Saturday, 2014-06-07

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vgraderah: are you using mer platform sdk to build10:31
vgradethere is a repo mentioned in that ks which does not exist anymore , libhybris so this needs to be removed and the line libhybris* from the packages list10:41
vgradeit builds here with those things removed10:41
vgradebut looking at your error message this is not the issue.10:42
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* lbt watches calligra build...11:13
vgrade  lbt going well then?11:21
lbtx86 build seems to be OK11:21
lbtI think the sb2 may be a touch broken11:21
lbt[   13s] cp: cannot stat '/var/cache/obs/worker//root_1/.mount/target/.init_b_cache/rpms/rpm.rpm': No such file or directory11:22
lbtbut I've got the puppet/worker stuff looking reasonable11:22
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lbtheh - ty11:28
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lbt22s for a simple package build with ~140 dependencies11:35
tbrall cached in ram I guess? :)11:41
rahvgrade: indeed, so how do I fix the error I'm getting? :-)11:44
vgraderah: you are on mer sdk?11:44
rahvgrade: yes11:45
vgradezypper up mic11:45
rahResolving package dependencies...11:45
rahNothing to do.11:45
situvgrade: Why did we have to uninstall mesa-llvmpipe to get graphics working on N5 (why does it conflict with libhybris) ?11:46
vgradesitu: llvmpipe provides software gles where there are no hw gles drivers11:46
vgradehybris provides access to android gles hw drivers11:47
vgradeon N511:47
vgraderah: rpm -qa | grep mic11:47
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situvgrade: But why isn't software gles automatically disabled when libhybris is available ?11:49
vgradesitu: what do you mean , disabled where11:50
vgradeI never got mesa dragged in on my device11:52
situvgrade: Is software gles given preference over hw gles if both are available ?11:52
vgradeyou mean in during mic build11:53
vgradein mic build you specify libhybris-glesv2 not mesa-glesv211:54
leviathanchlbt: the webinterface is still down :-)11:54
vgradeand right thing gets installed11:54
situIs it a problem if both libhybris and mesa-llvm are installed on a device ?11:55
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vgradeboth packages "Provide libGLESv2"11:55
vgradeI'm don't think the package manager would allow that11:56
lbtleviathanch: yeah - there's something up with arm builds11:58
leviathanchlbt: oh, ok12:03
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rahvgrade: mic-0.14-7.4.3.noarch12:56
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vgraderah: zypper ar
vgraderah zypper ref13:15
vgradezypper up mic13:15
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rahvgrade: now it's got to libhybris :-)13:54
rahCreatorError: <creator>Failed to find package 'libhybris*' : No package(s) available to install13:54
* rah tries with mentions of libhybris removed13:56
rahseems to be working :-)13:56
vgraderah: good14:03
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lbtoh - what a simple fix in the end :)15:37
vgradelbt: sometimes the case15:39
lbtbug in the "build" command back in 2012 - technically shouldn't matter but apparently does :)15:40
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vgraderelated to missing repository15:40
lbtno... oddly not15:41
lbtbasically Stskeeps had a brainfart doing a filtering loop :D15:42
lbtso it was doing zypper in pkga pkgb pkgc... pkgz pkga pkgb pkgc... pkgz pkga pkgb pkgc... pkgz15:43
lbtwhich should just work15:43
lbtbut the list was being used for other things I guess.... so it broke15:43
lbtbut yay ... just rebuilt some sailfishos stuff (kexec-tools, bullet physics etc)15:44
lbtvgrade: want to try some builds?15:44
lbtmsg'ed passwd15:45
lbtso have a prod and I'll bring up another worker15:45
lbtI'm trying to make that automated so if it picks up phost4 it may break - phost5 is good15:46
lbtalso ... *fast UI* :D15:46
lbtyes search is broken - not a go-live blocker15:48
lbtStskeeps: getting ready to stress test but not quite yet15:48
* lbt runs new puppet magic on phost415:49
Stskeepsok, im out 7n sun atm15:50
lbt"well bugger me" as they say up manchester way ...15:50
lbtit worked15:50
lbtStskeeps: np ... just pushing on15:50
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vgradeberndhs: hi16:16
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berndhsmy N950 on meego won't make phone calls any more, I should get off my lazy ass and convert to sailfish16:33
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bef0rdif you get an updated guide to do it I could be interested16:34
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berndhsor maybe there is a version of Mer that is better, I just want to make phone calls and listen to music16:35
faenilthe new sailfishos update will require a newer kernel16:35
faeniland 3.5 for n950/n9 is still lacking telephony stuff16:36
faenil(among other things)16:36
faenilhelp is needed to finish that part16:36
bef0rdso it won't be possible in the near future16:37
berndhswhat sort of help? can you point at specific things that need to be fixed? I can do a lot of things, but have very limited resources right now16:37
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berndhsthanks vgrade, I will take a look17:02
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* lbt has another go at figuring out the new config stuff for obs19:21
Stskeepshow's it going19:23
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lbtStskeeps: missed that :)19:35
lbtit's mainly good19:35
lbtsome silly issues now - couldn't branch packages19:36
lbtpublish may not be happening19:36
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lbtnot branching is due to not having a signing key19:36
lbtthat's due to the config not being set to   <enforce_project_keys>off</enforce_project_keys>19:37
lbtwhich it was - on cbe19:37
lbtbut it needs replicating which is not automatic19:37
lbtso ...19:37
lbtthat's just fixed19:37
lbtso I'm looking at publish next19:37
lbtbut realistically <whisper>it's looking good</whisper>19:38
lbtodd stuff like distributions.xml is now managed via api19:38
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* lbt installs dpkg to suse system ...19:44
lbtpublish failed: 404 remote error: remote error  Not Found ... how helpful19:46
Stskeepsit sounds like a good weekend to recode obs19:47
lbtoverall it's not been too bad - ol seems to have done the heavy lifting. It's just deployment nits that take a while to track down19:48
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lbtPSA: OBS upgrade is now available for testing. Please let me know of any issues.22:03
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