Monday, 2011-10-17

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jacobihi, all, I've just known this project from meego-dev list, I want to know the framework of mer , especially stuff related to the kernel level02:05
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cxl000jacobi the kernel is part of hardware adaptation. Packaging would occur in community or vendor projects using Mer02:38
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Stskeepsmorn iekku05:01
Jucatocoffee Stskeeps :)05:03
Jucatothat will be my standard "good morning" for you :P05:03
Jucatohm .. I think I'll have coffee too. in the middle of a (very) warm(after)noon :)05:05
Stskeepswhere are you located again?05:05
iekkummm, coffee05:10
Bostikblack tea, fresh sanguini juice, bacon, egg, bread, cheese, ...05:15
jrayhawkStskeeps: see question from 10 hours ago05:18
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Stskeepsjrayhawk: i'd say possibly, is it okay i return after we've done some more tests on distributing build load and automating it?05:21
jrayhawkSure, whatever. I'm in no hurry.05:21
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* KaziKluBey yawns05:30
Stskeepsmorn sage05:33
StskeepsSage: i'll probably drop linux-firmware and newt requirement of kernel-adaptation-n90005:35
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Sagesounds ok. I presonally don't want linux-firmware to the mer core as it really should be adaptation thing05:37
SageI've seen the pain with that package in MeeGo :)05:37
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Sagei2ctools, what requires that?05:43
Sagehmmp... something else as well as I have it in :MW:Shared05:43
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Sageanyone with n900 imaeg running and could write rpm -e i2ctools05:45
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Stskeepsmorn vgrade06:00
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eg81morgen :)06:21
*** Mordae is now known as Mordae[n900]06:21
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kyb3RStskeeps has been active in merging packages to Mer :)08:37
Stskeepsyeah, mostly my own stuff though :P08:38
StskeepsSage: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.J3O1UL: line 1: /sbin/new-kernel-pkg: No such file or directory08:38
Stskeepswarning: %post(kernel-adaptation-n900-2.6.37-7.1.armv7hl) scriptlet failed, exit status 12708:38
Stskeepswhat happens if you remove grubby as dep :)08:38
* lbt phones ISP .... again08:40
StskeepsSage: we also need dsme somewhere08:52
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harbaumDon't we have /sbin(chkconfig and /sbin/service anymore?09:08
Stskeepsno, we use systemd - sec09:08
Stskeeps  -- .service and .spec is a pretty good example09:09
* lbt still on phone up 2 mgmt levels so far...09:14
harbaumosc gives me "Server returned an error: HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized" has anything changed in the last few months?09:15
lbtno ...what value for -A ?09:15
lbtor your default OBS is changed?09:15
Stskeepsharbaum: try osc -A
harbaumosc -A  ls09:16
harbaumServer returned an error: HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized09:16
harbaumseems my credentials don't work anymore09:16
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Stskeepsremove from .oscrc and try again?09:17
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lbtharbaum not found in LDAP.09:21
lbtharbaum: have you ever used the community OBS ?09:21
lbtmmm yes09:22
dm8tbrfallout from those LDAP events a while ago?09:22
harbaumi can use the web interface09:22
lbtlogged in?09:22
harbaumi am logged in, yes09:22
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lbtdid you get your pw wrong or should I keep digging to see if there was a system problem ?09:25
harbaumi still don't have an idea how to deal with osc09:26
lbtthere's a ~/.oscrc file09:26
lbtin there is a set of values for different OBS's09:27
SageStskeeps: yes, well known. dsme well I would say that adaptation is the place for that?09:27
lbteg a section on []09:27
SageStskeeps: libdsme is in UX:MTF because qmsystem requires it09:27
lbtin there is a username/pw09:27
lbtcheck they are correct09:27
harbaumone sec ... i may have tried the wrong pw09:27
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SageStskeeps: but anyway something that I really don't want to push any lower in the repo arch as it is really MTF/N900 adaptation required package and nothing else09:28
lbtharbaum: may I msg you09:28
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StskeepsSage: agreed09:29
Stskeepsharbaum: basically just raze the section from your .oscrc09:30
lbt*nod* ... that's easiest09:30
harbaumi erased it, i prompts for the user/pw and then "401: basic auth failed"09:31
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Stskeepsare you able to use same on ?09:31
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Stskeepsmorn slaine09:32
harbaumOh, it's working now. I was confusing api.maemo with build.meego ...09:32
Stskeepsno problem, i do the same thing once in a while09:33
* lbt forgives you too :)09:33
lbtespecially if you help out on the msg I just sent :D09:33
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slainemorn Stskeeps10:04
Stskeepsslaine: let me know when you want another round of fighting with building against Mer -- should be majorly easier now10:07
slaineI never got the chance to look at it on Friday10:08
slaineI think it's my lack of knowledge of OBS that's the key problem10:08
Stskeepsnah, you're the prime kind of customer :)10:08
Stskeepsnoone can claim to really know obs deep down, the instructions were truly a bit difficult10:09
slaineam in a meeting atm, mondays and tuesdays are all about the meetings10:09
slaineI'll take a look when this one finishes10:09
Stskeepsjust let me know when you have time sometime and i'll guide you10:09
slaineshould be a short one this week as a few people are off after we made our release last week10:09
slainethanks Stskeeps10:09
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kyb3Rdm8tbr lol ' If the SteeringGroup decides to ignore all this and call it "PinkPonies", yes they can!'10:17
Stskeepsno no, it's cyan10:17
Stskeepser, or was that magenta10:17
Stskeepssmoku: gcc4.6 includes quite a few of the fixes that were linaro in 4.5, but yes10:18
mingwandroidStskeeps: I've been building linaro gcc for android this weekend. was a bit fidly to get it to build (gmp,mfpr,cloog,ppl libs needed)10:20
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Stskeepsmingwandroid: yeah, we can practically just dump in the tarball and recompile if need be10:21
Stskeepsmingwandroid: my plan is to get testing up and running and then we can upgrade some components10:22
Stskeepsbut UX'es and hw adaptations first10:22
mingwandroidWe'll be testing linaro gcc for android on necessitas qt, so I'll let you know if it works ok in that domain.10:23
Stskeepswe used linaro in 1.2, was quite god10:23
mingwandroidvgrade: hey10:26
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vgrademingwandroid, hi10:49
mingwandroidhey. good work on the arm packages!10:50
mingwandroidI'll fire up fedora in a bit and try to build a new image. Not got my vega with me at work today though so I'll not be able to test until tonight.10:50
vgradeI've done an image build but hd to leave for day job10:51
vgradeI expect we will still have the dbus issues as we do on x8610:52
mingwandroidvgrade: yeah, well, I can help investigate once I get on the same page10:55
lbtalterego: ping11:01
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mingwandroidvgrade: what .ks should I be look at for reference?11:03
alteregolbt: aloha11:05
lbthey ... bugzilla :)11:05
lbtwhen's good11:06
alteregoYes, probably in an hour or so?11:06
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alteregolbt: That good for you?11:07
*** stefanopi has joined #mer11:07
alteregoCool, I'll ping you in an hour then ;)11:07
slaineStskeeps: Ok11:07
slaineWhere's that README url again ?11:08
Stskeepsslaine: is the new one11:08
Stskeepsslaine: get to step 5 and start fakeobs and we can take it from there11:08
Stskeepsthe python ones are in order and is just install stuff11:09
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Stskeeps has a couple of new package imports, could someone help review them?11:12
StskeepsSage: isn't zypper supposed to be able to update when patterns update?11:18
mingwandroidvgrade: hey.11:19
slaineStskeeps: ok, doing the make part, probably gonna take a while there11:19
Stskeepsslaine: yeah11:19
slaineassuming that does the rsync11:19
slaine6, 7 and 8 are the steps I'm imagining will cause me the most problems11:20
Stskeepsmight or might not :)11:20
slainewell, I don't know OBS, so tasks like "add a remote link for your fakeobs's server, port 8001, /public, http, not-https" seems fine if you know OBS, will take some digging when you don't11:23
Stskeepsin practice i think you can click the "setup obs" link on front page11:23
slainethough I did this already the other week so should just be a case of refreshing my existing fakeobs setup11:24
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mingwandroidStskeeps: is there a reference ks I can look at anywhere?11:30
Stskeepsarmv7l, armv7hl?11:30
Stskeeps  - remove line 28, replace 78 with xorg-x11-drv-fbdev , remove lines 79 to 8811:33
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mingwandroidStskeeps: using trimslice nvidia x11 stuff, so np. thanks.11:34
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SageStskeeps: well, I haven't tested but in theory yes. However we don't have version numbers in patterns so that might be an issue11:54
Stskeepsbecause we should make sure you can do upgradeability11:55
Sageyes, I haven't done any research in that matter more than checked that there is possibility to add version numbers to patterns.11:57
Sageit might already work but haven't checked11:57
Stskeepswe should look into that, very important for CE11:57
w00tvery important for ~everyone ;)11:58
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alteregolbt: ping12:05
alteregoTrying to  remember how to log in12:09
alteregoAh, got it :)12:09
alteregoOkay, so I'm in.12:10
alteregolbt: do I not have sudo? Or do I need to set a password for myself first? I guess ssh auth with passwords are barred so it's okay setting a password?12:11
lbtOK ... sec12:11
alteregoOr am I not in the proper environment yet?12:11
alteregoI just ssh'd into access12:11
alteregoOh yes, we discussed this didn't we12:12
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harbaumStskeeps: omapfb seems to be running and pvr2d_test also. But i have not yet been able to run one of the 3d demos12:50
Stskeepsharbaum: -> and that kind of stuff?12:51
Stskeepsit's the softfp images right12:51
harbaumit#s probably something liek that12:51
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harbaumHmm .. .links look good. Perhaps it#s the fact that qmlviwer is runnign and not a real window manager12:55
*** drussell has joined #mer12:57
Stskeepssure that the is not mesa?12:57
harbaumHas the same size as the one in /usr/lib/ES3.012:57
Stskeepsand libGLESv2 too i assume12:58
harbaumand libGLES_CM also12:59
harbaumOh, wait, restarted pvr init script anually and now 3d is working13:02
harbaumSo my systemd stuff isn't 100% now ... but that should be easy to fix :-)13:03
harbaumanyway: we have 3d on mer on beagle :-)13:03
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Stskeepsharbaum: cool13:10
Stskeepsharbaum: congratulations :)13:10
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slaineStskeeps: having problems with that make13:18
slaine    repo = git.Repo(x, odbt=git.GitDB)13:18
slaineAttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'GitDB'13:18
slaineI can see from help/modules that gitdb is installed13:19
slaineand git for that mater13:20
Stskeepsslaine: hmmm13:20
Stskeepsslaine: python --version ?13:20
slaineit's 2.7, the one on Fedora 1413:21
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Stskeepshm, i run the same13:23
Stskeepsslaine: and gitpython was 0.3.2-rc113:25
slainei'll double check13:25
smokuStskeeps: what is the rationale behind i486 build?13:25
Stskeepssmoku: because there's plenty of interesting  machines out there with non-atom13:26
slaineStskeeps: ah, my bad. I pulled down the rpm version and that's only version 0.213:26
Stskeepsslaine: ah13:26
slaineI'll erase the rpm and pull down 0.3.2-rc113:26
smokuStskeeps: what i thaught. just wanted to confirm.13:27
Stskeepssmoku: long story short: i have a non-ssse3 media center ;)13:27
Stskeepsthat i'd like to use mer on13:27
vgradeStskeeps, another tegra2 target booting to QMLViewer, Asus Transformer. lilstevie just PM'd. He has uboot on that as well which may be applicable to the Vega13:31
slaineStskeeps: sudo pip-python install GitPython13:32
slainethat does the trick13:32
matrixxsmoku: I also have an old non-ssse3 laptop I would like to use for something nice :)13:33
slainevgrade: nice13:33
slaineI've a ton of Celeron-M gear that I've to support13:33
slainewould be nice to get Mer based os on those13:34
slaineStskeeps: it looks like that pip-python will also pull down dependencies13:35
*** mece has quit IRC13:35
mingwandroidvgrade: ooh, cool.13:36
Stskeepsslaine: cool13:37
slaineFor Fedora, the steps could be13:37
Stskeepsmingwandroid/vgrade: is there any good ways to let's say, automatically power on those?13:37
Stskeepsand install them13:37
slaine1) sudo yum group install "Development Tools" "Development Libraries"13:37
slaine2) sudo yum install "pip-python"13:37
vgrademingwandroid, for the ks running on the vega and now transformer13:38
slaine3) sudo pip-python install GitPython13:38
vgradeStskeeps, for automatic testing?13:39
Stskeepsvgrade: yeah13:39
mingwandroidvgrade: have you got your ks for PA? That's all I need to add to mine..13:39
vgrademingwandroid, not got access until I get home, but check out the x86 plasma ones13:40
mingwandroidI'm crap... linky?13:41
mingwandroidvgrade: what kernel did lilstevie use?13:41
vgrademingwandroid, 2.6.38 cros based13:41
*** lizardo has joined #mer13:41
mingwandroidvgrade: not mine then?13:42
vgrademingwandroid, I guess they are all very similar.  We have a TODO to get vega/trimslice booting from same one I guess we should add transformer13:43
vgradeStskeeps, not sure, I'll have a think.  hw not my strongest suit and I'll think it will involve spanners13:44
mingwandroidvgrade: I think booting from kernels built from the same tree is possible, but I'm fairly certain that booting the same zImage isn't worth persuing.13:44
Stskeepsvgrade: yeah, just curious13:44
*** pdanek has joined #mer13:44
vgradeI'm not suggecting the same zImage but if we had the same tree that would be a start13:45
smokumatrixx: someone wants to run cordia on amd turion netbook.  looks like I need to do 486 build too13:45
smokuis there a 486 kernel adaptation available?13:45
Stskeepspossibly kernel-adaptation-pc is usable13:46
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer13:46
StskeepsSage: so how bad is it getting up to qt mobility level?13:46
Stskeepsand qtwebkit13:46
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC13:47
SageI have that already so shouldn't be a real problem13:49
Sageonly thing that is currently stuck is the boss processes :)13:49
Stskeepsi meant like, how many extra packages13:49
Sagelet me check13:49
Stskeepsbecause i think qt + qt mobility + qt webkit is sane in core13:49
Sagewell, I would say that qt and xorg shouldn't be in core :)13:50
smokuStskeeps: I don't see an i486 architecture to pick on
smokuStskeeps: does it involve some XML editing?13:51
Stskeepssmoku: 'i586' is just a scheduler name13:51
Stskeepsbloody confusing, i agree13:51
Stskeepsso it's i486 repository, with i586 scheduler13:51
smokuso I should pick i586?13:51
Stskeepsand project Core:i548613:51
Stskeepser, i48613:52
smokuok. thanks13:52
StskeepsSage: well, we do that it's linux/qt core, so, that's my own reasoning :P13:52
StskeepsSage: still, <= 40013:52
matrixxsmoku: great, the more users the effort have, the more spent time doing it13:52
smokuoh. so it's not an architecture to build for, but architecture to build _on_13:52
matrixx*the more well spent time I mean13:52
Stskeepssmoku: -ish, yes13:52
Stskeepssmoku: it means along lines of "this scheduler can do at most i586"13:54
smokugot it13:54
SageStskeeps: qt-mobility brings pulse (and that then couple of other deps), gst bad, sensord, gconf13:54
Sageand qtwebkit requires qt-mobiliyt13:55
StskeepsSage: ok13:55
Sagebut I would say around 10 packages13:55
SageAll of those are in MW:Shared atm.13:55
Sagewhich is total of 32 packages atm.13:56
ShadowJKis that like arch=486 tune for i586?13:56
StskeepsShadowJK: no, mcpu=i486 or something directly13:56
StskeepsShadowJK: i586 == atom in meego for stupid reasons13:56
ShadowJKoh wait you're talking about obs scheduling13:57
SageStskeeps: also I dropped couple of deps from all of those and they could be dropped even more. Many of those are such however that many might use.13:57
SageStskeeps: however, many of those are quite close to the Core functionality.13:58
Stskeepsi think there's still stuff to investigate in core itself13:58
Sageyes, well Xorg vs wayland is something thus I would like to see xorg as a separate project, however so many things require Xorg so it might be hard.13:59
ShadowJKas long as gcc isn't getting mtune=i586, because that'd be supersilly even on atom ;)13:59
StskeepsSage: in a seperate project with xorg server outside, possibly.. but not sure14:00
StskeepsSage: i don't want to make it too difficult to do a bringup, it's enough we kicked out hw adaptations14:01
Stskeepsso that's the balance14:01
Sagebut I'm not sure if it would make it so much difficult if we get the process documented.14:01
Sagebut I agree on your reasoning in that.14:01
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harbaumspeaking of xorg: any plans to include xorg-x11-utils-xinput, xorg-x11-utils-xev etc?14:30
harbaumi need that for my touchscreen14:30
harbaumand yes, i think a sepererate xorg repository would make sense14:30
*** futbolsalas15 has left #mer14:31
*** veskuh has quit IRC14:32
harbaumOk, mer now directly boots into a working sgx accelerated setup ... what's the state of cordia :-)14:34
harbaumbtw: the qmlviwer doesn't look accelerated. how comes?14:35
w00tharbaum: do you have a console?14:35
dm8tbrplasma-active is also an interesting target :)14:35
w00tI guess probably not, but xterm would be handy to get you to try a few things14:35
*** srikanth_rst has quit IRC14:36
harbaumi have a serial console, yes14:37
*** mardy has quit IRC14:38
w00tharbaum: what's your hardware?14:38
w00tah, you use SGX14:38
w00tharbaum: can you try kill off qmlviewer and start it with qmlviewer -graphicssystem meego -opengl14:38
w00t(the graphicssystem bit may need tweaking, but let me know what happens)14:38
Stskeepsqmlviewer gets automatically started14:39
Stskeepsbetter to start a second one14:39
w00twell, whatever14:39
harbaumwhat script does the starting?14:39
Stskeeps /usr/share/xsessions/x-meego-qmlviewer.desktop14:40
harbaumOh ... i see acceleration :-)14:40
w00tharbaum: worked?14:40
* w00t should really do a bit of a writeup about this stuff14:40
harbaumyes, i now have two qmlviwers on the same screen14:40
*** javiF has joined #mer14:41
harbaumw00t: Hmm, animation is fast, but it sometimes "stutters"14:45
w00twhat qml are you trying?14:46
harbaumthe built-in qt logo animation14:46
Stskeepsharbaum: sure you're using omapfb?14:46
harbaumyes, why?14:46
Stskeepsjust checking14:46
harbaumAlso the drop down menus are not drawing poperly. it seems some draw events are missing/skipped14:48
Stskeepstry without -graphicssystem meego14:49
*** thetet has joined #mer14:51
harbaumruns fluid now14:52
harbaumonly redraw problems with the mouse14:52
harbaumwow, the intro looks so much nicer with acceleration14:53
slaineharbaum: what's the hardware ?14:54
*** lynxis has joined #mer14:54
*** joonasta has quit IRC14:56
*** NIN101 has quit IRC14:56
StskeepsXM or non-XM?14:58
harbaumHmm, after reboot i have the redraw problem again ... another reboot and it's gone ....15:00
*** t7^ has joined #mer15:00
Stskeepsmight be window manager issue15:00
harbaumrestarting uxlaunch also makes the problem appear and disappear randomly15:00
*** n900- has quit IRC15:00
*** harbaum has quit IRC15:02
*** afiestas has joined #mer15:04
*** araujo has quit IRC15:06
*** futbolsalas15 has joined #mer15:08
futbolsalas15hello, can someone help me to make a webconference about meego? I'm from Bogota, Colombia and at my university we will develop an Mobile OS Conference15:08
Stskeepshi, if you want to make about meego it's best to ask meego :) when is your conference?15:09
npmi think he meant mer15:10
futbolsalas15npm: yes, is about mer, that is succesor of meego, right?15:10
npmask Stskeeps :-)15:10
Stskeepswell, not directly a successor, but we do originate from there and share a lot of code15:11
npmthank you Stskeeps for keeping flame alive15:11
*** araujo has joined #mer15:12
futbolsalas15Stskeeps: ok, the conference is 31th october, 1st november and 2nd november / 2011, GMT: -5 (Bogota)15:12
futbolsalas15Stskeeps: any of those days15:13
Stskeepsok, and it's a web conference which means what?15:14
futbolsalas15like a video chat, similar to webex (
npmno free airfaire :-(15:15
*** antoniojasr has joined #mer15:16
futbolsalas15Stskeeps: like a video chat, similar to webex (
*** pdanek has quit IRC15:22
*** srikanth_rst has joined #mer15:23
futbolsalas15Stskeeps: have you available time for these days?15:25
*** t7^ has quit IRC15:25
Stskeepsfutbolsalas15: i'd say possibly, but when during the day?15:26
Stskeepsfutbolsalas15: i'm in poland, GMT+2 so it's a bit tough :)15:26
*** vivijim has quit IRC15:27
futbolsalas15Stskeeps: i see, please wait a moment while see the hours of the available conference15:27
*** vivijim has joined #mer15:28
*** slaine has quit IRC15:29
*** arnet has joined #mer15:33
*** Jonno has joined #mer15:33
futbolsalas1531 october, between 17 hrs - 23 hrs GMT+2; 1st november, between 15 hrs - 23 hrs GMT+2; 2nd november, between 15 hrs - 22 hrs. Any of those hours you can choose, the duration of each conference is an hour and a half15:34
futbolsalas15Stskeeps: 31 october, between 17 hrs - 23 hrs GMT+2; 1st november, between 15 hrs - 23 hrs GMT+2; 2nd november, between 15 hrs - 22 hrs. Any of those hours you can choose, the duration of each conference is an hour and a half15:34
*** stefanopi has quit IRC15:37
*** stefanopi has joined #mer15:38
futbolsalas15Stskeeps: have you time these days/hours?15:44
*** Jonno has quit IRC15:45
*** drussell has quit IRC15:48
Stskeepsfutbolsalas15: mail me at carsten.munk@gmail.com15:48
*** pdanek has joined #mer15:49
*** Jonno has joined #mer15:50
*** t71 has joined #mer15:51
*** Jonno has joined #mer15:51
*** jargon- has quit IRC15:54
futbolsalas15Stskeeps: thanks!15:54
*** futbolsalas15 has quit IRC15:54
*** lynxis has quit IRC15:55
*** lynxis has joined #mer15:55
*** bergie has quit IRC15:56
*** TomaszD has joined #mer16:03
*** TomaszD has joined #mer16:03
*** jargon- has joined #mer16:05
*** slx is now known as swerden16:08
*** srikanth_rst has quit IRC16:09
lbt1&1 have reset the domains16:11
lbtThe parent domain [] of the nameserver is owned by another registrar, so we cannot create ns []. We have reset the DNS for both domains and they should be at ready status within 24 hours.16:11
Stskeepsso it was the nameserver registration mockup16:12
lbtI was going to as harbaum to translate16:12
lbtI think it means "we are idiots"16:12
lbtespecially since they managed to do it for merproject.com16:13
Stskeepswell, .org is a different system16:13
lbtmmm :)16:14
*** teste has joined #mer16:16
Stskeepsso, what do we do once we have the domain back in proper state..?16:17
*** notmart has quit IRC16:18
*** teste has quit IRC16:19
*** notmart has joined #mer16:19
*** notmart has joined #mer16:19
*** mardy has joined #mer16:20
*** lynxis has quit IRC16:21
lbthonestly, you're going to have to find someone to persuade me that god exists because prayer is all I can think of right now....16:23
lbtTo make changes to your domain name - including changing name servers, renewing your domain name, or transferring or deleting a domain name you need to contact your registrar or reseller, who will put the request through to the .ORG registry. PIR, like all other domain name registries, is not allowed to change records directly for registrants.16:24
Bostikyou might want to take Valentine Smith approach to deities16:24
Bostik"Thou art god!"16:24
lbtI knew that16:24
* lbt demonstrates omniescence....16:25
lbt(although possibly not in the area of spellling)16:25
*** pdanek has left #mer16:25
Stskeepslbt: my worry is that record in nameserver database is forever messed, let's see what WHOIS says in 24 hours16:28
Stskeepslbt: i think what happened is something i recall from years back.. when you registered a nameserver it mailed the various contacts of the domain it is under, but this may have been transferred to another process now16:29
Stskeepsie to see "is this legit"16:29
X-FadeWell, we have other domains we can point to the same ip if needed.16:29
Stskeepsand get register as ns16:30
*** shanem has joined #mer16:30
Stskeepsin other news, i just saw a tv series here on polish TV where a guy had a n900..16:30
Stskeepsalternatively we can use my typical DNS provider, those i know is properly registered for .org16:33
Stskeepsbut let's just get the domain in working order first..16:33
smokuStskeeps: what was that?16:38
Stskeepssmoku: Plebania (telenowela)16:39
smokuo_O  you watch this stuff? :)16:39
Stskeepsno, just noticed while we were browsing16:39
* smoku lulz16:40
*** vetsin_ has joined #mer16:40
smokuStskeeps: hawk's vision ;-)16:41
*** lynxis has joined #mer16:41
smokuthat you spotted it16:41
StskeepsSage: pretty close, 10 packages to be deps for qtmobility and qtwebkit16:42
*** vetsin_ has quit IRC16:46
*** faenil has joined #mer16:51
*** tagunil has quit IRC16:52
SageStskeeps: took from my MW:Shared?16:53
SageJust wondering if you included those calendard etc things from T:T16:53
*** Jucato has quit IRC16:54
*** smoku has quit IRC16:55
*** lynxis has quit IRC16:58
*** javiF has quit IRC17:04
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer17:05
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has quit IRC17:09
*** lynxis has joined #mer17:14
vgradeStskeeps, did you remove qmf from qt-mobility, I could not get it to compile for arm.  OBS just sits there until job is cancelled.17:16
tripzeroSage, do you still want access to devel:meego-ux?17:17
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has joined #mer17:23
*** jjmarin has joined #mer17:23
*** Jucato has joined #mer17:24
*** srikanth_rst has joined #mer17:27
*** messerting has joined #mer17:29
*** krayon has left #mer17:33
*** Sleepy_Coder has quit IRC17:36
*** messerting has quit IRC17:44
*** lynxis has quit IRC17:51
*** Khertan has quit IRC17:52
*** srikanth_rst has quit IRC17:52
*** trbs has joined #mer17:57
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC17:59
StskeepsSage: didnt, took from you18:03
Stskeepsbut now i think my router is fried18:03
*** notmart has quit IRC18:05
*** Jonno has quit IRC18:06
*** lynxis has joined #mer18:07
*** harbaum has joined #mer18:14
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer18:17
* lbt prepares to pounce on harbaum ....18:17
mordlbt: i think your books survived the move btw18:18
mordso ping me when in hel18:18
lbtmord: ah... that may be a problem :)18:18
mordhumm, i see.18:18
*** smoku has joined #mer18:19
*** faenil has quit IRC18:20
Sagetripzero: atm. no time to play with that and frankly not so much interest either.18:23
*** TomaszD has quit IRC18:23
vgrade, plama on Mer on Vega18:23
*** vetsin_ has joined #mer18:24
*** antoniojasr has quit IRC18:24
*** vetsin_ has quit IRC18:26
*** lynxis has quit IRC18:28
w00ttripzero: i think the general consensus has been to give up on the core OBS (due to it being down more often than up)18:28
w00talthough lbt is still valiantly trying to get access to fix it :)18:29
lbtw00t: think of the children ^H^H^H^H^H ex-customers18:29
w00tlbt: yeah, I think it's frankly unprofessional and shocking the way it's basically been left to rot18:30
lbtWell, I quite agree18:31
berndhsI feel bad for the companies that actually try to work with it18:32
*** messerting has joined #mer18:35
Stskeepsvgrade: cool18:37
Stskeepsvgrade: Mer-based?18:37
vgradeStskeeps, yes18:40
vgradeits taking the opposite route to Sage, ie providing all plasma deps over and above Mer core18:41
* Stskeeps glances at fried router18:41
vgradeI did have to work around qmf and gobject-introspection as they won't build on arm18:41
vgradebut all other deps are there18:42
w00tqmf really really really really needs upgrading18:43
w00twhere's that atm, vgrade?18:43
vgradew00t, qmf build is odd, its ok on x86 but on arm it gets to a point and just seems to stop. OBS kills the build after a few hours18:44
*** lynxis has joined #mer18:44
w00tah, ok, you packaged it yourself18:45
w00ti was thinking that we had a shared project for that stuff somewhere18:45
vgradeI was working in parallel to Sage, I'm still learning so used this as a exercise18:45
vgradeI was working providing all deps while Sage was/is cutting things out like doc deps18:46
vgradeI'm don't know what to cut so went this route18:47
*** srikanth_rst has joined #mer18:52
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Stskeeps18:53
*** Stskeeps changes topic to "Mer is back! - - | Temporary location for wiki: | Contribution to packages: | Building against Mer in COBS: | This channel is logged,"18:53
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o Stskeeps18:53
w00tStskeeps: "temporary location for wiki"? :)18:54
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Stskeeps18:54
*** Stskeeps changes topic to "Mer is back! - - | Wiki: | Contribution to packages: | Building against Mer in COBS: | This channel is logged,"18:54
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o Stskeeps18:55
mingwandroidProblem: nothing provides hardlink needed by kernel-adaptation-vega-devel-
mingwandroidanyone got any ideas?18:58
*** srikanth_rst has quit IRC19:00
*** srikanth_rst has joined #mer19:02
*** t71 has quit IRC19:07
*** t71 has joined #mer19:07
*** fiferboy has joined #mer19:12
*** Christopher has joined #mer19:16
jonnor_workvgrade, if gobject-introspection does not build on ARM, please help fix it. I can help test and get things merged, CC jononor@gmail.com19:18
jonnor_workat the very least file a bug/bugs19:18
*** Christopher has quit IRC19:18
* Stskeeps sees meego pulseaudio package and runs away screaming19:28
Stskeeps48 patches and counting19:29
vgradejonnor, will file bug. If I had any idea what it was trying to do that would be a start in fixing it19:30
*** stefanopi has quit IRC19:30
*** stefanopi has joined #mer19:30
jonnor_workStskeeps, upstream first ;)19:30
*** harbaum has joined #mer19:30
jonnor_workMeeGo succeeded so well on so many levels19:31
mingwandroidStskeeps: You ever seen "nothing provides hardlink" before?19:31
Stskeepsmingwandroid: no, that's new, but indeed, it is missing in Mer,
mingwandroidStskeeps: ah, can you add it?19:32
mingwandroidStskeeps: sounds kinda core to me.19:33
vgradeharbaum, cool. CONFIG_MT19:33
vgradeharbaum, CONFIG_MTD=n19:33
harbaumWithout recompiling the kernel?19:34
Stskeepsmingwandroid: i'm kind of curious why it needs that though19:34
harbaumAnd why should i disable mtdblock entirely, i just not want them to be fsck'd19:34
mingwandroidStskeeps: I install my devel version of the kernel by default (so hackers can code/investigate problems)..19:35
mingwandroidStskeeps: so I guess kernel devel packages use hardlinks to save space.19:35
Stskeepsmingwandroid: yeah, -devel is kernel headers so you can build modules, not much else i think19:35
mingwandroidStskeeps: also develop software.19:35
vgradeharbaum, fair point19:35
Stskeepsusually you should compile against kernel-headers, to be matching rest of userland19:36
mingwandroidStskeeps: for example, I'm developing a dual boot init program for vegacomb (hold power down, it'll boot mer).19:36
mingwandroidStskeeps: but then we'd have to harmonise kernel across all hw?19:36
harbaumIs there a .ks file for cordia somewhere?19:37
vgradeharbaum, could you link your qmlviewer one there?19:37
Stskeepsmingwandroid: well, strictly speaking you rarely should need exact kernel headers :P19:38
mingwandroidStskeeps: sounds fraught with peril ;-)19:38
*** seezer has quit IRC19:40
*** lynxis has quit IRC19:41
harbaumvgrade: i don't have the .ks here, but will put it somewhere tomorrow19:41
*** seezer has joined #mer19:42
mingwandroidStskeeps: but you're cool with adding it?19:43
Stskeepsmingwandroid: i'll think a bit about it - we're trying to have a good reason for all packages - i just ditched newt and linux-firmware from my own adaptation packages19:44
vgradeharbaum, thanks, we are getting quite a list built up of devices which boot Mer, n810, n900, ideapad, exopc, advent vega, asus transformer19:44
mingwandroidok, for now we'll work around it.19:44
vgradeharbaum, oh and the Raspberry Pi19:46
Stskeepsmingwandroid: long story short you're welcome to add it to your own repos19:47
mingwandroidStskeeps: yeah, that's my work around!19:47
lbtharbaum: ah.... you are here.... got a min? X-Fade, Stskeeps and I need to sort out the domain and you may have some knowledge :)19:48
Stskeepslbt: we need to look into properly registering in the nameserver database19:49
Stskeepsit still exists, , note the selection for "nameserver"19:49
*** lynxis has joined #mer19:51
harbaumlbt: I have forwarded the peoblem to one of our network gurus19:51
lbtOK - ta19:51
lbtI was writing an email to you before I popped back here19:51
lbta few mins ago someone did a reset on the control panel19:52
Stskeepslbt: so, until we know we have properly registered (how, i'm not exactly sure), i wouldn't risk trying to switch to anything else than nameservers19:52
lbtStskeeps: I cc'ed you19:52
lbt"I am not going to use the control panel to do this since last time I tried it took 10 days to get control of the domain back."19:53
dm8tbrStskeeps: works on the same nameservers?19:53
Stskeepslbt: doesn't use as a nameserver in the WHOIS record19:54
lbtStskeeps: that should not matter19:54
Stskeepser, that was for dm8tbr19:55
* dm8tbr just checked and the company where we registered formeego added at least my nameserver to the registry19:55
StskeepsName Server:FLUX.NERDSURF.DE19:55
StskeepsName Server:DK0TD.AFTHD.HG.TU-DARMSTADT.DE19:55
StskeepsName Server:NS3.MEEGO.COM19:55
dm8tbrso yes, the second one is mine19:55
dm8tbractually need to drop the first one19:55
Stskeepslong story short: the problem is that isn't registered in the database of name servers and 1and1's control panel tried to register it anyway, failing, because it needs to be done within the registrar of formeego.org19:57
Stskeepsthat's the problem here19:57
dm8tbrso should I make that happen?19:58
Stskeepsyes, but i'm not entirely sure how you can :)19:58
Stskeepsas it happens automatically for most things these days19:58
*** srikanth_rst has quit IRC19:58
dm8tbrwe could add as a nameserver to formeego.com19:58
lbtand yet 1&1 made it happen for .com19:58
dm8tbrpresto, needs to be registered19:58
*** druid23 has joined #mer19:58
Stskeepslbt: i think .com is lacking some checks .org has19:58
dm8tbrerr, dammit needs to be org19:58
lbthmm so we now have .com19:59
lbtwe can make ns.merproject.com19:59
dm8tbrwe could register it as a nameserver to ;)19:59
lbtnah... wrong circle19:59
dm8tbror that19:59
dm8tbrtrying to avoid might be a good choice if that entry screwed up19:59
Stskeepsfrankly: i think once it's back in able to be set, we set it to the DNS provider i traditionally use, instead of trying to dive further into entry problems20:00
Stskeepsas i -know- it works for .org (
lbtStskeeps: we want our own NS20:00
lbtespecially if we need to run mail lists20:00
Stskeepsthat's not a problem with my provider, my dad runs (spam) mailing lists20:00
Stskeepsi can set IN MX and all the jazz, unlimited entries,etc20:01
lbtI think if we can manage then will be fine20:01
*** slonopotamus has joined #mer20:01
slonopotamusStskeeps: and you know what? i have touchscreen and keypad working on n800 with 2.6.38!20:02
Stskeepsslonopotamus: cool20:02
*** NIN101 has joined #mer20:02
bigbluehatslonopotamus: woot!20:03
* bigbluehat trolls here for an n800 build :)20:03
slonopotamusStskeeps: just took last commit where it still existed in linux-omap, tweaked a bit so it compiled against 2.6.38, put a bunch of code into board file and voila20:03
Stskeepslbt: if you want to run your own NS then you have to be bloody sure it's registered properly as a NS in the database. all i'm saying is that i have something that works, doesn't limit us and hasn't failed me20:03
*** mingwandroid has quit IRC20:05
slonopotamusStskeeps: and all stuff took around 1h (well, and a couple of days for failed attempt to use diablo version of driver)20:05
*** mingwandroid has joined #mer20:07
slonopotamusnext goal is n800 led (being constantly ON drives me mad)20:07
*** t7^ has joined #mer20:08
bigbluehatslonopotamus: let me know if there's a way I can track your progress and/or help out20:08
* bigbluehat is out for a bit20:08
*** t71 has quit IRC20:08
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC20:09
slonopotamustimed quit :)20:09
Stskeepsdm8tbr: can you ask your registrator to help you register properly as a name server? and i don't mean within your WHOIS record for formeego.org20:10
*** t73 has joined #mer20:10
*** druid231 has joined #mer20:12
* lbt suspects that if you add ns.formeego.org20:13
lbt as a Name Server for formeego.org20:13
*** stefanopi has quit IRC20:13
lbtthen it may add itself20:13
*** druid23 has quit IRC20:13
*** t7^ has quit IRC20:13
*** stefanopi has joined #mer20:13
lbtbut .. I still say all this crap is due to 1&1 not doing this for us... and they should either add it or tell us we need to add it. A lot like the way they handle transfer requests20:14
Stskeepsi think what happened was a bug in the system as it expected it would be able to add the nameserver to the database for .org without problems as it did in .com20:15
*** t73 has quit IRC20:15
Stskeepsthey aren't supposed to be able to add for random domains, as far as i know20:16
*** arnet has quit IRC20:21
Stskeepsso i'm basically just pondering if we can cut our risks and use known working solutions, doesn't even have to the dns provider i use :P20:22
*** harbaum has quit IRC20:27
*** drussell has joined #mer20:35
*** shanem has quit IRC20:35
dm8tbrStskeeps: prod me tmw morning, I'll ask my friend to update the ns records for formeego.org20:36
*** srikanth_rst has joined #mer20:39
*** lamikr has quit IRC20:39
*** toscalix has joined #mer20:43
*** srikanth_rst has quit IRC20:43
*** t71 has joined #mer20:44
*** lynxis has quit IRC20:45
*** messerting has quit IRC20:53
*** fiferboy has quit IRC20:53
*** lynxis has joined #mer20:57
vgrade, plasma on Vega21:03
*** lynxis has quit IRC21:08
mingwandroidvgrade: congrats21:09
*** kidproquo has quit IRC21:10
vgradeand to you and cxl00021:10
vgradea Mer/MeeGo tegra team effort21:14
RaYmAnwow, that's pretty smooth :)21:16
RaYmAn(haven't been paying attention lately)21:16
*** lynxis has joined #mer21:18
*** toscalix has quit IRC21:18
*** thetet has quit IRC21:20
smokuwhat should I give to uxlaunch if I'm going to run my desktop environment from systemd?21:20
*** lynxis has quit IRC21:23
vgradeRaYmAn, hi, yea we've been busy.  lilstevie as transformer booting to Qml viewer21:25
RaYmAncool :)21:25
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC21:26
vgradesmoku, the way of starting things have changed a little, you setup a desktop file then link21:28
vgradesmoku, see bottom of,
smokuvgrade: that I know. but i have 3 processes to start, not one21:30
vgradeI think you may be able to have multiple Exec's or create a sh21:31
smokuthat wouldn't monitor if one of them dies and restarts it21:32
smokui need to dig how Maemo does that21:32
vgradesmoku, systemd is new to me so just feeling my way on it atm21:33
smokuMaemo has a supervisor that watches both Xorg and all hildon-* processes21:33
smokuit should be possible to mimic with systemd21:33
smokuBTW, how is XOrg started in current Mer setup?21:35
smokugot it. /lib/systemd/system/
smokueasy peasy :D21:42
smokuoh. how I would like to have a text editor installed :/21:44
*** dijenerate has joined #mer21:52
*** stefanopi has quit IRC21:52
*** stefanopi has joined #mer21:53
*** trbs has quit IRC21:53
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC21:56
*** jjmarin has quit IRC21:58
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC21:59
smokugot it.  I have it kicking from systemd :D22:08
*** lynxis has joined #mer22:19
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:37
*** Mordae[n900] has quit IRC22:45
*** druid231 has quit IRC22:49
*** lizardo has quit IRC22:54
*** ezjd has joined #mer23:13
smoku  :-)23:18
*** KaziKluBey has quit IRC23:27
*** smoku has left #mer23:31
*** asdfafew has joined #mer23:34
*** wubudubudubudu has quit IRC23:37
*** lynxis has quit IRC23:48
*** KaiRo_Mozilla has joined #mer23:58

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