Wednesday, 2014-06-04

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tbrmeh, now also opensuse obs is in maintenance!09:19
Stskeepsno obs for you09:19
* tbr senses a conspiracy!!!!eleven!09:19
tbrah, no was just a blip it seems09:19
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lbtobs be upgrade now09:54
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lbtand fe db migrations...11:51
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lbtwatching databases is boring ...12:13
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lbtat least mysql workbench shows internal activity - so it's not dead :)12:14
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Stskeepslbt: lemme know when you want me to stress test12:38
lbtthis is 2.4 upgrade ... then do -> 2.5 so maybe not today12:39
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Stskeepsjust noting :)12:39
lbtwill do then12:39
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leviathanchlbt: hey, when will the build service come online again? ^^14:18
lbtleviathanch: tomorrow I hope14:20
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tbrStskeeps / lbt - I might want to look again at that idea that I had some time ago and was wondering about your possible interest. Yocto based bootstrapping of HW adaptation and possibly further touching points.14:23
lbttbr: OK - we should finish up the sailfish HA bootstrapping work first14:24
lbtthen we'll have a sailfish/mer/hybris baseline to compare too14:24
tbrlbt: as I'm not privy to this, I'll probably look into trying out my idea based on something easy and hardware that I have: Yocto + Poky + BeagleBoneBlack + Mer/Nemo14:26
tbrbut it would be nice to know if there is general interest in that14:26
tbrit seems "Yocto based BSPs" are trending for some SoC/HW vendors14:27
lbtthe HA docs are something we're trying to get out14:29
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lbtwooh - db migration finished (after having some tables grow to 4.4Gb and need a bit more disk...)14:57
tbrkitkat database?14:58
lbtnow down to 2.6 - I think they dropped some indices - and this is the status_histories table14:58
lbttbr: OBS fe14:58
tbryes, I meant the 4.4.14:58
* lbt prepares to fire up some obs stuff and puts on kevlar in case of shrapnel15:02
lbts/in case of/for the/15:02
Stskeepslbt: at least it's not written in prolog15:02
Stskeepsit'd just say 'no'15:02
* lbt speaks obsish - it does say "no" ... often15:02
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faenilStskeeps, lol15:10
plfiorinilbt: which opensuse version are you using?15:21
plfiorinino ruby issues?15:22
lbtphaeron: is packaged15:22
lbtplfiorini: not at the moment15:22
lbtplfiorini: ol has done a good job of porting all packages to our obs and building the required repos15:22
phaeronlbt: used to be part of boss in mint afair15:23
* lbt goes to look - I can't 'find' it in any src atm15:23
lbtI wonder if the src != installed name15:24
lbtah damn it ... boss src is not in my mer-mint area directly... it's symlinked :)15:25
lbtgood - was searching for the right rpm - couldn't find the right repo15:26
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phaerongood luck15:30
plfiorinilbt: which repo are you installing obs from for the mer server?15:33
lbtphaeron: ty :) - looks good15:34
lbtplfiorini: it's on the mer obs - but not available atm15:34
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lbtwell, the repo itself is15:34
plfiorinilbt: thanks i will try with that15:35
lbtplfiorini: that'll take you to 2.415:36
lbtthere's another for 2.515:36
lbtplfiorini: I thought you were more just interested than wanting to use it :)15:37
plfiorinilbt: heh i need to bring up a OBS server but packages for opensuse were crap15:38
plfiorinican i say package?15:38
lbttbh I haven't used their approach for a while - Mer OBS has some hacks in it15:38
lbtfor sb215:39
plfiorinithe idea was to use it for mer, ubuntu, archlinux15:39
plfiorinilbt: any pointers to the obs 2.5 repo?15:40
plfioriniis that this one?
plfiorinilbt: thanks a lot15:45
lbtok ... backend services have stopped spewing garbage and are just gently heaving as they wait for the frontend to wake up15:47
lbtah.... apache x-forward ...15:51
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lbtwell - it says it's up ... and i get a web page16:10
lbtbut I don't exist ... ah well16:11
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lbtI think I'm going to ignore minor issues like not being able to login and move to 2.516:34
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o Stskeeps16:34
lbtthere's a huge change in the fe services - api/frontend combine and the ldap stuff is refactored16:34
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Stskeepso/ Venemo19:56
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leviathanchlbt: the webfrontend would be useful...23:17
leviathanchsince I'm usually using it for looking for alternative projects containing packages I need to include into my kickstart scripts23:18
leviathanchat the moment I'm building a plasma active rootfs for oaktrail and baytrail23:19
leviathanchand I can't find the poulsbou package for 3d acceleration23:19
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