Monday, 2019-03-18

NeoChapay so slooooow07:55
NeoChapayCan anybody say me - what i do wrong ?07:58
NeoChapayWhen i build packages on obs with gcc6 and new glibc i got error
lbttaupan1: yes, building against sfos on the OBS should be easy10:15
taupan1nice to know ;)10:21
taupan1Although I think I'll keep the local build environment, too. Sometimes it's nice to rpmbuild locally to get a better idea why things aren't working as expected.10:22
r0kk3rzosc can be a useful tool for local builds as well depending on how deep you dependency tree goes10:31
taupan1I've read that you can use it for local builds, but I never did it. I mostly build for openSUSE and RHEL at work and I don't have space for multiple full build environments on my work box, so I never got to try that out.10:32
taupan1(And supercollider is apparently dependency hell... I'm currently stuck at building jack ;) )10:33
taupan1(Going to have another look at it tuesday evening, I guess.)10:34
r0kk3rzwhat is it?10:38
r0kk3rzhmm jack could get interesting10:40
lbtmmm - it looks like it's using Qt Widgets too. That looks like a massive undertaking.11:20
taupan1Not sure about the correct approach here. I really want to try out supercollider from within (non-x) emacs, so I could throw out all graphical ui elements. However supercollider has an issue that the server doesn't run without X
taupan1I've found an Xwayland package for SFOS that is apparently still maintained, so I've succeeded starting the build for packages that require libX11. But indeed trying to build all that Qt stuff might be too much (at least for my use-case).11:40
taupan1(also I think I've read that the programs running Xwayland don't register touch, so the ui won't work anyways... but the supercollider server doesn't really *need* X, it just won't run without it)11:42
Son_Gokulbt, I can't seem to find anything special for how repo access works for mer11:43
Son_Gokuwrt to using pk-dnf instead of pk-zypp11:43
NeoChapayr0kk3rz: create plz this patch as mr to mer-core ^_^12:01
pvuorelaNeoChapay: why?12:03
NeoChapaypvuorela: it needed to arm64 i think12:06
NeoChapayyea needed. without this config param i got error on arm6412:07
pvuorelawhat kind of error? it compiles fine now with gcc 4.9.12:11
pvuorelaideally we wouldn't be doing any arm64 neon disabling or working around compiler bugs with such. those are too easily left around unnoticed even if compiles gets fixed.12:11
NeoChapaypvuorela: last time i try build on 4.8 ... i recheck now12:27
NeoChapaypvuorela: needed12:30
NeoChapaybuild is well12:30
NeoChapaypvuorela: gnutls build fail with libgcrypt >= 1.616:24
NeoChapaypvuorela: in gnupg2 i fix it
r0kk3rzNeoChapay: i was told not to, because to get ararch64 working properly youd need new gcc21:50
r0kk3rzabranson: jusa: looks like with some minor tweaks we can get better BT audio codecs :) -
r0kk3rzthe PA module could be trickier22:47
r0kk3rzffs, why would you do this when PA is LGPL...

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