Sunday, 2014-05-25

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rantomThe newest image for Nemo is here?
locusfrantom: yes10:51
locusfits heavy wip10:51
rantomlocusf: Ok, thanks. Found it from Twitter, the Wiki is a bit out-of-date on that.10:51
rantomAlso there's a SSL-error when going to download that image10:52
rantomBut thanks. I'll probably check it out later. :)10:57
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Wikiwidesledges, locusf, anybody pulse-related: here is the list of installed pulse-related packages, as faenil asked:
WikiwideI do skim the logs, but please, mention my name: I tend to use 'Wikiwide' as search word.12:20
Wikiwidepulseaudio-settings-n950 are installed, 2.1.3-1.2, as well as policy-enforcement 5.0.14-10.1 and modules-nemo- 5.0.15-9.1 and module-cmtspeech-n9xx-5.0.4-2.112:24
WikiwideThat's it, the whole output of "rpm -qa | grep pulse"12:26
locusfWikiwide: sorry but what was your problem, no audio on n950?12:26
Wikiwidelocusf: yep. Not helpful when testing voicecall-ui.12:27
WikiwideGUI may become an eye-candy, but how can I be sure it works?12:27
locusfWikiwide: with what image are you testing on?12:31
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WikiwideThe latest image, and then "zypper ref; zypper dup"12:31
locusfI haven't looked at voicecall since last august tbh12:31
locusfWikiwide: same as this: ?12:32
locusfso a lot could be broken12:32
Wikiwidelocusf: I am actively modifying it on my own device, so it would be quite different from github repositories.12:32
WikiwideSMS works, and that's great.12:32
locusfWikiwide: thats ok too12:32
WikiwideVoicecall-ui can make calls, and receive incoming calls. I can even see backspace now, in numpad entry. But there is much to fight for.12:34
WikiwideThe latest image is: from 2014-02-24. And don't forget "zypper ref; zypper dup"12:37
locusfWikiwide: ok12:38
WikiwideI wasn't actually changing any functionality in voicecall-ui, just tried to make it work with Qt Quick 2.1 instead of 2.0, removing and adding QtQuick.Controls at the same time.12:39
WikiwideBut using a completely silent phone is troublesome.12:40
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faenilgood evening o/18:37
faenilWikiwide, yeah, I'd like to get back to the n950 and push glacier some more soon :)18:38
Wikiwidefaenil, it's a matter of documentation + inertia of "let's do it how it was done before". touch-nemo example is very helpful in both regards, and should be kept up-to-date, so that people would be able to see what is available in glacier.18:43
faenilof course, that's always been kept up to date ;)18:44
Wikiwidegood night :) I should be sleeping now, but this night is going to be sleepless... Pointlessly. I am just reading fiction. Some computer problems (not mine!) don't allow me to 'work' as well as I should be. And to distract myself, I seek fiction.18:46
WikiwideUp-to-date? Good.18:46
WikiwideWhat does Binding loop for property "width" mean, in TabBar.qml:107:5 ?18:47
WikiwideAnd why theme "glacier" is invalid for MLocalThemeDaemonClient:106 ?18:48
piggzWikiwide: it means there is a recusive relationship between that and something else, ie, the width is used by something that uses it18:49
WikiwideHmm... I need to hunt it down because I do not use TabBar directly - I use TabView.18:50
WikiwideTabView does not have width. Tabs do not have width. TabViewStyle, inside tab, specifies implicitWidth, through control.width/control.count18:52
locusfWikiwide: install darko theme to fix glacier theme18:53
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Wikiwidemeegotouch-theme-darko ? Thank you. Interesting...18:54
WikiwideSo, nemo-theme-glacier is not enough by itself, currently?..18:57
locusfif you can't see icons19:01
WikiwideHmm... How do I see icons of telephone on the green-call button, and in the history list of recent calls, then? I do know that most icons I cannot see, but it's confusing when sometimes I do see them.19:12
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WikiwideAlright, voicecall-ui has its own, non-theme images for telephones. Now, where should themes be registered, and why is glacier apparently not-registered (invalid) ?19:14
locusfWikiwide: thanks :) I don't know much about the icon themes yet, will investigate19:22
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