Monday, 2016-01-25

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* Stskeeps tries to awaken05:49
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ghosalmartinfaenil: I've recreated the MR since I had to refork10:01
faenilghosalmartin: thanks, commented10:02
ghosalmartinfaenil: commented :P10:04
faenilghosalmartin: I think it's good practice to do max 72 chars10:06
ghosalmartinfaenil: ahh okay10:06
faenilbut here the problem is I don't know if the bot will pick MER#XXXX since the commit msg is longer10:06
faenilmaybe being paranoid10:06
ghosalmartinhows that10:08
ghosalmartin68 chars10:08
ghosalmartinand better safe than sorry10:09
faenilghosalmartin: building10:12
ghosalmartinfaenil: awesome, should be about 2000s10:13
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LarstiQfaenil: should look only at the header line of commit messages, iirc10:16
LarstiQalthough, that doesn't sound quite right10:16
LarstiQbetter read the code10:17
ghosalmartinfaenil: libtheora is ready too10:18
faenilLarstiQ: yea I just didn't know if commit header could be of arbitrary length before some automatic wrapping kicked in10:21
faenil(which is what happens in github, afair)10:21
faenilghosalmartin: done10:24
ghosalmartinfaenil: ive just gotta do ruby and that'll be all of them10:26
faenilI'm focusing on my real job, ping me when done10:29
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ghosalmartinfaenil: well rubys done, thanks :)10:35
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ghosalmartinfaenil: and now I just wait for more packages to break, best do some actual work then :P10:50
faenilghosalmartin: yep :p10:51
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Stskeepsfaenil: anything i can help with?11:40
faenilStskeeps: all MRs from ghosalmartin are merged, now he's waiting for aarch64 to finish building so he can do the next round of fixes11:41
faenil(there are new failures already)11:41
ghosalmartinfaenil: new failures with known fixes ;)11:42
faenilghosalmartin: always fun11:42
ghosalmartinfaenil: am creating the bugs already11:42
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ghosalmartinwhat about appropriate tag be for libsdl-sound11:58
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ghosalmartinwent with packaging12:03
ghosalmartinhopefully fix should fix both broken packages12:03
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ghosalmartinfaenil: please12:11
ghosalmartindone just the way you like it :)12:12
* lbt may break webhooks since tar_git and webhooks are integral12:13
faenillbt: they are already not triggering12:13
faenilat least they weren't, last evening and this morning12:13
faenilah that's why I thought they were working a few days ago12:14
faenilit's because I've been tagging on github12:15
lbtwell, I'm looking at the code - I think the main upstream is abandonded now so I'll rebase it onto the Mer version12:15
faenilghosalmartin: I don't get this btw...all these packages have config.sub and config.guess built-in? why?12:15
faenilevery time you have to update all the files of all the packages with the same content? :|12:16
ghosalmartinfaenil: ...I dont know, I thought that was up to the machine to provide12:16
faenillbt: main upstream of what?12:16
lbttar_git src is mixed in with the webhook django application12:16
faenilStskeeps: is it normal that so many packages ship config.guess and .sub ?12:16
Stskeepsfaenil: yes12:16
faenilwow...that sounds reallllly screwed12:17
Stskeepsfaenil: stupid ***'ing autoconf12:17
Stskeepslbt: abandoned?12:17
lbtStskeeps: isn't it?12:17
LarstiQlbt: tar_git abandoned?12:17
lbtactually that's not the right word ... just no maintainer12:18
LarstiQlbt: well, Islam or me I guess?12:18
lbtLarstiQ: maybe I got the wrong info12:18
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lbtLarstiQ: the problem for me was that tar_git and webhooks were developed to suit jolla and didn't apply to a more public setup12:20
lbtso it ended up being forked and then trying to keep in sync12:21
LarstiQlbt: right, from my point of view that can/should be fixed12:21
LarstiQresources depending of course..12:21
lbtwell, there's a fork of it in github - Islam cherry picked lots of my commits into the devel branch but it's a bit outdated12:22
lbtI'd like to split out tar_git into it's own tree though12:22
lbtLarstiQ: I'm going to try and cherry pick things to make webhooks work on Mer12:23
ghosalmartinin spec files what pkconfig used for?12:23
lbtLarstiQ: what suse version are you on ?12:25
LarstiQlbt: 12.1 and 13.2 iirc12:27
LarstiQlbt: how so?12:27
lbtgot some build failures on 13.212:27
lbtneed to think seriously about 42.112:28
lbtsecurity support isn't going to last much longer iirc12:28
lbtI've got a couple of physical hosts up to 42.112:28
lbtnot seriously started on the VMs12:28
lbtOBS won't build for it without going to 2.612:29
lbtiirc jolla is 2.3 still - I'm on 2.5 in Mer12:29
LarstiQyeah, that has been a bit of a pain12:29
LarstiQlbt: I've got jolla obs building in 42.112:30
LarstiQ(in Docker)12:30
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lbtOK, that's good12:31
LarstiQlbt: but ideally we'd port the difference to 2.612:31
LarstiQor even 2.712:32
lbtthe intention was to use Mer production OBS as a test deployment for any companies using Mer12:32
lbtdidn't really happen that way - may be worth reconsidering now we've seen the pain of diverging :)12:32
lbtsame goes for gitlab - I upgrade about 5 days post-release each month (to allow "oh shit" bugs to get fixed) ... may be worth jolla following on 5 days later12:33
lbtto do that it would make sense to sync things like webhooks and some boss processes12:34
lbtand maybe develop some reasonable process tests12:34
LarstiQlbt: what are you thinking of?12:37
lbtwell - essentially use Mer production infra as test infra for jolla12:38
lbtMer has some test infra (gitlab dev and I used to have an OBS dev)12:38
phaeronlbt: I'd appreciate you don't speak about me in third person12:42
lbtphaeron: :D ... iamer wasn't completing ... I forgot you were phaeron here12:43
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phaeronlbt: also we spoke before about tar_git being in the client subfolder of webhooks and you were ok with it12:43
phaeronin the same vein I assured you that all development on webhooks is in the devel branch on github12:44
lbtyeah - I see that - it's just a bit outdated12:44
lbtie there's lots of stuff on top and we've diverged again12:45
phaeronthere were minor changes in devel2 and devel3 branches that you said you will review so we can all use the same branch12:45
phaeronotherwise the rest of devel is to move to django 1.9 and allow easier setup in docker12:46
lbttbh it's been so long since I looked at it that I don't recall what we were doing - I know it was on the right track though12:47
phaeronI am still working on webhooks fwiw12:49
lbtok, that's good - sorry if I heard the wrong info12:50
lbtI just cherry picked the tar_git changes onto my mer branch and tagged it 0.2.212:51
lbt(only in my clone)12:51
lbtthen I was going to apply a couple of your gitlab bug fixes to webhook code to see if that would help mer gitlab talk to mer webhooks12:51
lbt fyi12:53
phaeronlbt: haven't been following upstream gitlab. I hope they didn't break backward compa12:55
lbtphaeron: what do you think ?12:55
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lbttbh that's one of the things that makes me want to do the resync and mer/jolla infra sync ... we'll see it break on Mer and then devote some energy to fixing it before it impacts jolla's day-to-day work12:57
lbtI doubt it is too broken since the same gitlab hook data -> jolla via the hook reflector12:57
lbtbut atm I just update gitlab and if it breaks jolla then it's unplanned and generally bad12:58
lbtso now we're (jolla) are working with more of the public stuff it'd help to avoid that kind of cock up12:59
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AcamposPTSomeone to help me with Lipstick compositor i14:38
faenilmaybe locusf ? or w00t_ ^14:40
lbtfaenil: so ... tar_git ... I just triggered
AcamposPTIt's possible use lipstick without wayland?14:49
ghosalmartinis ohm meant to be borked?14:49
locusfno its not possible14:51
locusfthere is X11 handling inside lipstick anymore14:52
AcamposPTI've Qt aplication running on DirectFB14:52
locusf*there is no14:52
locusfwell that would require DirectFB to use EGL/GLES14:52
locusfwhich isn't available there14:52
AcamposPTI would like to use lipstick to do a  notification deamon14:52
AcamposPTCan I split the notification code from lipstick?14:54
locusfI don't know14:54
locusfits not lipstick itself which presents the notification14:54
locusfits the implementing homescreens job14:54
faenillbt: doesn't seem to have fixed it running with the new tar_git?14:54
AcamposPTlocusf, who present the notification?14:56
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locusfAcamposPT: eg. glacier-home does it14:56
locusfwhich is a homescreen implementation14:56
lbtfaenil: it should be14:57
faenillbt: ah, I think it was libtrace that had to be rebuilt with new tar_git, to unlock ohm and libdres-ohm14:58
faenilbecause libtrace-ohm was not including .tarball-version14:58
faenillet's see14:58
faenilI triggered it14:58
AcamposPTlocusf, but glacier-home use lipstick to work, right?15:00
locusfbut you cannot take the notifications from lipstick as is15:00
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AcamposPTwho manage the notification's? I'm confusing15:01
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locusfthe homescreen15:03
AcamposPTthe homescreen is a deamon?15:04
AcamposPTcolorful-home is a home screen, right?15:05
locusfyes it is a homescreen15:07
locusfbut its not a daemon15:07
locusfit is run in the user session via systemd15:07
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AcamposPTbut this homescreen require lipstick, right?15:08
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AcamposPTcolorful-home builds on top of lipstick15:08
AcamposPTso, lipstick manage the user notification's, right?15:09
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ghosalmartinIs there a reason qt5-qmake package is knowhere to be seen? but required by oneshot17:00
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faenilline 11517:09
ghosalmartinfaenil: so should packages requiring it, be pointing to qt5 instead? or even just qmake?17:10
faenilghosalmartin: no, it's all good17:11
faenilqmake in this case is a subpackage17:11
faenilso it gets the name of the main package17:11
faenil+ "-" + name_subpackage17:11
ghosalmartinso qt5-qmake is correct?17:11
faenilso %package qmake17:11
ghosalmartinahh okay17:11
faenilbeceoms qt5-qmake17:11
faenilbut since qtbase doesn't build, qt5-qmake doesn't build --> oneshot doesn't build17:11
ghosalmartincan you also force a rebuild for this package:
faenilno permissions17:13
ghosalmartinfaenil: ahh okay17:13
faenilask Stskeeps17:14
ghosalmartinStskeeps: can you force rebuild this
ghosalmartinwell its a relief that its not missing a load of packages17:14
Stskeepsdoing a osc rebuild17:16
ghosalmartinokays :)17:17
ghosalmartinif i've fixed it in fixup is there no way for it to detect changes?17:17
Stskeepsthat looks more like you need a _service update though17:17
faenilhe didn't update the project afaik17:18
faeniljust wants to rebuild17:18
faenil_service is one way, yes, but I wanted to avoid the _service commit17:18
Stskeepsi did a rebuild, afaik17:18
Stskeeps[    0s] phost6 started "build _service:tar_git:libsdl2-sound-mp3.spec" at Mon Jan 25 17:16:23 UTC 2016.17:18
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ghosalmartinnothings currently happen, may take a while17:21
*** harha <harha!> has joined #mer17:25
ghosalmartinif i wanted to link something to this:
faenilghosalmartin: why do you expect it to build ok without updating files like you did for other packages?17:26
faenil(just curious)17:26
ghosalmartinwould I just use libtrace?17:26
ghosalmartinfaenil: it uses the same repo as the last MR, just different spec file17:26
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faenilwhat MR? merged one?17:26
faenilI don't remember merging libsdl-sound17:27
ghosalmartinsomeone did17:27
faenilyes I did, lol17:27
ghosalmartinit was you faenil :P17:27
faenilin that case of course it needs a _service update :)17:27
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* faenil is very busy at his day job17:28
ghosalmartinfaenil: is okay :)17:28
faenilI updated libsdl-sound as well17:29
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ghosalmartinawesome, I think that one managed to build successfully anyway(maybe hooks worked?)17:30
faenilno, I just had an outdated page17:32
faenilthat wasn't showing me I had updated the _service 5h ago already17:32
ghosalmartinahhh oakyu17:36
ghosalmartinThink I have fixes for ohm as well17:37
ghosalmartinoh wait no17:38
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faenilI was quite sure ohm was due to tar_git not bundling the .tarball-version file in the tarball17:42
faenilbut lbt said we're using the latest now17:42
faenilJolla's tarball has that file17:43
faeniland they're using same repo as us, so it *has to* be something on OBS side17:43
faeniland tar_git is responsible for bundling that file if needed17:43
ghosalmartinseems to be missing libsimple-trace17:44
ghosalmartinbut the .so file is included in libtrace-devel17:44
ghosalmartinbut it cant seem to find libtrace-devel17:44
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faenilghosalmartin: it's not missing it17:53
faenilit's just that when libtrace-ohm builds17:53
faenilthe pkgconfig file it creates is filled with info coming from either:17:53
faenil1) a .tarball-version file at buildroot17:54
faenil2) if it's a git repo, it uses git commands to get the version17:54
faenilon OBS we're in usecase 1)17:54
faenilbut tar_git is not packing the .tarball-version file in the .tar that OBS will then use to build17:54
ghosalmartinahh, well that makes mpore sense17:55
faenilthis results in libsimple-trace .pc file having Version: UNKNOWN17:55
faenilmaking all the pkgs depending on it fail17:55
ghosalmartinfaenil: does the version really matter all that much17:55
ghosalmartincant we force accept any version17:55
faenilghosalmartin: we could, but why?17:56
faenilit builds on Jolla's OBS, so we just have to find the cause, there's something wrong on our OBS, imho17:56
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ghosalmartinfaenil: so it would accept any version rather than attempt to use UNKNOWN?17:57
faenilit already accepts any version, the pkgs depending on it use version >=
faenilit's libsimple-trace that exports itself as version UNKNOWN17:57
faenillbt: can you tell me exactly which tar_git commit is now running on Mer's OBS? so I can debug this further when I have time, thanks!17:58
ghosalmartinfaenil: so is this effectively blocking those packages, which in turn is blocking (maybe) the rest of the build?17:59
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faenilghosalmartin: no they don't block anything18:00
faenilarmv7hl builds everything successfully aside from libdres-ohm and ohm18:00
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ghosalmartinfaenil: ahh I see18:04
ghosalmartinis there anyway to view if anything depends on a package?18:05
ghosalmartinsince it must be either gdb or policy-settings-common holding up the build18:06
faenilif you hover on "unresolvable" it will tell you18:07
ghosalmartinno I mean check who depends on the specific package18:08
ghosalmartinnot what the package depends on18:08
ghosalmartinalso what package is Qt5Core in18:09
ghosalmartinseems like qtbase18:10
ghosalmartincurrently, unless am wrong the dependency circle goes like this18:10
ghosalmartinqtbase > cups-devel > poppler-utils > Qt5Core ==qtbase ?18:11
ghosalmartinive gotta heading home18:14
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* lbt finally hears what's wrong with tar_git ... :)18:15
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faenillbt: just ask :)18:17
faenillbt: line 5318:19
faenilthat's the problem :)18:19
faenilsorry second 5318:20
faenil[   53s] Libtrace version: UNKNOWN18:20
faeniland the reason why that happens (according to my investigation, that is) is the one I described above18:20
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lbttar_git is full of magic :)18:22
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*** Kaskuka is now known as Shanita18:28
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locusftheres a circular dependency in qtbase18:43
locusfqtbase -> cups -> poppler -> qtbase18:44
Stskeepslbt: i hear this repo thing is nice18:44
lbtStskeeps: I'm in favour of osc up18:44
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faenillbt: this is what it should do
faenilor what I expect it to do, but it doens't18:55
lbtyep - that's what I expect too - that code is on the source server now18:55
locusfI should put on my glasses18:55
locusfdidn't see ghosalmartins circular dep message18:56
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lbtfaenil: fwiw I updated tar_git to include that commit in june last year19:00
lbtso that's not likely to be the actual problem19:00
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faenillbt: jolla was using same repo, same commit, and jolla's tarball has .tarball-version in root dir...19:02
filippzhelp - tried patching bme (patchelf  --debug --replace-needed bme_RX-71) and getting "11/SEGV"19:02
filippzideas ?19:02
faenilnot here :/19:03
lbtfaenil: and this one doesn't have it in the tarball if you download it19:03
faenillbt: nope19:03
lbtOK - so lets follow the src and see ... I'll do that in ~1hr ... need to pop out for a bit19:03
lbtI could do with catching up on how this works19:04
faenillbt: cool, thanks a lot19:04
faenilStskeeps: gdb needs
faenilneeds to be upgraded19:06
LarstiQmissing git-version-gen?19:08
Stskeepsfaenil: probably19:09
LarstiQso no19:09
faeniljust check Jolla's _service19:10
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ghosalmartinso anything about the circular dep?19:18
Stskeepswhat circular dep?19:19
ghosalmartinqtbase -> cups -> poppler -> qtbase19:19
Stskeepswell that's lovely19:20
ghosalmartinso am not going crazy19:20
faenilghosalmartin: gdb needs updating to newer version to fix aarch64
Stskeepsguess we need a no_cups bcond or the likes19:20
Stskeepsfor the duration of the bootstrap19:21
faenilStskeeps: also [   76s] + CXXFLAGS='-O2 -g'19:21
faenilis that all we expect on aarch64?19:21
Stskeepsfaenil: that's OK afaik19:21
Stskeepsyeah, there's really not much else19:21
faenilI see..19:21
ghosalmartinfaenil: I guessed tbh, after updating config.bfd it still broke. dont wanna start messing with gdb yet, its not required...i hope19:22
ghosalmartinso shall I remove the cups-devel dep?19:23
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LarstiQghosalmartin: is it actually breaking something?19:26
LarstiQother than longer build times19:27
ghosalmartinLarstiQ: its creating a circular dependency meaning packages get stuck as unresolvable19:27
LarstiQghosalmartin: in obs, or for rpm?19:27
LarstiQthat should solve itself19:27
LarstiQah, but bootstrapping might be a problem19:28
ghosalmartinwhere would I look at that?19:28
LarstiQghosalmartin: temporary breaking the cycle so you can get one of the packages built19:30
ghosalmartincups-devel it is19:30
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ghosalmartinwell, lets hope it doesnt actually depend on cups-devel19:30
LarstiQor, inserting a binary19:30
LarstiQnot my preference, but don't know what Mer thinks about that19:31
LarstiQghosalmartin: anyway, let's see how the current approach goes19:31
ghosalmartinI'll just edit the spec file19:32
faenilyou might want to disable building the cups plugin (it's an extra package in qtbase spec)19:34
faenilthat's probably why there's a buildrequire on cups19:34
*** shentey <shentey!> has joined #mer19:35
faenil%package plugin-printsupport-cups19:37
ghosalmartinwell its building, any idea how long qt5 takes?19:40
ghosalmartinalso wouldnt this issue be resolved if that plugin was moved out?19:40
ghosalmartinor does it need to be a sub package of qtbase?19:40
faenilin Fedora it's part of qtbase package itself19:43
ghosalmartinahh I see19:45
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ghosalmartinah stuff builds21:02
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ghosalmartinStskeeps: any idea why they've kinda all died ?
faenilghosalmartin: what do you mean by "died"?22:11
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #mer22:13
*** sletta <sletta!> has joined #mer22:14
faenilit's just Mer rebuilding, something triggered a change in low-level packages22:15
faeniland now everything is rebuilding because of that change (don't know what)22:15
* faenil afk22:15
ghosalmartinanywhere to view the progress of that? or best to just leave it and check tomorrow22:18
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faenilghosalmartin: defintely best to just leave it, look at the "blocked" items, those are in the building queue22:42
faenilI don't understand why it started from scratch, but maybe someone changed something in the Preinstalled packages22:43
faeniland if that happens, the whole Mer gets rebuilt22:43
faenilI think it's going to take 24h from now...22:45
faenilif not more..22:45
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ghosalmartinthats a shame wanted to get it done as soon as possible23:05
ghosalmartini may actually do work tomorrow haha23:05
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