Wednesday, 2018-07-18

coderuslbt: this is what i did to my personal repo. i'm asking to do that into mer git.06:17
NeoChapay_lbt: add Prefer: cryptsetup-devel to project config of mer:core it's needed to correct build python3-gobject08:44
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NeoChapayabranson: lbt ^09:46
abransonNeoChapay: ok, will check that09:47
abransonNeoChapay: is that for the new version in your PRs?09:49
NeoChapayabranson: it's for current version - check in mer:core - obs can't resolve requires10:20
NeoChapayabranson: nothing provides pkgconfig(py3cairo) >= 1.11.1, have choice for pkgconfig(cairo-gobject): cairo-devel cairo-gobject-devel10:21
NeoChapayoh....we need update py3cairo10:22
NeoChapay this mr fix it10:22
abransonNeoChapay: it's not broken in mer:core though is it?10:40
NeoChapayabranson: broken10:41
abransonNeoChapay: ah, apparently those repos are obsolete. python3 support is included in python-gobject and python-cairo. they've been dropped internally.15:38
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