Monday, 2013-08-12

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Jilbt, do you know how to set the compiler job numbers for a probject in obs? I found the compiling is quite slow :)02:23
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BostikI've seen two ways, "make %{?jobs:-j%jobs}"  and  "make %{?_smp_mflags}"04:12
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JiBostik, many thanks :) I will try it04:31
JiAnd this is in prjconf?04:31
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Bostikno, in the .spec04:55
BostikI'm not sure if there's a way to set a project-global flag04:55
Stskeepsits set in worker config04:56
Bostikgood to know that one, too04:57
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JiStskeeps, many thanks :)05:03
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alteregolbt: ping10:31
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alteregoWhen are you going to be updating the mer sdk?10:31
alteregoThe repos still point to pub.meego.com10:31
lbtnot ideal but it works10:32
alteregoAh, yes.10:32
lbtI need to find a way to update the actual sdk script10:32
alteregoWhat needs to be done to fix that?10:33
alteregoPoint me to the script? :)10:33
lbtthe problem is that if you change a running bash script then it crashes on exit - that breaks umount10:33
lbt is the new one10:33
lbtbut it's not releasable as such10:33
alteregoI'll have a look at it.10:34
lbtI need to find a way to make bash slurp in the whole file so if you change the script it doesn't crash on exit10:34
lbtstackoverflow has suggestions10:34
alteregoI think I've got an idea too.10:34
lbtI think it needs rewriting to be all function definitions10:35
alteregoYes, that would certainly help10:35
lbtthen the last line calls the entry function10:35
alteregoShall I have a look at modularising it a bit then?10:35
lbtthen all we need to do is find a sane way to update existing installations10:35
lbtthat would help, yes10:35
lbtthe other thing is that we're starting to look at ssu more - and that has its own problems10:36
lbtit's developed and driven by jolla for their internal usecases - though nemo uses it too10:36
alteregoYeah, need packages to behave very nicely :)10:36
lbtI'd like to use it instead of sdk-version10:36
alteregoAnd service scripts10:36
lbtalterego: moving the odd bits into functions sounds like a good approach - may be worth verifying that it does what's expected by doing some tests and changes to bash scripts though10:38
alteregoI want to build a few packages, things like minicom, openvpn, screen, avahi. Not sure where the best place to put them is.10:39
alteregoMaybe I'll make an -extras repository :P10:39
lbtsome would go in mer-tools10:40
lbtscreen, minicom for sure10:40
lbtI think openvpn is in core already isn't it?10:41
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alteregoI know in theory you can do everything minicom can do with screen. But it's not as intuitive ..10:41
alteregoOh yeah ..10:41
lbtavahi - I'd sugest nemo10:41
alteregoYeah, thinking some of my stuff I will probably attempt to dump in there.10:42
* alterego ponders DLNA10:43
lbtif  not then keep it in-project for now - I may want that for device detection for the SDK - I could see that going into core10:43
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alteregoThat would be neat.10:43
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alteregoSo far I've not managed to build it yet. I'm targetting arm6l (rpi), but haven't managed to get the cross-tools working in mer sdk. So have been compiling locally on the pi (painful)10:44
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lbtodd - that should 'just work'10:45
alteregoWell, I'm refreshing my sdk install at the moment.10:45
alteregoAnd will be attempting to get that working today.10:45
lbtI suggest you point it at mer-tools:stable too10:46
alteregoOh, not next?10:46
lbtmer-tools has :stable, :testing and :devel   areas... they eventually feed rolling release and named releases10:47
alteregoOkay, well the SDK says "rolling" for tools10:47
alteregoI set that to stable?10:48
alteregoUsing sdk-version10:48
lbtah, no10:53
lbtyou'd need to set the zypper repo manually10:53
alteregoMaybe I'll also get upnp working10:54
alteregoAvahi would be cool in the SDK too, could maybe get Qt creator to auto detect local and networked (vm) installations.10:55
lbtyes - that's kinda what I'm thinking wrt device/emulators10:56
alteregoAlso, is there anything going into Qt Creator for OBS integration?10:56
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lbtkinda - I want to be able to add repos to targets/emulators10:57
lbtinitial focus is on being able to add targets though10:57
alteregoSo local repos and being able to configure those on targets?10:58
lbtlocal repos are another thing10:58
lbtbut yes, them too10:58
alteregoAlso, how easy is it to setup OBS in the SDK?10:59
lbt(I want the SDK to offer repos to the devices)10:59
alteregoIs it possible?10:59
lbtI also want all this in lxc too - so it's not just vbox10:59
lbtI got it booting to lxc last week10:59
lbtbut the bitch is that systemd now uses cgroups in a non-friendly way11:00
lbtso it looks like you won't be able to virtualise systemd systems inside lxc anymore11:00
alteregoHrm, I think I remember something about this.11:00
iekkuuh, i', late.11:00
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alteregoMaybe a discussion on systemd devel ml would help that?11:01
lbtalterego: yeah - I mentioned it on irc recently11:01
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iekkumer bug triage starting11:02
lbtthe alternative is to have a static systemd that will run as non-pid-1 and spawn cgrouped systemd as a virt11:02
lbtbut ideally lxc and systemd will cooperate11:03
alteregoYeah, I'd think as LXC gains more traction people will definitely want systemd to work ;)11:03
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alteregolbt: "sdk-manage --toolchain --install <arch>" is a bit dodgy when you're inputting the name of the toolchain pattern ;)11:09
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lbtyep - that command is not really for end-users11:10
alteregoOh, I also would quite like an AVR cross-compilation toolchain too :)11:11
lbtAVR ?11:11
alteregoSo I'm gonna attempt to build that at some point.11:11
alteregoArduino like stuff/11:11
alteregoI managed to build avrdude and get it flashing an AT-MEGA via a raspberry pi's SPI interface :)11:12
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alteregoI suppose what I actually want is an armv6l build of gcc-avr :)11:12
alteregolbt: last question :) Have you managed to build a mer sdk image using x86_64?11:14
alteregoI noticed the build target in OBS recently.11:14
lbtI've not tried myself - [ol] is the man to ask there11:15
alteregoI was gonna try it now just for shits'n'giggles11:15
lbtyeah - it should work fine11:16
lbtI wonder if there's any benefit to a 64bit SDK chroot11:16
lbt(apart from some build failures : )11:17
alteregoI could do some benchmarks :)11:17
alteregoBut I suspect there wouldn't be too much difference.11:17
alteregoI can't really see many builds needing more than 4G RAM ;)11:18
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alteregolbt: there's no repo data for:
lbtalterego: eww11:28
alteregoCan't use mic without repodata :)11:29
alteregoAnd no, it's not just latest, doesn't seem like any of the x86_64 repos have repodata11:29
alteregoWell our framework is pretty good already.11:36
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lbtalterego: that must be something to do with my release script11:39
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alteregolbt: :(11:53
alteregoWhat script? :)11:53
lbtthe one I used to run on meego OBS11:54
alteregoIs it on github?11:54
phdeswerHi guys, seems there is some build issue on the mer obs... 500 remote error: remote error  Internal Server Error11:56
alteregolbt: if this:
alteregolbt: then there's no setup for x86_6411:57
lbtalterego: almost certainly, yes11:57
alteregoWant me to do a patch?11:57
lbtno, that version is not used11:57
lbtphdeswer: link ?11:58
alteregoOh, okay11:58
phdeswerlbt: well just have a look at the link posted earlier
lbtphdeswer: ty - it helps to know where to look so we're on the same page11:59
lbtalterego: let me look at this11:59
phdeswerlbt it seems to be a general issue. Not just for my project.11:59
alteregolbt: m'kay12:00
lbtalterego: also that script is _probably_ hacked on the actual server - so don't bother patching it12:00
alteregolbt: any idea about: "sdk-manage --target --list" - unknown user: mersdk12:01
alteregosudo: unable to initialize policy plugin12:01
lbtalterego: yes, it's primarily intended for use in the vbox SDK to support the webapp12:02
lbtI suspect it could easily be modified to use $USER though12:02
alteregoThat's what I was just thinking ..12:02
lbtjust be careful as that is now part of released sailfish SDK too12:03
alteregoI can test my modifications in that VM aswell.12:03
lbtphdeswer: *sigh* ... OOM12:03
phdeswerlbt: Ouch...12:04
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alteregolbt: well it's a one liner, first line of code infact.12:09
lbtalterego: yep - that's what I expected12:09
lbtnow I just need to find where it's installed12:10
alteregoOr did you mean /usr/bin/sdk-manage :)12:10
lbtI meant what server12:10
lbtoh, that one12:10
lbtI was on 64bit thingy12:10
alteregoThat is a bit more involved.12:11
lbtI must have popped two things off my stack when I finished the oom :)12:11
*** bef0rd has quit IRC12:11
alteregoHeh :D12:11
*** bef0rd has joined #mer12:11
alteregoBasically it looks like you need to add three liens.12:11
alteregoBut without seeing the actual state of the script, that's just a guess from what I see in github :)12:12
alteregoLooks like that script could be done better too.12:12
alteregoWell, refactored.12:12
alteregoYeah, looks the same.12:13
lbtalterego: seriously - take a look at the master branch - but have some eyewash ready :)12:13
alteregoI could port them all to ruby if you like :P12:13
lbthmm... let me think about that....12:14
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alteregoI'd imagine it may be useful in some cases, but not all.12:14
lbtactually I'm hacking on webapp atm12:14
lbtjust making some objects for Toolchains, Targets and such like12:15
alteregocreaterelease may be useful in the SDK for local repos I guess.12:15
lbttrying to cache results from sdk-manage to make it a little more responsive12:15
lbtcreaterelease is a bit of a mess I think12:15
lbtit was done for Mer core and may not be quite right for tools etc12:15
alteregoIt seems quite straight forward, though a lot of rsync'ing and a lot of stuff that could be looped, which would make adding new archs easier.12:16
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alteregoAnyway, don't want to distract you anymore. :) Let me know if you want me to do anything.12:17
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lbtalterego: OK - I'm just updating rolling - it should fix the x86_64 missing repodata12:21
alteregoThanks :)12:22
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alteregoThink I found a bug in connman.12:34
alteregoDoesn't seem to pay any attention to DHCP lease expiration12:34
jussialterego: you sure it didnt conn you into thinking that? :P12:35
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alteregolbt: I suppose the reason I'm looking to use sdk-manage manually, is because it's a bit easier than remembering all the sb2 commands ;)12:46
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lbtalterego: actually I would like you to have the sdk running in lxc, not chroot - and then have webapp which makes it a doddle12:50
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alteregoI know little about LXC :)12:52
alteregoI could give it a go though12:52
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* alterego plays with lxc13:04
aknightif lbt switches to lxc, he must also switch to lbw13:08
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alteregolbt: can I look at your lxc.conf file?13:27
alteregoAh, think I've found it13:29
lbtalterego: be careful with lxc - lxc destroy will erase your rootfs - which is really bad if it has bind mounts in it13:32
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alteregoDo you have an updated version of lxc from the ubuntu standard repos?13:36
alteregolbt: ^13:36
lbtno, I use debian13:36
alteregoStandard debian package?13:37
alteregoWhich is probably older ;)13:37
alteregoOh, I'm on 0.7.513:37
*** exec_s has joined #mer13:39
alteregoOkay, on 0.9.0 now13:39
alteregoAnd what are you using for a rootfs13:40
alteregolxc-start complains about mounting my rootfs :/13:40
lbtI think I used a plain chroot with systemd installed and had pre-mounted the /proc etc using the old sdk-chroot script13:41
alteregoOkay, I was thinking of giving that a go.13:43
alteregoWow, that worked :D13:43
lbtah, good :)13:43
lbtso now it's a case of seeing what needs tweaking to get lxc to pass control to systemd so it can do the mounts13:43
lbtbut also worry a little about cgroups/systemd13:44
alteregoInterested to know why the SDK starts ofono :D13:44
lbtoh - you may have lost resolv.conf in your host too13:45
lbtconnman deleted it13:45
lbtthey're standard mer-core systemd units13:45
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alteregourgh ..13:45
lbtyeah - containers leak13:46
*** Pat_o has joined #mer13:47
alteregoThey do when you mount /parentroot :P13:47
alteregoAnd have a symlink to the hosts /etc/resolv.conf :P13:47
lbtit could be that13:47
alteregoMight be better to just copy on mer-sdk-chroot mount13:48
lbtnetworking should bridge to the host13:48
lbtor nat13:48
lbtnat may be better13:48
alteregoWell, the bridging is kind of working.13:48
alteregoWell, for the time being I just replaced /etc/resolv.conf in the target with an empty file to remove that symbolic link.13:52
alteregoI suspect that will break for normal mer-sdk-chroot usage.13:52
alteregoInteresting, so inside the container you can't see the /home/$USER bind mount ..13:54
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alteregolbt: also, can't make VM images from here:
*** notmart_ has joined #mer14:08
*** Jucato has quit IRC14:08
*** Jucato_ is now known as Jucato14:09
alteregoAs the repository locations have changed, /etc/hosts hack doesn't work for CE MW or adaptation VM14:09
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alteregoAnyway, not the end of the world for what I'm trying to accomplish at the moment.14:11
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:Is there a .ks to use as a base for my tablet adaptation?16:53
Superpelican(the adaptation will need libhybris)16:53
Superpelicanso it needs to be Qt5/Wayland based16:53
sledgeSimfaenil's i486 vm image for what I know now only16:54
sledgeSimno libhybris16:54
Superpelicanthere's currently no way16:54
*** topro has joined #mer16:54
Superpelicanto run Nemo with libhybris?16:54
sledgeSimthere is, I don't think Stskeeps has made a public .ks just yet16:55
sledgeSimsince his Alcatel hacks16:55
SuperpelicansledgeSim:So I should request Stskeeps' .ks?16:55
sledgeSimif you ask him nicely :))16:56
sledgeSimif this fails though, you can DIY, from info what is available for libhybris in wiki16:57
sledgeSimi doubt that it's -just- .ks that's needed ;)16:57
sledgeSimwayland on arm (n9/950) wiki is also available16:57
SuperpelicansledgeSim:But is there at least a Mer .ks with Qt5/Wayland?16:57
SuperpelicansledgeSim:I'll have to get the Mer core working first anyway16:57
sledgeSim17:53 < sledgeSim> faenil's i486 vm image for what I know now only16:57
*** meShell_ has quit IRC16:57
Superpelicanso Nemo'll have some extra time to finish the UI port to Qt516:58
sledgeSimoh thanks :D16:58
SuperpelicansledgeSim:So the Mer release from June 24th doesn't include Qt5/Wayland?16:59
sledgeSimi think mer has had wayland since ages, +added qt5 as well since long time16:59
SuperpelicansledgeSim:hmm ok16:59
sledgeSimjust nobody cherrypicked it and used it in .ks files16:59
sledgeSimmer is a bunch of toys. you pick your toys you need, and go to your sandbox :)16:59
SuperpelicansledgeSim:But I've never done anything with kickstarter17:00
SuperpelicansledgeSim:So I'll have to tailor a .ks to my needs17:01
sledgeSimtake a reference .ks(s) and bake them17:01
Superpelicanlots of errors ahead :(17:01
sledgeSimwell, that's why we are here :)17:01
Superpelicanthen I'd better ask Stskeeps first17:01
kyyberitrust the community17:02
Superpelicaninstead of reinventing the wheel17:02
sledgeSimi said, if anything else fails scenario ;)17:02
SuperpelicansledgeSim:But if I've got the Mer core working on my tablet17:02
Superpelicanand Nemo port to Qt5 isn't finished yet17:02
SuperpelicansledgeSim:I'll of course help with porting to Qt5 ;)17:02
Superpelicanjust hope there are enough not to difficult tasks left by that time17:03
sledgeSimthe not too difficult tasks are being done now ;P17:03
sledgeSimlike the easiest apps to port17:03
sledgeSimon vm17:03
sledgeSimwhen you have real hw, adaptation tasks start17:04
sledgeSimqt5->gps,wifi,bt etc17:04
Superpelicanwhat I'll have to do anyway17:04
Superpelicanand if I do it now17:04
Superpelicanwith Qt5/Wayland17:04
Superpelicanthe community will only benefit of it ;)17:04
sledgeSimthere will be many bugs17:05
sledgeSimeasy to find17:05
sledgeSimand hope easy to fix17:05
sledgeSimso testing, especially on real hw, is truly beneficial17:05
sledgeSimas it is not as boring as on vm :D17:05
Superpelicanif I can't use Stskeeps' .ks17:06
SuperpelicanI'll have to modify ?17:06
sledgeSimsb2 target is for mersdk mind17:07
Superpelicanbut what's for hw adaptation then?17:07
SuperpelicansledgeSim:Is there a .ks intended for hw adaptation purposes?17:08
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:08
sledgeSimhw adaptation is just an extra repo17:08
sledgeSimso yes, you can use sb2 target as a starting point (sorry didn't look twice into it)17:08
sledgeSimand add your ha repo17:08
SuperpelicansledgeSim:And what should a ha repo include?17:09
SuperpelicansledgeSim:I currently have a kernel adaptation package17:09
sledgeSimbootloader,kernel+modules,GPU userspace shared object (libraries)17:09
Superpelicanis that enough?17:09
SuperpelicansledgeSim:Is a bootloader package necessary?17:09
Superpelicandoes it need to be included into the image?17:09
CosmoHilllbt: I get my car tomorrow, woohoo :)17:10
sledgeSimSuperpelican, it eases any other person out there picking up your ks, baking image, flashing onto their target from head to toe and have it booting17:11
sledgeSimis it doable?17:11
*** fcorrea has joined #mer17:11
Superpelicanthere is an existing bootloader package17:12
Superpelicanfor sunxi17:12
Superpelicanuboot-sunxi didn't have support for my tablet17:12
Superpelicanit was very easy to add17:12
SuperpelicansledgeSim:so someone added it17:12
Superpelicanto his branch of uboot-sunxi17:12
SuperpelicanI'll have to package that version of uboot-sunxi17:12
SuperpelicansledgeSim:It took me quite a long time to package the kernel adaptation17:13
SuperpelicanI'm not really looking forward17:13
Superpelicanto packaging the bootloader17:13
Superpelicanif unnecessary17:13
SuperpelicansledgeSim:There's an easy guide17:13
sledgeSimthis is how a (bare but) acceptable ha for xorg looks like:
Superpelicanavailable on how to set up the bootloader for sunxi devices17:14
sledgeSimSuperpelican, up to you. no pain no gain ;)17:15
sledgeSimif there's no-one else around who has your tablet, or will show interest17:15
sledgeSimthen you can concentrate in leaving everything in a hacky state as is, and put wayland/qt5 now17:15
sledgeSimbut then you are a lone solder in the field17:15
sledgeSim(or are you? ;))17:15
sledgeSimworth writing to ml, twitter etc to see if there's interest, and team up to produce a nice HA repo, if so17:16
Superpelicanit's a cheap chinese androidt tablet17:17
Superpelicanso I don't think many people are interested in porting17:17
Superpelicanthe people that do have it17:17
Superpelicanprobably can't help17:17
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* dm8tbr is looking for blogs that cover mer to add them to a planet17:24
dm8tbr (layout is not final)17:25
*** ssvb has joined #mer17:25
Superpelicandm8tbr:looks nice :)17:25
Superpelicana potential source of information ;)17:26
dm8tbrwell, point me to blogs covering mer :)17:27
dm8tbrnemo too17:27
dm8tbrstill haven't decided if there should be a separate nemo planet17:27
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CosmoHillhi dm8tbr17:57
kulvea planet, finally17:59
CosmoHillI only have a bedroom and you have a whole planet18:00
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dm8tbrkulve: it sort of struck me that there isn't one and then I just went and started setting it up18:04
dm8tbrbut I needz moar blogz URLz118:05
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