Friday, 2018-07-13

*** frinring_ is now known as frinring10:01 is down ?11:32
lbtNeoChapay: no ?11:41
lbtwe've been hammered by googlebot recently :/11:41
lbtabranson: about the openldap - I think it would be better as plain opendlap, not -client11:42
lbtthis is the git repo and it's the full source11:43
NeoChapaylbt: now all well :)11:43
lbtin the rpm/ and in OBS it may make sense to have an openldap-client.spec and maybe an obs package of the same name11:43
lbtNeoChapay: good11:43
lbtthe -client.spec will have the reduced build and will produce -client rpms ... but that's fine11:44
abransonlbt: sounds good. i think we need to verify that both of those requirements can't be patched away if they provide functionality that we don't need.11:51
lbtyeah - I wondered about that too12:23
mallbt: I also get error 500 "Whoops, something went wrong on our end." from
malworks again14:22
abransonNeoChapay: haven't forgotten about your python PRs - I'd like to run them past people who know more about that side of things first14:47
lbtmal: googlebot is hammering us15:00
abransonlbt: that googlebot needs a ban :D15:09

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