Tuesday, 2014-06-03

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Stskeepsgood morning Venemo09:09
Stskeepsdon't worry about exams :)09:09
VenemoStskeeps: nice advice about the long walk (I usually take walks myself). excercising also helps, but once I get home, the worry continues09:10
Stskeepsalso; the usual applies: get some good rest the evening before (don't spend entire evening and night reading up), your mind needs time to process what you read09:11
Stskeepsand most and not least: no carbonated drinks before your exam, if it's oral09:11
Venemoand no onions, etc.09:11
VenemoI know these things :)09:12
Stskeepsmy personal trick is to not focus on the exam but for some arbitary award afterwards.. in my case, i try to go out for a good burger afterwards09:12
Stskeepsso you focus more about getting it over with09:12
lbtPSA: Mer OBS is going to go down for an upgrade. Sorry for the short notice and I'll try and plan better next time.09:24
* tbr gets all worked up, shiny new OBS version!09:25
* tbr drools all over the channel floor09:25
* tbr gets the mop09:25
lbtI am so worried this is gonna go bad :/09:25
Stskeepsdid you snapshot it?09:26
tbrdid you do a test on some other host?09:26
lbtStskeeps: yes I'm doing that09:26
lbtthen there are 4 OS updates to do and then the OBS update09:26
* tbr feels much better since he snapshots and does a preflight on a snapshot09:27
tbrwell actually full exercise, not just preflight09:27
lbttbr: yeah - I'd do that but it's hard to bring the snap up as a vm09:27
lbtat the same time I mean09:27
lbtso I may as well just snap/update/rollback-on-fail09:27
tbryeah, most of the time I rsync the disk image to somewhere09:27
tbrsure, that's also a sensible approach09:28
lbtI'll probably clone the snaps before any rollback attempt09:28
tbralso this is not high availability service stuff09:28
lbtindeed - but it's got tendril09:28
lbtwe need to get back to being more linked to upstream09:28
lbtanyhow .... got to go do it ...09:28
tbrgood luck09:28
lbtI'll report progress here for as long as there is interest :)09:29
lbtStskeeps: I'm not going to touch cmds atm09:33
Stskeepsyeah, no real need09:33
Stskeepsand probably best to keep it up atm09:33
faenillbt, good luck :)09:33
lbtOK basic auth enabled on build and api09:35
VenemoStskeeps: so I should focus on some ice cream?09:35
StskeepsVenemo: icecream certainly sounds like a good motivator09:36
lbtand pancakes09:36
faeniland pizza :D09:37
lbtwith pineapple09:37
faeniland salmiakki09:37
faenil(on pizza)09:37
Venemofaenil, lbt ++09:38
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* lbt curses LVM09:56
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sledgesPSA: community meeting at #mer-meeting now :)10:00
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lbtPSA MDS and http://repo.merproject.org/ and associated sites are going down now to try to fix LVM issue11:00
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sledgesfingers cross(compile)d11:00
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Stskeepslbt: dmesg on phost, perhaps11:05
Stskeepswe did use to have i/o issues11:05
lbtall this is on the phost fyi11:05
lbtand nothing significant in dmesg there11:05
Stskeepsif you need a hand, let me know - i'm just a little careful to operate heavy machinery today, really sleepy11:06
lbtthere was a transient io issue 1,000,000 seconds ago11:06
lbtok - phost reboot using sync/sysrq u/b worked11:27
tbryay for sysreq11:27
lbtso true ... I should sysctl it on all the VMs too ... I wish puppet was easier sometimes11:28
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* lbt wonders who is conspiring against him ... apache/nginx proxy pass seems to have broken13:21
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tbrlbt: the universeā„¢13:51
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lbt*yawn* .... zypper doing OS updates (slow on the VMs due to dmeventd gone mad on the phost :/ )14:47
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vgradehi lbt any eta on avaiability of repos14:49
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lbtvgrade: they should be up now14:55
vgradelbt: thanks14:55
lbtvgrade: there was an annoying problem on proxy setup14:55
lbtexpect a short outage over the next 30m as I reboot the phost again14:56
vgradeok, should give me enough time to grab what I need14:56
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lbtvgrade: done?15:09
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tbroh, cute, it's tizen conference with live streaming..17:20
Stskeepsfantastic, that means i can have popcorn together with it17:21
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tbrmeh, missed the IoT thing17:29
Stskeepswhat is -with- the songs17:30
tbrit's LF...17:31
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tbrOMG, I think I just scored multibingo17:35
tbrwhich company is the guy with who speaks?17:36
tbrI wonder how he came upon "developed in the open"17:37
tbrdid they really change their ways?17:37
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Stskeepswell, it's better than it used to be17:43
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lbtPSA: phost and cobs VMs are now updated and ready for OBS upgrade tomorrow morning. repo and mds should still be up18:06
* lbt -> tango :)18:06
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