Saturday, 2014-05-24

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ryukafalzmarxistvegan: There's been some work towards OTR in upstream telepathy recently.03:32
ryukafalzso that would make implementation in sailfish's default messaging app easier once it's baked into the underlying messaging stack03:34
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marxistveganryukafalz: oh really that is cool05:24
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faenilmorning people :)08:18
faenilstephg, morning ;)08:18
faenilthiagoss, morning :) I'd try asking Aard, maybe he can point you to the guy...or just send an email to the author of the patch08:23
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ZogG_laptopfaenil: sup11:48
ZogG_laptopSfiet_Konstantin: :]11:48
faenilZogG_laptop, yo11:48
ZogG_laptopfk_lx_: \o/ why do you have penis on the end of your nick?11:48
ZogG_laptoptake it in and identify with proper nick so i can PM you :P11:49
ZogG_laptopfaenil: howdy?11:50
Sfiet_Konstantinhello ZogG_laptop11:50
faenilZogG_laptop, fine fine, you? :)11:50
Sfiet_Konstantinhow are you ZogG_laptop ?11:50
Sfiet_Konstantinraah same question11:50
locusfhey guys11:54
faenilyo locusf !11:54
faenildid you discuss your thesis already?11:55
locusfdoes anybody remember how the missing icons bug was fixed in colorful-home?11:55
locusffaenil: yes I did so on wednesday11:55
faenillocusf, congrats man!!!11:55
faenilso you're free! freeeee :D11:55
locusfah its not done yet, I just held a presentation :)11:56
faenilah wasn't it the final presentation? :D11:56
locusfyeah it wasn't :/11:57
faenilowwww :)11:57
faenilwhat missing icons btw?11:57
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locusfalso doing a house moving now so not gonna do the thesis at all now11:58
faenilthe problem was the theme manager not supporting hierarchies iirc, fixed by sledges11:58
faenilah I see11:58
locusfin the launcher11:58
locusftheme manager hmm11:58
locusfI wonder how to fix he missing icons in glacier launcher11:59
faenilwell, where is it looking for icons?11:59
locusflemme see12:00
ZogG_laptopSfiet_Konstantin: faenil good12:03
ZogG_laptopweekend is always good12:03
faenilok so it's the same url as with qtcomponents12:04
ZogG_laptoplocusf: hey hero :P12:04
faenilbut there's no theme handler now afaik12:04
faenili.e. images://theme/ was handled by qtcomponents, who handles it now in glacier?12:04
locusfZogG_laptop: lol hey :)12:05
faenilI think we need to port the theme manager, or write a new one if needed12:05
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locusfnothing handles theme anymore then12:06
faenildon't take my word for granted though, you've been playing with it ;)12:06
faenilI guess not12:06
locusfyeah I know, there is no handler to be found in eiher home code or nemo qt quick controls12:06
faenilthis is the point where we should ask maintainers of qt-components (w00t?) and see if there was something they'd change in the theme manager12:07
ZogG_laptoparen't you devs too?12:12
ZogG_laptopso why would those changes are not made publicaly and after discussion with all devs12:12
ZogG_laptopand not internally :)12:12
faenilZogG_laptop, sorry?12:13
faenilI hope you're ironic :D12:13
faenilme and locusf are the devs (and sledges occasionally) there's nobody else (beside graphics designers of course) :P12:14
ZogG_laptopare you?12:14
faenilmaybe you misunderstood what you meant, if you care elaborating please :)12:14
faenilyeah, we are, why? :)12:15
faenilwhat I* meant12:15
ZogG_laptopi might misunderstood you so i said that and you got me right the first time12:15
ZogG_laptopso sorry and never mind12:15
faenilok, no problem ;)12:15
locusfI wonder how the theming is handled on Jolla12:16
locusfits the same dir btw, using meegotouch still12:17
faenilI guess they just based on the same stuff from qtcompoennts since it's BSD12:17
faenilbut I'm not sure12:17
faenilok, then yeah I guess they based on that code12:17
ZogG_laptopi'm bored and tired12:18
locusfI wonder why the icon theming doesn't work on Jolla either, the theming daemon should be running12:18
faenilZogG_laptop, cheer up, it's weekend! :P12:19
faenilZogG_laptop, you know what would make your mood better, coding bits of Glacier! :D12:20
ZogG_laptopfaenil: the problem is that i'm living from weekend to weekend and when i get to weekend i don't want to do anything except laying down12:20
faenilI understand... :/12:20
locusfunless the daemon is created in lipstick-jolla-home internally12:20
ZogG_laptopfaenil: it woudl taje as much time to understand and to get in as you would already release 2.0 :)12:20
ZogG_laptopas well as afaik new nemo is not supported on n95012:21
faenilZogG_laptop, trust me, that's false, we've been stuck for quite some time now ;) I was busy with exam and now I'm supposed to study for my thesis, locusf has been working on the homescreen12:21
ZogG_laptopand i want to brick 400 euro phone that i can't really flash12:21
faenilZogG_laptop, why not? it is12:21
ZogG_laptoplocusf aid last time there was some problem with n9 or/and n95012:21
faenilyou *can* flash it from recovery console...but okay, let's not go back into that discussion :p12:21
ZogG_laptopi hve n950 laying down i can use12:22
locusfZogG_laptop: yeah lipstick crashes on icon taps12:22
ZogG_laptopif it's ok12:22
ZogG_laptopbut where you stuck and if you stuck what noob like me can do ? :)12:22
locusfZogG_laptop: you could only install the glacier-home package to test it12:22
ZogG_laptoplocusf: and lipsctick is opensource?12:22
faenilyes it is12:23
locusfZogG_laptop: of course12:23
faenil(mind: lipstick is the library to make homescreens, not the homescreen itself)12:23
ZogG_laptopyeah i thought so12:23
locusfZogG_laptop: so if you have old wayland nemo installed it should work12:23
ZogG_laptopmostly when i try to add something to wokring code and it crashes12:23
ZogG_laptopi just trying to find the line it triggers the crah12:24
ZogG_laptopbut i bet yo ualready did it12:24
ZogG_laptoplocusf: i have sailfish there - the one of first ones12:24
ZogG_laptopbtw what you use to develop?12:24
ZogG_laptopi mean IDE or what tools?12:25
locusfmy dev Jolla12:25
locusfand Sailfish SDK12:25
ZogG_laptopsailfish sdk is bad :( i do not have free space on hd with all those SDKs :(12:26
locusfZogG_laptop: oh ok, it should still work without uninstalling anything12:26
faenilI use MerSDK + cmd line, fwiw12:27
ZogG_laptopMerSDK - what size ?12:27
faenilbut I use desktop for prototyping Glacier12:27
faenilso not even mersdk needed for that :p12:27
faenilsize? no idea honestly12:27
ZogG_laptopis it IDE or you use vim/qtcreator/other text editor + command line to build on device aka ant for android?12:28
faenilso...when developing new Glacier UI controls, I use desktop QtCreator with desktop Qt12:28
ZogG_laptoplet's say i have clean laptop (i mean nothign related to nemo/mer or sailfishos) and i want to start12:28
ZogG_laptopwhat would be my steps?12:28
faenilit depends which workflow you like more12:29
faenilI'm describing mine12:29
faenil1) download qtcreator12:29
ZogG_laptopso you use qtcreator and just build it as an app?12:29
ZogG_laptopwhere is repo?12:29
faenilI put a livecoding page in the Glacier components gallery12:29
faenilso you just build the Glacier gallery as a desktop app12:29
faeniland using that app you code new components :)12:30
faenilGlacier controls repo ->
ZogG_laptopi have qtcreator 3.0.1 and one from harmattan sdk12:30
faenil3.0.1 is fine12:30
ZogG_laptoplet's get it all together again12:31
ZogG_laptopi have qtcreator12:31
faenilyea don't worry let's do it step by step12:31
faenilso, first of all, since Glacier controls base on Qtquickcontrols12:31
faenilyou first need to clone
faeniland build it using qtcreator, modifying the Build step so that it runs "make install" instead of "make" only12:32
ZogG_laptophow do you clone..... i'm kiding :P12:32
faenilahah :p12:32
ZogG_laptopdo i need to build it in qtcreator btw?12:32
faenilthat way you built and installed the official QtQuickControls in your desktop machine12:32
faenilwell, if12:33
ZogG_laptopofficial means from Qt or from jolla?12:33
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faenilfrom Qt12:33
faenilyou can build it from cmdline if you wish12:33
faenilqmake + make install12:33
faenil(it could be that there are some tricks or small modifications needed to make it build on desktop, we'll see, I did it months ago, don't remember :) )12:33
ZogG_laptopi'm just trying to find the build on my system instead of building from source12:33
faenilwhich build12:34
faenilyou don't have qtquickcontrols in your system imho12:34
ZogG_laptopof qtquick12:34
ZogG_laptopthat's what she said12:34
faeniland anyway, you need the version which works in nemomobile (which is from qt5.1.0 or something)12:34
faenillunch is ready, I'll be back later and help you ;)12:34
ZogG_laptop5.3 is okay?12:35
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ZogG_laptopthere is also 9999 which i assume is from git12:35
ZogG_laptopor svn or whatever they use12:35
locusfI always deploy to device when doing qt components on nemo12:35
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ZogG_laptopfaenil: is 5.3 good enuf?12:36
locusfthe desktop is a better idea though12:36
locusfZogG_laptop: checkout the 5.1.0 tag if cloned git12:37
ZogG_laptoplocusf: i do not want to screw phone and download GBs of another copy of tcreator(already have 2) + emulator12:37
locusfZogG_laptop: sure :)12:37
ZogG_laptoplocusf: i'm searching for desktop builds for my system12:37
ZogG_laptopqtquickcontrols-5.2.1 and 5.3.0 are the most early12:38
locusfZogG_laptop: ok, 5.3 is probably ok12:38
ZogG_laptop i love gentoo/funtoo :)12:41
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Sfiet_KonstantinZogG_laptop: hum12:44
Sfiet_Konstantintry wit 5.312:44
Sfiet_Konstantinbut it might not work (internals changes)12:45
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locusfoh gentoo12:55
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ZogG_lap1oplocusf: what's wrong with gentoo?12:55
locusfnothing :) I used to use gentoo too12:56
ZogG_lap1opand why did you switch and to what?12:56
locusfits probably better now12:56
locusfI used it on a laptop and switched to freebsd12:57
locusfjust for fun12:57
ZogG_lap1opoh, you are serious guy :_12:57
ZogG_lap1opi use funtoo on laptop12:57
locusfnow a kubuntu user12:58
locusfdon't own the lappy anymore12:58
ZogG_lap1opi have gentoo on desktop as well12:59
ZogG_lap1opi even had funtoo as main OS on work computer12:59
ZogG_lap1opbut as the company works as well with MS SQL and other windows crap had to install win8.113:00
ZogG_lap1opnow i have 8.1 and ubuntu in vm13:01
locusfwill probably try gentoo again at some point13:02
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Sfiet_KonstantinZogG_lap1op: win 8.1 :/13:06
Sfiet_Konstantincouldn't you install another windows (like 7 ?)13:06
locusfZogG_lap1op: did you get qt quick controls to build?13:06
ZogG_lap1oplocusf: not yet13:13
ZogG_lap1opfund ebuild13:13
ZogG_lap1opdid not build yet13:13
ZogG_lap1opi need t5-eclass13:13
ZogG_lap1opand do not want to dd whole overlay13:13
ZogG_lap1opSfiet_Konstantin: windows 8 was it and i updated to 8 as company has license to windows 813:13
ZogG_lap1opnot 713:14
locusfZogG_lap1op: ok13:14
Sfiet_Konstantinok :(13:14
*** norayr has quit IRC13:28
faenilback o/13:28
faenilZogG_lap1op, so, you need qtquickcontrols from the nemomobile repos13:29
faenilit's not many kbs, that not a problem for sure13:29
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*** artemma has joined #nemomobile13:29
faenilyou don't need another qtcreator, you don't need emulator ;)13:30
faenilZogG_lap1op, let me know when you're back ;)13:34
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ZogG_lap1opmy gf forces me to eat13:41
faenilahah :)13:46
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Sfiet_KonstantinZogG_lap1op: she want to make you "healthier" (sane way to say "fat")13:51
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ZogG_lap1opSfiet_Konstantin: actually she tried to make me thiner as i got fatter when i quit smoking14:14
Sfiet_KonstantinZogG_lap1op: well, good for her :)14:14
faenilZogG_lap1op, +1 on quitting smoking14:16
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marxistveganwell I got ubiboot working but for some reason sailfish does not load14:25
*** artemma has quit IRC14:30
*** martyone_ has joined #nemomobile14:30
ZogG_lap1opfaenil: +1 on being fat :P14:31
faenilfat++ :D14:31
ZogG_lap1opmarxistvegan: what device are you talking about/14:31
*** marxistvegan has left #nemomobile14:32
faenilnice exit reason I have to say14:32
faenilZogG_lap1op, so, you ready?14:35
*** martyone_ has quit IRC14:35
ZogG_lap1opi tried to help him14:36
ZogG_lap1opnope i'm not14:36
Sfiet_KonstantinZogG_lap1op: ubiboot, might be saiflish on android14:37
ZogG_lap1opi thouhgt on n95014:38
faenilZogG_lap1op, I meant are you ready to go on with the tutorial, not to code :) np then, I'll be here for 3h still14:40
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ZogG_lap1oplet's say i got qtquickcontrols on desktop15:00
ZogG_lap1opand there is repo you  send15:00
faenilI don't send, it's all on the web :)15:00
ZogG_lap1opi import it to qtcreator and build?15:00
ZogG_lap1opi mean the link you send15:00
ZogG_lap1ophha silly you15:00
faenilyou have to build qtquickcontrols, don't use downloaded ones as they might not work15:00
ZogG_lap1opyou don't own internet15:00
faenilit's only a few kbps afterall15:00
ZogG_lap1opi'm crazy :P15:00
faenila bit, yeah :p15:00
ZogG_lap1opwhat do you mena downloaded?15:01
faenildon't download it from qt website or anything15:01
ZogG_lap1opi have gentoo so all of things i install mostly source based15:01
faeniljust clone qtquickcontrols nemomobile repo and build it (either with qtcreator or qmake+make install)15:01
ZogG_lap1opwhy not15:01
ZogG_lap1opi did not want to do it15:02
ZogG_lap1opbut ok15:02
faenildid not want to do what15:02
ZogG_lap1opi don't like to mess up the system15:02
faenilit's 2 commands, come on xD15:02
faenilthen good luck finding the same exact version of official qtquickcontrols that we're using ;)15:02
ZogG_lap1opi know it is and have no problems15:02
faenilif you have no problem then let's do it :D15:03
ZogG_lap1opi don't link things being build at my system manually and can get conflicts with systems libs that's what i don't like :P15:03
faenilI don't think it will download any lib, it will just compile the project basing on the Qt libs which you already have in your system15:04
faenilif you mean that it will conflict with official qtquickcontrols that you may have already installed, then I don't know15:05
*** artemma has joined #nemomobile15:07
ZogG_lap1opthe repo you gave me is just symlink15:07
faenilit will install in the same folders as the Qt libs which your qmake is using15:07
ZogG_lap1opwhich is actually is from qtproject15:07
ZogG_lap1opso i can use 5.3.0 from official15:08
faenilno, the symlink is to official 5.1.0 something, not 5.3.015:08
ZogG_lap1opit is symlinked to repo15:08
ZogG_lap1opnot the version15:08
faenilit is simlinked to a tag, not to a repo15:09
ZogG_lap1opthey might use 5.1.0 already build in stable versions15:09
ZogG_lap1opis it?15:09
faenilI don't understand why you're doing this, in any case you need it to be in the qt libs folder afterwards :/15:12
ZogG_lap1oporigin/old/5.1 ?15:13
ZogG_lap1opor what?15:14
ZogG_lap1opyo they have tizen branch P15:14
faenilwe're using this branch15:15
faenilthen I don't know, good luck finding the binaries :/15:15
ZogG_lap1opi do not see this branch or tag15:16
ZogG_lap1opno idea how to figure out15:17
ZogG_lap1opcan you check in your git folder wich one you using?15:17
faenilI just told you :p15:17
ZogG_lap1opgit branch -a15:17
faenilwhere are you looking, ooi?15:17
ZogG_lap1opi cloned the qtquicks15:17
faenilfrom where15:17
ZogG_lap1opgit branch -a15:17
faenilcan you remind me again why you're cloning it from qtproject and not from nemomobile github?15:18
ZogG_lap1opi see the link you send but github would not give me automagically clone only it15:18
faenilbtw, if you look here, you can see the tag it refers to15:18
ZogG_lap1opbecause in nemo mobile there are no files15:19
faenilyes if you clone the github repo it will give you what you need15:19
ZogG_lap1oponly symlink15:19
faenilok wait15:19
faenilI completely forgot about that, sorry15:20
ZogG_lap1opi need source :P15:20
faenilZogG_lap1op, yes15:21
faenilZogG_lap1op, you just have to use "git clone --recursive"15:21
faenilwith the nemomobile repo15:21
faenilsorry I didn't remember it didn't clone the submodule automatically15:21
faenilgit clone --recursive
ZogG_lap1opthanks :P15:22
faenilnp :)15:22
ZogG_lap1opany deps i need?15:24
ZogG_lap1opUnable to find file for inclusion qt_parts15:24
*** artemma has quit IRC15:25
faenil? where is that error from? I just cloned it15:25
ZogG_lap1opfrom qmake15:25
faenilshow me qmake -v15:25
ZogG_lap1opi think i do not have qt5 and that's the problem15:25
faenilyea it is of course, you need qt5.1.115:26
ZogG_lap1opQMake version 2.01a15:26
ZogG_lap1opUsing Qt version 4.8.5 in /usr/lib64/qt415:26
faenilI thought you said you had qt5 already15:26
faenilI use 5.1.1, and I think that's what you need, until Mer moves to Qt5.215:28
faenil(which is within 2months hopefully hopefully)15:28
ZogG_lap1opi have qtcreator 3.0.1 not qt515:28
ZogG_lap1opi did not update my system for a while :P15:28
Sfiet_KonstantinZogG_lap1op: maybe te qt4 based version ?15:28
ZogG_lap1opi'll try to update now15:29
ZogG_lap1opit might take time15:29
ZogG_lap1opfaenil: let's say i build it15:29
ZogG_lap1opand cloned other repo as well15:29
ZogG_lap1opwhat's next?15:29
faenilso,you install qt5.1.1, then you build qtquickcontrols, then clone qtquickcontrols-nemo and build/install it, and you should have the Glacier gallery15:30
faenilwhich gives you enough power to develop new components (if you really don't want to install mersdk etc etc)15:30
ZogG_lap1opthe point between develop new components and having glacier gallery are missed :P15:33
faenillol :)15:34
faenilso, once you have GLacier gallery installed, you run it15:34
faenilfirst item in the list you'll find "Livecoding Arena" or something15:34
*** rektide has quit IRC15:34
ZogG_lap1opis it all qml?15:35
faenilyou click on that , and you get a page horizontally split in half, on the left you write QML code for the new component15:35
ZogG_lap1opand what is missing?15:35
faenilon the right you see the new component appearing :)15:35
ZogG_lap1opcan i get small tasks from someone?15:35
faenilyes, possibly all QML15:35
faenilyou can see specs and actual status here
locusfI have never used the livecoding :p I probably should15:36
ZogG_lap1opand if i keep it synced i can see others components?15:36
locusfalso haven't been looking at components lately15:36
ZogG_lap1opi just wonder if it would be good to use others components to build own15:37
faenilZogG_lap1op, what do you mean?15:37
faenilit's rare that one of the components requires other one, except for stuff like Label/TextEdit15:37
*** n9mx has quit IRC15:37
locusfand dialog15:37
faenilZogG_lap1op, once we're done with the components, we start porting the core apps from QtComponents to GlacierUI controls15:39
faenilZogG_lap1op, maybe, not that common15:39
ZogG_lap1opfaenil: i'm not sure i'll be good at first task and you give me second one :P15:39
faenilthey're used a lot for building apps, but not components themselves15:39
faenilZogG_lap1op, just pointing out the plans :)15:40
ZogG_lap1opbtw where it crashes?15:40
faenilit crashes?15:40
ZogG_lap1opyou said lipstcik is crashesing15:40
faenilno I didn't? xD15:40
ZogG_lap1opif you clickk icon or something15:40
ZogG_lap1oplocusf: ?15:40
locusfyeah on homescreen15:41
locusflipstick crashes on launching qtcomponents apps15:42
locusfbut glacier gallery launches ok15:42
*** macmaN has quit IRC15:42
locusfon n9/50 latest image15:42
locusfnow some hockey bbl15:44
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile15:46
faenillocusf, ah15:48
faenilcrashes with what15:48
*** n9mx has quit IRC15:50
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile15:51
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locusffaenil: I don't know the root reason16:06
locusfI have't looked16:06
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile16:07
locusfMSameer had a backtrace16:11
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile16:14
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile16:14
MSameerI had one yes but I don't have it anymore :/16:55
faenilso the issue has been there for a while16:57
locusfabout 4 weeks :P17:09
faenilbecause of Mer/Nemo package upgrades?17:10
*** macmaN has joined #nemomobile17:11
faenilhave a nice evening people o/17:18
phdeswerfaenil: you too!17:21
locusffaenil: yes17:21
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stephglocusf: you're right it's been broken like that for a while18:52
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile18:55
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marxistveganhey folks so I got a successful install of sailfish 1.2.5 with ubiboot, but i am wondering how do I get access to my harmattan contacts from sailfish?20:58
marxistveganoh how about that nevermind granting mydocs access did it20:58
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Wikiwidehere is the list of installed pulse-related packages, as faenil asked:
*** Anarky has quit IRC21:26
WikiwideGlad to know that it's problem of pulseaudio, and not my continuous editing of voicecall-ui GUI. Still, it would be helpful to have pulse working...21:28
*** Anarky has joined #nemomobile21:29
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marxistvegananyone have issues installing from the jolla store on their n9?22:04
marxistveganI changed the /etc/ssu/sui.ini to this but still get "waiting" on the install22:05
*** m4g0g has quit IRC22:09
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*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile22:43
stephgmarxistvegan: probably unrelated but is the time right on your n9?22:47
marxistveganstephg: yep it is22:48
marxistveganI went through and redid the ssu.ini22:48
marxistveganinitially i did it from my pc without ssh into the phone22:48
marxistveganafter I fixed the root password and reset it, i then did that as root user22:49
stephgand it works now?22:49
marxistveganstephg: unfortunately no22:49
marxistvegani am trying to install maps from jolla and it is stuck at waiting22:49
stephganything in the journal?22:49
marxistveganstephg: what do you mean journal?22:50
stephgI'm about to go to bed but it may be worth starting the store client via the command line (if it supports any debug or verbose options)22:50
marxistveganahh i see22:50
stephgthe journal is where systemd and various things it starts, is where their logs end up22:50
stephganalogous to syslog22:50
stephgjournalctl -a -f22:50
marxistvegani will take a look there thank you :)22:50
stephg^^ analogous to tail -f /var/log/somelog22:50
stephgby default the journal doesn't persist across reboots22:51
stephgand is circular iirc22:51
stephgbut if there's any logging output, it'd be there22:51
stephganyway is bed time22:51
marxistveganstephg: well sleep well, thanks this helps debug :)22:51
stephggood luck!22:51
marxistveganstephg: thanks :)22:52
marxistveganlouisdk: are you around?22:53
louisdkmarxistvegan, yes. What's up? :)22:58
marxistveganlouisdk: i got sailfish installed on the n9, have you any experience with that?22:58
marxistveganI am running into a few bumps22:58
louisdkmarxistvegan, I've only used Sailfish on my Jolla. Have you tried #SailfishOS?23:01
marxistveganlouisdk: not yet cause I figure it might be n9 specific23:01
louisdk#sailfishos is for anything SailfishOS related. Ports to other devices included. Many devs are in there, so you might find someone that can help you.23:03
louisdkWhereas #jollamobile is more dedicated to the Jolla device itself.23:04
marxistveganahh ok cool thanks23:07
louisdkmarxistvegan, you're welcome.23:09
faenilisn't the time problem related to time caps needed by timed-qt5?23:12
faeniland time caps not being supported by n9's kernel (or something similar)23:13
faenilsecurity caps*23:13
faenilbtw good night people :)23:13
*** Wikiwide_ has quit IRC23:24
vgrade_marxistvegan: maps and android are not available from store on n9(50)23:32
marxistveganvgrade_: well that is good to know :)23:32
marxistveganthough I am also not able to install other software aswell23:32
vgrade_oh, ok23:33
marxistveganvgrade_: all of them get stuck with waiting23:33
marxistveganvgrade_: though having gone to the cli, i do see this not found message popping up when I manually install File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''23:34
vgrade_xt9 is another one not avaiable23:34
vgrade_ssu rr xt923:34
marxistveganvgrade_: that helps :)23:35
vgrade_it is  possible to install "normal apps" so I understand23:35
vgrade_there were some posts on tmo n9 thread and also recently on xda23:36
marxistveganvgrade_: about successful normal app installations?23:36
vgrade_what about them23:37
marxistveganvgrade_: sorry i meant that you are saying on xda people where saying they were successful in installing normal apps?23:38
marxistveganvgrade_: that is good to hear23:39
marxistveganI hope to get a more recent image of sailfish installed the one I have is from december, but seems to work well so far23:39
vgrade_marxistvegan: there was a change somewhere in the stack after which broke the UI23:40
vgrade_on N923:40
vgrade_help with this welcome23:41
vgrade_gtg bed23:42
marxistveganvgrade_: thanks for the help23:42
marxistvegangood night23:42
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC23:54

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