Saturday, 2013-05-25

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Stskeepswas first up at 4am to drive a friend to airport06:15
vgradematt not well today so no bowling06:16
SpeedEvilI am not sure if I am awake early or can't sleep06:16
vgrademy boss ,
* Stskeeps has child birth classes today and then it's really hacking time..06:22
vgradewhat you hacking this weekend Stskeeps06:23
* vgrade will be doing Pi kickstart06:24
Stskeepsandroid daemon startup and libhybris hw composer on JB work i think06:25
Stskeepsplus fix some bug that appeared in mer mips after qemu upgrade06:26
vgradewhat daemons, rild?06:27
Stskeepsfor example; or just general hw support daemons, proper /dev nodes, etc06:27
Stskeepsit's not good atm, too much manual work06:27
vgradecarefull, you may be rewriting android bit by bit06:29
Stskeepsyeah, but at least i know where to stop06:29
* Stskeeps points to tizen06:29
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lbtphaeron: restarting boss on boss2 .... 1.6Gb resident....09:34
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phaeronlbt: :(11:24
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Stskeepsi think we can switch to mainline qemu nowadays12:29
Stskeepsjust did a diff, all usermode patches are upstreamed12:29
lbtjust migrating stuff12:30
lbtand backups12:30
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kostolalbt: ping14:04
lbtkostola: pong14:04
kostolaI thought someone kidnapped you ;)14:04
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lbtdid I miss some pings - sry :)14:05
kostolaI succeeded in building Mer i586 from sources14:05
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kostolarelease 20130522.214:05
kostolai think14:05
lbthow were the docs?14:05
kostolaonly two packages fail14:05
kostolaqmf-qt5 and qtwebkit failed14:06
kostoladocs were pretty good, but I had some troubles with MDS14:06
kostolait crashes when I try to link to rpmlint-MeeGo package14:06
lbtyes - we now have MDS214:06
kostolafakeobs crashes14:06
lbtlets see if that happens on the new version - it shouldn't since we use it in production14:07
kostolanow we would like to setup OBS with OpenSuse 12.1 + MDS214:07
kostolabut I haven't found any docs about MDS214:07
lbtwe have
lbt too14:08
kostolathanks ;)14:11
kostolawill you be reachable on IRC at 16.30 PM UK time?14:11
kostolabecause now I have to leave for about an hour..14:12
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lbtit's sunny14:12
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kostolahere It seems like november14:13
lbtit was november yesterday14:13
lbttoday it's april14:13
lbtalmost july14:13
kostolacrazy weather ;)14:14
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kostolasee you later14:20
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StskeepsSage: reverting qemu, it breaks mips in really weird ways right now17:24
Stskeepswhich may mean there's other hidden problems17:24
CosmoHilljust notied the MeeGo logo on the jQuery mobile website17:32
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kostlbt: ping17:50
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lbtkost: pong17:54
kosthi, I've read the docs about MDS217:55
kostexcept for the new project naming, is the configuration still the same for integrating it with OBS?17:55
kostI mean17:56
lbtyes - the mechanism for installing updates is  little different17:56
kostyou mean with CURL17:57
kostbut in order to build Mer retrieving sources from MDS2, I have to follow the same steps that I already did with MDS just changing the project names17:58
kostis it correct?17:58
lbtiirc there should be no need to change anything on obs side17:58
lbtit is almost a drop-in replacement17:59
lbtthe only change should be in performance, features and how you manage it17:59
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kostbut I have to replace, for example, Core:i586 with Core:i586:<version>18:01
kostwhen pointing to MDS18:01
kostor not?18:01
kostthanks Stskeeps18:01
lbtah, I didn't know that had been done18:01
Stskeepsit proved difficult to maintain the old way18:02
kostStskeeps: we never met before, I'm setting up a private OBS instance to build Mer from sources18:02
kostI already did it with OpenSuse 11.4 and MDS, but now, as lbt suggested, I'm trying to switch to OpenSuse 12.1 and MDS218:03
* lbt off for food ... bbiab18:06
kostfyi our actual (small) server is building armv6l version, and it's working ;)18:06
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phaeronkost: any feedback on mds2 is welcome :)18:08
kostphaeron: when I will find the right way to use it, I promise I'll give feedback18:08
phaeronkost: no problems18:09
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kostat the moment I can give feedback on MDS18:14
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kostI followed these steps to set up my private OBS instance to build MER:
kostand it worked18:18
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UtgeniusAnyone around?18:36
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UtgeniusI've got a question: if I want to obtain the source for Mer, where do I go?18:37
Stskeepsshort answer, rsync -aHx rsync:// packages-git18:38
Stskeepsthat'll get you the entire packages + history + core releases18:39
SageStskeeps: ok18:39
Stskeepsif you only need part of it, you can check it out through git, or browse at gitweb.merproject.org18:39
UtgeniusThanks. Got it. :)18:39
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