Sunday, 2013-12-15

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CosmoHillnight night, slaapwel00:46
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StskeepsUninstall: finally at qtwebkit08:47
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UninstallStskeeps: everything seems good right now10:47
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Stskeepsyeah, bootstrapping rest of archs now too10:47
Stskeepsso we'll see arm/mips failurse10:49
Stskeepshopefully not too many10:58
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UninstallStskeeps: I'm scared about mips11:03
Stskeepswait until we get aarch6411:03
UninstallStskeeps: I think we have to update qemu before that11:04
Stskeepsprobably yes11:04
Stskeepsi need to decide about /lib vs /lib64, too11:05
stephg /lib please!11:06
stephg(unless it's an RHism, RH does /lib64 and /usr/lib64 and it's a pain (imo)11:07
UninstallStskeeps: without multilib, right?11:08
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Stskeepsbecause on aarch64 it maay make sense to have multilib11:09
Stskeepsbut i'm really not sure as it's a nightmare in itself11:10
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UninstallI'm not sure how much it can be useful11:11
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Uninstallhas anyone altrady tried to kickstart and boot mer with gcc 4.8?11:27
Stskeepsnot yet11:27
Stskeepsyou can probably do it with manual patterns off mer-core:i486:devel11:27
UninstallI would like to benchmark boot times and Qt apps performances11:30
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StskeepsUninstall: ugh @ mipsel14:21
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covoxthp: ping14:34
thpcovox: pong14:35
covoxthe SDL guys just mainlined (most of) the wayland driver14:35
covoxhowever they held off on your fine qtwayland extension stuff until they could get a confirmation on the license14:36
thpcovox: wasn't the license already sdl-compatible?14:36
covoxit should be14:37
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covoxI think they just want to hear from the author that you're ok with the wacky zlib variant they have going on14:37
thpcovox: sure, whom should i talk to?14:38
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covoxcould you give a quick mail to gabriel jacobo, ?14:38
covoxor to the SDL list, if you're on that14:38
thpcovox: sure - what should i write? that applying the license from is okay for my SDL wayland code at ?14:40
covox - thread14:41
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covoxthat sounds okay, would you have no problem with the headers being changed to the standard one?14:42
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thpcovox: yeah, i'd be fine with that15:34
thpcovox: any eta for when the qtwayland patches will land in a release version of SDL 2?15:36
thpcovox: would be cool to flip our packages over to use just plain vanilla upstream SDL without any patches :)15:37
covoxthp: at a guess, next release would be in maybe a month or two?15:40
covoxit's up to slouken really15:41
covoxalso there are mer packages?15:41
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thpcovox: yes, (in nemo mobile)15:48
thpcovox: cool, we can probably build from SDL hg until the release then once the patch is in15:48
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covoxman, why didn't I think of checking15:51
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drf__Stskeeps: just to add moar pain, I pushed a MR for updating v8, as it was rotting16:13
Stskeepsdrf__: a build monitor that's all green is boring anyway16:13
drf__Stskeeps: isn't it? :)16:13
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drf__jokes aside, our v8 was 3y+ old and not so good16:15
drf__and now that qt is drifting away from v8 we have no option but to have our own for stuff like pacrunner or node16:15
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Stskeepso/ smoku17:08
smokuhi.  who should I bug with issues with mer bugzilla?17:08
smokuhi Stskeeps17:08
Stskeepssmoku: i guess me, what's wrong with it?17:08
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smokuYour user account for is : jakub17:09
smokujakub?   my name has nothing in common with 'jakub' ;-)17:09
Stskeepsyeah, that does seem a bit strange :)17:09
smokuare you able to change it?17:10
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Stskeepsi'm looking, it may be a problem in LDAP in which case it's lbt17:10
smokuI wanted to log in to OBS and 'jakub' is not what I want ;-)17:10
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Stskeepsand the user ids in bugzilla is in no way related.. hmm17:12
smokuhuh?  I am following
smoku"To get started you will need to create a Mer account on Bugzilla which is also used for OBS (note: account name, not email)."17:12
Stskeepsright, can you log in with e-mail + your password on ? and also with your login name + password there17:13
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smokui concur.  I was able to log in to bugzilla using my email + password17:14
Stskeepsokay, does login name (not jakub) work too?17:14
smokuI did it to check what my user name is to log to OBS17:14
smokubut... 'jakub'? :)17:14
smokushould I try it?17:15
Stskeepswell, try 'smoku' first17:15
smokuI could create the home repos for 'jakub' which I don't want ;-)17:16
smoku'smoku' did work :)17:19
Stskeepsdoes jakub work, too? ;)17:19
smokuProject Name:17:19
smoku home:jakub17:19
smokuworked too ;-)17:20
Stskeepslbt: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^17:20
smokuDid I mention I am a "big" fan of LDAP? ;)17:20
Stskeepsi love single sign on, the weird issues we get..17:20
smokuespecially lightweight part of it ;D17:21
smokuanyways... I'm in :)17:21
Stskeepssmoku: btw, want a demo of the jolla device at some point?17:22
smokuis there any way of recovering my home repo of MeeGo OBS?17:22
Stskeepshmm, let's see..17:22
smokuStskeeps, I don't understand the question17:22
Stskeepssmoku: well, i'm still in warsaw, if you'd like to try out the first mer-based phone :)17:23
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smokuStskeeps, oh... surely :D17:23
Stskeepssmoku: and probably has your src rpms17:24
smokuStskeeps, it's just the repos? no OBS API there?17:24
Stskeepswell, somebody synced them off before it was shut down17:24
smokugood enough :)17:25
Stskeepsnot sure if it has it though :/17:25
smokuit's ok to pull this in to Mer OBS?17:25
Stskeepslooks like there's no rpms directly there.. :/17:26
UninstallStskeeps: I'm going to fix gcc on mips17:27
StskeepsUninstall: did it already17:27
Stskeepsit was simple17:27
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Stskeepsthat looks saner17:28
Stskeepssmoku: i can recommend osc importsrcpkg17:29
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smokuStskeeps, thx17:31
StskeepsUninstall: elfutils, bison, glibc has problems though, though that may be due to gcc not compiling17:32
UninstallStskeeps: I think so17:33
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lbtsmoku: there are 2 accounts with that email17:37
lbtlooks like it got confused with xruxa17:38
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Stskeepsok, seems like obs will be nicely heated overnight now17:39
lbtStskeeps: do you know who xruxa is?17:40
Stskeepsyes, jakub pavelek17:40
lbtI do recall *way* back having some confusion ove the jakub name in LDAP17:41
lbtlogs reveal nothing17:41
Stskeepsseperate person from smoku for sure ;)17:41
lbtI suspect I fixed it badly17:41
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lbtyeah xruxa is on the system17:41
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smokuIIRC I was one of the first creating account in new Mer infra. there was a lot of jiggling parts then ;-)17:42
lbtsmoku: yeah - I think it was due to that17:43
merlin1991smoku: are you back working on cordia ?17:44
smokumost importanly. 'smoku' works with the password I'm familiar with ;)17:44
smokumerlin1991, there is unusual interest in Cordia lately. several people contacted me during last weeks.17:45
smokumerlin1991, I thaought the least I could do is to make source packages available again, for them to work with17:45
merlin1991I wonder how tied in hildon-desktop is with X11, or in other words how hard it is to move it to wayland17:45
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merlin1991hm "All users have a home:<login> project by default, and can also create new sub projects. New project outside of your home namespace can get requested via bugzilla. To discuss the requested project setup, please use the mailing list."17:47
merlin1991bugzilla is also a link to the opensuse bugzilla17:47
smokumerlin1991, HEAVILY tied in.   that's why I abandoned my attempt to port Hildon to Mutter.  to much reliance in MatchBox features I needed to rewrite17:47
smokubut I got myself a cheapo Dell Streak 5 again and I would like to toy around with Mer on it :)17:49
merlin1991Stskeeps: how would I go about changing my email in mer obs, edit user data lets me edit my name, nothing else17:49
lbtsmoku: OK ... bz should be fixed ... let hope it doesn't blat anything :)17:51
lbtmerlin1991: you need to change it on bugzilla17:52
lbtthat will update LDAP and might change on OBS17:52
lbt"might" because OBS may pre-load a user table on initial login and may not be bright enough to update when LDAP changes17:53
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merlin1991lbt: bugzilla as in ?17:54
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lbtmerlin1991: https://bugs.merproject.org17:55
lbtwhich is the master17:55
merlin1991hm no options to change my mail there17:56
lbtmaybe I have to do it for you17:57
lbtold email ?17:57
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cybrNautvgrade: what OS is on the Kobo readers from the factory?  i'm trying to decide between Kobo and iRex iLiad18:01
cybrNautiRex is linux (from the factory).. while Kobo does not say what their OS is (a bit of a put-off)18:02
Uninstalldo you remember which is the right scheduler for armv6hl?18:02
cybrNautI know Mer can be put on Kobo, but I'd like to know what alternatives there are (in case I don't like the Mer OS)18:03
UninstallcybrNaut: don't misunderstand me, but I think that an eInk reader is pretty useless with just mer ;)18:04
UninstallcybrNaut: you need some kind of UI on top of mer18:05
smokuStskeeps, what about that dinner I promised you? ;-)18:05
cybrNautUninstall: ah, so it's half-baked.. i'll look closer at the iRex product lines then18:05
cybrNauti want an e-reader that is fully FOSS, and functional for reading books18:06
UninstallcybrNaut: the point is that mer is just a rather minimal set of packages18:06
smokucybrNaut, I doubt you would find one18:07
Stskeepssmoku: well, now the situation is a little more complicated since i got a son in july :)18:08
cybrNautsmoku: in that case, then I would apparently be stuck with getting a netbook that works with gnu/linux, and replacing the screen with a pixelQI one18:09
lbtcybrNaut: it's half-baked in the same way that the linux kernel is half-baked :)18:09
cybrNauti was trying to avoid making a project out of it18:09
smokuStskeeps, LOL... :D well.... I'll get "something" in july too ;-)18:10
Uninstalllbt: I think we need to set up a new homepage for mer ;)18:12
smokucybrNaut, I settled with Nook Glow, as it's pretty hackable and I could put anything I want on it :)18:12
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lbtUninstall: yeah ... xmas is coming18:13
lbtUninstall: the main driver behind that page was to setup a bank account to handle finances ... hint, hint18:14
Stskeepssmoku: cool, congrats :)18:14
smokuStskeeps, thx. u2. :)18:14
smokuStskeeps, anyway, invitation is still standing :)18:14
cybrNautsmoku: nook runs android, correct?18:15
smokucybrNaut, correct18:15
Stskeepssmoku: yeah, i'll see what i can do about that one, but for now a coffee is probably easier to organize as it's a major semi-military-like operation to even get out of the house all three of us ;)18:18
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cybrNautsmoku: Android devices tend to come bundled with non-removable apps.  is that also the case with the nook?  Do you need to root it to remove garbage?18:21
smokucybrNaut, yes. you need to root it.  but then you're free to do whatever you want to18:22
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smokuStskeeps, LOL.... I know what you mean :D18:23
cybrNautsmoku: i'll keep Nook in mind.  My hang-up is not wanting to financially support controlling companies, even though I can take back control18:25
cybrNautthere are a hell of a lot of linux-based e-readers, so i'd be surprised if not a single one is fully FOSS18:26
cybrNaut <= interesting comparison of readers.. not many winCE devices18:26
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cybrNautcan Mer be dual-booted with linux, on a Kobo?18:30
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cybrNautif the proprietary linux stuff were on one partition, and Mer on another, that would be a functional compromise18:32
UninstallcybrNaut: the problem is that you need to find some eInk reader software to run on top of Mer18:33
UninstallcybrNaut: by the way you can install mer as you want18:34
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smokuStskeeps, how much of android do one need to use libhybris?  is bionic enough?18:59
Stskeepssmoku: in practice you don't need to use anything but the android HAL and it's dependencies18:59
Stskeepssmoku: you patch bionic and a few other places and you can dlopen18:59
smokuStskeeps, do I have to build it, or just copy some .so from /system ?19:05
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shmerlHi. I'm trying to figure out how to write a yaml spec for libopus. Looking at libvorbis now. How does it specify where to place what? (i.e. /lib and etc.).;a=blob_plain;f=libvorbis.yaml;hb=HEAD19:18
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situWhat's the right way to deploy a library on Sailfish VM (I have forked the library and made changes in it) ?19:31
situShould I make an rpm for it through ?19:32
situhmm or I can just make an rpm of it on my local system and deploy it (why I didn't think this before) :)19:33
*** sababa has quit IRC19:33
lbtthere is no general 'right' way19:35
lbtI use mb2 locally to just build rpms19:35
lbtOBS is good if you want collaboration19:35
*** sababa has joined #mer19:42
situOk, I never used mb2. But for now just deploying rpm by building it in QtCreator works for me.19:42
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cybrNautKobo devices force registration19:46
cybrNautfuck that... i don't want a babysitter19:46
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vgradecybrNaut: kobo is linux based, my touch is running a heavily patched Qt4 version for ui ,
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cybrNautvgrade: at the moment, i'm thinking Onyx and PocketBook are better companies to support, because they seem less controlling (they run on linux and don't force registration with a store)20:07
cybrNautthey may not be as good or popular as kobo20:08
cybrNautbut hacking to get some control is not ideal, because the manufacturer is still rewarded with my business20:08
vgradecybrNaut: my kobo choice was driven by great end of line pricing on the touch and the guthub content20:11
cybrNautwhat's guthub?  is that like git?  are you saying there are a lot of apps for it?20:14
shmerlgithub is a repository for many open source projects: https://github.com20:15
vgrade has source for kobo products20:18
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RzRStskeeps, hi, are you checking my online archive ? is it ok ?20:47
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