Sunday, 2016-01-24

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Stskeepslbt: gitlab production.log was 335gb and no obvious rotation going on10:29
Stskeepsand caused out of disk space10:29
Stskeepsgitlab backups look weird10:29
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faenilStskeeps: lbt just fyi, gitorious seems to be finally back, in read-only mode...all that effort mirroring and transitioning repos...well, anyway...still good not to rely on gitorious.org11:03
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Stskeepsfaenil: ooh.11:04
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* Stskeeps grabs the stuff he couldn't find11:06
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Stskeepsthey should just ipfs add the whole fucking deal11:08
Stskeepsfaenil: ok, give me the pull reviews again?11:16
faeniltoo lazy to scroll back? gah :P11:16
Stskeeps[13:24] <faenil> Stskeeps:
Stskeeps[13:38] <faenil> Stskeeps: also have and
Stskeepsonly ones?11:16
faenilyeah, I think so11:16
faenilthe missing ones11:16
faenilthe rest was lgtm'ed11:17
Stskeepsyou taking a look at the aarch64 merges too>11:21
faenilStskeeps: thanks11:22
faenilStskeeps: as in MRs proposed by others?11:22
faenilhaven't seen any11:22
Stskeepshmm i thought ghosalmartin had some11:22
faenilI don't receive emails about unless I've seen on this channel..11:23
faenilStskeeps: is it expected that the reverted file shows as 1yo, as if it was never modified?
Stskeepsi guess so11:29
faenilI didn't know revert would be that clean, I'd expect a *new* file with 1yo content11:29
Stskeepsit's a real revert11:29
faenillet the world rebuiiild...11:33
Stskeepsthere was a hiccup with gitlab earlier so look up for weird stuff11:33
Stskeepsran out of space11:33
faenilah, okay11:34
faenilStskeeps: should I remove all the repos in nemo:devel:ux and nemo:devel:apps that build against nemo:devel:mw?11:35
faenilI'd say so, but maybe you know someone who's depending on them11:35
faenilin fact, we should probably remove nemo:devel:mw altogether :P11:37
faenilor at least disable it11:37
Stskeepsi guess so11:38
Stskeepsit should build against mer:core instead11:38
faenilStskeeps: yeah, so I'll just disable everything for now11:38
faenilif someone comes back and complains we'll look into that, otherwise we'll delete the whole thing in a few weeks or something11:39
faenilno more latest and next11:41
faeniljust one mer-core11:41
faenilwell, unless there's any other plan11:41
faenilI don't know how the previous situation was handled, I guess we'll make a new next when there will be a need11:42
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faenilStskeeps: do all MR need a FIXES MER#?12:17
faenilit seems sledges is taking care of those MRs btw12:19
faenilI don't know what to reply to many of them, I could just lgtm but I don't know those packages, it would be a blind review ..12:19
faenilStskeeps: forgot one
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faenillbt: any ETA for tar_git update?12:23
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faenilwhat happens to all the hw repos depending on nemo:mw ?12:38
faenilStskeeps: should I disable all mer:* as well?12:45
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Stskeepserr.. what's under mer:*?13:25
Stskeepsfaenil: ideally all changes should have a MER#13:25
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faenilStskeeps: mer:devel, mer:qt:devel, etc14:08
Stskeepsguess it can die14:09
faenildie like delete the project, or just disable?14:09
Stskeepsno need for it to build14:09
faenilStskeeps: not enough permissions14:11
* Stskeeps looks14:11
faenilabout 10 projects14:11
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Nokius_lbt: are working on mer infra? getting Proxy error 'DNS lookup failure for: wiki'17:07
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lbterm ... something bad happened17:09
lbtBroadcast message from (Sun Jan 24 16:35:48 20Power button pressed17:09
Stskeepshow's that possible17:09
Stskeepsit's a vm17:09
* lbt has long arms ?17:09
lbtcat in data centre?17:10
lbtphost is up17:10
lbtup 118 days17:10
* Stskeeps stares17:10
Stskeepsi haven't touched anything at least17:10
Stskeepsbesides the gitlab stuff17:11
* lbt was in the garden17:11
Bostiksomeone mucked about through the host ilo?17:11
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lbtroot      1726  1724  0 16:35 ?        00:00:00 /usr/bin/systemctl try-restart libvirt-guests.service17:12
Stskeepslbt: automated upgrade crap?17:12
* lbt suspects automated security...17:12
Stskeepsnext question17:14
Stskeepsthink it'll succeed? :)17:14
lbterror: Failed to create domain from /etc/libvirt/qemu/zathras.xml17:14
lbterror: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.17:14
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Stskeepsso somebody had a great idea to add an automatic guests restart on upgrade? :)17:16
lbtyes, looks like17:17
Stskeepsah.. distribution jenga is fun,
lbtvirsh create /etc/libvirt/qemu/zathras.xml  --> error: File exists17:19
lbtvirsh destroy zathras --> error: Domain not found: no domain with matching name 'zathras'17:19
Stskeeps.. :P17:19
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locusfI was going to teach a couple of guys the secrets of obs17:21
locusfI guess not17:21
Stskeepsblame the packagin17:21
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* lbt swears he will add a secondary internal DNS server17:23
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* lbt reboots phost13 too17:33
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lbtOK - we're baxck17:36
faenillol Stskeeps17:40
lbtplease let me know of any issues17:40
faenillbt: my issue is tar_git :D17:40
lbtfaenil: yeah - sorry, I've been too busy on other stuff. I should have time this week though17:40
faenillbt: cool, thanks17:41
faenilnp, just to plan my spare time accordingly :)17:42
faenilStskeeps: can you nuke/disable ?17:43
faenilStskeeps: cheers17:44
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* faenil commented all the aarch64 MRs18:03
Stskeepsfaenil: focusing on netflix and some sketching for next few hours18:04
faenilStskeeps: I'll be studying18:04
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locusffaenil: whaa, you going for PhD now?18:16
faenillocusf: no :) but never stop studying ;) :)18:17
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mgroverfaenil: are you there?21:07
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faenilmgrover: yep21:16
mgroverfaenil: for the fuse .changes file. shall I update it?21:16
mgroveram unclear when to update .changes files21:16
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mgroveralso same issue for llvm21:17
faenilmgrover: if the project has _service with DUMB set to Y21:17
faenilthen it needs updating21:17
mgroverfaenil: ahh okay21:17
faenilotherwise, it's automatically generated from the commits with a [tag]21:17
faeniland is then parsed by CI to look for MER# bugs21:17
faenilfor automatic handling of bugs21:18
faenilthat's why we need [tag]s and Fixes MER# :)21:18
mgroverahh fair enough: well the tags have been added and mer bugs created21:19
faenilmgrover: fuse still has libfuse in the submodule fail21:19
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mgroverfaenil: does that actually matter? or is that what deps are checked on21:22
faenilmgrover: I think it does matter for git21:22
faenilmgrover: or maybe not, I'm not 100% sure, but if you can leave it to fuse that would be better21:24
mgroverfaenil: i dont think it does tbh, since it still points to fuse folder21:24
faenilmgrover: ok..21:25
mgroverand i really dont want to undo a commit again to edit the migration commit, to recommit :P21:25
mgroveror is it possible to edit a specific commit21:25
faenilhah :P21:25
faenilyes, of course21:25
faenilgit rebase -i HEAD~221:26
mgroverill do that21:26
faenilthanks :)21:27
mgroverafter i do rebase continue21:28
mgroverdo I just force push?21:28
faenilyeeeah :)21:29
mgroverdone :)21:30
mgroverhmmm its not changed21:32
faenilyes yes21:32
mgroveroh wait it has21:33
mgroverit doesnt show on my repo as changed though, odd21:34
faenilwow, we use fuse from 2012...21:34
mgroveryeah, wasn't sure if I should just update to latest, but that seems like a minefield since i already know aarch64 is going to be difficult21:35
faenilyeah, you did right21:36
mgrovernow to figure out why llvm build is crashing21:37
faenilmgrover: merged and tagged...there are other 3-4 MRs waiting for bugs fwiw ;)21:37
faenilthat llvm failure is weird...21:37
mgroveris indeed, is there an easy way to view buildroot?21:37
mgroveralso a way to view all my mrs21:37
faenilin your profile on gitlab21:38
faenilbuildroot, I don't know...not the OBS one21:38
mgroverhmm okay, ill sort out the bugzilla first21:40
faenilgood idea :)21:40
mgroveraspell MR is ready21:42
faenildoulbe entry in changelog21:53
faenilStskeeps: ^ Jolla's CI is choking on double entry in changelog, says it can't find MER#21:54
mgroverfaenil: cant we just get rid of one of the entries?21:55
faenil(at least, I don't have the permissions)21:55
faenilmgrover: your llvm has 2 tarballs21:56
faenilmgrover: also, the MR is still showing 3 commits that are already in master21:57
faenilplease rebase on top of master21:57
faenilmaybe you rewrote history or something, and changed the id of those commits21:57
mgroverfaenil is that for llvm?21:58
mgroveralso yes, am unsure how I can stop the two tarballs21:58
faenilfor the tarball, maybe it's because it needs a new git tag21:59
mgroverllvm isnt ready yet21:59
mgroverstill need to amend commit21:59
mgroveroh wait no I did21:59
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mgroverllvm fixed22:02
mgroverwell rebased22:02
faenilstill showing 5 commits22:02
mgroverfaenil: it still is only 5 commits22:03
mgroverive just amended the last one22:03
faenilit shouldn't be 522:03
faenilyou see the last 3 are in master already?22:03
faenilthey shouldn't be shown in your MR22:03
faenilif they are, it means git thinks they're different22:03
mgroveroh i see22:03
faeniland that could because you rewrote the history of those 3 commits, and that changed their hash22:04
mgroverby rebase on master, do you mean git rebase -i HEAD?22:04
faenilso, you have to rebase on top of the mer-core master22:04
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faenilotherwise, you can start from scratch, fork and then add your changes22:05
mgroverso do I git rebase -i mer-core/master?22:05
faenilyeah, try (if you have mer-core as remote)22:05
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mgroverhmm stuck on fetching22:11
faenilbig beef22:12
mgrovercurrently very tempted to just refork lol22:12
faenilmm 502 from gitlab22:12
mgroverahh thats why the fetch is borking22:12
faenillbt: gitlab is not responding, 50222:16
faenilmgrover: I'm off then ;) let's see tomorrow22:16
mgroverfaenil: goodnight, thanks for the help :)22:17
faenilnp :) thanks for the MRs22:17
mgrovermy pleasure :)22:27
*** mgrover is now known as ghosalmartin22:27
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