Sunday, 2013-10-20

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situBostik: Congrats for your new job !07:13
Bostikthank you07:14
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StskeepsUninstall: we have some issues on arm too, basically infinite #include09:07
Stskeepsin eglibc itself, after fixing the run-fast patch09:08
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Stskeepsplfiorini: how much does hawaii take up in memory when running?11:58
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UninstallStskeeps: I see, I will take care of eglibc later to see what can be done13:40
Stskeepsmost of it is gnulib and gets stuff13:40
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Stskeepsit baffles me why many gnu utilities has a source-only lib included in each binary..13:42
Stskeepsdoesn't seem very efficient13:42
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plfioriniStskeeps, ~80 MB15:35
plfioriniweston included15:36
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Stskeepsplfiorini: not bad15:55
plfioriniStskeeps, not sure how to properly measure memory requirements15:56
plfioriniStskeeps, the more applications using Qt libraries I run the less memory memuse reports15:56
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Stskeepsi wonder a bit if i could play with convergence like stuff with a nice qt5 desktop, so16:00
plfioriniStskeeps, that would be nice16:00
Stskeepsyou're using EGL/GLESv2 right16:01
plfioriniStskeeps, yep16:01
Stskeepsso should be trivial to do nested compositor16:01
plfioriniStskeeps, tell me something if you can make nested compositor working16:01
plfioriniStskeeps, running the hawaii compositor inside weston would be helpful for me16:02
Stskeepswell i'd have qt compositor and then a fullscreen weston underneath16:03
Stskeepsat a thought16:04
Stskeepsthat was phrased wrong16:04
Stskeepsqt compositor sits on the physical display, and then weston nested underneath it16:05
plfiorinii have an issue with the qml compositor (haven't looked into it much and now that i'm testing with qt 5.2 it crashes for a v4 error) but i need the panels to always have focus16:06
plfiorinii was under the impression, by looking at the code, that surfaceitems would get mouse events since it hase a mousePressEvent16:08
alteregoWhat's the benifit of using weston rather than just qt compositor?16:13
Stskeepsalterego: well some features aren't as well working under qt compositor16:13
plfiorinialterego, xwayland support, much features...16:13
Stskeepsfor example, i'd use weston as a nested compositor so it's 'just a window'16:13
alteregoplfiorini: you mean weston allows nesting X clients?16:13
alteregoI see, neat.16:14
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plfiorinialterego, yep, it has a window manager and if you have proper Xorg server and drivers you can run X11 clients16:14
Stskeepsi'm kinda curious about wlglamor16:14
alteregoDoes it play nice with X11 clients that want hardware accelerated graphics?16:14
Stskeepsand how that helps x11 clients on embedded16:14
plfioriniit also has colord support but i'm not interested in that now16:14
plfioriniStskeeps, so for convergence you plan to have a compositor for each UX?16:27
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* alterego ponders running mer on his NAS drive.16:33
Stskeepsplfiorini: well, i'm just doing research :)16:33
Stskeepsin practice the needs of a desktop is different from that of a mobile ui16:33
plfioriniStskeeps, that would make sense when using qml compositors16:34
plfioriniStskeeps, doing the ui on the compositor is much easier, but i'm not doing it currently because running a qml compositor on kms or eglfs doesn't have access to platform themes and that makes loading icons impossible16:35
alteregoStskeeps: you're thinking of stretching as far as actual desktop systems?16:36
plfioriniwith a separate client the way that weston does i'm always sure it's running with the wayland QPA plugin and i'm free to use platform themes16:36
Stskeepsalterego: i'm crazy, as you know..16:36
alteregoHah, I prefer the term, "imaginative" ;)16:36
Stskeepsit helps saying 'crazy', people hand over money easier16:37
alteregoI'll remember that, do they have a tendancy to run away afterwards? :D16:37
plfioriniStskeeps, but maybe with a "master" compositor that does the dirty work of handling kms and drm with nesting works16:37
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alteregoStskeeps: is uxlaunch still used at all?17:30
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Stskeepsalterego: user sessions typically17:52
alteregoSo it is still important then? :)17:56
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