Monday, 2014-12-01

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tigeliStskeeps: :)11:09
Stskeepslbt: gitlab is br0k11:10
Stskeepscan't accept merge11:10
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lbtdamned scrolling channel list12:30
lbtStskeeps: want to just accept it ?12:31
Stskeepsyes, i know i can do it manually, but i should be able to press button12:31
lbtyep - just making sure that if I merge it whilst fixing that's OK12:31
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lbtStskeeps: hmm - I'm seeing ! [remote rejected] master -> master (hook declined)12:36
lbtthis is usually a hook thing12:36
lbtthere's a new setting called a protected branch12:37
lbtnope :/12:37
lbtgot it12:40
Stskeepswhat was it12:41
lbtthe hooks use #!/usr/bin/env ruby     by default12:42
lbtthat uses the system ruby < /usr/local/bin/ruby :/12:43
lbtso needs hacking - I carry a tiny patch but they added a new update hook12:43
RaYmAnrvm <312:43
lbttry now12:43
lbtRaYmAn:  :P12:43
lbtRaYmAn: the original setup used system ruby - then they moved to compile-your-own12:44
lbtI follow it pretty much to the letter - safer than trying to be clever :)12:44
lbtStskeeps: let me know...12:44
RaYmAnI thought  they officially supported rvm actually12:45
lbtStskeeps: cool12:45
lbtRaYmAn: I'd probably need to re-do the setup ... benefits/risks... nah12:45
RaYmAnthat makes sense12:45
lbtruby is one of those "I love it but it confuses me" things ... and it's a bitch to deploy in package-centric sysadmin terms12:47
lbtmainly due to magical and hard to backtrack inheritance12:47
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UninstallStskeeps: did you ever take a look to ICU package?16:00
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tigeliStskeeps: :)18:54
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Stskeepstigeli: saw..18:56
tigeliStskeeps: however.. I update the mer-package to that version anyway (to hopefully fix the certificate-issues) ;)18:58
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Stskeepsplfiorini: do you by chance have i945 mesa compatible packaging?20:23
plfioriniStskeeps, i have mesa for x86 systems yes20:27
Stskeepsand non-llvmpipe?20:27
Stskeepsi'm lazy looking for mesa+libdrm+libgbm and such to test on the jolla tablet, so20:28
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Stskeepsah, nice20:28
plfioriniStskeeps, this one has no llvmpipe20:29
Stskeepsyeah that's fine20:29
Stskeepsand mer's libdrm is up enough to date.. or?20:29
plfiorinii have a slitghtly updated ver20:30
plfiorinidon't know if it makes any difference i just wanted to have itu pdate and stop worring20:30
plfioriniStskeeps, are you guys using kms for the jolla tablet right?20:31
Stskeepsno, sadly it's YALH (Yet Another Libhybris)20:31
plfioriniback in the day i had problems with green island and kms20:31
Stskeepsbut i want to test in advance that open drivers will work, too20:31
plfioriniit should be solved now with weston and full screen shell but of course it's just temporary20:32
plfioriniFYI there's an eglfs for kms somewhere on gerrit20:32
StskeepsSK_work: ^20:32
plfioriniStskeeps, btw i saw you are updating gcc to 4.9, i had some problems building the previous version for maui20:33
plfioriniStskeeps, i made a few random patches i have to show you20:34
Stskeepsplfiorini: yeah, i hit some fun issues.. -fexceptions being one20:34
plfiorinii honestly don't want to maintain a gcc copy (defeats the purpose of using mer) but at the same time i don't feel comfortable sending those patches for review20:35
Stskeepsyeah, this is mostly for experimental atm20:35
Stskeepsi want to see how much the new mer-nemo merged stack breaks with it20:35
Stskeepspatches look fine, but i'm a bit unsure about what libasan_preinit.o is for20:35
Stskeepsseems to be it20:36
plfiorinifeel free to cherry-pick them if they are sane enough20:36
Stskeepsthey are, feel free to send them, looks good20:36
plfiorinii don't know how mer got gcc build in the first place though20:37
Stskeepswell, i'm a bit puzzled as to why you'd hit the obj issue20:37
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Stskeeps%global _unpackaged_files_terminate_build 0 fwiw20:40
Stskeepsdo you have a different rpm?20:41
plfiorinithe rpm got rebuilt, i'm not using the one from mer20:43
Stskeepsas in, rpm rpm20:45
plfiorinirpm was rebuilt too (from mer sources, no patches)20:47
Stskeepsrpm configs?20:47
Stskeepsjust thinking of obvious ones20:47
plfiorinirpmlint-mini if i recall20:48
Stskeepsdunno, anyway, odd20:48
plfiorinii had a maui-rpm-config but i don't think it got used20:48
plfiorinisince the target refers to meego20:49
plfiorinimeego-rpm-config is the same as mer20:49
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plfiorinii noticed that some macros were not found like %_fixperms and i had to add it to the project config20:50
plfiorinithis caused perl to not build20:50
plfioriniwhich is odd because if i remember correctly %_fixperms should be defined by the rpm macros20:51
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plfiorinibtw i can't wait to see sailfish 2.020:55
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Stskeepsneither can i20:56
Stskeepsbecause when that's out, i want to go on a reaall nice vacation20:56
plfioriniyou deserve it20:56
plfioriniif it's half as good as sfos 1, it will be great20:56
Stskeepshopefully it'll be better20:57
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alteregoWell, I think we're hoping it'll be twice as good as Sailfish OS 1 ;)21:02
plfioriniof course :P21:03
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Morpog_PClike sailfish os 1.0 was twice as good as beta sailfishos? :D21:28
Stskeepsand with that i think it's time to go to sleep ;)21:29
stephgMorpog_PC: cynic21:29
Morpog_PC;) sleep tight Stskeeps21:29
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tbropenvpn is in core? interesting :)23:17
tbrtigeli: so was the thing any spectacular or was it just a DOS vulnerability?23:17
tigelitbr: only dos, but also the certificate issue got fixed :)23:17
tigelicertificate issue in tests23:18
tigeliso we can finally disable md5-verify on openssl23:19
tigelithat one23:19
tigeliall certs with md5-signature are baaad23:19
tbreven though so far only pre-image attacks are feasible on md5. it's cryptographically broken.23:20
tigeliand the dos was only on server-side, but 2.2.x is not anymore maintained so it's good time to upgrade the thing23:21
tbrwe should all just go back to CRC3223:21
tigeliand of course 2.3.x has complete ipv6-support23:23
tigelionce again today I asked from Tampereenpuhelin if they are going to participate to at summer.. "we haven't heard about such thing"23:24
tbrI wonder if the big two will get their arse up23:26
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