Tuesday, 2018-07-17

abransonNeoChapay: hmm, i've seen that before, think it might need a wipebinaries. lbt?07:01
abransoncoderus: gmo/mirror is for mirroring git repos. are there any?07:03
abransonif not, then it's best to just unpack the tar into a subdir of the project instead07:03
NeoChapayabranson: d'oh....07:09
coderusabranson: thats what i'm asking for :) i did it myself inside personal project, i'd like to make it more mature and propose later07:50
abransonNeoChapay: looks like you've got a lot of other stuff green in your project though - are there still things on the wrong version in mer:core?09:09
abransonthat ssu extra file is particularly puzzling09:09
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NeoChapayabranson: my mer-core always is green :) only opus and sb2 error b10:59
abransonhmm, i must have something in there that shouldn't be...11:10
abransoni think the sb2-tools needs an rpmlint upgrade. i think there's one waiting.11:11
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lbtcoderus: hey - I didn't get around to replying. I'm not sure what you're after. the git.merproject.org/mirror/ area is for mirroring live upstream git repos17:49
lbtupstream just release tarballs then you probably want to unpack them into your repo in a sane manner and go from there17:52
r0kk3rzimo sticking them unpacked in the mirror is not such a bad idea18:05
coderuslbt: so if i want to make kinda "official" rpm bbuild of tools, which sources are distributed as tarbballs, what should i do?18:35
lbtunpack the source into a repo as a single commit. Note the url of the tarball used and the sha1sum if provided. That way someone could get the tarball unpack diff and verify it.18:37
lbtthen apply any patches as commits18:37
lbtwe used to have an automatic way to do this but it got complicated and eventually could not be maintained18:38

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