Thursday, 2014-03-13

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arcomivihi :-)10:00
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arcomiviscreen orientation in VM i586: how do i find a package/RPM that provides .conf file for Monitor, where i can change the orientation? zypper wp does not work with not-installed files10:01
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Anarkylbt: that's weird, bc is installed, I can launch it from the shell, but I still got an error when I try to compile the kernel10:14
Anarky(/bin/sh: bc: command not found10:14
Anarkymake[1]: *** [kernel/timeconst.h] Error 127)10:14
Anarkyalso I tried to symlink it in /bin, but it didn't change anything :/10:14
lbtAnarky: :)10:17
lbtI tricked you by linking to the i486 one10:18
lbtmy bad10:18
lbtyou're building an arm kernel10:18
lbtso it needs to go into the arm target10:18
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lbtusing your target of course10:19
lbt(you can just run rpm -i http://<arm.rpm> )10:20
Anarkyokay, I was starting to have big doubts about that quantic bc-that-exists-but-not!10:21
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Anarkylbt: sorry to ask that, but is it normal that bc has ld-linux and libgcc_s as dependencies?10:28
Anarkyby their name I thought they were already installed10:28
lbtwhat command line are you using ?10:28
Anarkyrpm -i http://[...].armv7hl.rpm10:29
Anarkybut I don't think I should run it in the normal chroot...10:29
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lbtread around this area
lbtthe entire page10:32
Anarkyok thanks10:33
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Anarkylbt: I'm very confused about all those chroot13:57
lbtAnarky: russian dolls :)13:58
Anarkyas I understand it, you have the Platform SDK, which includes tools like osc13:58
Anarkyif I launch a "osc build", I have a second chroot to build, which I can access through "osc chroot"13:58
lbtyes - maybe think of it as a super light Mer virtual machine13:59
lbtand tbh, osc is not used that much nowadays)13:59
Anarkybut by mistake I did a "sb2" inside this chroot, and know I have a third chroot?13:59
bencohnot used that much ? what do you use then ? :]13:59
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lbtAnarky: first off - don't panic - it's not that hard13:59
lbtAnarky: the platform SDK chroot gives us a known baseline on any distro14:00
lbtthat's what it is for14:00
lbtnow we need to compile for different devices running different OSes (Mer, nemo, sailfish)14:01
lbteach of them needs a set of libs/headers14:01
lbtso we make targets for each one14:01
lbta target is like another kind of chroot14:01
lbtsb2 uses a target to give you that14:01
lbtbencoh: and that answers your question too14:02
lbtbencoh: it's not as clean as osc14:02
lbtbut we then push the git and use git notifications to trigger a clean OBS build14:02
lbtso that's OK14:02
bencohso you only use osc for yaml/spec/patches versioning ?14:02
lbtnot even that now14:02
bencohgit only ?14:03
lbtwe use 'mb2' which is a wrapper around rpmbuild that uses sb2 to use a target14:03
lbtit's kinda like what osc build does14:03
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lbtbut uses the same target everywhere14:04
lbt(which is ugly and causes build-depend errors !)14:04
lbtbut devs are lazy sods14:04
bencohdoes seem ugly indeed14:04
lbtand we don't take anything that OBS doesn't build14:04
Anarkyso sb2 uses a target, and is itself a chroot?14:04
bencohdo I need a gerrit account for the git repo ?14:05
lbtbencoh: it's an acceptable compromise - you can have man targets14:05
lbtbencoh: no14:05
lbtand we're leaving gerrit soon14:05
lbtmuch is on github - but we're moving to git.merproject.org14:05
lbtAnarky: sb2 is a command14:05
lbtAnarky: it works with a target to act a lot like a chroot14:06
lbtbencoh: part of Mer's goal is to provide systems that device vendors can use inhouse14:06
lbthence gitlab14:06
Anarkyok, I guess I got it...14:06
bencohlbt: I definitely appreciate the inhouse point ;)14:07
Anarkybut I'm sorry, I don't know where to install bc then14:07
lbtAnarky: so it needs installing in the target14:07
bencoh(I miss being able to easily build everything from scratch)14:07
lbtbencoh: well yes14:07
lbtbut that's not a good way to scale up14:07
lbtyou end up with one-man-hacks14:08
lbtbut I do appreciate that a) people are used to it and b) it's damned useful sometimes14:08
bencohdepends on the community, but ... yeah ;)14:08
lbt*nod* we're not really a gentoo or LFS replacement14:09
Anarkylbt: since I already started to build the kernel, I already have a target right?14:09
lbtAnarky: how did you start?14:09
lbtusing sb2?14:09
bencohlbt: I rather had OE in mind ;)14:09
lbtbencoh: yes - but we also like the discrete packages approach14:09
Anarkylbt: yes, with your readme on kernel-adaptation-sample14:09
lbtAnarky: so yes then14:09
lbtAnarky: the key is to use the -R -m sdk-install arguments mentioned in the wiki14:10
lbtthey make sb2 act more like root14:10
lbt(the entire target is user owned, no root)14:10
bencohlbt: so, if packages spec are moved to their own repo, where is the "list of packages" repo ?14:10
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lbtbencoh: we actually use git for the spec too14:11
Anarkylbt: well maybe I wrote a bad target name, but I got this error: "sb2: Error: Invalid mode 'sdk-install', aborting"14:11
lbtso the spec/packaging is kept on different branch14:11
bencohlbt: yeah I mean, the ... "list" of available packages14:11
lbtbencoh: ah - is not bad14:12
bencohfor human, but not for build scripts :))14:12
bencohso obs is still used14:13
bencoh(and will)14:13
lbtoh, hugely14:13
lbtbeing used though - not 'mandatory for all uses'14:13
bencohmeans it should only be seen as a build server and not a centralized versioning tool anymore ?14:14
lbtyes - it does influence versioning still - but far less than it used to14:15
bencohI see14:15
bencohhmm, btw, how can I get tar_git ?14:15
lbtgood question ...14:15
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lbtit's buried in another package... I forget which14:16
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lbtI think it's in a webhook14:16
Stskeeps -- only really used on server side14:17
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Anarkylbt: it means that everything I'm using right now will be changed soon?14:17
bencohso I shouldn't be using it from osc at all (even for the time being) ?14:17
bencoh(targit I mean)14:17
lbtAnarky: no you're doing things the right way14:18
lbtStskeeps: and the usage docs?14:19
* lbt runs14:19
Anarkylbt: so about my error it means I wrote a bad target name?14:19
lbtwhat was the command?14:19
Anarky"sb2 -t kernel-adaptation-sabrelite -m sdk-install -R zypper refresh"14:19
lbtthe target is the rootfs you're using14:20
lbtdid you read that wiki page?14:21
Anarkyyes, more than once, but I didn't understood everything14:21
Anarkylbt: because I let osc manages everything, I didn't have to create a target14:23
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lbtah yes14:25
lbtyou can use the standard mer target14:25
* lbt looks for it14:25
lbtAnarky: are you familiar with osc then ?14:26
lbtbecause afaicr there's no reason not to use it if you like it and know it14:26
Anarkylbt: not that much :/14:26
Anarkyright know I'm looking between the different pages of the mer wiki to understand how it works14:28
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bencoh(wiki needs love ;)14:29
AnarkyI'm pretty new to the Mer/Nemo project :)14:29
lbtbencoh: always14:31
lbtAnarky: yeah - I'm a bit busy too so not paying 100% attention14:31
Anarkylbt: don't worry, I appreciate your help :)14:32
AnarkyI can work on the u-boot adaptation14:33
bencohhmm, any idea why times out here ?14:36
bencoh([0:]: errno=Connection timed out according to git, or tar_git ...)14:36
bencoh(or telnet/netcat, for that matters)14:37
lbtdoing what?14:38
bencohgit:// for instance14:39
Stskeepsif you're reading our _service files, just replace them with for now14:39
Stskeepsthat's the factual alias14:39
* lbt giggles14:40
bencohhmm, alright, thx14:40
Stskeepswe're a bit in transition that.. takes longer..14:40
lbtit's not that Stskeeps drives me beyond the brink of sanity ...14:40
bencohyeah, I ... see :p14:40
lbtoh, well, yes, it is...14:40
* Stskeeps puts on the giana sisters theme and goes back to coding..14:41
lbtplease, no shell scripting...14:41
bencoh(hmm, the only thing is ... it kinda ruins the tar_git purpose, but anyway ;)14:42
lbtin what way ?14:42
Stskeepsbencoh: the whole _service based mer setup is a transitional thing14:42
bencohneed to edit the _service beforehand14:42
Stskeepswe have a git config on the service server in obs14:42
lbtyeah ... that's actually due to goo planning ahead14:42
Stskeepsactually bbl, wife calling :/14:42
lbtour git *will* move so it will become correct14:42
Uninstallhello *14:43
lbt*nod* the backend has a little hack to rewrite that url to the legacy url14:43
lbthey Uninstall14:43
bencohhmm :)14:44
Uninstallhow's there?14:44
Anarkylbt: I have a little doubt, I can install the tar.bz2 or I should create a newer one with the kickstart file?14:45
*** martyone has joined #mer14:46
lbtAnarky: download ... the kickstart is just FYI14:46
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lbtUninstall: good14:48
lbtUninstall: working on the sailfish stuff announced at MWC which will allow me time to work on mer tools too14:50
lbtso that should help me get things into bit better shape14:51
lbtalso [ol] has done good work on OBS14:51
lbtbut it needs testing before I upgrade mer OBS14:51
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lbtso if you were to talk to him and try that.... :)14:51
BostikI completely missed the MWC news, maybe I'll have some time to follow in near future again14:51
lbthey Bostik14:51
Bostikgood afternoon14:52
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lbtmainly that we're working on ports to android devices14:52
Bostikoh right, I must have seen something about that after all14:52
Bostikbut it's a perfectly logical next step, libhybris already has some of the evil bits of adaptation covered14:53
Bostikand you do have people who should know their way around the RIL...14:54
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lbtso yeah - and I got a talk accepted at ELC too14:55
Bostikcongrats, or poor you?14:55
lbtboth :)14:56
Bostikright :)14:56
lbtIt's called :    The #qt/#wayland/#systemd/#btrfs-phone ... the Jolla phone.14:57
lbtand basically the OSS backstory14:57
BostikI should really find time to play with btrfs, I could simplify my untrusted-remote-backup with brtfs-send/btrfs-receive as the backend transfer logic14:57
bencohnice title :p14:57
lbtplaying with Lennart's gplus post where he called it "the #systemd phone"14:58
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Uninstalllbt: which particular announce?14:59
lbtUninstall: no particular one afair14:59
lbtjust the tweets and vids14:59
Uninstalllbt: I think I'm going to merge soo all the changes required to get armv5tel building again15:00
Uninstallsadly I didn't any progress with mic on a newer libzypp :/15:01
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lbtoh, we did have an announce:
lbtworth reading15:03
lbtUninstall: I think I need to spend some time on mer bz and clean up so we can start using it for things like that15:03
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Uninstallwhat are our plans for the next mer release btw?15:04
Uninstalllbt: ok, I new that15:04
*** tanghus has joined #mer15:04
lbtUninstall: updated systemd15:04
lbtmove some nemo mw into core15:05
*** JLP_ has joined #mer15:05
lbtor maybe a non-release based on new infra first15:05
Uninstalllbt: I have some points about updated systemd15:05
*** Master-Passeli has quit IRC15:05
Uninstalllbt: I would stuck on a older release with all the patches from Fedora15:05
Uninstallthere is a release not too far from what we are using15:06
Uninstallthat would allow mer to run on old hardware which runs 2.6.37 and kernels like that15:06
Uninstallby the way I would really like to see Qt 5.2 merged15:08
bencoh"that would allow mer to run on old hardware which runs 2.6.37" does that mean current mer doesnt run on n900 ?15:10
Uninstallbencoh: it does15:11
Uninstallbencoh: the main problem is that if you upgrade systemd version you might fail to work on older kernels15:11
bencohwell, I .... missed your point then15:11
*** VDVsx has joined #mer15:11
Uninstallbecause systemd requires a lot of features from newer kernels15:11
lbtUninstall: yes - I think it would be worth having multiple systemd versions actually15:11
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bencohoh right, that was just about newer systemd15:11
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Anarkylbt: I think bc for arm is now installed, but how can I use this target now?15:53
AnarkyI guess I can't use the osc commands anymore right?15:53
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[ol]lbt_: Regarding testing OBS 2.4 with Mer patches, I've built entire Mer inside it already, for i586, armv7hl and aarch64. What do you think, can it be considered enough testing?20:41
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M4rtinKyay for updated OBS :)21:27
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