Friday, 2018-11-23

mardychriadam: hi! Thanks for the DB dumps! :-)08:11
chriadamno problem, thanks for looking into the collections support08:11
mardychriadam: don't forget to join #accounts-sso from time to time, it feels lonely there :-)08:11
chriadamis endless and kde contributing fixes etc still?08:12
chriadamI've basically been moved entirely onto other work internally, so haven't touched accounts stuff in quite a long time08:12
chriadamaside from the occasional firefighting08:13
mardychriadam: KDE a bit, but mostly elementary08:18
chriadamoh elementary08:20
chriadamwell I'll add it to my default join list08:38
* chriadam heads home for the night - have a good weekend :-)08:38
spiiroinreview appreciated:
spiiroin^ power save mode tweaking10:37

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