Tuesday, 2019-05-14

mardychriadam: hi! Have you seen that there are a few MP ready for review for qtcontacts-sqlite? :-)04:25
mardychriadam: the nice thing is that I tried the carddav plugin in Ubports, and it required almost no changes to work04:26
chriadammardy: hi - I haven't had a chance to look at the merge requests this week sorry04:27
mardyand those changes are not related to the collections API anyway, so I believe we won't need a "next" branch for the plugins04:27
chriadammardy: I'm glad that the carddav plugin works nicely04:27
chriadamI'm surprised that collection-related changes aren't necessary, though?  e.g. creating appropriate device-side collection for the remote collection?04:27
mardychriadam: well, I need to cherry-pick this commit into the big MP: https://github.com/ubports/qtcontacts-sqlite/commit/ace73587bc56ed2ccae2b4d4e6c1dcaed695b71c04:29
mardywith that in, everything is handled by the TwoWayContactSyncAdapter04:29
chriadamah!  nice04:30
chriadammardy: oh wow, you've made a huge amount of progress.  thanks for that05:39
mardychriadam: you're welcome :-)05:40
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