Sunday, 2019-03-17

taupan1Hi! I suppose it won't hurt to repeat what I've just msg'd to lbt:09:58
taupan1I'm currently trying to figure out whether or not it's still possible to build sailfish packages on I'd be interested in packaging supercollider (mainly for trying out if my Gemini pda is fast enough to run it smoothly, which I assume it is). I'm mainly too lazy to package manually, as I've had very good experience with the convenience of OBS (for openSUSE and RHEL).09:58
*** taupan1 is now known as TauPan10:00
* TauPan continues working through starting with the manual build instructions first.10:04
TauPan(local build with mb2 works fine, currently wading through dependency hell.. I'll probably have to drop the gui parts entirely ... not sure if/how I can replace X with wayland... no experience with building wayland stuff so far)21:08
TauPan(Uhm, ouch! ...)21:12
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