Saturday, 2018-06-16

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malabranson: just wondering which of the libzypp branches should be used in mer:core? NeoChapay used master but mer:core is using v12 which is older10:29
abransonmal: master is an old attempt to update it that didn't work because rpm was too old, though it was said to have other problems too. there are similar rollbacks on libsolv and zypper which have been in place for a couple of years.11:27
abransoni've got a newer update in progress for those that I'll move onto once we know the new rpm is stable.11:27
abransonso best stay on the version i've set until then11:27
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ArmourGreetings.  I just found out about Mer and went to the page to download it. But did not find any download section. Where is that?19:11
ArmourOr is it only available for OEM?19:12
malArmour: what device are you thinking of using?19:14
malMer is not really a complete distro, it doesn't have a UI, sailfish uses Mer for the stuff below graphics, then there is also Nemomobile which also an UI built on top of Mer19:15
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ArmourGot an old Galaxy S3 that I want to try in. Also looked on Sailfish page but did not see any download image19:21
ArmourWill look for neomobile19:22
malArmour: you would need to port it yourself19:22
ArmourWould love to. But I am not really a developer. I am a sysadmin guy19:23
malif you want to port sailfish check and for help join #sailfishos-porters19:24
ArmourSo I wanted to try it19:24
Armourlet me see19:24
ballockArmour: I'm a sysadmin too, porting can be done with sysadmin knowledge and help from mal. Been there, done that ;)19:26
ArmourNeed to leave for now, but I will be back.19:31
ArmourPorting sounds interesting to me19:31

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