Sunday, 2014-06-08

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* lbt around a bit this morning and afk all afternoon - please check OBS and let me know so I can look at any issues tonight09:05
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Stskeepslbt: stress test time?12:54
* MSameer brings popcorn13:05
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vgradelbt: can't add a maintainer to a project, 500: Internal Server Error13:39
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[ol]lbt: Thank you for upgrading Mer OBS and testing rebased Mer patches! Sorry for problems caused by untested LDAP...14:47
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Stskeepsdid you verify that current gnutls builds fine against it?17:05
tigeliStskeeps: nope, but if it does not we can upgrade gnutls ;)17:08
tigeliwhich we should do anyway17:08
Stskeepsok, might be good to just test as well17:11
tigelijust testing17:12
tigeliStskeeps: yes, built ok17:17
* CosmoHill goes woof17:17
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Stskeeps+* Sun Jun 08 2014 Pasi Sjöholm <> - 3.617:18
Stskeepsshouldn't it be
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plfiorinilbt, thanks for updating obs, i will probably test it tomorrow17:39
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tigeliStskeeps: hard to say :D my merproject-account is @siirappi.com18:00
tigeliStskeeps: but will update that .com.com18:00
Stskeepsif it's jolla copyright, use ;)18:03
tigeliStskeeps: sure, now fixed18:03
tigeliStskeeps: all stuff in our own git-repos are @jolla(mobile).com from me18:04
tigeliand also18:05
tigelithough not 100% in github18:06
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lbtStskeeps: yes18:42
Stskeepslbt: ok, let's break some things..18:43
Stskeepslemme just finish up this email18:43
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lbtI think I understand the broken create branch issue18:44
lbtapi now manages some config changes which are propagated by delayed-job system - that wasn't running. When it started it had 50k jobs to process (don't ask) which took a while. Then it propogated the old/broken config and broke branches18:45
lbtby which time I was out :)18:46 error: no such option: --unique-md-filenames18:46
lbtpublish failed for home:msameer:gstreamer, sailfishos_1.0.3.8_latest_armv7hl :     modifyrepo failed: 51218:46
MSameerwhat's that :D18:47
Stskeepsneed update of createrepo18:47
lbtyeah - but it's not in the repos we have18:47
MSameerhow come?18:47
MSameerignore the name of the repo18:48
lbtit's not in standard suse repos @13.1 and I suspect we need to add it to ol's OBS repo18:48
* MSameer doesn't know what he's talking about18:49
lbtMSameer: that's not the prob - it's just createrepo ... sorry for accidental highlight :)18:50
* MSameer hides again18:50
* lbt created a package called woof - so that's OK18:50
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lbtOBS:Server:2.5/createrepo/createrepo-0.9.9-modifyrepo.patch:+    parser.add_option("--unique-md-filenames", dest="unique_md_filenames19:17
Stskeepsis it beig applied19:21
* lbt laughs .. oh how he laughs19:21
lbti | createrepo | package    | 0.9.9-10.1.2 | x86_64 | openSUSE-13.1 OSS19:21
lbtv | createrepo | package    | 0.9.9-0.25.1 | noarch | OBS Server 2.5 With Mer Changes (openSUSE_13.1)19:21
lbtwouldn't it be nice if OBS would let you specify the version number19:22
lbtalso I didn't realise ... zypper se  createrepo shows 2 options (src/bin) ... adding -s shows 4 (13.1 src/bin and OBS src/bin) ... installed now19:24
lbtStskeeps: meanwhile I think mer has rebuilt ?19:25
lbtnah - it's blocked on gcc somehow19:25
lbtnm - I looked just as gcc was finishing and no jobs were building19:26
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vgrade my webhook service at is blocked.  Probably my misconfiguration as its the first webhook I've done. Could someone familiar have a quick look19:37
vgradethe pacakge was created automatically and the _service file added by cibot19:38
vgradeif I uderstand the process19:38
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lbthmm - it's not offering any service trigger19:39
lbtmaybe I need to enable that19:39
vgradeon the UI ? no19:39
vgradepackage status says "blocked" service in progress19:40
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lbtvgrade: it could just be slow19:42
lbtroot     21687 21686  0 19:21 ?        00:00:00 /bin/bash /usr/lib/obs/service//tar_git --url
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lbtI'm dropping the lvm snapshots too - may help speed up19:44
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vgradelbt: service ran ok20:08
lbt*nod* .. it'll be faster next time20:08
lbtit's the initial git clone20:08
vgradeok, understood20:09
lbtafair it shares git repos though - but not forks of common ones20:09
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SfietKonstantinnew obs looks sexy :)21:14
SfietKonstantinthanks lbt21:14
sledgeslbt: \\o//21:21
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phaeronI hate its new webui tbh21:25
phaeronlbt: I wonder if it is worth indicating a forks' origins and sharing a central cache21:28
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lbtphaeron: I'd wondered that too21:28
lbtI see no security issue since we know/restrict the git servers21:29
lbtwe can say fork of 'repo' and do a local clone of that (or even a shared repo)21:30
phaeronlbt: yes21:30
phaeronI'll look at github payload. I vaguely remember it carried that info already.21:30
lbtand gitlab :)21:30
phaerongitlab payloads are ... poor.21:31
phaeronbut hopefully can be improved21:31
phaeronalso most of the time an api call can provide the needed info21:31
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phaeronright now checking if the new createrepo finally creates useable delta rpms21:32
phaeronseems to work21:42
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