rst: we're at hardware adaptation level, when we have CE on top i'll poke you05:18
srikanth_rstok, thanks05:18
Stskeepsas we need to see if things regressed in the rebase (they may have)05:18
SageStskeeps: I'm worried about gst-plugins-bad and pulseaudio05:19
StskeepsSage: what about them?05:19
Stskeepswell, besides PA's insane patch set05:19
Sagewell, PA 1.0 version has been release d: )05:19
Sageand yes patches in pa so mcuh05:20
Stskeepsthat's one of the areas i'd like to see tizen's move ;)05:20
Sagealso the gst-plugins-bad contains a lot of the camera hacks from both intel and arm sides05:20
Stskeepsstill those aren't so much hacks, but camerabin stuff05:20
Stskeepsi think we should register the thoughts in the merge proposals, so we keep track of it somehow05:21
Sagethe current gst-plugins-bad that is on theyour repository doesn't contain the patches for n900 /n950 so we need to fork it in the adaptation :/05:24
Sagealso because those camera patches break camera on ia3205:24
Stskeepsthat's ok05:24
Stskeepsi do provide sources in fakeobs for a reason05:24
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* Stskeeps works to set up package groups05:27
Stskeepsare we going to provide patterns in CE:HW: or are we going to make actual repo builds?05:28
Sageeach adaptation should provide their own pattern05:30
Stskeepsyeah, but i mean, how we're planning on doing adaptation releases :) rsync'ing the OBS output, applying package groups?05:31
dm8tbrStskeeps: pdf and 'raw' data attached and will be sent in about 15min (once I turn on VPN in the office)05:32
SageI have requested a boss feature where boss extracts the package grops from the specific package and applies those to the obs05:33
Stskeepsdm8tbr: k05:33
StskeepsSage: ok05:33
Sageso those package grops wold be in OBS output repo05:33
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slonopotamusdo you have any single day when you don't need to fight obs?05:35
Stskeepswe're not fighting it.05:35
Stskeepsjust utilizing it05:35
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SageI really hope we get repos in order during this week so image builds can start05:36
*** Jucato has joined #mer05:36
StskeepsSage: same here05:36
SageCE:Adaptation:N900 ?05:37
SageAnd CE:Adaptation:N950-N905:38
*** jargon- has quit IRC05:39
Sageah, new boss test just came to me.05:39
* Sage goes to do package05:39
* Stskeeps managed to do a stupid thing05:40
* Sage is unable to contact monster so I wonder what is ^ :)05:41
Stskeepsnah, just managed to nuke my own copy of meego.com05:46
* w00t slow claps05:46
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Stskeepsmorn jukka, vgrade06:00
Sagemorning jukkaeklund vgrade06:04
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: saw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5-setgsIfY ?06:04
jukkaeklundStskeeps, yes06:04
jukkaeklundwhen can I try that on N950 :p06:04
Stskeepsi'm doing n900 hw adaptation first :P06:05
dm8tbrjukkaeklund: have you seen that there is a manual way to boot CE without having moslo? a guy figured it out with some help on #meego-arm06:06
*** t73 has joined #mer06:06
Stskeepsyeah, he figured it out on his own after i passed my initrd for emmc export over usb along :P06:06
Stskeeps(on N9)06:07
jukkaeklundsure, thats not a problem06:07
jukkaeklundopen device implies that06:07
*** t71 has quit IRC06:07
jukkaeklundinstuctions without moslo could be put on wiki too06:08
jukkaeklundalso dual boot should be possible to figure06:08
vgradeStskeeps, can that be used on N950?06:10
dm8tbrStskeeps: and I told him that the partition to nuke is what's mounted as MyData ;)06:10
Stskeepsvgrade: probably, but MOSLO might be a better choice06:10
*** druid23 has joined #mer06:10
jukkaeklundthough before there is the N9 OCF package available, I wouldn't advertise that too much..06:12
vgradeStskeeps, yea, just looked at the instructions. Is MOSLO incomming06:12
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: yeah, true06:12
w00tvgrade: it's always coming™06:12
w00treal soon now™06:12
jukkaeklundcoming to what?06:12
jukkaeklundN950 is there now, and N9 "real soon"06:13
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: did we update the wiki with pointers to the page?06:13
jukkaeklundrelated to the OCF as well06:13
dm8tbrjukkaeklund: yeah, we already have one person 'waiting' on #harmattan ;)06:13
jukkaeklundStskeeps, yes feel free to check06:13
Stskeepswell then06:13
jukkaeklundall good now06:14
w00toh hey06:14
w00tit's actually, really published now?06:14
jukkaeklundI wanted to publish that wider after our meeting today06:14
w00twhy did nobody tell me this06:14
jukkaeklundalong with the new name (I hope)06:14
jukkaeklundw00t, there is a handy 'watch' feature in wiki..06:14
vgradeok, lets have a go with that tehn06:15
jukkaeklundyeah, its nice and easy06:16
jukkaeklundI'll try that N9 dual boot..06:16
jukkaeklundStskeeps, btw is #meego-arm still the official CE channel or is everybody here now anyway?06:17
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: i think #meego-arm is still official CE home, we can set up a new one once we have a new name06:18
dm8tbr.oO(23 nanoseconds later several people tried to join 96 channels at once)06:19
*** stefanopi has quit IRC06:20
jukkaeklundabout name.. looks like it should include mer06:20
dm8tbrat least that's what people seem to think06:20
dm8tbryou can still call it pinkPonyOS06:20
*** stefanopi has joined #mer06:20
jukkaeklundwhich leads to thinking 'mer handset' would be an easy solution06:21
dm8tbrthat's 12,2% of votes06:21
Stskeepsyeah.. but i don't want that for various reasons - mermaid or mermate signifies a basis upon but not 'the', mer handset would imply it's well, mer handset06:21
w00tjukkaeklund: you should also keep in mind that mer doesn't want that, though06:21
Stskeepsso i'm more inclined towards those06:21
jukkaeklundyep, thats what I was wondering06:22
jukkaeklundbetter to achieve supremacy handset release with deliverables than name06:22
* jukkaeklund goes look what mermate is06:23
Jucato(the next name for the "MeeGo^WMer CE"?)06:23
*** t73 has quit IRC06:25
*** t7^ has joined #mer06:25
vgradetimoph, I've linked the image and ks on http://wiki.merproject.com/wiki/Community_Workspace#User_Experience_UX . I've also added a link to Mer Cordia HD imaage from smoku06:25
Stskeepsdm8tbr: i don't suppose you have ability to graph how it would look if *mer* wasn't in play?06:27
dm8tbrStskeeps: you mean remove every entry that contains 'mer?06:30
dm8tbrrm *mer* so to say?06:30
dm8tbrshould I also match Meer and such?06:30
Stskeepsmm, possibly06:30
Stskeepsi just want to see how the field looks then06:31
*** joonasta has joined #mer06:38
*** druid23 has quit IRC06:42
jukkaeklundstskeeps, so you wouldn't want to see 'mer' in the name?06:43
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: i think mer-puns are okay like mermaid, just not "mer XXXXX"06:43
Stskeepswe can have a lot of fun with puns :P06:43
jukkaeklundI'm all for pun and if it brings some mascot or logo idea along, even better06:44
dm8tbrStskeeps: I removed everything that contained the string match m(.e)r06:44
jukkaeklundlike mermaid06:44
Stskeepsdm8tbr: yeah06:45
Stskeepsdm8tbr: didn't yield much insight, i think the mer pun direction is okay06:46
jukkaeklundmermaid spelled like that has lots of registered trademarks06:46
dm8tbrI now have some work to do but will publish raw results and some of the graphs later06:46
Stskeeps"The MERMAID project (Mobile Earthquake Recorder in Marine Areas by Independent Divers)"06:47
jukkaeklundwhereas mermate, mermade dont06:47
jukkaeklunddoes mermade pronounce same as mermaid?06:47
Stskeepsat least in my screwed up accent06:47
jukkaeklundthats my fav06:48
jukkaeklundmight be just because of the exciting mental image I get from mermaid..06:48
jukkaeklunddo mermaids wear lipstick?06:49
Jucatomade of algae06:49
w00ti'd hope it's prettier lipstick than that06:50
Jucatoor squid/octopus ink06:50
*** siji has joined #mer06:50
Jucatohas to be extra non-soluble in water06:50
* dm8tbr suddenly thinks of daryl hannah...06:50
jukkaeklunddm8tbr, there you go!06:50
*** harbaum has joined #mer06:57
matrixxI vote for mermade o/06:57
Jucatowith the mascot: http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0/966/465671-mermaidman_large.png07:00
jukkaeklunddoes mermate mean something, like some substance?07:01
*** kyranto has quit IRC07:04
jukkaeklundSage, any new image to try?07:05
*** kyranto has joined #mer07:06
*** stefanopi has quit IRC07:08
Stskeepsof CE? we have some steps to complete still to get to a proper Mer rebase image - yesterday i got n900 hw adaptation going, right now we're just cleaning up things (adding package groups and such) so we can make proper images07:08
Stskeepshopefully this week07:08
Stskeepspeople can build against Mer in COBS and contribute easily now, so that's one milestone down07:08
*** stefanopi has joined #mer07:09
jukkaeklundwill first image work in all N9xx already, orjust N900?07:09
Mordae[n900]Stskeeps: how far are you going with the N900? Just HW + Core, or complete CE?07:09
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: n900 at first, it's trivial to add N950 afterwards07:10
StskeepsMordae[n900]: Core+HW with battery charging and GLESv2 working07:10
*** veskuh has joined #mer07:10
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: i just haven't built the n950 packages yet :)07:10
*** stefanopi has quit IRC07:12
*** stefanopi has joined #mer07:13
Mordae[n900]Stskeeps: nice. I am afraid that this whole thingie is going to screw the way I spend my free time.07:14
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: harbaum made a beagleboard port already of Mer, not sure why the video seems to skip on my pc, but: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvbH5J296lg07:15
*** Mordae has quit IRC07:16
Sagejukkaeklund: during this week hopefully07:16
StskeepsSage: how do we handle shared HW bits between n900 and n9xx? like sgx07:16
jukkaeklundlooks smooth from here07:16
w00tthat display stuff is wicked07:16
*** javiF has joined #mer07:16
jukkaeklundmarketing tip: make a default QML app that comes up when mer boots to qmlviewer07:17
Stskeepsi was thinking something mer related07:17
SageStskeeps: What about CE:Adaptations:ti-omap3 for example?07:17
harbaumsomething taking advantage of video acceleration, please07:17
jukkaeklundsomething that comes up like the Qt quick logo07:17
w00tcould always just have the mer background, and spin the mer logo around, making it pulse bigger and smaller or, or something ridiculous :P07:18
StskeepsSage: too wide07:18
Stskeepspossible, we do have the logo in SVG07:18
jukkaeklundjust something that pops up and makes these boot videos a bit cooler07:18
Stskeepswhich reminds me i need to do business cards..07:18
jukkaeklundbecause, first impression is everything etc..07:18
Stskeepsmeego logo isn't erm, that fancy anymore..07:19
jukkaeklundnext, some sound effects..07:19
Stskeepswe definately need to find some place to drop http://wiki.maemo.org/Image:Mer_Incompatible_Bootmenu_Shark.jpg07:19
*** lamikr has joined #mer07:19
SageStskeeps: hmm... need to think about that. But probably we should do some more generic things for certain chips.07:19
StskeepsSage: right07:19
StskeepsSage: n9xx maybe, and then :n9 and :n900 :n95007:20
Sageyeah, well. then the bme etc. gets in the way if all are in same place07:20
Stskeepsmm, true07:20
w00tcould start off with seperate projects and look at what you can merge up later07:21
timophvgrade: thanks07:24
*** arnet has joined #mer07:28
*** smoku has joined #mer07:29
*** Mordae[n900] has quit IRC07:36
*** Mordae[n900] has joined #mer07:36
*** djszapiN9 has joined #mer07:52
*** kidproquo has joined #mer07:56
*** thetet has joined #mer07:57
*** Mordae has joined #mer07:57
*** druid23 has joined #mer07:58
*** javiF has quit IRC08:02
*** bergie has joined #mer08:04
harbaumseems cordia is not ready for testing on armv7l :-(08:08
*** arnet is now known as arnet^off08:08
Stskeepshopefully we should have lipstick running on Mer soon08:09
*** druid231 has joined #mer08:10
*** djszapiN9 has left #mer08:10
*** druid231 has quit IRC08:10
*** druid23 has quit IRC08:10
*** druid23 has joined #mer08:11
harbaumdo we really need to build noarch packages through the arm emulation? That fails for hildon-theme-marina and the i586 build succeeds08:11
Stskeepsdue to various reasons we do - i do wonder why it crashes though08:12
jukkaeklundMinoa (mer is not an acronym), recursion ftw!08:14
*** druid23 has quit IRC08:14
lbtmord  suggested polymer08:15
lbtor isomer08:15
harbaumisomer is only for cd images08:16
dm8tbrpolymer only for dual-core and up SoC ;)08:16
lbtwe could call all our UXes isomers08:16
dm8tbrnice idea08:16
smokulbt: http://cccbdb.nist.gov/cistrans.asp - plenty to choose from08:21
harbaumsounds funny08:24
*** notmart has joined #mer08:25
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer08:27
mingwandroidvgrade: morning08:27
vgrademingwandroid, morning08:32
mingwandroidhey. aany luck with insmod ar6000?08:33
*** leinir has joined #mer08:34
*** javiF has joined #mer08:35
harbaumThe funny thing is that qgil is behind the qt/qml demos on the raspberry pi. What os are they running below?08:37
Stskeepsharbaum: nah, it's sirspudd08:38
Stskeepsharbaum: they're basing it on top the debian image that comes with it08:38
Stskeepsand cross compiling qt508:38
vgrademingwandroid, not tried it at day job08:39
harbaumThey claim it's mer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDLtn9DBqFw#!08:40
Stskeepsthat's our videos, it is mer08:40
Stskeepsqt5 demo videos with GLESv2 is debian :)08:41
StskeepsSage: http://monster.tspre.org/~merreleases/releases/0.20111018.6/builds/ now has package groups08:42
StskeepsSage: i'd like to rename Core to Base and make Core == Base + the other groups + qt08:43
*** stefanopi has quit IRC08:44
dcthangno the repos look fine -> good job!08:45
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC08:45
*** mord has quit IRC08:46
*** bergie has quit IRC08:46
w00tStskeeps: that terminology is a bit confusing, at least to me.. why not have something more descriptive like Core, QtCore (= Core + Qt)08:46
*** mord has joined #mer08:47
*** mord is now known as Guest5652308:47
*** bash` has joined #mer08:48
*** bash` has joined #mer08:48
Stskeepsw00t: in relation to http://pastie.org/271651808:48
*** druid23 has joined #mer08:51
*** t7^ has quit IRC08:52
*** jargon- has joined #mer08:57
*** t7^ has joined #mer08:57
*** druid231 has joined #mer08:57
*** bergie has joined #mer08:58
*** bash` has quit IRC08:58
*** slaine has joined #mer08:59
*** drussell has joined #mer08:59
*** srikanth_rst has quit IRC08:59
*** druid23 has quit IRC09:01
*** bash` has joined #mer09:03
*** bash` has joined #mer09:03
*** drussell has quit IRC09:05
*** KaziKluBey has joined #mer09:06
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer09:09
*** bash` has quit IRC09:09
*** niqt has joined #mer09:09
*** druid231 has quit IRC09:10
*** t7^ has quit IRC09:12
*** t7^ has joined #mer09:14
*** AndChat has joined #mer09:19
*** amjadcsu has joined #mer09:19
* Stskeeps heads out for lunch09:21
Jucato"Meron" ... that's a variant of a word that means "There is a ..." in our language :)09:22
*** srikanth_rst has joined #mer09:23
*** jargon- has quit IRC09:25
*** lamikr has quit IRC09:25
*** druid23 has joined #mer09:27
*** t7^ has quit IRC09:28
slainehey folks09:29
*** cxl000 has quit IRC09:30
*** kyranto has quit IRC09:30
* slaine waves fists at obs09:32
slaineI can't delete my old Mer:Trunk:Base project09:32
*** arnet^off is now known as arnet09:33
Stskeepswhat does it say?09:33
*** druid23 has quit IRC09:34
*** druid23 has joined #mer09:36
slainevia the webUI says it's an invalid project name09:37
slainevia osc cmd it tells me that /standard repository depends on it09:37
slainebut even with --recursive --force it still fails09:37
slaineuncaught exception: undefined method `repositories' for nil:NilClass09:38
*** cxl000 has joined #mer09:43
*** druid231 has joined #mer09:45
*** druid23 has quit IRC09:47
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer09:48
*** tagunil has joined #mer09:49
*** slx has joined #mer09:51
*** AndChat has quit IRC09:52
*** Mordae[n900] has quit IRC09:54
slaineStskeeps: what should happen between steps 6 and 7 to allow step 7 to happen, where step 7 == "osc checkout fakeobs:Core:i586 acl"10:03
*** druid231 has quit IRC10:03
*** srikanth_rst has quit IRC10:05
dcthangDo we still Meego SDK to develop apps in Mer?10:06
dcthang*still use10:06
*** KaIRC has joined #mer10:06
dcthangor it 's not defined yet?10:06
slainedcthang: I think that's probably one of the targets, but Mer is the equivalent of Meego:Core10:07
Stskeepsslaine: give me 20 mins and im home at desktop10:07
*** simh has quit IRC10:07
*** srikanth_rst has joined #mer10:07
slaineStskeeps: sure, thanks10:07
dcthangslaine: yes, looks like no info for that yet. Mer = Meego Core + ...10:09
*** mece has quit IRC10:09
Stskeepsdcthang: how would you like to see mer sdk?10:10
slaine+ qt/qml but no defined UX10:10
Stskeepslike, what should it consist of10:10
SageStskeeps: ok, would also xorg move out of base?10:11
*** simh has joined #mer10:11
*** Mordae[n900] has joined #mer10:11
dcthangStskeeps: i want to know how it is different comparing with the old one for Meego10:11
dcthangand of course when the platform is ready, it should have SDK for that ready too10:12
*** t7^ has joined #mer10:13
*** faenil has joined #mer10:13
faenilgood morning everyone :)10:13
Stskeepsdcthang: so, we dont really have a proper sdk story yet, but qt sdk seems relevant10:16
Stskeepsfaenil: yes, moslo is out, have fun10:17
kakashi_steff, btw, I can give a helping hand for n900 adaptation10:17
Stskeepsdcthang: so thats why i am trying to gather requirements10:17
*** Mordae[n900] has quit IRC10:17
kakashi_let me know if there is a wiki/anything like that10:17
Stskeepskakashi_: cool, we can mostly reuse meego parts10:17
*** dietyyli has joined #mer10:18
kakashi_is there a trac/wiki/any ticketing system?10:18
steffkakashi_: I'd need an n900 first :-)10:18
kakashi_steff, which is a bit difficult to get, i think, nokia will hand you an n9 (n950 is also a bit far fetched)10:19
Stskeepskakashi_: we had a dns hiccup so we only have wiki right now, N900/N950/N9 adaptations are done in the community edition effort10:19
*** faenil has quit IRC10:19
kakashi_Stskeeps, so basically as of now it is just a meego port?10:20
*** faenil has joined #mer10:22
Stskeepskakashi_: right, so, mer is a core derived from meego 1.3, with focusing on being minimal and portable, so there is no hardware adaptations in the core or UXes - we (in community edition) provide the hw adaptation and we can practically reuse our existing meego port10:22
Stskeepswhat area would you like to contribute in?10:23
kakashi_sound/pulse audio or related10:25
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC10:25
*** kyranto has joined #mer10:25
Stskeepssounds cool :)10:28
dcthangStskeeps: so you are collecting them for Mer SDK making ?:)10:29
*** druid23 has joined #mer10:29
Stskeepsdcthang: well, for establish how the story should be yes10:30
Stskeepskakashi_: i must warn you that we have something along lines of maemo audio stack :)10:30
arnetAm. I would say, SDK is just a qemu image, or scratchbox, some emulator with gcc installed. User can choose the framework and install it with zypper or apt-get.10:30
Stskeepsarnet: i think we can actually do quite a fair bit with even a x86 vm10:31
kakashi_Stskeeps, that should be fine, I would try adapting to that and then porting it10:31
Stskeepsslaine: ok, i'm back10:32
slaineStskeeps: what should happen between steps 6 and 7 to allow step 7 to happen, where step 7 == "osc checkout fakeobs:Core:i586 acl"10:32
Stskeepsslaine: does your OBS web interface have a big fat button with 'setup obs'?10:32
slaineYes, did that for step 510:32
slaineosc list shows "fakeobs"10:32
Stskeepsslaine: osc meta prj fakeobs    and pastebin, please10:33
Stskeepsslaine: you know vi? :)10:34
slainehell yeah10:34
slainethat's my C IDE10:34
Stskeepsslaine: osc meta prj -e fakeobs    edit <remoteurl> line to be <remoteurl>http://mervm.labs.lincor.com:8001/public</remoteurl>10:34
Stskeepsverify it's the correct link by 'curl http://mervm.labs.lincor.com:8001/public/Core:i586'10:35
slaineah, got that backwards10:35
*** druid231 has joined #mer10:35
*** elcaset__ has joined #mer10:36
*** elcaset_ has quit IRC10:36
*** druid23 has quit IRC10:38
*** druid231 has quit IRC10:40
slaineStskeeps: yeah, getting a 404 on Core:i58610:40
Stskeepsslaine: interesting10:40
Stskeepsslaine: you should see something in fakeobs output10:40
Stskeepslike, in the output from python fakeobs.py10:41
slaineYeah, it's just 404 path stuff10:42
slaine404: path10:42
slaineobsvm.labs.lincor.com - - [18/Oct/2011 11:41:42] code 404, message File not found10:42
Stskeepsbefore that, any exceptions?10:42
*** druid23 has joined #mer10:42
Stskeepsls -l obs-projects in fakeobs pwd10:42
*** druid23 has quit IRC10:44
Stskeepsis Core there?10:44
*** Milhouse has quit IRC10:46
slaineYup, and all the subdirs10:46
slainewhat dir is fakeobs expected to be run from ?10:47
slaineam in releast-tools10:47
Stskeepsslaine: mappings.xml is there too?10:49
*** Milhouse has joined #mer10:49
*** t7^ has quit IRC10:49
Stskeeps(just trying to debug where things go wrong)10:50
Stskeepsoh duh10:50
Stskeepscurl http://mervm.labs.lincor.com:8001/public/source/Core:i58610:50
slainehaha, yes10:51
Stskeepsosc ls fakeobs:Core:i586 should work now then10:52
faenilStskeeps: morning :) how's the work going? :D10:53
Stskeepsfaenil: wiki.meego.com/ARM/N95010:53
slaineStskeeps: yeah, checkouts working now, obviously my screw up with the the port appended to the wrong place10:53
faenilStskeeps: downloading image :D :D :D10:53
*** niqt has quit IRC10:54
faenilStskeeps: I see you went for the raw way at the end :)10:55
slaineStskeeps: so where do I go from here ?11:00
slaineIt was this next part that I got stuck on the last time11:00
Stskeepsslaine: your login on obs is Admin?11:01
slaineI've my own Admin level login11:01
slaineWhat's the theory11:02
Stskeepsosc copypac Core:i586 acl home:yourlogin11:02
slainei.e.t he high level goal11:02
slaineSo, my obsvm is going to use fakeobs as a seed to bootstrap a full rebuild11:03
*** lizardo has joined #mer11:03
*** poohmaan has joined #mer11:03
slaineAnd then from there I can add my own projects and point a kickstart at my own obsvm to get the full image created11:03
slaineCorrect ?11:03
Stskeepsso, let's just see if you can do a simple build first :)11:05
*** cxl000 has quit IRC11:06
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has quit IRC11:11
Stskeepsslaine: http://wiki.merproject.com/wiki/Building_against_Mer_in_COBS11:11
Stskeepsslaine: but instead of Mer:fake, use fakeobs:11:11
*** lynxis has joined #mer11:14
*** cxl000 has joined #mer11:14
slaineStskeeps: ok, giving that a shot11:15
*** dcthang has quit IRC11:18
Stskeepsslaine: your project in this case is home:yourlogin11:18
slaineyup, just finishing the repo section11:19
*** bergie has quit IRC11:26
*** faenil has quit IRC11:31
*** stefanopi has joined #mer11:33
slaineStskeeps: ok, I've tried the copypac11:35
slaineand I've set the project up for home:glen11:35
Stskeepscan i see the meta prj just to sanity check?11:36
Stskeepslooks corect11:38
slaineStskeeps: cool11:41
slainewhat's next11:41
Stskeepscheck project 'monitor' tab11:42
slainecool, it rebuilt acl11:42
*** niqt has joined #mer11:43
*** niqt_ has joined #mer11:43
*** rlinfati has joined #mer11:43
Stskeepswant to try to take it for a spin?11:43
*** rlinfati has quit IRC11:43
slainehell yeah, just point me in the right direction for the next steps11:44
*** niqt_ has quit IRC11:44
Stskeepsok, osc ls Core:i586 | xargs -L1 -Ixxx osc linkpac Core:i586 xxx home:yourlogin11:45
slainethat'll give it something to chew on11:46
Stskeepser, osc linkpac -C copy11:46
Stskeepsok, osc ls fakeobs:Core:i586 | xargs -L1 -Ixxx osc linkpac -C copy fakeobs:Core:i586 xxx home:yourlogin11:47
slaineI should probably prefix…..yup11:47
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC11:49
StskeepsX-Fade: ping - can you add as able to AXFR on the mer domains, .org included?11:49
X-FadeStskeeps: Sure.11:50
slaineStskeeps: cool, thanks, that's started off, I'll grab some lunch now11:50
X-FadeDo wou want to setup one of them as secondary dns?11:50
StskeepsX-Fade: nah, ns.formeego.org as master no matter what - does lbt have access to edit zone files?11:51
*** lynxis has quit IRC11:51
X-FadeStskeeps: Yeah, after I add his account he will :)11:51
StskeepsX-Fade: idea is to use ns.formeego.org as shadow NS for the .org domains until we get the nameserver registration in order for it, ie, it's master but is not in WHOIS record11:52
StskeepsX-Fade: so we go for known working (in .org) DNS servers in WHOIS that pull from ns.formeego.org11:54
X-FadeStskeeps: Ok, I can add my own host too if needed.11:54
X-FadeSomehow we will beat the system :)11:54
Stskeepslet me know when it's set up with AXFR and i'll set up secondary NS'es -once those are responding for merproject.org, we can set the NS records in domains11:56
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer11:57
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC11:58
*** stefanopi has quit IRC12:01
*** mece has joined #mer12:01
meceso.. Nemo ey?12:01
*** stefanopi has joined #mer12:02
*** jukkaeklund has joined #mer12:02
jukkaeklundnetwork problems, did I miss anything?12:03
Stskeepsnot really12:03
jukkaeklundas someone was quick to mention on twitter, Nemo is omen flipped12:04
Stskeepsgood omen or bad omen? :>12:05
*** javiF has quit IRC12:07
*** dietyyli has quit IRC12:07
meceStskeeps, that remains to be seen. Also, Finding Nemo is sometimes used as a metaphor for cunnilingus, which would make Nemo... well you do the math.12:09
Stskeepsi'm an innocent person, nemo reminds me of jules verne12:10
Stskeepsfirst book i ever got as a present12:10
*** stefanopi has quit IRC12:10
*** stefanopi has joined #mer12:11
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC12:11
mecewhich one? 20000 leagues or perhaps The Mysterious Island?12:11
Stskeepsthink 20000 leagues was the first12:12
meceBrilliant books both. Infact so brilliant that I now have to get them and read them to my kids. I just finished reading The Hobbit to my daughter 2 days ago :)12:13
* dm8tbr has consumed most of jules vernes works during his youth :)12:13
*** slx has quit IRC12:13
meceare they ok for 7 year olds I wonder?12:13
meceI don't remember12:13
dm8tbrsome of verne's books are quite brutal at times12:13
dm8tbrif not graphic then implied12:14
mecewell the hobbit was rather more violent than I remembered too.12:15
meceAnyway I was rooting for Nemo as the name when I saw the top contenders. So I'm happy about that :)12:17
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has joined #mer12:21
slaineI read the Hobbit to my son a couple of years back12:22
slaineprobably due another outing12:22
slaineso the younger one can listen in12:22
veskuhNemo seems to be a very popular name. If you google for nemo project/os/CE/software/platform/mobile/handset/phone/almost anything you will find results.12:23
meceWhat do I say when people ask what Nemo is?12:24
Stskeepsmece: an effort for open source mobile experiences12:24
leinirHehe, interesting choice of name - antihero, driven by a thirst for vengeance and a hatred of imperialism... :)12:24
mecemore specificaly12:24
veskuhmobile os12:24
meceleinir, very good choice of name!12:24
Stskeepsleinir: :cough: feb11 shall be avenged, or something12:24
meceI want to involve mer in the explanation12:24
leinirStskeeps: Like, totally ;)12:24
Jucatoleinir: don't you mean "clownfish"?12:24
Stskeepsmece: 'based upon the Mer core'12:25
mecewhat is the rest?12:25
mecehandset ux?12:25
leinirJucato: *giggles* it depends on the literary experience of the person, i guess ;)12:25
Stskeepsmece: n900/n950/n9 hardware adaptation and handset ux12:25
Jucatoleinir: hehehe12:26
mecewill lipstick be part of nemo?12:26
Stskeepsor at least integrated12:27
dm8tbron the 404 page I'd just print: 'not found' and an CC licensed image that looks like this: http://tolweb.org/tree/ToLimages/Clownfish.300a.jpg12:27
slaineexcited to see my obsvm finally working hard on something12:27
slaineThanks Stskeeps12:27
*** siji has quit IRC12:27
Stskeepsslaine: no problem - if you have suggestions to add to the README.txt, they're more than welcome12:27
slaineI might send you a patch12:28
mece@AgileBorat: My friend Azamat is world best coder! Is so good, is able write program without structure!12:28
slainejust to elaborate on some of the steps12:28
dm8tbrmece: agileborat rocks :D12:28
Jucatonemo wearing a lipstick. nice imagery there :)12:30
Stskeepsslaine: would be good :)12:30
mecewhat's the status of Raspberry Pi these days? Can one order them already?12:30
slainemece: I don't think so12:30
slainethey're still drafting the final board layout as I understand it12:30
slainecan't wait to get one though12:31
meceYeah I showed the website to the embedded labs people here and they got all excited and started planning on uses12:32
slaineI'm using a Trimslice as my target at the moment12:33
mecething is, at that price you can use it for almost anything. I want my house full of those little things!12:33
slaineyeah, I can imagine having a few alright12:34
*** slx has joined #mer12:35
*** slx is now known as swerden12:35
jukkaeklunddo you the schedule for raspberry beta board?12:37
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer12:38
vgradejukkaeklund, end Nov, last date I saw.  I think the board layout is finalised12:38
jukkaeklundthanks, even12:39
*** siji has joined #mer12:40
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC12:40
mecehehe, ISO 20480012:41
*** berndhs has joined #mer12:41
slainevgrade: do you know if it'll be limited availability ?12:42
*** t7^ has joined #mer12:49
iekkuwhat's happening in here? have been busy the whole day12:56
slaineiekku: It looks like I've gotten a mer build env up and running on a local OBS vm, thanks to Stskeeps, so I'm happy ;)12:56
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer12:59
*** lilstevie has joined #mer13:01
*** stefanopi has quit IRC13:03
harbaumcordia doesn't really work our of the box for beagle. I see the clock, the battery icon and then it exits ....13:03
*** radekp has joined #mer13:03
*** stefanopi has joined #mer13:04
*** srikanth_rst has quit IRC13:04
*** lynxis has joined #mer13:06
*** leinir has quit IRC13:13
*** leinir has joined #mer13:14
*** faenil has joined #mer13:19
faenilso, I heard you've gone for Nemo :)13:19
Stskeepsthe CE stuff yes13:20
*** dm8tbr has quit IRC13:22
*** druid23 has joined #mer13:23
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer13:25
*** poohmaan has quit IRC13:25
*** NIN101 has joined #mer13:27
*** vivijim has quit IRC13:28
*** djszapi has joined #mer13:32
djszapiHello! Has anybody tried to make Mer work on ExoPC ?13:32
vgradeslaine, aiui, there will be 10,000 on the first run.  For the first week to order one you need to donate another one. ie pay for 2 but only get one.  The other one will be given to schools etc13:32
slainesounds good13:32
vgradedjszapi, see links on wiki13:33
slaineis there an order list already do you know ?13:33
*** vivijim has joined #mer13:33
slainemy understanding was it was first come first served when they'd announced it was available13:33
djszapivgrade: could you please make a definite comprehensive answer before doing my research whether it works or not ?13:34
*** druid23 has quit IRC13:34
djszapioh: http://bug10738.openaos.org/images/exopc/mer-plasma/13:35
vgradedjszapi, thats WIP, the mer dir above boots to qmlviewer13:36
*** druid23 has joined #mer13:36
*** srikanth_rst has joined #mer13:37
*** druid23 has quit IRC13:37
*** Guest56523 is now known as mord13:37
djszapivgrade: ah okay, so it is safer to put meego with PA onto my exopc this time ?13:37
*** Hoolxi has joined #mer13:37
vgradedjszapi, yes atm. I will give you a shout later when I get to rebuild x86 mer plasma13:38
*** pdanek has joined #mer13:39
*** kyranto has quit IRC13:39
*** akira_tsukamoto has left #mer13:41
*** yangmeat has quit IRC13:50
*** dm8tbr has joined #mer13:51
*** druid23 has joined #mer13:54
*** druid231 has joined #mer13:56
*** srikanth_rst has quit IRC13:56
*** druid23 has quit IRC13:59
slaineStskeeps: lots of stuff going through a building phase and then when finished marked as blocked14:01
*** djszapi has left #mer14:01
Stskeepsslaine: that's sane14:02
slainebootstrapping the build env14:02
slainegrand, that's what I hoped14:02
Stskeepslet me know when it finishes, and specs of your machine14:02
slainehehe, it'll be a while at this rate14:02
slaineand it's running in a VM14:02
Stskeepson my 12gb machine, i do 4 ports rebuild in 1 1/2 days14:03
slainenice machine14:03
Stskeepswith only ability to run 4 jobs at a time14:03
slaineI've a 2GB Desktop with an older Core 2 Duo :)14:03
slaineI've given the VM 2GB and 2 cpu's, 100GB of native lvm14:03
Stskeepslet's see how it goes14:04
vgradeslaine do you have a log of your steps?14:08
slainevgrade: not yet, I will work on that and provide Stskeeps with a patch14:08
slaineto the README14:08
slaineOr would an end to end how to be better ?14:08
vgradeI'm not sure as I've not tried the README14:09
Stskeepsi wouldn't mind someone doing a end-to-end wiki page on it14:10
vgradeI'm not sure I have a machine big enough14:11
*** radekp has quit IRC14:12
slaineStskeeps: I'll start off with the VM server setup right through to the README steps I guess so14:13
*** arnet has quit IRC14:13
*** tagunil has quit IRC14:18
*** javiF has joined #mer14:22
*** slx has joined #mer14:23
*** Mordae has quit IRC14:24
*** swerden has quit IRC14:25
harbaumStskeeps: Next thing: You need to setup a community device program! i love free gadgets :-)14:25
*** siji has quit IRC14:26
jbosFree Gadget ?! :)14:40
*** jjmarin has joined #mer14:43
*** mlfoster has joined #mer14:48
*** J-C has joined #mer14:50
*** thetet has quit IRC14:50
*** bergie has joined #mer14:53
*** beholder has joined #mer14:54
*** thetet has joined #mer14:54
*** srikanth_rst has joined #mer14:55
*** joonasta has quit IRC14:56
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*** mece has quit IRC15:01
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*** veskuh has quit IRC15:06
*** srikanth_rst has joined #mer15:08
*** faenil has quit IRC15:10
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*** norayr has joined #mer15:21
*** norayr is now known as arnet15:25
*** J-C has quit IRC15:26
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*** stefanopi has joined #mer15:38
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*** t7^ is now known as vilociraptor`15:48
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*** Mordae has joined #mer15:53
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC16:00
*** slonopotamus has joined #mer16:04
*** arnet is now known as arnet^off16:04
*** faenil has joined #mer16:08
*** pdanek has left #mer16:10
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*** Hoolxi has quit IRC16:14
*** stefanopi has quit IRC16:17
*** stefanopi has joined #mer16:18
*** keithzg has joined #mer16:20
*** ssirkia has quit IRC16:22
slaineIs there a mailing list for mer yet ?16:26
slaineor are we using meego-dev ?16:26
Stskeepsmeego-handset@ right now, we had some DNS problems so mailing list isn't up yet16:30
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC16:32
*** vetsin_ has joined #mer16:32
*** javiF has quit IRC16:37
*** vetsin_ has quit IRC16:37
*** slonopotamus has joined #mer16:38
*** NIN101 has quit IRC16:43
slaineStskeeps: I've created a document16:44
slaineI'd like to run through it tomorrow to make sure I've covered everything16:44
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer16:45
*** druid23 has joined #mer16:48
slaineWould like to extend it to cover armv7hl, but I assume it's a repeat of the linkpac command based on armv7hl rather than i58616:49
*** smoku has quit IRC16:51
slainetime to head, I'll follow up tomorrow16:51
slaineif the process works, I'll pass on the doc16:51
*** slaine has quit IRC16:52
*** trbs has joined #mer16:53
vgradeslaine, nice one, I'll give it a go when I find some suitable hw16:59
vgradeevening all16:59
*** shanem has joined #mer17:01
*** afiestas has joined #mer17:06
*** keithzg has quit IRC17:10
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*** stefanopi has joined #mer17:52
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harbaumHey guys, do you still have the DNS probem?18:34
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djszapiX-Fade any ideas for crashing compiler on c-obs ? :p https://build.pub.meego.com/package/live_build_log?arch=armv7el&package=soprano&project=home%3Arzr%3Aharmattan&repository=MeeGo_1.2_Harmattan_Maemo.org_MeeGo_1.2_Harmattan_standard18:34
Stskeepsharbaum: i think we're back to a sane state in the CP18:34
harbaumMy collegue told me that there has been an update yesterday and all domains are in the "ready" state18:34
harbaumThat's what my collegue also told me18:35
Stskeepsharbaum: we're assessing next steps atm but will probably go for known-working-in-.org nameservers and figure out along the way how nameservers get registered in this day and age :)18:35
harbaumIf you have very specific questions, feel free to ask. Those guys really know their stuff ...18:36
Stskeepsi have to update my own knowledge too, things have moved along a lot since you had to use email to register domains18:37
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gpdsorry for stupid question: can I run Mer / something better than Maemo 4.1 on my Nokia N800?18:55
*** djszapi has left #mer18:57
bigbluehatgpd: welcome to the club :)18:58
gpdbigbluehat: thanks :)18:59
bigbluehatsomeone here mentioned they'd got the touch screen working and were hacking on getting the LED to shut off18:59
bigbluehatnot sure about the progress tho or where we might track it18:59
*** tarantism has joined #mer18:59
gpdsearching Mer wiki for N8x0 gives nothing - looks like they gave up and moved to N900?18:59
Stskeepsgpd: so Mer's just a core, someone has to put together a hardware adaptation (kernel, etc) and someone has to get a UI working that doesn't need GLESv2/GLESv19:00
Stskeepsgpd: Mer has a built for ARMv6 though19:00
Stskeepsand i've done a bootup to qmlviewer with a modern kernel19:00
bigbluehatand Stskeeps has 2 N800 under his desk, so there's hope ;)19:01
*** arnet is now known as arnet^off19:01
Stskeepsbut i must say it's not high on my list, so others will have to lead the way19:01
Stskeepsie, n8x0 adaptation19:01
*** arnet^off is now known as norayr^off19:02
gpdStskeeps: ok - not too surprising - the n8x0's are pretty old now!19:02
*** norayr^off is now known as arnet19:02
Stskeepsgpd: but still working ;)19:02
gpdmine is now in the cellar, still working - but starting to crash a lot - possibly because I fed it too much saw dust!19:02
bigbluehatmine's under my desk19:06
bigbluehatplaying a midi version of the Sirens song19:07
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tarantismstskeeps: I like the new name for CE - Nemo - but thought I'd check you were aware of the latin meaning: "No one"?19:07
Stskeepstarantism: hehe19:08
tarantismstskeeps: so long as it doesn't mean the number of users19:08
tarantismstill think it's a cool name19:09
StskeepsNemo tries to project a stern, controlled confidence, but he is driven by a thirst for vengeance and a hatred of imperialism (particularly the British Empire) and wracked by remorse over the deaths of his crew members and even by the deaths of enemy sailors.19:09
Stskeepsis probably more likely ;)19:09
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tarantismhear, you leave of the British!!19:10
Stskeeps:cough: feb1119:10
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tarantismYou can't blame us for some bloody colonial!!!19:11
*** srikanth_rst1 has quit IRC19:11
berndhsyou should have taken him with you when you left19:12
tarantismI do like your analogy though.19:12
tarantismYou'd have been better with "Nelson"; he was magnificent on top of the Mer.19:19
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Stskeepsok, sleep time19:19
*** djszapi has joined #mer19:22
djszapiwould it possible for vendors to use drm along with mer ?19:22
*** gpd has left #mer19:22
Stskeepsdjszapi: that's best for their lawyers to evaluate, but we're -at the moment- still having same gplv2 and not gplv3 packages as meego did.19:24
Stskeepsthis is a thing that will, at some point, cause problems unless there's people actively maintaining the gplv2 branches19:25
djszapiif I am not mistaken, it was available as an option with the meego architecture for vendors, if they would like to have things like that.19:26
*** messerting has joined #mer19:26
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Stskeepsdjszapi: well, it was enforced on all packages, we have ancient coreutils as an example19:26
Stskeepsnot all19:26
*** wmarone_ has quit IRC19:26
Stskeepseverything that went on a reference image19:26
Stskeepsi would like to say that i give a rats ass about people being afraid of gplv3 but i'd like to see how much of a "gplv2 branch" effort could be shared with tizen19:27
Stskeepsas i'm not terribly convinced about gplv3 :P19:27
*** t73 is now known as velociraptor`19:28
Stskeepsanyhow, sleep19:29
djszapisleep well :)19:29
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mingwandroidvgrade: hey. some bad news, I dropped my laptop this evening on way home from work, broken the screen.20:03
*** mingwandroid has left #mer20:04
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vgrademingwandroid, ouch21:09
vgrademingwandroid, you can usually get replacements easily/cheaply21:09
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC21:10
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Mordaemingwandroid: Thay sucks.21:11
*** stefanopi has joined #mer21:11
Mordaevgrade: I was wondering... are you still working on MeeGo/Mer-based TV?21:11
MordaeI'll be in need of something like that in several (as in 3-5) months for when we're buying us a new flat.21:12
MordaeAnd I thought I'd mine some of your gray matter for that. :-)21:12
*** drussell has quit IRC21:15
vgradeMordae, yes still have the trimslice and will be building Mer for it soon. there may be some news on video soon as well21:16
*** antoniojasr has joined #mer21:16
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MordaeMarvelous. Looking forward to that.21:17
MordaeHave a nice night.21:18
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alteregoiekku: ping21:43
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smokuhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4XxQpJpitY :)22:05
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vgradesmoku, nice video, shows how easy it is to install on x8622:57
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