Tuesday, 2014-12-02

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hans_mer support armv5tle?01:58
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StskeepsSK_work: saw comments about some ready-ish packaging?08:42
SK_workthat's cool08:42
Stskeepsmay be a matter of trying to build it against sailfishos 1.1 target08:42
Stskeepsor was it 1.0, i forget08:43
locusfStskeeps: would it be possible to pull in latest lipstick to mer-core:devel?08:45
Stskeepslocusf: probably yes08:45
locusfStskeeps: ok thanks08:45
Stskeepsgimme a sha?08:45
locusfalso ofono? The latest sha is: 1d23793eb0afe967fb12f30aa78dedd59063b45e08:47
Stskeepsanybody want to help on a few gcc4.9 issues?08:47
locusfthanks a lot :)08:47
locusfnot on a mersdk machine at the moment, otherwise could have helped out :)08:47
SK_workStskeeps: will have a look08:48
Stskeepspcre is a known upstream bug at least08:48
SK_workhum, cairo and gstreamer are out of my scope :(08:48
locusfhmm https://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.7/porting_to.html08:53
locusfthats for timed-qt508:53
Stskeepshmm but why didn't it break in gcc4.8 already08:54
locusfyup my thoughts exactly08:54
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locusfthe timed fix probably needs an ifdef so it compiles on < gcc4.909:32
locusfis there a gcc version checker?09:33
Stskeepshttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/259248/how-do-i-test-the-current-version-of-gcc ish ?09:33
locusfwhat is the exact version of the gcc compile for mer-core:devel, for the gcc4.8 ?09:39
Stskeeps4.9.2 i think09:39
Stskeepsfor gcc 4.8 .. i guess 4.8.2 ..?09:39
Stskeepsi don't know09:39
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locusfhow can I include the gcc4.9 package to my mersdk?09:41
Stskeepsi would just osc build at this point09:42
locusfah ok09:42
locusfor just get it from: https://build.merproject.org/package/binaries/mer-core:i486:devel:gcc49/gcc?repository=Core_i486 ?09:43
Stskeepsor that09:43
Stskeepscairo: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7706009:44
MerbotFreedesktop bug 77060 in general "cairo fails to compile with gcc 4.9" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]09:44
locusfok so thats fixed upstream09:46
locusfhmm whoops10:20
locusflipstick-qt5 is unresolvable in mer-core:devel:armv7hl10:20
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UninstallStskeeps: https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/usbutils/merge_requests/112:14
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sledges< tbr> PSA: open source & jolla - meeting on #mer-meeting in 1h 10min13:51
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tadziklbt, Aard: so there is some work on that architecture graph done already?16:01
Aardtadzik: graphing for dependencies of packages, querying live repositories for details16:02
tadzikI see. The well desired thing seems to be the Big Picture[tm] though, as in "I want to scratch this particular itch, where do I look"16:04
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tadzikas in: is it a particular app, or the jolla sdk, or the part of nemo, or part mer itself16:07
tadzikdoes that make sense?16:07
Aardso the current approach is: architecture split into hw-adaptation, middleware and ui-level. those are then split into areas (like, backup, connectivity, contacts, ...), containing a few paragraphs with links to additional resources + explanation why it was chosen16:09
Aardit's cross referenced with a 'technology list', which is split into areas as well, and just contains short details: component name, repository url, license, dependency graph16:10
Aardat least the 'technology list' could probably be autogenerated by adding a bit of additional metadata to the packages itself16:10
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tadziksounds good to me16:11
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lbtAard: I wondered about starting with an associated metadata file outside the packaging (same name) then when it all works, move it to the spec16:13
lbtmuch more hackable in the short term16:13
Aardlbt: works. main thing is, all packages should have that definition, but we'll need a way to pick only a subset up from the documentation16:14
lbtmetadata exclusion ?16:14
lbtor grouping16:14
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lbtalso - we should define the set of relationships16:14
Aardwe should have that documentation available for all mer/nemo packages, but not all of them are supported in the sailfish context16:15
tadzikwell, the nemo ui parts are probably irrelevant16:17
lbtrelationship types ?16:17
Aardtadzik: they're irrelevant for us, but it'd be kind of an asshole move to exclude components in the same project just because _we_ don't care about them, when they could use the metadata for nemo documentation16:18
tadzikAard: agreed16:19
* lbt suggests using OBS projects as the mechanism to collect packages for metadata - or maybe patterns ?16:20
lbtprojects are easier to script to start with16:20
Aardlbt: I'd prefer not tying that into OBS too much16:22
lbtnot much, no - just as a way to say "process metadata for these packages"16:22
lbtalmost a pre-phase which makes a package list - that way we can handle nemo or any minimal distro built on mer too16:22
Aardhttp://pastebin.com/wP34xvVw -- that's what I currently collect for the technology list16:23
Aardthat info should probably come from the package, but the actual list itself in the architecture documentation16:24
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tigeliStskeeps: https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/openvpn/merge_requests/1 :)16:33
Stskeepsoh for crying..16:33
lbtbutton worked this time then? :D16:35
lbteven when stabbed quite hard I suspect16:35
tigeliStskeeps: I don't mean to push you, just not sure always if you have noticed as you are _busy_16:35
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xavinuxtadzik: How can I start help?19:49
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tadzikxavinux: I wish we had a plan :)19:51
tadzikxavinux: I can paste you the backlog to see what's on our minds so far19:51
tadzikxavinux: https://gist.github.com/tadzik/b62c245bf1e671b4374019:51
xavinuxtadzik: Ok will take a look at that and perhaps we can talk later or tomorrow if you can19:54
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tadzikxavinux: the biggest thing we're missing right now is the plan :)20:00
xavinuxtadzik: Ok, let´s think in one toghether ;)20:02
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