Wednesday, 2014-10-29

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ryukafalzchriadam: o.o01:34
chriadamthat was a long time ago, and some of the worst problems with the leaf merging have been solved, afaik01:34
chriadambut clearly the unbalanced nature of the tree means that space utilisation inefficiency can grow out of hand in some circumstances :-/01:35
chriadamif you make sure that rebalancing is scheduled regularly, to avoid that problem, that translates into (potentially long) delays after syncs, and excess writes to your flash... so... yeah.01:37
chriadamI'm no fs expert at all, but from a layperson's view, it seems suboptimal for mobile use case.01:37
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locusfmorning all :)07:13
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#680 Rejected promotion request07:20
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#681 Rejected promotion request07:20
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#682 Rejected promotion request07:20
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#686 Rejected promotion request07:20
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#687 Rejected promotion request07:20
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#683 Rejected promotion request07:20
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dr_gogeta86hi locusf08:32
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locusfhi dr_gogeta8611:22
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dr_gogeta86how do you do11:28
dr_gogeta86winter is coming here11:28
locusfall good, its coming here as well11:28
coderuswinter is already here for a month or so :D11:33
coderusits RUSSIA :D11:33
locusfcoderus: are you in siberia by any chance? The winters there are quite different in Finland compared to the Siberian ultra-winters11:35
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coderuslocusf: nope, urals11:39
locusfcoderus: ok cool :)11:39
Adriano_Can someone give me some help with OBS11:53
Adriano_How to choose the package from the list11:56
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hedayatlocusf: Thanks for merging my pr. And happy to see some progress. I wonder if we can get call (then SMS) functionality working, so that we could have a real phone with Nemo on N9.12:20
locusfhedayat: no problem :)12:20
locusfhedayat: yes, calling did work last year, lets see if we can revive it12:20
locusfthe apps are _ancient_ which control calling and messages12:21
locusfbut they are ported to qt512:21
hedayatlocusf: probably the first step is to get ofono working correctly. It is even failing to register my PIN code.12:22
locusfhedayat: yes12:22
hedayatlocusf: Sailfish (with 3.5.x kernel) recognizes if my PIN code is correct, but then says that no sim cards are available. So, at least for the PIN code the problem should not be related to kernel itself.12:26
hedayatlocusf: OK, I should go now. will come back later probably with some efforts on ofono12:26
locusfhedayat: ok see you later :)12:26
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hedayatsee you12:32
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Adriano_Someone know what dependencyes of lipstick from nemomobile?12:36
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MSameerStskeeps: builds fine in OBS. I tried it15:32
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StskeepsMSameer: ~2-3 hours after kid is asleep, will merge afterwards, that ok?15:38
MSameerStskeeps: that's fine for sure. I am currently rebuilding the reverse dependencies15:38
MSameerbut FDO git is busted15:39
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StskeepsMSameer: added you as maintainer/master on that repo17:24
MSameerthank you17:26
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MSameerStskeeps: I am keeping gstreamer 1.x for now under github/sailfishos but let's discuss at some point if we want them in mer/nemo17:34
MSameerI didn't want to add more to the merge mess so kept them elsewhere17:35
Stskeeps'll want them there17:38
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MSameerI agree. just ping me when you are free17:41
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hedayathi filippz! Should call/sms work in Nemo for N9 using 3.5 kernel? :P19:53
filippzhedayat: I guess you'll have to find out :)19:54
filippzCMT was broken for "years", and while I've found the reason for "ssi_protocol ssi_protocol: WAKELINES TEST FAILED" message - no further testing was done19:55
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hedayatfilippz: Actually, I wanted to know if kernel support is there. The N9 kernel update status page says that you've completed it, correct?19:55
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filippzhedayat: I've just fixed the above error - CMT itself was c/p from 2.6 kernel ( but errored out19:56
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hedayatfilippz: hmm... OK, thanks. I'll try to find out! It seems more essential than camera for now, so I decided to look at it.20:01
filippzhedayat: I'm looking at the camera right now :)20:02
hedayatfilippz: great! :)20:02
filippzI'm battling with osc/obs - we need waylandsink from gst-plugins-bad, but waylandsink is not built - I have to change it's spec (or something)20:03
hedayatI've not started to work with/learn osc/obs yet, but it seems that spec should be fixed. probably by configure options or adding build requirements.20:07
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Stskeepswe don't use waylandsink in sailfishos, fwiw20:09
filippzStskeeps: yes - waylandsink is missing from gst-plugins-bad-free-0.10.23.tar.bz2 - this seems a goof time to call for help: MSameer :)20:11
filippzIIRC, I've just added files/configuration from and recompiled it - I should have that lib somewhere20:13
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MSameerfilippz: I am not sure waylandsink is even part of a released plugins-bad20:17
MSameerfilippz: but I see you found it20:18
filippzMSameer: Hi, yes - I did it that way the last time - I'm not sure is that approach is the right one20:18
filippzI'll rebuild it locally to get waylandsink - just for testing, and we'll see from there20:19
MSameerfilippz: seems it got added but never released20:20
MSameerso there seems to be no other way20:20
filippzwell - "bad" has it's meaning, but seems that wayland wasn't good enough to be released - even with "bad" ones :)20:21
filippzstill I had no problems with that sink, just with libomap3camd20:22
MSameerit got merged apparently after 0.10.23 and then gstreamer project never released anything after that because they moved to 1.x20:22
MSameerthey don't support it anymore thus it was never released20:22
MSameerfilippz: I thought you fixed the issues with libomap3camd already!20:23
filippzMSameer: yes - one specific version did work. Latest was erroring out with floating point exception, and FCam was segfaulting20:23
MSameeroh crap20:24
filippzhedayat was showing some interest in trying it out, but we first need to get waylandsink thing to play with this further20:24
MSameerwell, I'd rather stick to the working version then until camera works then switch to latest and try to fix20:25
MSameermakes sense20:25
filippzby latest I mean "most broken one" - (for example it has hardcoded path to /home/user - while we have /home/nemo)20:26
MSameerI don't  believe how bad those guys are20:26
filippzthe one packaged in nemo repos works OK (at least when I tested it)20:26
MSameerfilippz: we can work around it by wrapping the library20:26
filippzMSameer: np, we'll get waylandskin thing to work first, and see from there20:27
MSameerit should work20:28
MSameerI think I tried it long ago20:28
filippzanyway - kids are getting ready to bed, so I must go - good night people o/20:28
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Ken-YoungIs anyone online who is familiar with the status of Nemo running on Nokia N950 devices?20:54
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OksanaKen-Young: I do not know much. I have Neo950 device, I have Nemo running on it. I have not updated it for a long time, I am waiting for new image. locusf , filippz , hedayat , faenil try to get it working. Stskeeps is the one responsible for OBS builder. MSameer also contributes to the repository (mer-core).21:27
OksanaN950*, sorry21:28
MSameerKen-Young: locusf and faenil (he's not around now apparently)21:28
OksanaN950 device is armv7hl, afaik. See status here:
Ken-YoungOksana and MSameer - thanks for the tips!21:35
Ken-YoungOksana, i looks like the last available image for the N950 is from February of this year.   Does that sound correct to you?21:36
Ken-Youngs/i looks/it looks/21:36
Oksana2014-02, yes21:36
Ken-YoungSmells like a dead end to me.21:36
OksanaAnd as far as I could notice, do not dare to attempt to upgrade from it ! zypper upgrade would break everything, last one or two times I tried.21:37
OksanaNot a dead end.21:37
OksanaThey are upgrading to Qt 5.221:37
OksanaThus, there were some conflicts between different packages having different Qt versions, lipstick not starting.21:38
OksanaThat's why it took such a long time to get everything to build. Right now it builds, and even lipstick starts.21:38
OksanaSee here, if you want a newest image :
OksanaRight now, they are putting small fixes in, so the phone would work, and such.21:39
OksanaI mean, operating system itself works, just the applications (such as voicecall-ui) may easily be not working21:40
OksanaKen-Young ? ^21:40
Ken-YoungThanks - I did not know where to look for the latest builds.   I personally could care less about the phone features.21:40
Ken-YoungOksana, yes?21:41
OksanaYes, that's the latest build as far as I know. They (locusf , faenil) are trying latest-latest builds, with fixes and such, but not putting them into a repository yet - because they have not finished fixing yet.21:42
Ken-YoungWith the version of Nemo I have on my N950 now, the keyboard doesn't work well enough to be useful, which is quite annoying.   I'll try the latest buld.   Thanks again for the pointer.21:43
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hedayatKen-Young: Oksana: There is also this one for N9, but I'm not sure about its N950 status:
hedayatOops, I'm a bit late21:47
OksanaThanks! How does it work?21:50
hedayatI'm going to get it tonight :P But should be much better than 17 Oct image.21:51
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hedayatwhich died shortly after boot. It also runs in portrait mode rather than landscape mode.21:52
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Jef91Is there a table on what works/doesn't work with nemo on the N9?22:03
hedayatJef91: I think there were one in wiki, let me check22:05
hedayatJef91: but if you are referring to the latest images, most hw doesn't work! :P22:06
Morpog_PC__latest image = stay away :)22:07
Jef91sounds about right for alterantive OSes on ARM hardware22:07
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hedayatIt certainly is not about latest images!22:12
OksanaWhat's wrong in the latest images? :)22:14
OksanaWhen you run the latest (28th) image, post the log with error :?22:14
Oksanaerrors*, even22:15
hedayatOksana: First of all, they use 3.5 kernel rather than 2.6.32.x kernel, which is a huge change. But also, many packages are upgraded  and some applications are not. So many things are broken.22:15
hedayatOksana: You mean system logs? OK! But some applications doesn't start at all, sometimes due to missing dependencies.22:16
hedayatAnd I'm trying to see if I can help getting 'call' functionality work. Currently, I'm even unable to enter my PIN code using ofono test binaries.22:17
OksanaUpgraded packages = good. Applications not upgraded = problem. :) Thank you for logs! Does ofono tell any error?22:18
hedayatI've not checked the debugging logs of ofonod yet, but while it does recognize my N9 modem (as n900 modem), when I try to run enter-pin sample binary it says that EnterPin dbus interface is not provided.22:20
hedayatI don't remember the exact logs but should be available in channel logs.22:20
hedayatTomorrow I'll start looking into it more thoroughly22:21
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hedayatlocusf: there? :P please see my last comment:
hedayatlocusf: IMHO, all user services must have a OOMScoreAdjust= field23:20
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