Thursday, 2018-07-12

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dcalistelbt, rainemak, abranson: for S/MIME secret operations (unlike PGP ones), the GnuPG agent requires a package named dirmngr (which is nowadays included in GnuPG itself, but was separated at the time GnuPG was still GPLv2). May I ask you to create a new project from ?12:07
dcalisteIn addition, dirmngr requires an LDAP implementation. They suggest to use openldap. I've created a project for it also:
dcalisteMay I ask these two to be created in mer-core also?12:10
abransondcaliste: so that openldap is client only because of the disable-slapd config? should we name it openldap-client?12:50
abransoni think slapd is definitely something not appropriate for a phone12:50
dcalisteI agree and it has a lot of dependencies, like Berkeley DB, that I don't want to packageā€¦12:51
dcalisteYes, dirmngr is using only the client part.12:51
dcalisteFor the naming convention, I'm fine with renaming it openldap-client. It makes sense.12:52
dcalisteWhat is the simplest way, should I rename my project in dcaliste first? The generated package should be called openldap-client also I guess?12:54
abransonyeah maybe you only need to change it in the spec file, but it's probably easier if you rename the project too12:59
abransonlbt: is this ok with you?12:59
dcalisteOk, I've renamed the repo and adjusted the spec file. I'm going to add a commit in dirmngr also to update the BuildRequires.13:04
dcalisteBy the way, openldap is the latest version. dirmngr is the latest I've found using the GPLv2 license.13:05
abransonmight that also be useful for using remote address books?13:23
dcalisteabranson: maybe, I guess there should be a LDAP plugin for the contact database, but I don't know on which LDAP implementation it is based.13:26
dcalisteI've done blind job here, just that I need dirmngr for S/MIME signing process which in turn wanted openldap.13:27
dcalisteabranson, thank you for guidance here. I need to leave. See you.13:30

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