Monday, 2013-10-21

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rcghi all08:51
rcgsledges, ping08:51
rcgSage, ping08:51
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rcgw00t, ping08:55
rcgi want to add a project to obs via github. i added the webhook and prepared the target project at obs:
rcgthe result should be two projects: qca and qca-qt508:57
faenilrcg, you didn't specify the package in the webhook09:01
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rcgfaenil, oh, let me check09:07
rcgfaenil, you mean on github?09:08
faenilrcg, no, on the webhook09:08
rcgwiki says i should just use ?09:08
rcgbtw, the git repo should expand into two projects on obs09:09
rcgfaenil, ^09:10
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rcgerr, two packages09:11
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rcgbtw. am referring to that guide:
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faenilrcg, I meant the webhook you created on webhook admin interface09:13
faenilthere's a "package" entry there, which you didn't fill09:13
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rcgfaenil, you mean the webhook admin interface at mer obs?09:14
rcgi didn't create anything there :)09:15
faenilahhh that's why :D09:15
rcgiirc, last time sledges helped me with that :)09:15
faenilso you just clicked "Test" on github webhook page :D09:15
rcgi don't even know if i have the rights to mess with that :)09:15
rcgyep :D09:15
faenilok, I can help with that :)09:16
rcgfaenil, ah cool :D09:16
faenilthe way qt-components do it is there are 2 branches, one for the qt5 and one for the qt4 version09:16
rcghmm, i just created one branch with packaging files for the two packages, iirc i saw that also somewhere in the nemomobile packages on github09:16
faenilshow me where and I'll see how they did on mer webhook side09:17
rcgalright, gimme a sec :)09:17
rcgfaenil, ^ qmf, e.g.09:18
faenilrcg, only qt5 package is built from what I can see09:19
rcgah, ic09:20
faenilgeneral behaviour at the moment is to get rid of the qt4 packages09:21
rcgfaenil, ^ there i just added the hooks manually09:21
rcgfor both packages qca and qca-qt5 and they simply use the packaging files that match the package name09:21
rcgso, i have a qca and a qca-qt5 package on mer obs that link to the same repo and branch on github09:22
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rcgfaenil, aye, i see, well personally i don't need the qt4 version, it's just there to not break old stuff09:22
faenilrcg, yeah I know what you want, and it would be cool if it worked like that :)09:23
faenilI can try creating two webhooks with same branch different package name09:23
faeniland see if it does it by itself09:23
faenilhow did you build that example?09:23
rcgfaenil, yeah, that would be exactly what i need :)09:25
rcgwhat do you mean with "how i built it"?09:25
faenildid you use webhook as the project name says?09:25
faenilor is that just an example of what you want09:25
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rcgthat's just an example of what i want09:26
faenilok goo09:26
rcginitially, it used to use a webhook but then i switched to manually added _service stuff09:26
faenillet's try and see if it works like that :D09:27
faenildo you want it in the same project?09:27
rcghence, the webhook2 project right now :)09:27
rcgno, please add it to the webhook209:27
rcgfaenil, ^09:28
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faenilrcg, try tagging on github repo, we'll see what happens :D09:32
rcgfaenil, alright, pushed tag
faenilrcg, #mer-boss will report builds that have been triggered09:34
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faenilin this case09:34
faenil<Merbot> Tag(s) by ruedigergad in master branch of, which will trigger build in project home:wonko:webhooktest2 package qca (
faenil<Merbot> Tag(s) by ruedigergad in master branch of, which will trigger build in project home:wonko:webhooktest2 package qca-qt5 (
rcgcool :)09:35
rcgbtw., what was the channel again?09:35
rcgthe one to listen to merbot09:35
rcggreat thanks :)09:35
rcglooks good09:36
rcgfaenil, thanks a lot for your help :D09:36
faenilyep :)09:36
faenilrcg, np09:36
faenilthe problem with this though, is that it will always build both qt5 and qt4 versions (and trigger builds of things that depend on those09:36
faenilwhich is not optimal :D09:37
rcgaye, well, afaik the source for both is the same right now09:37
faenilah ok09:37
faenilgood then ;)09:37
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rcgi am still waiting for Sage or w00t to have a look at that pr on github:
rcgpersonally, i need qca for meepasswords09:38
rcgbut i dunno if any other projects depend on that as well09:38
Morpog_N9they seem to be busy as hell09:38
Morpog_N9contacted both for webhook setup as wiki said and also got no reply yet09:39
rcgMorpog_N9, yeah, i know. and i feel really bad about pestering them that much but i want to ping them at least from time to time such that this is not lost09:39
Morpog_N9same here09:40
faenilrcg, when I was examining mw to port nemo to qt5, I remember qca was only needed by meepassword09:40
faenil(though didn't know you were the author :D)09:40
rcgfor now, i am fine here with having the stuff in my own repo but it would be nice if eventually the qca-qt5 version made it to the public repos :)09:40
faenilMorpog_N9, let me help with that09:40
rcgfaenil, aye :)09:40
rcggood to know09:40
faenilrcg, rule to remember: There has to be at least one [tagged] commit for each release09:41
faenilMorpog_N9, ^09:41
Morpog_N9faenil, later, Im at work atm :)09:41
rcgfaenil, roger that, will try to remember :)09:41
faenilMorpog_N9, sure np09:41
Morpog_N9faenil, didn't know you got tje rights to do it09:44
Morpog_N9wiki says contact sage or w00t09:45
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faenilthings changed in the meanwhile :)09:45
Morpog_N9good to know :)09:48
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TiggezHi, i apologize in advance.. but i am searching a smart phone for about 48 months.. and i really want a maemo successor, but my n900 broke, so i am searching for a new device.. i know mer is just the core system.. but do you have any sugesstions, but a n9 or n950 which are not available anymore? Thanks10:52
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sledgesTiggez: n9 is on ebay for ~150EUR10:54
sledgesmaemo successor is here, follow links on how it pans out:
sledgesjolla phone is out for christmas - the most secure and also contemporary choice10:55
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Tiggezthanks a lot!... the neo900 is build by the openmoko team?10:58
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sledgesneo900 is built by Goldelico11:02
sledgesGoldelico also build GTA04 (which is also - only a motherboard replacement for openmoko)11:02
sledges(neo900 is a motherboard replacement for n900)11:02
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Tiggezokay, but also not available at the moment.. are there any old android phones supported?  i only found the nokias as supported devices.. i think i have to wait for 2014 :|11:05
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Tiggezhave a nice day... bye11:14
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alteregoHrm, something tells me the nexus kernel shouldn't be 45M16:37
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Uninstalllbt: hello20:12
Uninstalllbt: do you think it is possible to get rid of the spam problem on the mer mailing list?20:13
lbthey Uninstall20:13
lbtwell, one problem is that I must have good spam filters :D20:13
Uninstalllbt: uh=20:14
Uninstallwhat you mean?20:14
lbtI didn't realise we had a spam problem20:14
lbtI don't see it20:14
Uninstallyes, we have20:14
lbtdm8tbr and I have got a task to fix it20:15
Uninstallmost of the spam mail on my work account are from mer mailing list20:15
lbtok, I had no idea it was that bad..20:15
Uninstallif you have any idea I can help you20:15
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lbthmm is showing a couple a month .. is there more?20:16
*** andre__ has quit IRC20:16
lbtwell, even that is annoying20:17
UninstallI thought that they were a bit more20:18
*** andre__ has joined #mer20:19
alteregolbt: should the "trigger build" button in webhook work?20:21
alteregoFor git pkg should the branch be master?20:21
lbtpkg-git :)20:23
alteregoHrm, it is20:23
lbt is one of mine20:25
alteregoLooks identical to mine.20:26
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lbtalterego: still stuck ?20:47
*** thp_ is now known as thp20:48
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alteregolbt: moved on for a movement, I'll come back to that later.20:48
alteregoThere is a slightly larger issue I'm dealing with :)20:48
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alteregolbt: can we do windows builds in OBS yet? :)20:55
alteregoHmm, maybe I could make the device manager a VM appliance like the SDK...20:55
lbtno we can't. Go away20:56
alteregoYeah, that could work, I could supply the config file for the VM with a preset usb filter for android devices.20:57
alteregostart vm -> plugin in android device -> do magic :)20:57
lbtwhy do you want windows builds?20:57
alteregoTo make a windows mer installer.20:57
alteregoSo they don't have to download and install the entire SDK.20:58
alteregoAnnoying extra dependencies. The most complex route I want to go down is a Qt wizard installer.20:58
alteregoI'm thinking the installer checks for virtual box, downloads appliance, configures it and creates some desktop shortcuts or whatever for launching the VM.20:59
lbtI think you can get that with activePerl/Python/Ruby nowadays20:59
alteregoAnd that VM is the actual device manager.20:59
alteregoI need things like adb, fastboot, the tools I've been working on.21:00
alteregoI could do it in pure Qt, but I'm just thinking of code reuse a bit ;)21:00
lbtyou know those tools are in mer-tools already ?21:00
alteregoWhich ones?21:00
lbtzypper in android-tools21:00
lbtadb, fastboot, mkbootimg21:00
alteregoYeah, I use those :)21:00
alteregoWhich is why it'd be handy to just use that repository.21:01
lbtStskeeps had some suggestions there - I agree SDK is OTT21:01
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lbtI don't think he liked the idea of a VM either21:01
lbt(though I think it has a place)21:01
lbton-device in recovery is an option21:02
alteregoWell, normal users still need to unlock their devices.21:02
alteregoAnd I think we can do better than point them at wiki pages to do that.21:02
alteregoMaybe I should just write it in f*cking java ...21:02
lbtinstall vbox, install this appliance, use this webapp21:03
alteregoWell, I was thinking a QML wayland app, but ... :)21:03
alteregoperformance issues in VM?21:03
alteregoI've not actually used it.21:03
lbtbut it is a big hammer21:03
alteregoeasy eyecandy :)21:04
lbtbut avoids shitty support problems for building for windows/mac21:04
alteregoHell it could use silica components ...21:04
lbtwe could run the emulator VM21:04
artemmasilica is pure qml or nearly pure QML, isn't it?21:04
artemmathey could just work in Mac/Win21:04
alteregoStill, nothing stopping me from doing a pure Qt application.21:04
alteregoExcept adb, fastboot, etc.21:05
artemmathough activating menu my mouse swipe could look foreign there21:05
artemmawith* mouse swipe21:05
lbtartemma: it's not the most fun ui with a mouse!21:05
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lbtand yes, lots of QML but some C++ too21:06
alteregoEither way actually, the app (qt/qml) could run on anything, the VM is just there as a convienient enduser style installer21:06
artemmaactually, actually.. if you open menu using a hardware key, silica could be ok. A little ugly on desktop, but you are considering even java after all21:06
alteregoIf you have android SDK installed, it can just use that.21:06
lbtalterego: I'd *love* the VM to boot to a Qt app ;)21:06
alteregoDone then :P21:06
lbtartemma: no java21:06
lbtalterego: I'd avoid silica though - it would be fun but not a good showcase21:07
alteregoOh, I plan on doing native mer to begin with.21:07
alteregoMaybe I'll use qtcontrols21:07
alteregoOr whatever it's called.21:07
alteregoOr just a simple menu system with mer splash21:08
* lbt still needs to make a wayland minimer21:08
alteregoAs a rescue installer instead of this, it could be used on anything from a TV to a phone.21:08
alterego(in theory)21:08
alteregoOr watch ..21:09
*** keithzg has quit IRC21:09
lbtwon't have display drivers at that point21:09
alteregoOh I was looking at kickstarter configs yesterday. Seems a little out-of-date.21:09
alteregoI was interested in how those get generated, there seems to be about 4 different levels.21:10
alteregoAnd they vary in mer and nemo21:10
alteregoDrivers can be installed into a rescue rootfs.21:10
alteregoInfact the drivers are available to initramfs21:10
alteregoIf they're installed on the device at least.21:11
alteregoI have also come to the conclusion, that neither git-pkg or tar-git services are good for kernel compilation -_021:12
alteregoSo I've wasted about an hour doing that.21:12
*** zhost has quit IRC21:20
lbtgit-pkg should be... what's wrong with it ?21:20
alteregoTook about 40 minutes to run service, and failed with an IPC timeout21:21
alteregoso I dunno :)21:21
lbtinfra problem then ... git clone for mega projects can timeout first time ... after that it just does a pull21:21
alteregoAh okay, I'll bare that in mind, I was hoping to do something similar to what I did with libhybris with android kernels.21:22
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