Thursday, 2018-06-28

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abransonNeoChapay: that's not the right version of libzypp to build - you should still be using 12.2 until 17.3.1 gets merged. 14 was never used as it couldn't use the old RPM and was never properly tested.07:57
abransoncheck the version/branch in mer:core07:58
NeoChapayabranson: but why not use 14.35 if i create MR and it work fine on my build ?08:00
abransonNeoChapay: because it was never properly tested, and the 17.3.1 version is nearly ready to merge.08:01
NeoChapayabranson: i must use v12 branch ?08:02
abransonversion 14 was merged a couple of years ago, but had to be abandoned because it depended on missing functionality in rpm and upgrading that took a long time. this also held back libsolv and zypper. they all had later version in their master branch.08:02
abransonNeoChapay: yes, but only for a week or so. the new one's nearly ready...08:02
abransonthanks - sorry for the mess. the devops have been living with that for nearly three years I think.08:03
NeoChapayabranson: i think bad way if master was not buils08:04
abransonNeoChapay: yeah, I don't know the details of that, but I believe the CI doesn't really allow rollbacks08:15
abransonand it was completely merged before anyone noticed the problem08:15
abransonbut I don't know the details08:15
abransonlbt might know more08:15
* lbt isn't sure of the question08:21
NeoChapayabranson: fail
abransonNeoChapay: should work like this:
NeoChapayabranson: with last libsolv not work08:24
NeoChapayabranson: in mer:core libsolv-0.1.008:24
abransonNeoChapay: libsolv is also held back yes08:24
NeoChapayabranson: maybe will stop use mamonts poop08:25
abransonstop what sorry?08:28
NeoChapayabranson: i say whay we must use old libsolv when we have patch to solv all error ?08:29
abransonbecause I'm about to merge libsolv 0.6.3408:31
NeoChapayabranson: ^_^08:34
abransonNeoChapay: I should be testing it now :)08:35
NeoChapayabranson: ok...i in my clone mer-core i will contunue use my branch of libzypp now08:38
abransonNeoChapay: yeah that's a good idea, then you can upgrade to the latest when they're ready09:24
spiiroinreview appreciated:
spiiroin^ reduce chances of flickering during display power off10:53
malsome WIP merge requests and and a new repo that is needed by sdl
NeoChapaymal: wooooow!12:03
r0kk3rzi think most things with new wayland need that wayland-protocols package12:03
r0kk3rzgtk3 does at least12:04
* NeoChapay whispers quietly from the corner Qt 5.9 or 5.11 ?12:07
r0kk3rz5.9 is whats being put in the repos12:07
malNeoChapay: there are a lot of Qt 5.9 MRs open in mer-core already12:07
pvuorelamal: added some comments.12:07
malpvuorela: I replied already to SDL questions, need to fix the issues you noticed12:08
pvuorelamal: could perhaps start already with wayland-protocols if it works with current wayland we have?12:08
malpvuorela: should I remove the .changes file12:08
pvuorelayou can keep it, just no need for new changes.12:08
r0kk3rzmal: get lbt to mirror the repo12:09
r0kk3rz*upstream repo12:09
malI still find mirroring the repos a bit odd12:10
lbtyou know you only need a mirror if you use the awful submodule approach ?12:10
mallbt: submodule is awful?12:10
lbthorrible ?12:10
r0kk3rzlbt: are we going to change formats again again again?12:11
lbtanything that stores .patch files in git is awful :)12:11
r0kk3rzideally there shouldnt be any patches12:12
malpvuorela: lbt so should i use subtree instead of submodule for wayland and wayland-protocols?12:12
lbtsubtree is worse :(12:12
r0kk3rztheres no patches, so just mirror the upstreams and is fine12:13
mallbt: then what is better than submodule?12:13
lbta branch with local patches12:13
pvuorelabut let's not go there with vanilla upstream packages.12:14
malpvuorela: lbt then the other question, should we mirror wayland and wayland-protocol upstream?12:14
lbtpvuorela: yeah - that's true12:14
r0kk3rzlbt: wasnt there a time when mer did that with packaging branches?12:14
pvuorelai'm myself ok mirrored or not.12:14
lbtr0kk3rz: yeah ;(12:14
lbtgive me urls and I'll mirror it12:14
lbtI just spent the morning making sure mirrors are properly updated and track upstream adding/removing branches12:15
mal and
malalthough I still don't really understand the point of mirroring those12:16
malexcept the rare case of some network issues12:16
r0kk3rzis github the proper upstream? or is freedesktop anongit?12:16
malr0kk3rz: it seems like it12:17
mallbt: don't mirrow those12:17
malthose are a mirror already12:17
r0kk3rzthe github account says they are mirrors of freedesktop.org12:17
mallbt: git:// and git://
malr0kk3rz: I did use on my repos for the submodule12:18
r0kk3rzyeah i saw12:19
r0kk3rzwhich is why i was surprised when you told lbt to mirror github :P12:19
malr0kk3rz: some glitch in my brain12:21
r0kk3rzthanks lbt12:22
malpvuorela: I think including wayland-protocols shouldn't affect anything but need to test that12:41
malthat just provides extra functionality to wayland12:42
pvuorelamal: should be unlikely if nothing depends on it :) but i'll check that it actually builds without e.g. updated wayland.12:42
pvuorelabtw, ldconfig dependencies still there.12:42
malpvuorela: hmm, I thought I removed those12:43
pvuorelayou removed execution.12:43
pvuorelaand now succesfully built x86 and armv7 on jolla obs.12:43
malpvuorela: now the dependencies are gone12:45
pvuorelamal: thanks.12:45
pvuorelalbt: can we get wayland-protocols repository on mer-core? i can create PR for maintainers.12:45
malpvuorela: should I now create a MR for the wayland-protocols or how is the first version handled?13:24
r0kk3rzmal: nah its done13:27
pvuorelamal: i'll push from your repo to mer-core.13:29
pvuorelamal: there.13:52
malpvuorela: probably needs a tag also?13:52
pvuorelayea, i'll do.13:53
malpvuorela: actually just noticed a tiny issue which is not really a bad thing, the group in spec is not valid it seems, only issue is a warning in build log13:58
pvuorelawouldn't be the first package with warnings for group :)13:59
malhmm, actually, no it's valid but for some reason there is a warning13:59
malI think the issue is that rpmlint wants python and it's not in build requirements so that fails14:00
malah, the devel package has the wrong group14:01
malbut anyway quite a small issue, maybe during next update some day we'll fix that14:02
r0kk3rzpvuorela: btw i tried to build latest glib with meson, but our meson version is already too old and new meson needs newer python3 :(14:11
r0kk3rztbh python 3.5 has been out a while14:17
pvuorelayea, we should really update python3 too.14:18
r0kk3rzpvuorela: btw, do you know of a good test for cairo?14:22
pvuorelar0kk3rz: not a simple one but at least gecko uses it.14:31
r0kk3rzdoes sailfish-documents use it? it has some PDF handling in it14:32
pvuorelasailfish-office uses poppler for pdfs and i see poppler depending on gecko.14:34
r0kk3rzhmm ok14:34
pvuorelano idea what poppler does with it though.14:34
r0kk3rzah poppler pulls in cairo,14:36
pvuorelaum, that's what i was supposed to say instead of gecko dependency.14:37
r0kk3rzyes i figured14:37
r0kk3rzive got a decent update for it anyway14:38
pvuorelafor what i've updated cairo, think i've just tested that gecko still builds and works.14:40
r0kk3rzit builds fine against gstreamer at least14:40
r0kk3rzdocuments still works, and i'll check the browser14:41
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