Monday, 2013-05-13

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aknighthow can I set the bootargs in the sdk vm?07:16
Stskeepsedit /boot/ some config, i think extlinux or something the likes07:17
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aknightStskeeps: right. just found it07:18
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lbtmorning all08:20
Sage_Stskeeps: give me a ping when the mer -next is out again08:20
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lbthmm looks like no rebuild last night in ci ... thought we needed a doxygen/libsignon change?08:21
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Stskeepsnot a change, just a failed build08:23
Stskeepslbt: we're good to ship prerelease, or final08:23
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Stskeepswhat date did we indicate for final?08:24
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* lbt feels prescient08:26
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Stskeepsok, i think we can make it a final release08:26
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* kaltsi looks up a word .. prescient..08:40
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lbtvocabulary: made for having fun with :)08:42
Bostik"nascent" is from the same family, look it up too ;)08:42
haowhy EglMakeCurrent get segmantation fault....08:43
haoeverything else is OK08:43
Stskeepshao: it depends on your setup really08:44
Stskeepscan you tell about the GPU, drivers?08:44
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haoI was trying to user mer on cubieboard...08:45
lbtBostik: like a nascent article/essay ?08:45
haowith mali40008:45
Stskeepshao: and libhybris?08:45
haovgrade's blog08:45
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Stskeepshao: does test_egl work?08:46
Bostiklbt: natch08:46
haono. stuck on eglMakeCureent08:46
haoremove that is Ok...08:47
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lbtBostik: just a prod so you don't forget to finish it :)08:50
Bostiklbt: need either time, or an immediate clone (or three)08:52
Stskeepshao: i don't have a cubieboard handy, sadly08:52
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Stskeepshao: try to get gdb and see where it crashes08:53
haook, thanks08:53
aknightperhaps beside the point, but doesn't the mali400 have linux drivers anyway?08:53
Sage_Stskeeps: sure about that final thing? ;)08:53
Stskeepsaknight: sure but not always very good ones08:54
lbtBostik: yeah, indeed08:54
haolibhybris is latest one in
Stskeepsshould be08:54
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aknighthmm... wayland 0.95...09:23
Stskeepsaknight: well, the target is what matters anyway - mer-next is on 1.1.0 :)09:24
Stskeepsand the one before was on 1.0 i think09:24
aknightStskeeps: ok. I guess I'm using something old09:25
Stskeepswhat exactly do you mean by sdk vm? the build engine or the emulator?09:25
aknightbuild engine09:25
Stskeepsok, probably not going to have terribly much luck getting wayland running on that, but for builds, yes09:25
aknightyeah, I'm building things there right now but maybe I should be using the emulator09:26
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aknightor update the build engine...09:26
Stskeepsyeah, also an option09:26
Stskeepsas you're just coding with x86 atm09:26
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Stskeepssdk-version should allow you to go to --core next or something like that09:27
aknightStskeeps: thanks... running it now...09:28
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lbtStskeeps: are we thinking to bring ssu into core?09:36
Stskeepslbt: maybe in future sometime; haven't seen a big need yet09:37
lbtvm SDK work is pushing to use ssu of course, so platform SDK is slightly divergent09:38
lbtI don't really want platform SDK depending on nemo09:38
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lbt(for ssu)09:39
Stskeepsi'll add it to my whiteboard and give it a think09:39
lbtI would resist ssu in core at the moment though - I think it's rather targeted to the current use case09:39
lbtthe concept is fine - just the usage is not really great09:40
Stskeepssure, i'll give it a think09:42
Stskeeps(sorry, got travel brain today, makes me a bit retarded..)09:43
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lbtiekku_: Stskeeps: triage?10:58
Stskeepsthink iekku is afka tm10:58
aknighthmm zypper segfaults after upgrade to mer-next10:58
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Stskeepsaknight: think you'd be better off getting a platform sdk chroot, not use the build vm and making the emulator images yourself - it's a little more known configuration11:00
iekku_lbt, sorry, back to bug triages next week11:00
lbtiekku_: OK - np11:00
aknightStskeeps: fair enough.11:01
lbtaknight: roughly what happened?11:02
lbtSDK VM used zypper up to go to mer-next?11:02
aknightlbt: sdk-version --core next; zypper ref; zypper up11:02
aknightall worked, except mer-tools-i486 can't be reached11:03
aknightnow when I run zypper search xxx it segfaults (actually most zypper commands do)11:03
lbtOK - was this a home-built vbox SDK ?11:03
aknightlbt: no, it was the build engine vdi11:03
jake9xxrebuild rpm db?11:05
lbtok, ty11:05
lbtaknight: what images are you trying to make ? the SDK has limited space inside it and I wouldn't want to take you down that route to do complex stuff11:06
lbtplatform SDK may be a better approach for image building due to silly things like that :)11:06
* Stskeeps votes for platform sdk, as it's x86 virtualbox images11:06
lbtoh yes11:06
* lbt just wanted to know what was breaking for QA reasons11:07
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aknightanyway, it's not a problem for me to use the chroot instead. i already have it setup11:12
aknighti just was using the vm because i'm compiling kernel modules and don't want to break my system11:12
aknightbut i'll build those for the vm anyway, so it doesn't really matter11:12
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phaeronStskeeps: lbt ping , hold mer release please12:15
phaeronStskeeps: lbt: is nspr and nss upgrade included in it ?12:15
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Stskeepsphaeron: yes from what i know12:17
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Stskeepsphaeron: nobody told me anything else that these were bad12:17
Stskeepsbesides that, i'll keep window open a bit to do .1 and .2 releases12:18
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phaeronStskeeps: w00t has issues with zypper up , bad sha1 sig12:19
phaeronI guess everyone tests images built from next directly12:19
phaerondoes the nspr nss upgrade generate new sign keys that need to be imported to the rpmdb ?12:20
Stskeepsphaeron: i haven't had any issues when i've been testing at least, and i did zypper up as well, plus it was done in nemo too i believe12:21
phaeronthis is with a (pure) nemo on n95012:22
Stskeepsi'll debug it with w00t then i guess12:22
Stskeepslbt: hold horses on adjusting mer:devel12:22
Sage_phaeron: I didn't experience any issues with zypper dup for -next on my n950 but I don't have clean image in general but quite a bit of stuff in it :)12:24
Stskeepswell, let's see if we can replicate it i guess12:25
phaeronSage_: w00t started with your image12:25
phaeronI was able to fix the local rpm db by doing the rebuild db dance , but it still thinks the packages on are bad signatures12:26 shouldn't have signatures at all, at least12:26
Stskeepswell, not true12:26
phaeronHeader SHA1 digest: BAD12:26
* Stskeeps ponders12:26 or releases?12:26
phaeronmer-core releases (next)12:27
Stskeepsw00t: let's take the convo here instead12:27
w00tfinding the image first12:27
w00t was it I believe - special can confirm12:28
specialso yes12:28
StskeepsSage_: can you try to replicate?12:29
Sage_my n950 is running other stuff atm. so not now.12:29
Sage_I can do it with virtualbox though if needed12:30
Stskeepsok, worth checking12:30
w00tI can try reproduce here (again)12:30
*** spiiroin has quit IRC12:30
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w00textracting rootfs again now12:36
Sage_w00t: so that image and then "zypper ref; zypper dup" and it fails?12:38
w00tSage_: the first time was more complicated, the second time was basically that, possibly plus an ssu re / ssu fl12:39
Sage_what pastebin thing people are maily using? is starting to be bad12:40
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w00tI have my own, I didn't like to throw random data onto someone else's server :P12:42
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w00tSage_: so the initial state is, if i try zypper ref / dup, it tries to remove gfx drivers and install llvmpipe12:51
w00tSage_: that's why we were messing with ssu initially12:51
*** jooncheol has joined #mer12:51
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w00tSage_: after ssu re -r next and ssu fl devel, zypper ref -f, zypper dup no longer tries to install llvmpipe etc... let's see if it works12:54
Sage_w00t: with x86 vm everything went fine :12:55
w00tSage_: well yes, i guess whatever problem is causing it to try screw adaptation is hardware specific12:55
Sage_screwing adpatation shouldn't really affect to rpm installes that you saw12:56
w00tno, but it happened after i fiddled with ssu to fix that the last times12:56
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* w00t twiddles thumbs and waits for packages13:00
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woweric7 day  later,the  pone  have  five inches screen?13:07
Stskeepswoweric: probably more of a #jollamobile or #sailfishos thing :)13:08
Sage_w00t: at least x86 seems clean can't find anything wrong rebooted etc.13:08
* Sage_ downgrades from -next to -latest13:09
wowericStskeeps: thank you13:09
*** martyone__ has quit IRC13:12
Sage_umm... does latest and -next links match in now?13:14
lbtSage_: new mer release is done13:19
lbtI'm doing changelog13:20
Stskeepslbt: yes, please hold on mer:devel change for a little bit while we double-check nss/nspr13:20
lbtsure - and rpmbuild is not right - shouldn't break anything though :(13:20
*** kavuri has joined #mer13:21
lbtsee what happens when I don't work the weekend?13:21
Stskeepsyou didn't work the weekend? :o13:21
*** jjardon__ has joined #mer13:21
Stskeepssane choice though13:21
*** jjarven_ has joined #mer13:22
lbtjust for once I thought I'd have a break - and then find rpmbuild issues today :/13:24
w00tI think it upgraded ok this time actually...13:27
w00tdouble checking13:27
*** jjardon_ has quit IRC13:28
*** niweber_ has quit IRC13:28
*** ka6sox has quit IRC13:28
*** tetris4 has quit IRC13:28
*** rcg has quit IRC13:28
*** jjarven has quit IRC13:28
*** trip0 has quit IRC13:28
*** Sinbad has quit IRC13:28
*** odin_ has quit IRC13:28
*** basiaf has quit IRC13:28
*** groleo has joined #mer13:28
w00t... if I can figure out how to fix mer13:29
w00ter connman13:29
lbtw00t: this should do it
*** lamikr has quit IRC13:32
* w00t sighs13:32
w00tnow rpm is screwed in a different way13:32
Stskeepsalso, what did it upgrade13:32
w00t <- anyone seen that before?13:32
*** Kelteseth has joined #mer13:33
Stskeepscan you look at dmesg for good measure?13:33
lbtw00t: wow13:34
lbtnative? not sb213:34
w00tlbt: this is an n95013:34
* lbt wanders off13:34
Stskeepsw00t: do you have a list of the packages it upgraded?13:35
w00tStskeeps: not anymore13:35
w00tbut the list did look more or less sane13:35
Stskeepsfucking distribution jenga..13:36
Sage_ok, got it reproduced now as well13:36
Sage_Installing: nspr-4.9.2-1.1.8 .........................................................................................................................................................................................................[error]13:37
Sage_Installation of nspr-4.9.2-1.1.8 failed:13:37
Sage_(with --nodeps --force) Error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: error: /var/cache/zypp/packages/mer-core/i586/nspr-4.9.2-1.1.8.i586.rpm: Header SHA1 digest: BAD13:37
Sage_error: /var/cache/zypp/packages/mer-core/i586/nspr-4.9.2-1.1.8.i586.rpm cannot be installed13:37
*** zchydem has quit IRC13:37
Stskeepsyeah but that's in a downgrade scenario isn't it13:37
*** LordOnyx_ has joined #mer13:37
*** zchydem has joined #mer13:37
lbtshall I revert the release 'latest' link ?13:37
Sage_yes, but it shouldn't still fail and blowup system13:37
Sage_lbt: please13:37
Stskeepslbt: for now13:37
*** kelvan has joined #mer13:37
Stskeepskeep -next in the right place though13:37
*** vesse has joined #mer13:38
*** Aard has joined #mer13:38
*** djinni has joined #mer13:38
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer13:39
*** sandst1_ has joined #mer13:39
lbtok - reverted13:40
lbtnext is not ex-latest13:40
lbtnext is .213:40
lbterm 0.313:40
w00tok... I can't reproduce the original problem now, so I think we can chalk it down as user error somehow13:40
w00tstill not sure how I broke it in the same way twice though :P13:40
w00tSage_: oh13:41
Sage_w00t: not user error. I can reproduce it for sure.13:41
w00tSage_: how did you do it?13:41
Sage_w00t: with the next image do now: ssu re -r latest; ssu fl testing; zypper ref; zypper dup; ssu re -r next; ssu fl devel; zypper ref; zypper up13:41
Sage_with zypper dup in the middle it alrady fails though13:41
lbtSage_: w00t wait13:41
lbtI just changed 'latest'13:42
*** kjokinie1 has joined #mer13:42
Sage_lbt: doesn't matter13:42
*** kelvan_ has quit IRC13:42
*** djinni_ has quit IRC13:42
*** LordOnyx has quit IRC13:42
*** aard__ has quit IRC13:42
*** vesse_ has quit IRC13:42
*** sandst1 has quit IRC13:42
*** kjokinie has quit IRC13:42
*** rantom has quit IRC13:42
w00tSage_: phaeron said that is more or less expected due to the nspr update (if I understood the problem correctly) - you can't downgrade a next image to latest13:43
Sage_I had hard time reproducing it as -latest and -next pointed to same place. But fixed the nemo config in testing which makes it to point static mer release instead of next/latest link13:43
Stskeepsnow, one thing i'm kind of wondering about13:43
*** Aurium has joined #mer13:43
Stskeepswhy it says sha1, while the hashes, to my knowledge, is sha25613:43
Stskeepsmight just be headers though13:43
*** rantom_ has joined #mer13:44
*** zchydem_ has joined #mer13:44
*** mardy_ has joined #mer13:44
*** epatryd_ has joined #mer13:44
Stskeepsso: is this something new in mer core?13:45
*** aard_ has joined #mer13:45
*** peavey_ has joined #mer13:46
Stskeepstrying to assess if it's a bug or a feature at this point13:47
Sage_eh, so nspr install break, and it doesn't get installed and after that rpm fails as it requires nspr to be installed :)13:47
*** kavuri has quit IRC13:47
*** rantom_ is now known as 14WAASYXV13:47
*** rantom_ has joined #mer13:47
*** jooncheol2 has joined #mer13:47
*** phaeron has quit IRC13:47
*** zchydem has quit IRC13:47
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*** gabrbedd has quit IRC13:47
*** cxl000 has joined #mer13:47
*** e8johan_ has joined #mer13:47
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer13:48
Sage_Stskeeps: might be just related to downgrades, but it is quite bad thing still as it makes image unusable really after that.13:48
*** KaIRC has joined #mer13:48
*** diego has joined #mer13:48
*** veskuh has joined #mer13:48
*** e8johan has quit IRC13:48
*** diego is now known as Guest7050513:49
* Sage_ does new image with rnd-testing and updates it.13:49
*** djinni has joined #mer13:49
*** zhxt has joined #mer13:49
*** kimitake_idle has joined #mer13:50
*** panda84kde has quit IRC13:50
*** Guest70505 is now known as panda84kde13:50
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*** wmarone__ has joined #mer13:51
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*** anknight is now known as aknight_13:56
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*** phaeron has joined #mer13:59
phaeronfreenode doesn't like me ..14:00
*** niqt has joined #mer14:02
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC14:03
w00tStskeeps: the problem aiui is that the nspr update changed something about the checksums, upgrading to it will use the new format, but you can't downgrade away from it afterwards, which may be what I accidentally managed to do14:03
w00tphaeron: ^ is that summary correct?14:03
*** w00t has quit IRC14:03
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC14:03
*** 16SABGEQX has joined #mer14:03
*** groleo has quit IRC14:03
*** tanuk has quit IRC14:04
Stskeepsokay, i'll give it 24 hours to see if anything else was wrong14:04
lbtsounds like release note material then14:05
Stskeepsand then we factually release?14:05
*** SpeedEvil has joined #mer14:05
*** sledges_ is now known as sledges14:05
*** kkszysiu has quit IRC14:05
*** janusz^ has quit IRC14:05
*** kelvan has quit IRC14:05
*** SpeedEvil_ has quit IRC14:05
*** NPX has quit IRC14:05
Stskeepsif there's no objections14:05
*** sledges has quit IRC14:05
*** sledges has joined #mer14:05
lbtStskeeps: the aborted release is not the same as 0.314:05
*** noopman has joined #mer14:05
Stskeepsi'm aware14:05
lbtand so cannot be tested14:05
*** aknight has quit IRC14:05
*** Fortuona has quit IRC14:05
lbtOK - just mentioning :)14:05
*** peavey_ is now known as peavey14:05
*** aknight_ is now known as aknight14:05
*** pq has joined #mer14:06
*** w00t has joined #mer14:06
*** peavey has quit IRC14:06
*** peavey has joined #mer14:06
*** w00t is now known as Guest1528414:06
*** kelvan has joined #mer14:06
*** tanuk has joined #mer14:07
*** Sardini has joined #mer14:07
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*** Sardini has quit IRC14:08
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*** aknight has quit IRC14:11
*** aknight has joined #mer14:11
Sage_Stskeeps: lbt: there is something wron in general. Updating from one mer release to another doesn't seem to work at all with "zypper up"14:11
* Sage_ pokes stuff around14:11
lbtSage_: I tend to find it works on the SDK14:12
lbtsomeone mentioned a problem recently - I'll see14:12
*** Sinbad has joined #mer14:14
Sage_lbt: can you put the release you just made to mer:devel and also put -next link pointing to it? I can't really verify until I have everything built against it properly14:15
Stskeepswe'll do a prerelease instead14:15
lbtSage_: that's what I was trying to say to Stskeeps14:15
Stskeepsthink this needs another round of QA14:15
Stskeeps(and lbt is right)14:15
*** vpopov has joined #mer14:16
lbtStskeeps: how about I simply rename 0.20130513.1/  0.20130513.0.4/ ?14:16
Stskeepslbt: if you push a tag accordingily should be ok14:16
Stskeepsand watch your activity.xml14:16
Stskeepsdifficult but should be safe to rename14:17
Stskeepslet's just do a 0.4 to be on the safe side?14:17
Stskeepsand wipe out the .1 elease14:17
*** mbohlender has joined #mer14:18
lbtyeah - it'll take less of my time and we'll have more confidence14:18
Sage_let me know when -next hits properly to obs and will do verification round14:19
Sage_now time to do some other stuff while it builds14:19
lbtand when we do the release we should do it as 0.20130513.2 for the same reason14:20
*** e8johan has joined #mer14:20
*** e8johan has quit IRC14:21
*** iekku_ is now known as iekku14:23
lbtall the Core:i586:latest symlinks are bust too14:23
*** niqt has quit IRC14:24
*** niqt has joined #mer14:26
*** Jare_ has joined #mer14:26
*** jussi01 has joined #mer14:27
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*** jrayhawk has joined #mer14:30
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*** Kaadlajk has joined #mer14:33
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*** sirspazzolot has quit IRC14:36
*** teve has quit IRC14:36
*** martyone__ has joined #mer14:38
aknightlbt: my problem from earlier, not being able to update the build engine, was caused by libzypp being held back. seems ok now14:38
*** plfiorini has joined #mer14:40
*** faenil has joined #mer14:40
lbtok - ty, good to know14:41
*** fk_lx has joined #mer14:46
*** jpetersen has quit IRC14:47
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lbtStskeeps: Sage the 0.4 prerelease is done16:41
*** leinir has joined #mer16:41
lbtmobs looks a bit busy atm16:41
*** Bryanstein has joined #mer16:42
*** auri__ has quit IRC16:46
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*** rcg has joined #mer17:00
Sagelbt: done already?17:05
*** leinir has quit IRC17:06
* Sage updates his vm to try it out17:07
*** 50UACK88Y has joined #mer17:07
*** thauta has joined #mer17:07
*** wmarone_ has joined #mer17:09
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*** mdfe__ has joined #mer17:12
SageStskeeps: there is one more perl issue apparently that I somehow missed17:12
*** Morpog has joined #mer17:12
SageProblem: nothing provides perl( needed by perl-tests-2:5.16.1-1.1.3.i58617:12
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #mer17:13
*** peavey_ has joined #mer17:14
Sageotherwise the mer next seems fine17:14
*** andre__ has quit IRC17:17
*** djinni_ has joined #mer17:18
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Sagelbt: Stskeeps: downgraded and upgrades nspr and nothing broke :/17:26
*** M13 has joined #mer17:31
*** ScriptRipper has joined #mer17:32
*** morphis has quit IRC17:32
*** the-gibson has joined #mer17:33
*** the-gibson has joined #mer17:33
Sageok, downgraded zypper, libzypp, libsolv0, rpm, rpm-libs still no problems17:33
* Sage downgrades the whole system17:33
*** teve has joined #mer17:34
*** jrayhawk is now known as 15SABG4M517:34
*** jrayhawk has joined #mer17:34
*** fk_lx has joined #mer17:34
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Sageok downgrade the whole system and no problems... hmmp17:37
*** mord has joined #mer17:38
*** mord is now known as Guest8120417:38
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*** notmart_ has joined #mer17:46
SageI'm not getting this. Is this exactly the same stuff than the previous thing? Any changes possibility for corrupted data?17:51
*** ssvb has joined #mer17:58
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StskeepsSage: nss?18:49
*** lerc has quit IRC18:52
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SageStskeeps: upgraded whole systemd, downgraded whole system and couldn't find anything wrong.19:18
Sageerr.. system*19:18
*** dijenerate has joined #mer19:18
Sageso I'm suspecting atm. that something in the previous release was corrupted in general19:20
*** jstaniek has joined #mer19:21
SageProblem: nothing provides perl( needed by perl-tests-2:5.16.1-1.1.3.i58619:21
Sagethat is something I don't get atm. where it comes19:21
Stskeepsauto requires?19:22
*** jstaniek has quit IRC19:33
*** jstaniek has joined #mer19:34
*** mbohlender has quit IRC19:34
fk_lxjstaniek: hi19:34
fk_lxjstaniek: Qt applications will be available to run on Tizen?19:35
jstaniekfk_lx: they already are!19:35
jstaniekstart coding19:35
* jstaniek was playing today with
jstaniekfk_lx: expect code soon, good timing for Tizen Conference :)19:38
Sagejnikula or someone at hki office: do we have soldering station at the office?19:38
* Sage thinks he needs to sleep19:39
*** rantom is now known as rantom__19:41
fk_lxjstaniek: awesome19:41
*** rantom_ is now known as rantom19:41
*** rantom__ is now known as rantom_19:43
jstaniekfk_lx: contributors working on that are awesome indeed, there's also #qt-tizen already :)19:43
*** ssvb has joined #mer19:43
*** phaeron has joined #mer19:44
fk_lxjstaniek: ok, looking at
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #mer19:46
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lbtphaeron: cmds : Error code explanation: 500 = Server got itself in trouble.23:35
phaeronlbt: curl humour23:38
lbtre-running cmd - where should I see activity ?23:39
phaeronlbt: in curl output or top23:40
*** ljp has joined #mer23:40
lbtit's rsync'ing23:40
lbtmaybe I typo'ed last time23:41
*** fmunozs has joined #mer23:42
phaeronlbt: sometimes rsync fails and the error reporting isn't helpful yet23:42
lbtI think that must have been it23:46
lbtok - done now23:46
lbtty + 'night23:47
phaerongood night23:47
*** woweric has quit IRC23:54

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