Tuesday, 2013-12-17

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rcgmorning all08:32
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: hey08:59
Uninstall_good morning08:59
Stskeepsgood morning08:59
Stskeepsnot really awake yet08:59
Uninstall_Stskeeps: this is our goodmorning log: https://build.merproject.org/package/live_build_log?arch=armv7el&package=cross-glibc-inject&project=mer-core%3Aarmv7l%3Adevel&repository=Core_armv7l08:59
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ChALkeRvgrade: Hello. I am trying to run Qt 5.1 (debian jessie) under Weston on an A10 mk802ii with recent libhybris from git. I'm getting an assertion inside libhybris, «this->m_android_wlegl != __null». Qt on eglfs platform works fine.09:52
ChALkeRhttps://github.com/libhybris/libhybris/blob/master/hybris/egl/platforms/wayland/wayland_window.cpp#L185 — this line09:52
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ChALkeReglplatform_wayland.so, wayland-egl.pc, libwayland-egl.so are present within hybris build.09:54
ChALkeRThat happens only with qml apps (which utilize egl), qt widgets are functioning correctly.09:55
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Stskeepsthough i'm not sure how weston works with this09:56
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ChALkeRNo use.09:57
ChALkeRThe whole screen went blank (though repainted later), «EGL not available», and qmlscene died with a segfault.09:58
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ChALkeRStskeeps: EGL_PLATFORM=fdev qmlscene -platform minimalegl — works, but it paints in full screen overtop of weston, and they seem to be both repainting the same areas. Tha'ts not what I want =)10:09
StskeepsChALkeR: weston needs to be egl_platform10:09
ChALkeRStskeeps: weston? not wayland?10:10
ChALkeRThere is no weston platform in the sources.10:11
Stskeepsweston needs to have EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev as environment variable.10:11
ChALkeRThank you, wait a moment…10:11
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ChALkeRStskeeps: Nothing changed, but I had to set EGL_PLATFORM=wayland inside weston to launch qmlscene.10:14
ChALkeRqmlscene still crashes on the same line.10:14
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chalker_Did I miss something after my last message?10:18
chalker_Stskeeps: launched with: export EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev; weston-launch -- --backend=fbdev-backedn.so, then (inside weston): QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland-egl EGL_PLATFORM=wayland qmlscene10:18
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chalker_But weston sets HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM to wayland.10:19
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: armv6l has been built and published10:39
Stskeepsi need to detach it from :testing now, it was in pre-bootstrap stage10:39
Uninstall_Stskeeps: armv7l is broken instead10:40
Uninstall_Stskeeps: pre-bootstrap stage?10:40
Stskeepsyeah. we caused trouble with glibc 2.17 you remember ;)10:40
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Stskeepsso had to re-bootstrap it10:40
Uninstall_oh, right10:41
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: is it possible to test that patch for mipsel?10:49
Stskeepsyeah, but need to set up a special branch project10:49
Uninstall_Stskeeps: ok, cool10:51
Uninstall_thank you10:51
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StskeepsUninstall_: http://pastie.org/8557980 looks weird11:38
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StskeepsUninstall_: okay, i see something weird in i486 glibc too11:49
Stskeepsthere's a unicode character in /usr/lib/getconf/POSIX_V6_ILP32_OFFBIG\unicodecharacter11:50
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: that's happening also in armv7hl13:58
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Uninstall_sorry.... armv7l13:58
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: I've found something... but I don't know if it is really usefult14:32
Uninstall_Stskeeps: http://pastie.org/855830914:33
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Stskeepssomething doesn't look healthy14:39
Uninstall_Stskeeps: do you remember that we has some problems realted to unicode characters while running rmplint on glibc?14:42
Uninstall_*we had14:42
Stskeepsperhaps gcc gets better at optimizations and bugs come out14:42
Stskeepslike off by ones14:42
Uninstall_Stskeeps: we might test to build glibc with no optimizations...14:43
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: http://lists.opensuse.org/archive/opensuse-commit/2012-01/msg01092.html14:55
Uninstall_Stskeeps: there was a patch in opensuse that was fixing regex_internal with gcc 4.714:56
Stskeepslooks plausible14:56
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: sadly it's not that problem15:13
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: I still don't see any possible solution15:43
Stskeepsi'll dig into it later, i may have an idea15:44
Uninstall_oh, cool15:44
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: have you ever seen systemd on Fedora? they apply up to 500 patches on certain releases16:18
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: think about we have such funny days ahead of us: https://wiki.debian.org/Arm64Qemu17:02
Stskeepshoo, it's only user space, not system?17:04
Uninstall_Stskeeps: qemu or the chroot?17:07
Stskeepsie, no qemu-system-aarch64 ish17:07
Stskeepsso will need to use foundation model for testing17:08
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StskeepsUninstall_: https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/DevPlatform/AArch64QEMU19:43
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: cool, I would like to spend some time on it as soon as we fix everything :)20:05
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: so what's the idea you had this afernoon?20:06
Stskeepsdebugging atm20:06
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Stskeepsalso, we do have MIPS users of mer20:07
Stskeepsso we have to fix it20:07
Uninstall_Stskeeps: I have a patch on review for it ;)20:07
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StskeepsUninstall_: i think i have a solution for getconf20:20
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Uninstall_Stskeeps: cool20:21
Uninstall_Stskeeps: how did you find it?20:22
Stskeepsdigging a bit20:23
Uninstall_ok :)20:25
Uninstall_Stskeeps: reading it everything makes sense20:27
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smokuStskeeps, do you keep a backup of your private OBS installation (the one in Hetzner)?  IIRC I had some working stuff for Streak there :)22:31
Stskeepssmoku: build.ci.merproject.org is still up, but no workers attached22:31
smokuStskeeps, BTW I just dug up core-armv7l-streak.ks referring http://download.obs.maemo.org/home:/smoku/MeeGo_current/22:32
Stskeepsthat one i don't have for sure :P22:32
* smoku is a hamster22:33
vgradesmoku: thats going back a while22:34
smokuStskeeps, any chance of recovering my password to build.ci ?22:34
Stskeepssmoku: probably22:35
smokuvgrade, yeah.  time flies22:35
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Stskeepssmoku: doesn't look like you actually have one22:37
Stskeepssmoku: just create one22:37
smokuvgrade, there's meego-core-armv7l-streak- lying with that .ks.   November 2010... phew22:37
smokuStskeeps, password or account?22:38
smokuStskeeps, there is no point then.  I was sure I had an account there and was building rpms for MeeGo/Mer there :/22:39
smokuI wanted these srpms22:39
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