Sunday, 2013-08-04

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alteregoAnyone know how I can get ofono to recognise a modem on an internal serial port?07:37
alteregoSeems like it only detects usb devices via udev.07:37
Stskeepsmake a udev rule for it07:40
Stskeepsthink there's a doc on it07:40
alteregoIt's so poorly documented -_-07:45
alteregoWeird, it worked that time :D07:49
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Superpelicanvgrade:The build failed again yesterday:
Superpelicanit's complaining about files listed twice08:41
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CosmoHilllbt: itv4 now11:02
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kulveyay, finally some progress on Ouya. Got Nemo booting up to X.Org with nvidia's tegra driver15:40
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Stskeepswoo :)15:45
kulvein my project I don't even have a display but I just couldn't leave that failing.. :)15:46
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kulvemer on Ouya might not make much sense but Ouya could be nice low-end box for Ubuntu/Debian15:47
kulvelow-end compared to x86 systems. It is 1.7Ghz with 1GB memory, so it's not that low-end on ARM world, although oldish now15:48
rcghuzza kulve :)15:50
Stskeepsi've been hacking a alcatel one touch fire recently15:51
Stskeepsfinally a hackable low end device at low price15:51
kulvewhat's "low price"?15:51
Stskeeps95 eur15:51
Stskeeps(with prepaid 20 eur)15:51
kulveouya is hackable in a sense that it has eth, host usb, uart and it is possible to boot to linux. Not mobile, and no display though and it's easily brickable15:53
kulveand 99$15:53
Stskeepssounds nice15:55
kulvekernel looks a bit hacked together only for android (quite typical nowadays). Had to fix some hdcp stuff to get X.Org running15:55
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Stskeepsyeah.. i've seen really awkward things in the field15:56
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vgrade Superpelican 19:28 < vgrade> Superpelican:   Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:16:07
vgrade19:28 < vgrade> looks like you still have the perf lines 80-84 in16:07
vgrade19:29 -!- Martix [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]16:07
Superpelicanvgrade: huh16:07
Superpelicanhow can that happen16:07
SuperpelicanI'll check it16:08
Superpelicandon't I need to add %install ?16:08
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Superpelicanvgrade:And line 59?16:11
Superpelicanvgrade:Is that what I changed?16:11
vgradeSuperpelican: not necessary16:11
Superpelicanbut I can remove?16:12
Superpelicanvgrade:And the install section?16:12
Superpelicandoesn't that need editing?16:12
SuperpelicanBut why does it complain then?16:12
Superpelicanbecause 80-84 are still there?16:13
vgradejust comment out lines 80-8416:13
SuperpelicanCan't I just remove them?16:13
Superpelicanto be sure16:13
Superpelicanall my sources are gone16:13
Superpelicanthey aren't16:14
Superpelicanvgrade:Your looking at the wrong repo16:14
vgradeI brancjed yours16:15
Superpelicanit's building again16:15
Superpelicanat least my repo16:16
vgradeyou need to add the firmware files to %files16:16
vgradewait for the build to finish and I'll show you what needs to be added16:18
Superpelicanvgrade:All firmware files?16:18
Superpelicanthere are a awful lot of firmware dirs16:18
Superpelicanprobably also unnecessary ones16:19
vgradeSuperpelican: will be the ones which have been installed16:19
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SuperpelicanI'll wait until it's done then16:19
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vgradeSuperpelican: add /lib/firmware/kaweth/* to line 15416:25
Superpelicanok thanks :)16:25
Superpelicanthat's all?16:26
vgradeoh, you have the yaml file included again16:26
SuperpelicanI'm sure I fixed it16:27
vgradeyes, but I think you reverted today loosing that change16:27
Superpelicanoh nice16:30
Superpelicannow I can see what's happening :)16:30
SuperpelicanWell it's building again16:31
Superpelicanlet's hope for the best16:31
vgradeSuperpelican: \o16:39
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Superpelicanvgrade:It failed again16:41
vgradeSuperpelican: failed RPMLINT checks16:41
SuperpelicanWhat are RPMLINT checks?16:41
Superpelicanlots of errors16:42
Superpelicanhow is this ever going to build?16:42
vgradethe rpms are built16:42
vgradebut after that there is a check made RPMLINT16:43
Superpelicanvgrade: "sh: /usr/bin/python: No such file or directory"16:43
vgradeand this check had flagged up things you need to fix in your source16:43
SuperpelicanIs this the cause of all those errors?16:43
vgradethat one is ok16:43
vgradeE: spurious-executable-perm (Badness: 50) /usr/src/kernels/3.0.76/arch/arm/mach-sun4i/include/mach/io.h16:43
vgradethese E: ones you need to fix16:43
Superpelicanand the W: ones?16:44
vgradejust warnings16:44
Superpelicannow I understand it16:44
SuperpelicanE = Error16:44
SuperpelicanW = Warning16:44
vgradeso just looks like some source files have +x set on them16:45
Superpelicanvgrade:So I'll need to patch the source?16:45
Superpelicanvgrade:Our should I try to build Linux 3.4?16:45
SuperpelicanI'm a bit scared for building 3.416:45
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SuperpelicanMy tablet runs 3.0 in Android16:46
SuperpelicanSo I'm not sure if it'll work16:46
vgradeshould be easy enough to change permissions on your source16:47
Superpelicanvgrade:So I should do chmod -x on the error files?16:47
Superpelicanvgrade:And what about this:
vgradeis this script used in the build? I guess not as you would have got an error during buld16:49
vgradedepends on how much time you want to spend on getting a clean RPMLINT16:50
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Superpelicanif it builds successfully it's ok16:52
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SuperpelicanI'd rather spend that time on getting Nemo running well16:52
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Superpelicanvgrade:So I'll have to fix 17 spurious-executable-perms to reach the threshold :(16:59
vgradeSuperpelican: if you get the build log you can do some search and replace to knock up a script to change permissions17:05
Superpelicanthat was my idea too :)17:06
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CosmoHillhi ul...oh he's gone17:40
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