Monday, 2013-08-05

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[ui]i have a sitting raspberry pi. Want to install mer on it.05:28
[ui]i have the mer core downloaded ready.05:29
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SuperpelicanStskeeps:How's the migration to Wayland going?08:11
SuperpelicanI saw the next Mer release still contains X stuff08:12
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Stskeepsand it will for foreseeable future08:13
SuperpelicanStskeeps:I heard someone mention on IRC that the next Nemo release would be Wayland only08:13
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Stskeepsit doesn't affect ability to run wayland08:13
SuperpelicanStskeeps:So what's still needs to be done?08:13
Stskeepsnothing really; wayland runs fine on top of it08:14
SuperpelicanI meant what needs to be done for Nemo08:14
SuperpelicanBut it's of course great to hear that Wayland runs so well :)08:14
Stskeepsmoving to qt5 and wayland in general08:15
SuperpelicanI heard Nemo is going to use new components?08:15
Superpelicanas in QML components08:15
SuperpelicanBut I heard that they were porting the old components first to Qt508:15
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Superpelicanand then porting the core apps to the Qt5 old components08:16
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SuperpelicanBut isn't it more efficient to create the new components first?08:16
SuperpelicanAnd then move to Qt5/Wayland?08:16
Bostikthat would be the logical path of least surprises08:16
SuperpelicanBostik:And are there any plans for using Qt 5.1 QML components or Silica components for Nemo?08:17
BostikI honestly don't know (and thus can't speak for) Nemo plans, I see the ripples in here going both directions only08:18
Bostikbut I would expect them to prefer 5.108:19
Guest27227Hi, all. Are there any ks file for creating minimal boot-to-bash mer image?08:19
Superpelicanok then I'll try it at #nemomobile08:19
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Superpelicanvgrade:Source code should never have an executable perm, right?08:29
SuperpelicanBecause I noticed that a lot of files in a particular dir have a spurious executable perm08:29
Superpelicanso maybe I can just use a wild card08:29
SuperpelicanThat saves a lot of work08:29
Superpelicanunless it's a script of course08:30
Superpelicanbut there aren't any scripts in that dir08:30
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BostikSuperpelican: probably an artifact from someone editing files in windows08:33
Superpelicanthere are also errors of non-Unix end of line08:33
Superpelicanand wrong encoding08:33
SuperpelicanBostik:It turned out to be less work than I thought08:33
Superpelicanall there errors are in 2 dirs08:34
SuperpelicanI can easily do chmod -x /path/to/*08:34
Superpelicanthere are no scripts in the dirs08:34
Superpelicanonly c source code files and header files08:34
Superpelicanyay my 3 line script worked08:35
Superpelicans/encoding/encoding errors08:37
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JiI got a problem when creating image of Mipsel from mer repo10:09
sledgeSimah yes I read your email on ml10:09
Jiseems systemd and dbus are failed to be installed into the temp file system10:09
Jibut I can create image of  ARM version10:10
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StskeepsJi: how do you make the image? mer platform sdk and mic inside it?10:10
sledgeSimwhere did you take .ks from?10:11
sledgeSimis it generated by mer-kickstarter (mer-core-mipsel-base.ks) ?10:11
Jijust get one from mer repo and modify it10:11
Jijust add one line of repo address10:12
StskeepsJi: can you show the surrounding 5 lines from when the errors happen in log?10:12
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Ji   error: %pre(systemd-187-1.1.29.mipsel) scriptlet failed, exit status 127     error: systemd-187-1.1.29.mipsel: install failed     error: %pre(dbus-1.6.8-1.1.8.mipsel) scriptlet failed, exit status 127     error: dbus-1.6.8-1.1.8.mipsel: install failed      CreatorError: <creator>Unable to install: Rpmdb checksum is invalid: dCDPT(pkg checksums)10:13
Jisorry , let me make it better to read10:14
Ji   error: %pre(systemd-187-1.1.29.mipsel) scriptlet failed, exit status 12710:14
sledgeSimuse pastebin pls10:14
Ji     error: systemd-187-1.1.29.mipsel: install failed10:14
sledgeSimtoo late10:14
Jierror: %pre(dbus-1.6.8-1.1.8.mipsel) scriptlet failed, exit status 12710:14
Ji     error: dbus-1.6.8-1.1.8.mipsel: install failed10:15
JiCreatorError: <creator>Unable to install: Rpmdb checksum is invalid: dCDPT(pkg checksums)10:15
Jiok ~~I am new here10:15
Jinot really familar with IRC :)10:15
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Jiseems there are some prblem happend on the preinstall scripts10:17
JiBut it is diffcult to debug10:17
sledgeSimJi, you have to take mipsel .ks10:22
sledgeSimnot any other10:22
sledgeSimarmv7hl has nothing to do with mipsel10:23
JiSo, I need generate on by myself?10:24
sledgeSimgo to mer sdk10:24
sledgeSimsudo zypper install mer-kickstarter mer-kickstarter-configs10:24
sledgeSimmer-kickstarter -o /tmp/out-ks -c mer-reference-images/00reference.yaml10:24
JiThanks very much10:24
sledgeSimand then build mer-core-mipsel-base.ks (or any other flavour you need, e.g. with connectivity and/or xorg10:24
Jiwhere i can get a 00reference.yaml file?10:25
sledgeSimsorry, do this:10:26
sledgeSimcd /usr/share/kickstarter-configs10:26
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JiThanks, I will try it now :)10:26
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sledgeSimso what we learned here, if you want mer mipsel, don't go and take .ks from releases/0.20130620.0.1/images/nemo-armv7hl-n950/10:26
Jiyes, got it. Thanks for your help. I know the question is too basic10:27
sledgeSim(what you told me you did in pvt ;))10:27
* sledgeSim thinks wiki needs to be updated more clearly about the power of mer-kickstarter10:28
Jiyes, it is hard to find one10:28
JiI tried to find the solution10:28
Jimost of the document said that I need to have exist one and modify it10:29
sledgeSimyes, especially when mer does not anymore host generated .ks files since a year..10:30
sledgeSimwhich document have you been looking into?)10:30
JiCant remember, let me check with that10:31
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dm8tbrsledgeSim: don't forget to vote for Nils though :)10:37
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JisledgeSim: sorry that I can find it10:38
Jihow about I notice you later if I meet it?10:38
sledgeSimsounds good Ji :)10:39
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JiThanks again :)10:39
sledgeSimhave fun!10:40
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Superpelicanvgrade:My kernel adaptation build has finally succeeded! :)11:02
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JiI got problem when creating the Image of mipsel from mer repo.11:46
JiNow the Image of mipsel can not be created due to there is pattern error:  nothing provides coreutils needed by pattern:mer-core-.noarch,11:47
Jibut I have checked the pattern in repodata, seems coreutils is in the pattern.11:48
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sledgeSim...and if you replace @Mer Core wish coreutils, it says: Warning: repo problem: coreutils-1:6.9-1.1.25.mipsel is not installable,11:51
sledgeSim:{ Stskeeps? ^11:51
Jinot installable, some times mean the package required by coreutils can not be met.11:52
Jilet me check the source code of coreutils11:52
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sledgeSimJi, except basesystem, nothing is installable from @Mer Core Utils pattern11:53
sledgeSimin MIPSel case11:53
Stskeepsmight be bug in mic11:54
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sledgeSimnot bash, not boardname, not coreutils, and I stopped trying afterwards :)11:54
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sledgeSimStskeeps, but with armv7hl all ok11:54
JiI also successfully generated the image of arm11:55
sledgeSimStskeeps, it's libzypp's problem then (at least the error comes from there)11:59
Jinot a dependency problem ?11:59
sledgeSimor something gone bad in mipsel virtualisation11:59
JiI guess so, do you know how to keep the mipsel virtualisation after the creating12:00
sledgeSimi'll try some older mer release first12:00
JiI fount it always be removed after creating12:00
sledgeSim(not the latest)12:00
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Stskeepsyes the problem is in libsolv12:02
Jican I solve this problem by simply replace it to another version?12:04
sledgeSimerm, I just tried oldest mer release (2012) - same problem12:04
sledgeSimthe problem is in mersdk apparently12:04
sledgeSimwhere libsolv resides12:04
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Jiso need a new bug created?12:09
sledgeSimyes please12:09
JiOK, I will do that12:09
sledgeSimthis is where to start debugging in libsolv:
JiOK I will try to check it12:10
Jitry to fix12:10
sledgeSimyou will need to git clone this:;a=tree12:11
sledgeSimand use mb tool in sdk to compile and debug locallt12:12
sledgeSim(having created mer i486 target first)12:12
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JiThanks a lot, it is really helpful12:13
sledgeSimand that's "basically" it :) you are ready to start fixing mersdk core bits yourself ;)12:13
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sledgeSimor not :D12:31
sledgeSimStskeeps, looks like compiling libsolv locally is not for us mere mortals:
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JiBug 791 - Failed to create image of mipsel from mer repo12:37
MerbotMer bug 791 in mic "Failed to create image of mipsel from mer repo" [Normal,New]
sledgeSimmany thanks Ji12:37
Jiit is ok :)12:37
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* groleo is away: afk13:59
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sledgeSimok, mb tool failed, but OBS did build libsolv
* sledgeSim pats obs16:30
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Stskeepslo anidel18:20
*** dm8tbr has quit IRC18:20
anidelhi stskeeps!18:20
anidelhow are you doing?18:21
Stskeepsfine fine; trying to balance working life and new son18:21
anidelI guess that's a bit hard, but maneageable I suppose18:22
Stskeepsand the usual, mer, qt5, wayland, libhybris18:22
anidelah so working life != mer, qt5, wayland, libhybris?18:22
*** Superpelican_ has quit IRC18:22
Stskeepshehe, it is working life :)18:22
Stskeepsdoing really amazing things with it18:23
anidelspeaking of which :p I know (used to at least) my way around building kernels etc, you think it'll be too hard to attemp porting Mer on the Tizen reference device (which is an S3 basically)?18:23
anidelI guess so! and can't wait to try it out on my Jolla device when it comes out!18:24
Stskeepsmm, i bricked my tizen device trying18:24
Stskeepsprolly easier now18:24
*** Aristide has joined #mer18:24
anidelwas it the same that was given at the Tizen conf in SFO few months ago?18:24
Stskeepshmm no18:24
Stskeepsfirst tizen conf18:24
anidelthat one was an S2 I think...18:24
SuperpelicanStskeeps:If it is a S3, can't you flash Android on it then?18:25
Stskeepsi put mer/qt5/wayland on an alcatel one touch fire over the weekend18:25
anidelnew one is more powerful , it's a GT-I9300 (i.e. S3)18:25
Stskeepslovely little kit18:25
anidelno you can't, it has uboot...18:25
Stskeeps@ 95eur18:25
anidelI saw it :)18:25
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Does it run better than a N900?18:25
StskeepsSuperpelican: yes-ish but has limitations18:26
SuperpelicanN900 has a Cortex A818:26
Superpelican@ 600 mhz18:26
Superpelicanalcatel @ 1 GHz18:26
Superpelicanbut Cortex A518:26
anidelMozilla team did a gorgeous job then18:26
SuperpelicanStskeeps:As in?18:26
Stskeepshw wise yes18:27
Superpelicancan't open too many apps?18:27
StskeepsSuperpelican: right, constraints18:27
*** panda84kde has quit IRC18:27
SuperpelicanBut does the UI run smoothly?18:27
Stskeepsit does18:27
Superpelicanwell then it's pretty ok18:28
Stskeepsok, to be exact18:28
Superpelicanyou can't expect to run 4+ apps on a lowend device IMO18:28
Stskeepsffos doesnt run too nice18:28
Superpelicanbut Nemo18:28
*** tilgovi has joined #mer18:28
Stskeepsmer plus qt5 plus wayland does18:28
Superpelicanthen it's ok18:28
Superpelicanthat's what matters ;)18:28
anidelyou guys are doing an amazing job in optimising Qt518:29
Stskeepsand more to comee18:30
anidelthanks to you :)18:30
Superpelicanand Sailfish already ran nicely on the N950 with Qt4 :)18:30
anidelI'm still waiting for my t-shirt so that I can enter the competition for the voucher ;018:31
Superpelicanme too18:32
Superpelicantracking code not yet activated :(18:32
anidelyeah same here18:32
Superpelicananidel:Where are you located?18:33
anidelLondon, UK18:33
Superpelicanthen were at the same height :)18:33
Superpelicanthe Netherlands18:33
anidelbut you're closer to Helsinki :P18:33
Superpelicana little bit18:34
anidelI heard people in Italy got them already18:34
Superpelicanstrange, isn't it?18:34
Superpelicanand people in Czech too18:34
Superpelicanand lots of people in Fi18:34
Superpelicanof course18:34
anidelkinda..not sure what "protocol" they are using to ship them. I only know I want them asap :)18:34
Superpelicananidel:Are you on
anidelnope why18:35
SuperpelicanI'm curious if I'm the only one18:35
Superpelicanhaving trouble with it18:35
Superpelicansince they migrated to new software :(18:35
anidelI see, no I'm not18:35
Superpelicanit's useless now for me18:35
Superpelicanmost of the time I can't reach their site at all18:35
Superpelicanwhen I can reach it18:35
Superpelicanand click on the "note" button18:35
Superpelicanto post a tweet-like message18:36
Superpelicanit doesn't do anything18:36
Superpelicanand when that does actually work18:36
Superpelicanit often takes forever to send the note18:36
Superpelicanit's awful18:36
anidelmaybe they have issues with the new software and sorting it out..18:36
Superpelicanbut I don't like Twitter :(18:36
Superpelicanand Jolla is only on FB, Twitter and identi.ca18:36
SuperpelicanI really hope they join a based server18:36
Superpelicanthe old was based too18:37
Superpelicanit didn't look as nice18:37
Superpelicanand had a 140 char limit18:37
Superpelicanlike twitter18:37
anidelwell "they" are here, ask :D18:37
Superpelicanbut at least it worked18:37
Superpelicansocial media is managed by jukka eklund18:37
Superpelicanand he's often not on IRC18:37
Stskeepsanyway, that's more of a #jollamobile topic..18:38
anidelah right :D sorry my mistake :P18:38
* Superpelican joins #jollamobile18:38
SuperpelicanStskeeps:What's actually the difference between #jollamobile and #sailfishos ?18:38
*** rubdos has joined #mer18:39
anidelthe latter is an OS that can potentially run on devices from different manufacturers/vendors18:39
Superpelicanthat's true18:39
Superpelicanbut still18:39
StskeepsSuperpelican: unofficial community vs more or less official support channel for sailfishos (sdk)18:39
*** drussell has quit IRC18:39
anidelthe first is Jolla specific (comprising hw + software + services that Jolla provides)18:39
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Will #sailfishos also be for the actual OS when the Jolla is being shipped?18:40
Superpelicanor will it remain SDK only?18:40
Stskeepswe'll see18:40
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Today I finally got my kernel-adaptation-pov_protab2_xxl to succeed in building on the OBS :)18:40
SuperpelicanMer/Nemo fun ahead :)18:40
Superpelicanwrong link18:41
Superpelicanstill work in progress18:41
*** Aristide has quit IRC18:41
Superpelicanso will be updated18:41
Superpelicanand of course:
* Stskeeps really hopes the alcatel one touch fire comes in large numbers, non-simlocked18:42
Stskeepscould be a really nice kit for oss phone development18:42
SuperpelicanStskeeps:I noticed that is still very Meego focused18:43
SuperpelicanDoes it stil apply to the modern Mer18:43
Stskeepsthere's another page isn't there18:43
SuperpelicanAs I will be building images soon18:43
*** NIN101 has joined #mer18:43
SuperpelicanStskeeps:What other pages18:44
SuperpelicanOne that isn't published yet?18:44
Stskeepsnah, on there18:44
Superpelicanyou mean the for beginners edition?18:44
Stskeepssomewhere, yes18:44
anidelstskeeps; will you post how you ported Mer to the Alcatel18:44
Stskeepsanidel: yes, a full guide in the weekend probably18:45
Stskeepsjust got a new desktop machine today so that takes priority18:45
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Which desktop?18:45
Superpelicanhaswell? :D18:45
Stskeeps3.3-3.7ghz quad-core i7 3770, 8gb ram, 1tb disk18:46
Superpelicannot bad18:46
Superpelicanwhat was your previous one?18:46
Stskeepsneed one that can last another 3-4 years like my former work machine (laptop) did18:46
Superpelicanah a laptop18:46
Stskeeps2gb ram, 2ghz dual core, i think18:46
Superpelicanwhich gen?18:46
Stskeepsi forget, but intel something18:47
anidelStskeeps: sweet, I'll see the steps and try to replicate and have mer on the Tizen device18:47
SuperpelicanSo you'll probably will still be using the old laptop for mobile work?18:47
*** RhymeswA has joined #mer18:47
anidel2Gb of ram, you work text only?18:47
Stskeepsa lot of ssh18:47
SuperpelicanI almost never use more than 2 GB of RAM18:48
SuperpelicanAnd even if I do18:48
SuperpelicanI could close some apps18:48
Superpelicanand start them again later18:48
Stskeepsanidel: basically if you can put android on a device and build own kernel/boot.img and own matching libc,adbd,logcat,init,libcutils, you're golden..18:48
Superpelicanand I'm not quite using the most lean DE either18:48
anidelStskeeps: can't put android on this one I guess, I know you need s-boot for that not U-boot18:49
anidelbut the hw is of course fully supported by tizen itself18:49
*** dm8tbr has joined #mer18:50
anidelso once one has a kernel from the Tizen source repo with changes that mer might need, and i can flash, i guess I'm all done (meaning the device is bricked and i'm done with it:P)18:50
Stskeeps:nod: though unsure about x11, gles, etc18:51
anidelyeah that can be an issue indeed...they do have X11 I suppose, but not wayland18:51
anideland gles as well afaik18:52
SuperpelicanStskeeps:So if I would want to build an Mer image with libhybris/Wayland/Qt5 support his week, I'd use the Mer next release?18:52
Stskeepsmer + mer:qt should be fine18:52
SuperpelicanStskeeps:Which release then?18:52
anidelNemo mobile uses X11?18:52
anidelGoogle will answer, don't worry18:53
Stskeepsright, though they're looking into qt5+wayland18:53
*** jayrulez has joined #mer18:55
*** Superpelican has quit IRC18:56
*** fk_lx has joined #mer18:57
anidelneed to go, see you later peeps18:59
*** anidel has quit IRC18:59
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