Thursday, 2013-05-30

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sledgesis it possible to zypper ar  an armv7l repo on an armv7hl system ? xmlich02__ did that, but all he sees is a srcpackage when tries to install package from it12:47
sledgesI thought it should be backwards compatible12:47
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kaltsithey are binary incompatible12:49
kaltsithe float abi is different between armv7l and armv7hl12:49
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sledgeswill ld-linux get upset? i can't see anything else in a way from preventing cpu executing binary code (it being hardfp or softfp)12:50
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kaltsi"that depends", but most probably it won't12:52
kaltsiif you use libraries that have functions with float args, you'll get garbage results12:53
kaltsiwith mixed softfp/hardfp stuff that is12:53
sledgesmakes sense, so kernel could be either hardfp or softfp, as it's a closure in terms of using libraries (within)12:54
kaltsikernel probably has no float interfaces12:54
kaltsibut for example glibc (libm) and Qt libraries .12:56
xmlich02__i will try it with the armv7l repo..12:57
sledgesok, if you find one ;) you'll need to mic it most probably12:57
sledgessorry, misread 'repo' with 'iso' :)12:57
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[ol]lbt: What do you think about this feature?
[ol]lbt: Can git-pkg take advantage of it?16:39
lbthmm -S git16:39
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lbtthanks - definitely worth a look16:42
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lbtI'm just working on a tweak that lets rpm/ be a linked checkout of pkg-mer16:43
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xmlich02__i was trying to create n900 image with mic, there is some problem "Error <repo>: found 1 resolver problem, abort!18:28
Stskeepsand the error above?18:29
xmlich02__there was only some warning18:29
xmlich02__Warning: repo problem: pattern:nemo-n900-.noarch requires pattern:nokia-n900-support, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: pattern:nokia-n900-support-.noarch[nemo-adaptation-n900]18:29
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xmlich02__The n900 is using xorg-x11-drv-fbdev-sgx which is maybe the same with one i need for am335x sitara board..18:31
xmlich02__sorry, I am to much tired today. The mistake is somewhere here. I have to try it tomorrow18:34
Stskeepsdoes the sitara board have an android adaptation?18:35
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Stskeepscxl000: piong19:17
drachensunvgrade: I was trying to get your 5-16 mer image running on my cubieboard but it seems to get stuck during boot.  Is there another image that might work better? or some trick about creating the card?19:20
vgradedrachensun: from the ftp19:22
drachensunI followed the link in that blog post, let me check19:23
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drachensunok, I'm pretty sure I got the one from the ftp19:25
vgradedrachensun: there may be a later one19:25
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vgradeStskeeps: wondering about webkit?19:26
Stskeepsvgrade: no, qtbase change19:26
*** jstaniek has quit IRC19:26
vgradeI noticed he's got webkit2 building19:27
Stskeepswell indeed19:28
vgradedrachensun: this is latest19:30
drachensunI got an older image, weekly-20130430 that will boot but the display cuts off on my monitor once its booted.19:31
piyushvermavgrade : could u provide wit hyou /system folder19:31
piyushvermaI do build android but that was not working19:31
vgradedrachensun: these images were made to play with libhybris19:32
drachensunI saw the post, I'm pretty interested in that as well19:32
drachensunbut I also wanted to get nemo working on my tablet, seems like it might be a better touch interface19:32
vgradedrachensun: you shoud be able to get console on vt219:32
drachensunok, brb the monitor it likes is in the other room19:33
vgradedrachensun: nemo is possible on A10 I had it on melea1000 some time ago19:33
drachensunwhats the typical command to launch the UI for nemo?19:37
drachensunI see a lot of ioctl errors in the xorg log but I know on the A10 that might not really mean X is having any problems19:37
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vgradenemo is launched via a systemd user session19:39
vgradenot sure if the x86 nemo image runs under virtualbox19:39
vgradeat the moment, would be a good way of seeign how things are linked up19:39
drachensunI've tried various mer/nemo rootfs to try and get it working but I never get a GUI up, with your rootfs from 0430 I can get a fb console up on my tablet but I can't seem to find any error message or log that says why the GUI wont display19:40
drachensunbut I don't really know where to look either I guess19:40
piyushvermavgrade: I am still facing issue when run on a10 with you mer image19:43
piyushvermalinker.c:661| WARNING: `/system/lib/hw/` is not a prelinked library19:43
piyushverma    0 mapped library '' to b499c000 via kernel allocator.19:43
piyushvermafound ro.product.board for a1019:43
piyushvermafound ro.board.platform for sun4i19:43
piyushvermaSegmentation fault19:43
piyushvermaany suggestion ?19:43
vgradepiyushverma: do you have anything in /usr/lib/egl19:44
piyushvermashould I try newer build ?19:46
*** pohly has joined #mer19:46
vgradepiyushverma: sec19:48
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lbtdrachensun: good to see you trying mer then :)20:01
drachensunthanks, yeah when it first didn't quite work I think I gave up to quick20:02
drachensunI watched some videos about it and I really need a better interface for touch20:02
lbtso the first thing is to get some kind of base mer rootfs booting20:03
*** Martix has quit IRC20:03
lbthave you installed the platform SDK ?20:04
*** edgar2 has joined #mer20:05
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drachensunI haven't20:09
drachensunI've used the rootfs to setup a card20:09
*** arcean_ has joined #mer20:09
drachensunand it did boot, of course I rewrote my good card today to try that cubieboard image so I have to find the working on again20:10
*** Martix has joined #mer20:10
lbtok - I guess that's a good starting point20:11
*** andre__ has quit IRC20:13
lbtwhat do you have in the way of graphics drivers?20:13
drachensunthe a10 has mali gpu but there is limited support in Linux, is it going to need 3d acceleration to work well?20:16
lbtyes - but libhybris is the answer there20:18
drachensunthats what I was hoping20:22
drachensunok, so I've got it booted to a prompt20:22
lbtgot networking?20:23
*** glueckself has quit IRC20:24
lbtgood - ssh makes life a lot easier :)20:24
drachensunfor sure20:24
drachensunhere is dmesg out20:25
drachensunso before I was seeing the nemo splash but it got stuck20:26
drachensunI had the original fstab entries and of course the uuid didn't match20:26
drachensunso I stripped those out20:26
drachensunnow it boots on up but I dont see the splash20:26
lbteven :)20:26
lbtsome of it is a bit heavy for initial steps20:27
vgradedrachensun: which image is this20:28
lbtah - safe hands :)20:28
vgradethe one from the blog post20:28
drachensunvgrade: this is the one from 4-30 or so I think20:29
drachensunI copied your rootfs with the modules loading changes to match my kernel20:29
drachensunI think thats the only change20:29
*** edgar2 has quit IRC20:32
vgradelets continue in chat20:32
drachensunI have logged in as mer to a prompt20:33
*** mdfe has joined #mer20:38
*** phinaliumz has quit IRC20:38
lbtvgrade: I was going to listen in - feel free to continue in here20:38
*** pohly has quit IRC20:39
*** vpopov has joined #mer20:39
cxl000Stskeeps: pong20:40
*** disco_stu has quit IRC20:43
*** disco_stu_droid has joined #mer20:43
cxl000 Stskeeps the libexec change is so QtWebPluginProcess  QtWebProcess are placed under /usr/lib rather the /usr/share where rpmlint would complain about binaries20:44
*** disco_stu_droid is now known as disco_stu20:44
vgradecxl000: \020:45
*** vpopov has quit IRC20:46
vgradehow is webkit working20:46
*** RzR has quit IRC20:49
cxl000I have tried qupzilla, snowshoe and SlateKit/Shell20:51
cxl000I have had a number of crashes with qupzilla under weston on X20:52
cxl000I have had some input problems on occasions20:54
cxl000but all have successfully gone direct or via a proxy to fetch a page and render it20:54
lbtStskeeps: should systemd really own /lib/systemd/system/ ? And if so should it at least be marked as a %config20:55
vgradecxl000: nice, what was the key to get it bulding ?  Just building webkit2?20:56
cxl000vgrade: No. I suspect a change in the build envirinment.21:00
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer21:01
cxl000or changes incorporated since 5.0.221:01
Stskeepscxl000: ah, makes sense21:02
*** nsuffys has quit IRC21:10
*** Artox has quit IRC21:19
cxl000Stskeeps I branched from mer:mds2:Core:i486:master and am seeing Qt 5.0.0 packages being pulled in during build. The repository and branched versions are 5.0.221:20
*** dijenerate has quit IRC21:20
cxl000I did include a second repository to pick up ruby21:24
cxl000vgrade that may be why you clone failed as well21:28
cxl000I see it pulled in qmake 5.0.0 which was prior to the current qt4 co-existance changes21:30
*** bef0rd has quit IRC21:32
*** bef0rd has joined #mer21:32
drachensunok well I made some progress21:36
drachensunon both the cubieboard and my tablet I'm now getting...21:36
*** bef0rd has quit IRC21:37
drachensunlipstick: cannot connect to X server21:37
drachensunso I type that in the ssh session and call it again?21:38
drachensunsame error message21:38
vgradeDISPLAY=:0 lipstick21:39
drachensunit was there for a second21:39
*** bef0rd has joined #mer21:39
vgradea teaser21:40
drachensunlol yup, then the screen is black but I can see my mouse cursor21:40
*** Martix has quit IRC21:41
vgradeDISPLAY=:0 xterm21:42
*** fastlane` has quit IRC21:44
drachensunok, so on my tablet I get the teaser21:44
drachensunon the cubieboard it seems to be up normally21:44
*** fastlane` has joined #mer21:44
drachensunI haven't tried the xterm thing21:44
drachensunugh and now I have to go21:44
vgradegood progress21:45
drachensunthanks for the help, looks like the cubie board is up and my tablet is close21:45
*** dijenerate has joined #mer21:51
vgradecxl000: swapped the repos mer:devel and mer:tools:stable21:52
*** chriadam has joined #mer21:52
*** blam has quit IRC21:53
*** fcorrea_ has quit IRC21:54
*** chriadam|away has quit IRC21:54
*** bef0rd has quit IRC21:54
*** bef0rd has joined #mer21:54
cxl000vgrade I thought the first repository took precedence21:56
*** bef0rd has quit IRC21:59
*** Martix has joined #mer21:59
vgrademaybe some issue with package names, seen that before where what you think later package is not picked22:00
vgradeallthough 5.0.2 should be > 5.0.022:01
*** tetris4 has quit IRC22:01
*** bef0rd has joined #mer22:01
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cxl000vgrade I have made you a maintainer and added armv6l22:08
vgradecxl000: cheers , was looking to try on Pi22:09
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC22:09
*** Watcher7|off is now known as Watcher722:10
cxl000vgrade: suspected so. I've been meaning to check weston & hawaii22:11
cxl000I have my pandora booting into weston as a user session22:12
*** sirdancealot has joined #mer22:12
cxl000so should be able to get my pi to do the same22:13
vgradecxl000: nice, there is a new weston backend for Pi22:14
vgradecxl000: did I see you had an N7 also22:14
cxl000Yes got one for my birthday a few weeks back. Have it setup with multirom boot22:15
specialcxl000: might intrigue you22:16
cxl000Have run up weston using x backend. Need to look at IM before progressing much further on the n722:17
cxl000special: I'd guess that is using one of the qtwayland example compositors22:21
specialcxl000: qml-compositor so far, yeah.22:21
specialonce I have it a bit more stable, I'll try to get lipstick (nemo's homescreen) running as compositor22:22
*** Kelteseth has quit IRC22:27
*** Kelteseth has joined #mer22:28
*** mvogt has joined #mer22:33
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[ol]lbt: In Fedora 18 /usr/lib/systemd/system/ belongs to systemd package and is not %config. However, it's just default. There is also /etc/systemd/system/ which doesn't belong to any packages. It has precedence.22:44
lbt[ol]: yes. The thing is mer is a base - so I think nemo/sailfish - and in my case the SDK build engine should set the one in /lib/22:45
lbtfor now I'm using /etc as you suggest22:46
lbtit's a little like sshd.config - we should make it easy for vendor packages to override mer-base settings22:47
lbtfor systemd the /etc value is (iirc) supposed to be reserved for 'site-specific' or sysadmin control22:47
*** mdfe has quit IRC22:48
[ol]I think, it doesn't hurt to point to by default anyway.22:48
*** gabriel9 has joined #mer22:49
lbtnope - as usual I provide the edge case with the headless SDK :)22:49
[ol]Although wants display-manager.service, you can have dummy one, just running serial getty or something.22:50
[ol]And you can have empty in this case.22:51
*** blam has joined #mer22:53
[ol]With dummy display-manager.service and empty you essentially have non-graphical mode by default even if points to
*** jjarven has quit IRC22:58
lbttrue - but it'd be trivial to make systemd depend on systemd-default and allow that to be Provides: by a default package in Mer22:58
lbtin which case I'd better submit a patch sometime :D22:59
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC23:04
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