Sunday, 2013-05-26

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ZogG_laptophow one does connect to ?07:21
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Stskeepslbt: prerelease ready for cooking, let's make it tuesday08:53
Stskeeps(short release cyvcle)08:53
* Stskeeps passes the coffee pot over to lbt08:54
lbtI was thinking "why you tell me now about a prerelease on tuesday"08:54
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Stskeepslbt: yeah, it'd be quite unusual of me to actually plan these things ahead ;)09:02
lbtnb - I can't pull from gerrit09:03
lbtjust investigating - can you?09:03
Stskeepswhere do you have problems?09:03
lbtgit pull09:03
* Stskeeps tries09:03
Stskeepslooks like no09:03
lbtgood - not my setup - I've been messing locally09:03
phaeronlbt: please reboot cmds before pulling the prerelease09:04
lbtoh yes - ty vm09:04
phaeronthank you :)09:04
Stskeepsrebooting gerrit09:05
lbtok - ta09:06
Stskeepslbt: works for me09:06
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lbtme too now - thanks09:09
lbtphaeron: cmds rebooted09:09
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lbtoh, fyi release is running09:47
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lbtI'm also copying meego obs backup to phost6 - it may be slow09:48
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phaeroncxl000: ping09:57
phaeroncxl000: I see you are still using pub.meego , please backup your stuff , it will shutdown on 29th May09:58
phaeronlbt: maybe we should make it read only or something09:58
M4rtinKfor the record, I've moved my Nemo stuff last weekend09:59
M4rtinK& backed up the harmattan packages09:59
phaeronM4rtinK: thanks10:00
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phaeronI've added a note on the frontpage. if anyone reads those10:00
phaeronmaybe a red banner at the top will catch the attention of people10:00
M4rtinKIMHO something like a header banner might have a bigger impact - or red background10:01
M4rtinKanyway, will miss the Harmattan target :)10:02
M4rtinKnow I'll probably have to dust off Scratchbox to make Harmattan packages10:03
M4rtinKmight as well make a tread on TMO10:04
cxl000phaeron Thanks I was aware and have taken a full backup.10:05
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M4rtinKdon't forget to also backup the binaries10:05
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M4rtinKBTW, I some of the wiki pages still point to COBS, like this one:
lbtM4rtinK: please feel free to edit them10:15
lbtEVERYONE:   community call: please take a few minutes to search the mer wiki for 'meego' references and try to correct them10:16
lbtif you start editing a big page just mention it here10:16
* phaeron hopes he edited the right obs10:18
phaeronapparently yes , but screwed up the front page10:19
phaeronhmm I fixed that typo. stupid caching10:20
M4rtinKso I've posted a thread about the shutdown on TMO:
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phaeronlbt: can you poke the caching reverse proxy somehow10:22
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lbtI don't think we have one10:24
lbtnot meego10:24
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phaeronoh yeah that will get the attention of everyone10:28
lbtaha - oh yes10:29
qwazixlbt, ping10:29
lbtphaeron: we should look at how to put that into every page banner10:29
lbtphaeron: could be useful for "OMG ... look now" messages10:30
lbtqwazix: pong10:30
qwazixI just saw that MeeGo obs is going down10:30
qwazixIs there any possibility to get a backup of the harmattan builder?10:30
qwazixis it a VM or something?10:30
Stskeepstranslated: a copy of the harmattan repository content, the one with binaries inside10:31
lbtI can certainly pull things off for you10:31
qwazixStskeeps, not exactly, I care more about the OBS configuration, so that we can set up another builder on infra10:31
phaeronI think the binary build target is on a remote obs10:32
qwazixlbt, I would really appreciate it10:32
dm8tbryes, that's on the one Niels manage(s|d)10:32
lbtI really just need to know what files10:32
Stskeepswget --no-check-certificate
Stskeepsor the likes10:32
phaeronmaybe we can put it in the topic10:33
qwazixlbt, I am not much into OBS workings, so I don't know what files...10:34
dm8tbrIMHO it would be easiest to set up a private obs and let it sync the harmattan target10:35
CosmoHillhi dm8tbr10:36
qwazixdm8tbr, hm, if that is possible it looks like a nice solution10:36
lbtqwazix: yeah - I need whoever is doing the H OBS to talk to me - I don't really have time to investigate atm. Really sorry but I need to balance my time10:36
dm8tbrlbt: X-Fade is that person10:36
lbtI have a reasonably full backup of the OBS on mer infra10:36
* Stskeeps takes a look for the sake of world peace..10:36
qwazixlbt, understand. I'll try to find someone who knows more than I do. Thanks.10:36
lbtso there is not a lot of time pressure/risk10:36
lbtStskeeps: I almost certainly have the data10:37
Stskeepsyes, quite sure10:37
lbtI have a backup of /data which is *all* OBS dirs10:37
Stskeepsthen you probably have MeeGo:1.2:Harmattan too provided it's not a remote obs link10:37
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zhxthello, I have successfully built one package in mer obs, BUT I can not find it on mer repo,10:38
zhxtany suggeustions?10:38
lbtand I see /meego_backup/cbe/data/mirror/h-new.tar and Tools_production_contents.tar /meego_backup/cbe/data/mirror/harmattan/b3-update.tar.gz10:38
lbtfull, full-new full-old full.tar10:39
phaeronStskeeps: it is a remote apiurl10:39
Stskeepszhxt: check osc meta prj -e if publish is disabled10:39
Stskeepsphaeron: okay, how on earth is that remote machine still open :)10:39
lbttotalling many tens of Gb ...10:39
Stskeepsif it's the one10:39
zhxtStskeeps: thx, i'll try.10:39
dm8tbrStskeeps: as said, x-fade was taking care of that, maybe he did some magic10:39
qwazixlbt, so you're saying this backup will be kept after the 29th?10:42
zhxtStskeeps: yes, it is disable.  thx. :P10:42
lbtqwazix: yes - but I cannot *promise* everything you will need will be on it.10:43
qwazix:nod: right now I don't know what's everything I need. I have to find an OBS guru10:44
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M4rtinKBTW, doesn't local OBS build download the whole target ?10:45
M4rtinKjust guessing10:45
lbtnormally no - for harmattan, maybe10:46
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dm8tbrosc build should only get the necessary target packages10:46
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aknight_is there an anon checkout option for mer git?11:08
Stskeeps<project name>11:08
aknight_Stskeeps: thank you11:09
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aknight_is there a new url for mer-tools? I've still got a meego url in my zypp11:13
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edgarswhats up here? :)11:22
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lbtit's surprisingly easy to parse XML in bash quite well14:19
lbtpre-release is done14:20
Stskeepsimported too?14:20
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lbtStskeeps: starting the import now16:28
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markg85Hi, Is there any image for the Galaxy S2 available somewhere?16:38
markg85wmarone: :)16:40
wmaroneno, but there are images of Nemo mobile for some other devices16:41
markg85wmarone: Yes, i want to try out that phone with something other then android16:41
wmaronewell, you'd need to port Mer to it, for starters16:41
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wmaroneif you have a kernel, that's a start16:41
markg85wmarone: isn't that done already? The S2 was quite populair at the time..16:41
wmaronefor Mer? I haven't seen any16:42
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wmaronethere's a port of Mer (and nemo mobile) for the Nexus 716:42
markg85I don't know for mer or any other OS besides android..16:42
wmaronewell, Mer can use an Android kernel16:43
wmaroneso long as its 2.6.32 or newer, iirc16:43
wmaronethere are no ready-to-go images unfortunately16:43
markg85wmarone: it certainly is that16:43
markg85wmarone: oke, perhaps you know another way then. All i want to do is play with Qt 5.1 on my S2 device. I quite frankly don't really care about which os is on it. The Qt for android "could" be possible but i rather play with Qt natively and not while android is running below it. So that's why i'm looking into mer and tizen16:45
markg85Next uop would be sailfish and ubuntu mobile ;)16:46
wmaronewell, your best bet for the S2 really is Qt for Android16:46
markg85wmarone: yup?16:46
markg85ohh darn16:47
markg85And how about the Boot to Qt stuff? Isn't that possible to use with android but not with android running in the background? The way i understand it is that touchfinger is running but no gui from android.. Native enough for me :)16:48
M4rtinKwhen you are at it you might want to try out my Python & Qt app for Android :D16:48
wmaronedunno about boot to qt16:49
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wmaroneit strikes me as redundant16:49
M4rtinKQt 4 though16:49
lbtphaeron: cmds2: Error code explanation: 500 = Server got itself in trouble.16:49
M4rtinKwmarone: IMHO, it is not really relevant for us16:49
wmaroneM4rtinK: it's not16:49
M4rtinKas it is both closed/commercial & meant for real embedded stuff like info kiosks, ATMs, etc.16:50
markg85afk, dinner16:50
wmaroneeven for those it's redundant16:52
wmaronehell the ATM in my office faulted the other day and fell back to XP16:52
wmaroneso even absoultely terrible OSes are being used for things like kiosks and ATMs16:52
lbtphaeron: nm - out of space16:53
lbtphaeron: mds2 needs a purge command and hardlinks16:54
M4rtinKthat they are doesn't mean they should be :)16:54
M4rtinKbut yeah, I've also seen a couple of XP & 2000 ATMs16:54
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lbtmobs may have problems due to curl recording a 500 error as a 'success' :/17:04
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phaeronlbt: stupid curl ..17:30
phaeronlbt: I think there is a switch to make it fail on error :D17:30
phaeronlbt: -f17:31
phaeronlbt: hardlinks mm , it might be good to use rsync's --link-dest17:32
* RzR #MeeGo #ObS repo about to shutdown !n950club plz submit your src to "home:rzr" I'm backuping17:38
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edgarson what devices we cab run Mer?18:29
Stskeepsa lot18:29
*** Master-Passeli has joined #mer18:29
dm8tbrARMv7, x86 and AMD6418:29
Stskeepsif you have a working android adaptation above ICS you're pretty good18:29
edgarssorry, i mean cell phones :)18:30
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edgarsStskeeps: still living with 2.3.7 :)18:30
dm8tbrthanks to Stskeeps it's pretty much what he just said18:30
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PiyushVermaAny suggestion how to try it on A10 Device18:58
Stskeepsbuild a kernel, check it with mer kernel config checker, build a generic mer core armv7hl image18:59
Stskeeps.. boot18:59
PiyushVermais there any wiki ?19:00
PiyushVermaI already build kernel and running debian19:00
PiyushVermaaah thank you very much going to try that19:01
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PiyushVermaStskeeps: one more help I need from you. How to add new symbol in libhybris. I already asked this before in libhybris but not got idea.19:31
StskeepsPiyushVerma: as in a function to be wrapped or what do you mean19:32
PiyushVermaI want to add new call MediaPlayer19:32
PiyushVermacall -> Class19:32
PiyushVermafrom Android19:32
Stskeepsok, first off you'll want to study dlopen() and dlsym()19:32
Stskeepsas that's the bridging19:33
*** jakeri has quit IRC19:34
PiyushVermaStskeeps: Fine I will study it hope after that all code would be clear :). Thanks again19:34
*** jakeri has joined #mer19:39
PiyushVermaI was following this document
PiyushVermabuild android according to that and patch bionic and rebuild flash to sd.19:43
PiyushVermaBut when I run test_egl it crash with sigfault19:44
PiyushVermafound ro.product.board for crane19:45
PiyushVermafound ro.board.platform for exDroid19:45
PiyushVermaSegmentation fault19:45
Stskeepsok, any hints in gdb?19:46
PiyushVermaI need to install gdb one moment19:46
PiyushVermaProgram received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.19:48
PiyushVerma0xb62834c8 in ?? (Cannot access memory at address 0xfffffee419:48
*** ghol has joined #mer19:48
Stskeepsok, so that's a missing pthread implementation19:49
PiyushVermaany suggestion how to fix it19:50
Stskeepswell look earlier in the log19:51
Stskeepsthere's a mention of -1 -2 -3 -4 -519:51
Stskeepsand pthread19:51
PiyushVermaone moment I upload log19:52
StskeepsPiyushVerma: is it jellybean or ICS19:55
PiyushVermainfact it's Android TV ICS19:56
PiyushVermais that the issue ?19:56
Stskeepsthere's a way to load symbols but it's a bit late in the evening for me to explain19:56
PiyushVermaaah ok19:56
PiyushVermaDo u think if I build non tv ICS then problem will solve ?19:58
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PiyushVermaok so possibly Tomorrow. I will wait for suggestion20:05
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faenilStskeeps, can it be that my n950 target disappeared after updating mer sdk?20:40
*** martyone_ has quit IRC20:45
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lbtStskeeps, phaeron - back from tango now - are things looking OK on mobs?21:20
phaeronlbt: nope21:20
*** ghol has quit IRC21:20
lbtworth doing a new pre-release?21:20
lbtor just kicking mobs?21:20
phaeronlbt: if you fixed the prerelease imported on cmds , I guess trying to kick the next_ repos that are unresolvable right now could work21:21
phaeronI was just letting it settle before trying that21:21
lbtI did fix the space issue before I left21:22
lbtthen extended the fs21:22
lbtthen re-did the curl21:22
lbtbut I didn't reset/re-do the meta prj21:23
phaeronyeah I read the backlog. so after it settles I'll try kicking it21:23
phaeron( using obs_admin script )21:23
lbtI'd be tempted to change osc meta prj mer:devel  for devel to old pre-release; wait for a re-calc; then change to new pre-release21:24
phaeronlbt: that could cause a lot unnecessary building , right ?21:25
lbtyep - but it'll be more reliable and should be done by morning if we do it now21:26
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