Saturday, 2013-09-14

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lbtmorning all10:44
Stskeepsmorn lbt10:44
* lbt closes bug 79710:45
MerbotMer bug 797 in Other "We need forums, and I will provide" [Normal,Resolved: wontfix]
lbtpolitely enough I hope10:45
lbtStskeeps: how long has veskuh been on?10:47
Stskeeps20-30 min?10:47
lbtstupid timezones ... or possibly stupid TZ user :)10:47
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Venemo_hey lbt14:30
CosmoHillhi Venemo_ and lbt14:30
Venemo_I get this message from the SDK:14:31
Venemo_Fatal: No spec file found in '/home/mersdk//Projects/apps/puzzle-master/rpm/' and couldn't make one from a yaml14:31
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Venemo_I truly do not have a spec file and no yaml file either, but I'm not sure why I need them14:31
lbtVenemo_: you need to have a spec file or a yaml file for some operations14:31
Venemo_I just want to launch my binary on the emulator14:31
Venemo_it should scp the file into the emulator and launch it14:31
lbtwhat file?14:31
Venemo_the binary14:32
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lbtwhat about the qlm14:32
locusf <- why does this happen in my Mer SDK but not in OBS?14:32
lbtor the images14:32
Venemo_it is in the binary14:32
lbtright - but it may not be - so the general solution is to run make install and copy all that stuff over14:32
lbtand in fact to do that make install as part of making a package14:33
Venemo_the files I need installed are all in the INSTALLS variable of my project file14:33
Venemo_why would I need a spec file or whatever14:33
lbtVenemo_: because Mer isn't Gentoo ?14:34
lbtand for installation we use rpm, not scp :)14:34
Venemo_like I said14:34
Venemo_at the moment, we do not want to make a package, nor do I want to install one14:34
Venemo_I just want to run the damn app on the damn emulator14:34
Venemo_I mean, harmattan could do it, fremantle could do it, nemo can do it, why can't you do it?14:34
* lbt goes for a coffee14:35
Venemo_if you really want a spec file generated, generate it from the .pro file14:35
lbtyou may want to try #sailfishos though14:35
lbtlocusf: I'm not sure about that14:36
locusflbt: ok14:55
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lbtlocusf: what does the spec file look like?15:12
lbtlocusf: OK - so that spec file is not generated by a yaml with the Builder: set to qtc515:19
lbtthat *may* make a difference - although you are using %qmake515:19
lbt(you only need that if you're using the SDK though)15:20
locusf <- here is the original source repo15:22
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locusfits gotta be something stupid small thing15:34
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locusflbt: found the problem16:04
locusflbt: its about .pro file not existing in the build, OBS always cd's into maliit-plugins inside the buildroot, in Mer SDK this doesn't happen16:05
locusflbt: also OBS probably knows that there is a submodule in the source repo16:07
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locusflbt: so a simple cd maliit-plugins before %qmake5 fixed it16:11
lbtlocusf: that's a "feature" of tar_git I think - tar_git requires you to adapt your packaging16:14
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locusflbt: yep indeed16:16
locusfnow this happens
lbtlocusf: ah - that is because someone decided to update the 'file' package in Mer core to a version that breaks compatibility. Normally that's fine - but when you use sb2 it mixes the DB from the target and the binary from the host16:18
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lbtso essentially you need to make the host and target versions of 'file' the same16:19
lbtI'm absolutely delighted that this has introduced new and exciting challenges for Mer developers - life wasn't nearly complicated enough before :)16:20
lbtpractical solution - update/downgrade 'file' package in your target or host so they match16:21
lbt(what you decide to do depends on what targets you have)16:21
locusflbt: ok16:22
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locusfgrrbash: cannot create temp file for here-document: No space left on device16:34
locusfwhile tab-completing16:34
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locusfhmm my rootfs was full on boot-time and now overflow fs is at /tmp with 1.0 MB .......16:46
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locusflbt: btw all working now17:02
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A_PickleGood day everyone!19:33
Stskeepsgood day19:34
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rcghey Stskeeps, how's the family doing?19:47
Stskeepsgood good19:48
rcggreat :)19:48
rcgi guess the small fella keeps you busy and awake?19:49
Stskeepsyeah, though i've been at conference for last few days19:50
rcghehe, same here :)19:50
rcgyeah, i've seen on twitter that you've been to smartdevcon19:50
rcghow was it?19:50
Stskeepsit's been good19:51
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