Friday, 2018-06-15

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HeinrichJolla@lbt: Could you create an accout for me for  ?08:05
HeinrichJollawould you notify me, when its ready ?08:06
r0kk3rzlbt: can you please fork this into the mirror? -
lbtHeinrichJolla: I sent you a msg08:07
lbtHeinrichJolla: I need a username and email...08:08
HeinrichJolla@lbt: email msg ?08:08
lbtirc message :)08:08
lbtyou can tell me here - it's fine08:08
HeinrichJolla@lbt: I just sent you an email08:10
lbtHeinrichJolla: your username must be 2-12 chars08:11
lbtHeinrichJolla: I'm kinda busy - could we hurry this up please :)08:14
HeinrichJolla@lbt: sorry for keeping you waiting, I thought the email would be enough. I just replied to yours as well. Have a nice day!08:23
r0kk3rzabranson: want minor updates to ogg and flac?08:29
r0kk3rzor should that be more directed at jusa :)08:30
abransonthey're not that old, are they? but if you have them, updates are always welcome :)08:36
abransonare all the other media libs up to date though? was libjpeg the last ancient one?08:37
r0kk3rzthey're a version behind08:37
r0kk3rzbut aside from those two, yeah i think thats it08:37
r0kk3rzfrom the ones ive checked08:38
abransonmer-core is looking pretty good too.08:38
r0kk3rzabranson: can you mirror these for me? - -
lbt is there08:40
r0kk3rzthanks lbt :)08:41
lbtI can do flac trivially08:41
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