Sunday, 2013-09-15

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Stskeepsplfiorini: think it'd be possible to run hawaii as a nested compositor underneath qtwayland? ie, qtwayland being main compositor, then weston + hawaii desktop in a window06:53
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plfioriniStskeeps: i would do the opposed07:28
plfioriniStskeeps: but yes something like the system compositor could be implemented07:30
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plfioriniStskeeps: btw what's the status of qtcompositor these days (working with C code is killing me, can't wait to get back on green island)?07:35
Stskeepsplfiorini: well we're quite happy with it on the jolla devices but of course there's some things to fix07:37
Stskeepswe can run a full phone stack on top of it07:37
plfioriniStskeeps: do you run it with the kms QPA plugin or eglfs?07:38
Stskeepsmodified gelfs07:39
Stskeepsno KMS on android hw adaptations typically07:39
plfiorinilast year i had problems running under kms on anything but intel07:39
Stskeepsi think sfiet_konstantin got it running under radeon at least07:40
Stskeepsthe cursor screwed stuff up, i think07:40
plfiorinimy hope is to ditch weston in a couple of releases (hawaii 0.5)07:41
plfioriniSDK changes often and C is devil's work compared to QML :)07:42
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ulvushow goes11:55
Stskeepsgoos good11:56
ulvusok.. also here in herning11:56
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Stskeepsin train on way home from conference11:59
ulvusso its not they meaning that mer project only is used on jolla12:01
Bostikcertainly not12:01
Bostikwe (Nomovok) use it as a base for majority of our new projects now12:02
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Stskeepsgot to go, really bad connection here12:03
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ulvusif you have 10 products with mer running. can we so make 10 difference app or gui to it12:08
Bostikof course12:08
Bostikmer is nothing more than a highly stripped down and portable "minimal distro"12:08
ulvusso a developer can build a app for a vendor..12:08
ulvusyes i know..12:09
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ulvusim more likely to be end users / super users12:17
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