Thursday, 2014-10-30

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OksanaFunny... In this commit, you discuss value "-750". In the file, I see "+OOMScoreAdjust=-705". Misprint?03:47
OksanaRead :
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locusfmorning, should have apparently stayed up longer last night :)05:10
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OksanaGood morning. How is it going? What bugs are left? Is dbus working?05:17
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locusfOksana: calls don't work05:28
locusfdbus is functioning05:28
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Stskeepsmoo wazd07:52
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filippzhedayat:  camera "demo":
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hedayatfilippz: wow, nice. Specially with this picture :);10:58
filippzhedayat: my daughter of 5 already paint  better than me :)10:59
filippzI can provide you with more details of setup if needed10:59
hedayatfilippz: :) And what backend is it using? FCam or lib... (I don't remember!) :P11:00
filippzlibomap3camd - I was newer able to run it with FCam11:00
filippzI used : gst-launch-0.10 subdevsrc2 ! ffmpegcolorspace ! waylandsink11:01
filippzfirts you need  subdevsrc2 from gstreamer0.10-nokia-videosrc2 (
filippzyou must remove gstreamer0.10-nokia-videosrc first11:02
hedayatfilippz: and should install waylandsink..?11:03
filippzhedayat: yes you need waylandsink - I have it here: - put it in /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/11:03
hedayatfilippz: IIRC, there was problems with newer libomap3camd, do you use the older version?11:04
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filippzhedayat: version packaged into nemo works OK. I was testing with the latest one from Harmattan - It didin't work11:04
filippzmaybe FCam is the right way to go11:05
filippzalso I've noticed that the image is now rotated - since we rotated N9 screen to make  glacier/sailfish home work - that shouldn't be a problem11:06
filippzhedayat: any luck with CMT?11:07
hedayatfilippz: hmmm OK, thanks! For FCam, did you use binaries for Harmattan or compiled your own? The floating point exceptions can't be related to ABI used while compiling?11:07
hedayatfilippz: Not yet, actually I'm going to start working on it just now.11:08
filippzhedayat: I've used binaries - you are right - compiling it from scratch would be better11:09
filippzhedayat: I must go now, but leave a message if I can help with the modem thing11:10
hedayatfilippz: OK, thanks :)11:10
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locusfwhwts cmt?11:39
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dr_gogeta86updating n916:55
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locusfdr_gogeta86: yes?17:27
dr_gogeta86flashed or untarred ?17:28
dr_gogeta86nemo on n917:28
dr_gogeta86but now :-D17:28
dr_gogeta86ui not works well17:29
dr_gogeta86is my fault ?17:29
locusfprobably not17:29
locusfhow not well?17:29
dr_gogeta86some kernel args are needed17:29
dr_gogeta86or other17:30
dr_gogeta86keyboad is longer then display17:32
dr_gogeta86for example17:32
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locusfcan you snap a photo?17:36
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dr_gogeta86time to locusf18:35
locusfdr_gogeta86: ?18:36
dr_gogeta86to be short18:37
dr_gogeta86everything is ok18:37
dr_gogeta86but is stretched18:37
dr_gogeta86is unsuable on n918:37
dr_gogeta86sent via twitter18:40
dr_gogeta86and tweetian strikes again18:41
locusfok now I see it18:42
locusfthats some strange rendering18:42
dr_gogeta86don't mind about n9 display18:42
locusfwonder if filippz would know something about this18:42
dr_gogeta86i'm still using n9 on daily basis18:43
dr_gogeta86peeps says why you don't throw away those devices ...18:43
dr_gogeta86buy a dual sim note318:43
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dr_gogeta86I say too easy I can't break those :-D18:45
dr_gogeta86i gotta go18:46
filippzdr_gogeta86: can you post output of: "fbset -i"18:46
filippzdr_gogeta86: also what does cat /sys/devices/platform/omapdss/display0/rotate say?18:47
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filippzcan someone with jolla (possibly with 1.1.0.XX) see is there an /etc/sysconfig/pulseaudio file (and what's in it)?19:10
locusfsure, one moment19:12
locusfCONFIG="-n --file=/etc/pulse/"19:13
filippzlocusf: great, we'll need that file in pulseaudio-settings-n950-n919:14
locusffilippz: which file do you mean?19:15
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filippzlocusf: we don't have /etc/sysconfig/pulseaudio in nemo19:16
filippzit's needed by pulseaudio.service file19:16
filippzI'll test if it works and send a PR to pulseaudio-settings-n950-n919:16
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locusfbut wouldn't we need something for that /etc/pulse file too?19:23
filippzlocusf: just tested with tarsan sound (paplay -v tarzan.wav) - we just need that file with ONFIG="-n --file=/etc/pulse/"19:24
locusffilippz: ok nice19:24
filippzlocusf: and we have sound working now - we should make some kind of todo list and assing them to devs19:26
locusffilippz: yeah we should19:28
piggzfilippz: we create that file in hybris ports, and the accompanying .pa file19:30
filippzpiggz: we have pa files from pulseaudio-settings-n950-n9 package - I guess that's where /etc/sysconfig/pulseaudio should go?19:31
piggzfilippz: hybris ports it goes in droid-hal-<device> package19:32
filippzI'll go for pulseaudio-settings-n950-n9 then - we have it already, it just need that /etc/sysconfig/pulseaudio file19:33
piggzseems fsensible19:34
filippzAnyone knows do I have to change spec file or the yaml file (or both) when adding new file to package?19:34
piggzfilippz: i _think_ just the .yaml....the .spec is generated from it afaik19:37
piggzbut others may know better19:37
locusfthe .yaml is told to become deprecated at some point19:37
locusfbut we should still use it as the buildengine does too afaik19:38
locusfat least mb2 does19:38
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filippzlocusf, piggz: yaml it is then - in worst case I'll amend my commit and change spec also19:39
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filippzPR sent - good nigth everyone o/19:48
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faenilyo guys20:21
faeniljust hopped on to report an issue20:21
faenillpotter: you there?20:21
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faenillpotter: my Jolla autoopens the browser all by itself, and loads www.jolla.com20:22
lpotteris that a problem?20:23
faenilI think it has something to do with not correctly recognizing if I'm already online, I guess it think it's a good idea to open the browser to let me log in20:23
faenillpotter: isn't it? I'm using the phone, and while I'm writing a message browser opens and takes focus20:23
faenilalso, the phone still doesn't autoconnect to wifi unless I wake it up20:24
faenil(but I noticed u9 has a relatively old connman still, so not sure if it's supposed to be fixed already)20:24
lpotterya, I think there are connection changes that had to get reverted20:24
lpottershould be n u10 I think20:25
faenilI see20:25
faenilanyway, the browser issue is quite relevant for a common user :D20:25
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faenilnot something that can go on a production release, for sure20:26
faenilunless you're looking for reports like "I have a virus! My browser goes to without me asking!" xD20:27
faenilgood night o/20:32
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lpotterself promotion :)20:39
lpotternext up: with ads ;)20:39
Stskeepslpotter solves the business model of jolla20:44
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Oksanacamera "demo": GUI is nice (bluetooth and what else...)21:14
Oksanabuy a dual sim note3 : reply : buy a dual sim neo900 ?21:17
OksanaPulseaudio aka sound - working! Hooray!21:19
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