Thursday, 2019-05-16

mardychriadam: hi! Have you seen this?
chriadamchecking now06:32
chriadamit will need to regenerate the display label (even if it currently has data in it) if that display label was previous generated via synthesis.06:38
chriadamof course, if it was provided directly e.g. via sync of FN, then we need to prevent synthetic regeneration somehow.  currently that is done via the QContactName__CustomLabelField, but could alternatively be done via an isSynthesized flag in QContactDisplayLabel perhaps06:39
mardychriadam: I see, makes sense06:39
mardychriadam: I also files a merge proposal in that project, which should not be too invasive (and could land to master)06:40
mardychriadam: another topic: it's very likely that both Jolla and Ubports have their own specific quirks on how to use the QContact's fields; would it make sense if we defined a couple of methods like these:06:41
mardyvoid prepareForStoring(QContact *contact, ContactsEngine *engine);06:42
mardyvoid fixupAfterLoading(QContact *contact, ContactsEngine *engine);06:43
mardythat will be implemented in a separate file, like contactfixup_stup.cpp (empty implementation), contactfixup_mer (your fixups), contactfixup_ubports (our implementation), and we select between these files at build time06:44
mardyI just made up the names, I bet we can find better ones, but I think you got the point06:44
chriadamis this specifically for sync?06:45
chriadamor can you give an example of such a quirk?06:45
mardychriadam: for example, Ubports currently stores the contact's initials (what you call LabelGroup, I guess) in the contact's tag06:45
chriadamok.  so the _ubports version would remove the LabelGroup field and place that data into a new Tag detail?  or am I misunderstanding?06:47
mardychriadam: I wouldn't remove the grouplabel field, we just wouldn't be using it07:36
mardychriadam: OTOH, I plan to add the grouplabel field to QContactDetailLabel in QtPim itself; does it makes sense to you?07:37
chriadamI have a patch to do so in my backlog somewhere07:37
mardychriadam: push push :-)07:37
chriadamalong with the collection metadata ones07:37
chriadamhopefully I will early next week07:38
sledgesPSA: Sailfish OS community collaboration still @ #mer-meeting in 20mins07:39
mardychriadam: I've updated (removed that contentious commit :-) )08:09
chriadam;-) thanks08:09
ktrace1SDK Updater now need wayland. Seriously?08:35
ktrace1may i fix it?08:36
ktrace1How i can fix it? or need bugreport?08:36
*** ktrace1 is now known as ktrace08:37
MirvI'd guess it supports wayland, which means linking to wayland library, which means wayland needs to be installed even if not used..13:04
ktraceMirv: it's very sad. i think sailfish os has not too much developers to say goodbye to developers without wayland on PC13:29

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